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Bet Your Bottom

anal RejectReality 2018-11-19

His grunts growing louder and hips trying to push his cock into her throat let her know he was close in a surprisingly short time. She’d made it through the two months – actually surprising herself a little – and in just a couple of minutes, she would be leaving the gas station with a full tank, making sure there was no way she could possibly lose. Gene growled as the toy came to life in his ass, and he throbbed in her mouth, pressing hard against her tongue. She put batteries into her vibrator in record time as Gene scooted over to the side of the bed and sat up, his cock rock hard and a loop of the control cord for the toy peeking out from beneath his balls.

A Second First Time

anal Mysterious_D 2018-11-05

You feel my finger begin to wiggle inside your ass -- I am doing a 'come hither' motion inside you, looking for that special spot. The combination of stimuli -- my dildo in your ass, the feeling of my skin on yours, and the scent of my gorgeous body -- is proving entirely too much for you, and I can tell you are going to cum hard very soon. I don’t stop fucking you -- a long groan escapes your lips and you begin to tremble at the end of each of my thrusts; I can tell that you are going to experience a true prostate orgasm for the first time.

Prostate Massage and More

anal scmale2000 2018-09-08

I don't know who was moving more; Eve stroking my cock and finger-fucking me or me panting and trying to fuck her hand and push against her invading fingers. After a long, slow massage of my chest, arms and legs (always avoiding my obvious hard cock), she said she had a one-time birthday surprise for me. She said to keep my eyes closed and then I felt her gently grasping my hips as she normally did to make me lift up for the pillow that went under my lower back. Anyway, I was there, eyes closed, laying on my back with my legs pulled up, Eve's legs in firm contact with mine...then I felt something hard, thick, slick and heavy fall against my erect cock. Eve laughed as she removed her cum-covered hand from my still-hard cock.

My Prostate & Me Ch. 04

anal lord_jefe 2018-09-07

I stopped in my tracks and just said "Trixie?" She spun around, yelled "Jeffy!?!" and jumped up into my arms. I couldn't believe I just bumped into her. I walked out floating on air, and still amazed to have found Trixie, after all this time. What I lacked in length I made up in width, or at least that's what I chose to believe. I couldn't stop grinning though. My girl answered on the second ring --"Baby, is that you?" I replied that it indeed was. If it took an hour or a week, I couldn't tell you. "That was fantastic" she groaned, and rolled off the bed. A piercing? I also played and marveled over her clitoral piercing.

Don't Fuck with the Chair

anal lord_jefe 2018-09-03

Wendy pressed another button, and something lashed me to the head rest, and popped in my mouth. "I bet you liked that Vic. If you let yourself enjoy new things, you wouldn't need to be tied up here." I couldn't see her hands, but I could certainly feel them. Wendy shook her head sadly, and said "I don't know why I love you but I do, but Christ almighty you gotta learn some shit I'm trying to teach you here." Faced with eating her ass, or suffocating, I began to squirm my tongue in her dirt hole, which tasted tangy, like cherries. After what felt like 2 years, Wendy fiddle with the buttons, and her dildo retracted along with the infernal gag.


anal rampe 2018-09-02

I feel the familiar warm oil in my skin when she starts the massage. It feels so nice that I'm lifting my ass a little in the air. She pushes a little with her fingers on my perineum and same time some point in my neck. I have two fingers in me and I feel that my penis starts to drip some fluid. I came here for a nice massage and now I'm having four fingers in my ass. When she is all the way in she puts some more force to it and massages her hips towards my ass. She takes my penis in her hand and starts to massage it.

Birthday Boy

anal writer1965 2018-08-30

"Richard, I'd like you to meet Luigi." He started, and looked behind him. Luigi slipped between his legs, briefly fondled his arse, then started to move the vibrator in and out like Mandy had been doing. The sensation that he was about to come was building up inside him again when Luigi removed the vibrator and pressed the head of his cock in its place. Momentarily, Richard clenched again, but then Luigi gently squeezed his balls and he gasped. "If he can make both of us come before he does, I'm going to give him £100." Richard felt Luigi reach over to gently tweak one of Mandy's nipples.

