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Using Judie

anal Bassicallybill 2018-12-04

I reach over to open the rear passenger door of the car with one hand while the tips of the fingers of my other hand explore between your ass cheeks, teasing your tight, puckered asshole. You smell so fucking good - finding your clit, I suck it between my lips, teasing with my tongue, moaning against you. I waddle in behind you and caress your gorgeous ass, ending up with a finger sliding gently into your tight little hole. Hands on your hips, watching your ass quiver with every stroke, loving the moans I hear from you and ignoring the camera nearby. As you squeeze gently, I lose it completely, the cum rocketing up the length of my rigid cock and jetting deep in your ass.

A Night at the Theatre

anal sandymonroe 2018-11-28

Mr Johnson leaned forward in his seat, and slapped my round ass cheeks with his huge black palm. I slowly pulled my hips up, away from him, savouring the delicious sensation of his huge cock rubbing against the tight ring of my ass, until only the large head was still lodged within, then I pushed back. He grabbed my head and kissed me for a few seconds as Mr Johnson thrust his cock balls-deep into my ass over and over. After the huge black cock withdrew from my mouth, Ben’s took its place, and I lovingly sucked this second cock also clean of delicious cum.

Exhibition Opening

anal CandiBlower 2018-11-22

Making my way back inside, I see you standing in the gallery with our friends. I take my time exploring every throbbing inch of you, sucking on your balls, taking them in my mouth while I stroke your dick with my hand. I start rubbing myself, making sure you can see the tip of my finger popping in and out my pussy lips. You push me back against the wall and slam hard into me, holding your dick deeply embedded in my pussy. I’m going to fuck you up the ass,” you respond. You push my body against the wall and say: “Yes, you are going to open up your ass and let me in right here, right now.

How I Met Lance Graham

anal TheBlackDynamite 2018-11-22

This got my pussy a little wetter and I began to grind on his already erect cock. I took hold of his massive dick and began to stroke it before I wrapped my mouth around it and slowly lubricated it with my saliva. “You cum when I let you slut,” he whispered in my ear. He then stuck a finger in and held it there as he bent over and whispered in my ear, “You even taste a little dirty, you slut.” “Cum now my little slut,” he whispered and then proceeded to fuck my ass. He pulled my hair and pulled me to his cock, which smelled of sweet cum and my dirty little scent.

My Mate's Slutty Little Sister

anal LadyLovely_18 2018-11-22

She finger fucked her pussy and tickled her clit, starting slowly and then picking up the pace. “He’s never made me cum, he hardly ever wants sex anyways and I love the feeling of a big dick fucking my asshole so bad and he won’t even try it with me because he thinks it’s disgusting,” she replied, sounding upset. “How horny are you, babe?” I asked teasingly as I sucked her nipples and led my hands down to her drenched pussy and inserted my index and middle finger inside. I stumbled off Lauren, my legs still wobbly and sore so that she could get off of the table and wipe the cum oozing from her ass.

Northern Line Adventure

anal onthedottedline 2018-11-20

She pulled her skirt up slightly at the back, exposing half her ass cheeks and her damp cunt, covered in the increasingly wet thong. The stranger slowed but kept up a rhythm, running his fingers around her cunt, spreading her juices all over her ass. Sensing she was on the brink of orgasm again, he started rubbing the fingers of his other hand against her clit until Cara's groans became so loud he had to stuff his handkerchief into her mouth. When she returned to her body, Cara noticed the stranger had removed her fingers from her relaxed ass and was slipping the head of his thick cock into her anus. The stranger started finger fucking her roughly, letting his hand and his hips fall into rhythm with one another.

A cold winter night

anal Saltine9001 2018-11-20

And just when I think you are about to grasp my hard shaft, to feel the touch of your tender hand against me, you pull away  giggling at your own unfair teasing but placing a kiss on my lips as your form of apology for poking fun, telling me the time will come soon but you want to wait until I cannot take it anymore.. Your hands now swaying in a different fashion, no signs of backing down from me or moving away, your finger teasing my pants button before finally opening it and unraveling my zipper. This was what I was waiting for, so many nights of your tongue circling my cock, all the times your lips or hands moved down to take away my sexual frustration but never came to my rescue.

Bet Your Bottom

anal RejectReality 2018-11-19

His grunts growing louder and hips trying to push his cock into her throat let her know he was close in a surprisingly short time. She’d made it through the two months – actually surprising herself a little – and in just a couple of minutes, she would be leaving the gas station with a full tank, making sure there was no way she could possibly lose. Gene growled as the toy came to life in his ass, and he throbbed in her mouth, pressing hard against her tongue. She put batteries into her vibrator in record time as Gene scooted over to the side of the bed and sat up, his cock rock hard and a loop of the control cord for the toy peeking out from beneath his balls.

Taken by a stranger in public

anal laradirtygirl 2018-11-19

I wasn’t far from town when I felt a hand on my hip, the guy quickly guided me into an old concrete bus stop we were passing, “Shhhh,” he told me, “I noticed you at the ball, you are hot as fuck,” He was slurring his words slightly and I could smell alcohol on his breath. But… Then I felt it, the bulge in his suit trousers, by the time I had let my mind drift, in my drunken haze he had pulled me tight