My Prostate & Me

anal lord_jefe 2018-08-26

Trixie began to rub my ass. I figured she was going to blow me so I said yes, and went to turn around, but her hand was on my shoulder. Trixie giggled and went a bit deeper. As I was thrusting back involuntarily on her finger, she explained that she was massaging my prostate. Trixie put another finger in the condom. I mean, she must have thought I was gay—I couldn't get it up for smoking hot blonde stripper with huge jugs, and I let her fuck me in the ass? Trixie thanked me for letting her to finger my ass. You just gave me a gay orgasm, and you're thanking me?" Trixie looked at me angrily and stated, "Hey, I have some very good gay friends.


anal lower 2018-08-25

Ahhh.." moaned Tommy, a tingle of pleasure shivering through his anal opening as the two new invaders wormed through it, neatly slipping into his rectal cavity. Slowly, the tentacle began a steady pumping motion, sending the fleshy bulb deep inside Tommy's passage, then sliding back until the bulb opened up his sphincter, then confidently and deeply back in. "Oh my God.." he sighed, half-closing his eyes and tilting his head back, letting the tentacle penetrate him deeply, feeling the bulbous head nudge and ripple its way around inside him with each exquisite thrust. Once inside Tommy's rectum, the bulb blossomed open into a dripping, soft, mouth-like flower, its moist tissues rippling and undulating hypnotically, tiny cilia lining its ridges.

A Surprising Doctor's Visit

anal iPeg 2018-07-23

I sat and took off my shoes then stood and slipped my shirt over my head and pulled my pants off. I was now lying down flat and I could feel her hands rest on my belly to untie the strings that held my gown closed. Obediently, I remained bent over the examination table rocking forward and back slightly from the motion of her hand. She reached towards me grabbed my head in one hand and pulled it forward into her crotch. I had not even noticed that my gown stood open and my huge erection was fully visible. I stood in the middle of the room smiling, my gown still open, still moist and dripping from her.

Nurse Myer

anal BigKarrl 2018-06-22

As I grab my drink and take a sip, I look to my left and the lady has gone and I just think, that sums up my day, then I feel a hand on my left shoulder and I turn behind me and it is her. Myer takes her seat back behind me, and I feel her slide some sort of device, made of rubber over my cock all the way to my base, then I feel the push against my anus again, but this time I feel it is a little larger, not a finger. Myer tells me to stand again and moves close to me and her pussy is so close to my cock and she smiles again.

And the Sky Turned Scarlett

anal lord_jefe 2018-06-02

I jumped, trying to get away, and set my precarious seat bouncing, and I felt that bluntness painfully starting to penetrate my virginal ass. After my final expulsion & clean up, she rubbed something on my poor balloon knot, and then Scarlett looked at me for a moment, head cocked to the side like a puppy when you talk to it. Scarlett then looked at me, and whispered "You need to eat my ass. I looked at her and said "This has gone far enough, Molly You need to stop." Apparently, this was the wrong thing to say. "My mistress Scarlett" I began, pausing as a grin split her face "I loved the pleasure you gave me.

A Girlfriend’s Strapon Surprise

anal skier_nw 2018-05-12

He tried thrusting his hips into her hand to get her to stroke his cock but she wouldn't let him and said, "Lay still sweetie and I will take care of you". Then with very little effort she slid both fingers inside and followed with deep rhythmic thrusts which made him moan out loud. Kneeling between his raised thighs she slid three fingers inside him and worked them half way in. Withdrawing her fingers she placed the tip of her lubricated cock against his wet and relaxed ass and said. She teased him with her cock head, rubbing the tip up and down his ass, gently pressing it in and making him beg.

A Day at the Beach

anal 1mbibry 2018-05-04

After a time I felt Irina slide her self down towards my feet and her hands began working the lotion onto the small of my back and eventually she began to kneed my buttocks. Her strong hands worked my cheeks and I felt my cock begin to expand in response to her loving caress. Irina soon pushed both fingers deep into my ass. Irina was working herself into a frenzy on my calf as she drove me out of my mind with her hand and fingers. I felt her tremble as she grasped my balls with her free hand and fucked my ass in earnest with her fingers.

Seeds of a Medical Fantasy

anal vector2065 2018-03-23

She wanted to know what I liked, personal things...I couldn't understand it, I was getting so aroused, I said. "Yes, to use sex toys, life-like dildos, butt-plugs, their fingers, even tried their hand if it is small enough. "No not really, I have been...or had an know, an aggressive girl leave me sore for a day or two, with a little blood, not much, but it was good, a good feeling...I liked it...I went her...I wanted more. "These large dildos, they are life like, thick as you said, but how long are they, depth can be issue, you have to be carful and not go so deep you experience pain during the session...has this happened?

Leading Him Astray

anal wildest1 2018-03-23

I let my finger slide along the bridge of flesh behind his balls and before his ass hole. I promise, this will feel so fucking good, baby..." I spoke low, sweetly to him as I let my soapy finger slide through his ass crack. It wasn't easy, though, and he gave a small, whimpering groan, though his cock certainly showed its approval by getting harder, the skin was shiny for it's arousal and I loved the way it felt as I sucked it, licked and kissed along its throbbing length. More of everything, and best of all, I knew he was going to let me explore this part of his body more, give him pleasure this way again.

My Prostate & Me Ch. 03

anal lord_jefe 2018-03-20

Realizing my earlier mistake, I said "Mistress -- this is a bit extreme for me." She looked at me for a second, then reached behind me and turned off the water. "Butt Slut...we are just getting started!" She began to lube the dildo. Why didn't you finish?" I explained that I kept my balls shaved as I like how it felt, but didn't normally shave my cock, I just trimmed it, as I was afraid women would laugh at me. "I decided you shouldn't have to sacrifice." She began massaging my cock & balls with one hand, and with the other, pulled the butt plug almost to the widest point, and let it go. Mellissa began pushing what felt like barrel of a howitzer in my ass.

My Prostate & Me Ch. 02

anal lord_jefe 2018-03-17

I hesitantly told Trixie that I'd love to eat her, but asked if I could shave her. She saw my fearful expression, and said "Baby, let's just start with the finger, and you ask for it if you want it" I calmed down right away. I made a snap decision to enjoy it to the max, and told Trixie I was ready for little Dickie, if she went slow, and promised to stop if it hurt. She started to finger my ass again, and said she was going to put Dickie in. She grinned even wider, and said "When I got on top of you, I told you I was going to put Dickie in.

And the Sky Turned Scarlett Ch. 02

anal lord_jefe 2018-03-13

It also gave me the ability to have multiple orgasms, where I could come 2 or 3 times in the space of about 5 minutes, an ability I had discovered last evening when I was bounced between Scarlett's clamping ass & the large dildo. As I became aware of my surroundings again, I realized the dildo was out of my ass, Scarlett was sobbing, and I was hanging on to the candelabra for dear life. I fucked her slowly, and listened to her moan about how good it was, and how full she felt, knowing how much I liked the same feeling. I leaned down, and tongued my loves ear, and whispered "Come with me, my love." Her ass began to almost ripple on my shaft, as the orgasm she had been holding back came.

Crossdresser's First Anal Orgasm

anal ksha 2018-03-11

This is the story of the first time this young man would discover the joys of prostate pleasure. Zack had experimented over the past year with various toys and methods to reach this mythical prostate orgasm everyone was talking so much about. He wondered to himself why he didn't go out in public dressed like this and find a real man, instead of using a fake silicone dildo. He teased his nipples till he couldn't stand it anymore, he was so horny at this point he just wanted the dildo in his ass. He felt the pleasure getting stronger and stronger as the dildo rubbed his prostate more and more. As he rode out another prostate orgasm, he felt the pleasure slowly fading from his body.

Nurse Myer Pt. 02

anal BigKarrl 2018-02-14

She tells me she is not impressed with my stamina and slowly slides off my cock and I am ordered to slide down the bed until my nose is below her pussy. She tells me to start licking, but not her pussy, she wants me to lick her ass whilst she plays with her clit. I am ordered to continue to lick her pussy and give it some natural lube, whilst she puts some real lube and some spit on my cock. As I hear her start to moan again, I can feel her ass muscles contracting and pulsing around my cock, but she will not move up and down.

Robert's Yearly Exam

anal dudpar 2018-02-08

Rebecca glances at the towel and said "ok BIG BOY, let's pick things a notch," with that Her fingers start a slow piston action getting a little bit faster every 15 seconds or so then slowing down then speeding up again, my anal canal is starting to get a warm glowing feeling that I can't describe. I EXPLODE, cum streams from the head of my cock as Becky continues to work on me, now very slowly and tenderly moving up an down my twitching member I feel waves of intense pleasure course through out my body, my ass clenches and pulls at the dildo increasing my delight.

Horner Springs, The Institute Ch. 04

anal voluptuary_manque 2018-02-07

"And now for the best part, darling," Betsy crooned, "The other end goes inside me." She straddled his thighs, popped the bulb end into her sex and leaned forward with her hands on Justin's shoulder blades. The first clue that things might not go as expected came when Abed Doss turned to Laurie Bindre and said in her lilting accent, "The men are trying very hard to blend into the community here but are hesitant to dive in to all the local customs. To show his favor, he sent periodic packages containing prosciutto d'cinghiale, dry-cured wild boar ham, and it was slices of that Laurie, Willow and Justin slapped on home-baked rolls covered in garlic aioli and had for lunch.

Happiest of Endings

anal n00bwriter 2018-01-28

The next time she strokes my back her hands sweep out at my buttocks, around the sides of my hips and between my legs, her right hand running light traces over the back of my scrotum and her left forefinger and thumb rubbing the along the top of my sack cupping it. A couple of minutes into this erotic torture, Ling whispers, "Turn over." I do so, my cock standing at full mast. Her right hand stops playing with my balls and she starts to softly and teasingly touch the underside of my cock with the tips of her nails. In two little flicks, her finger is all the way in and she goes right to work on my prostate.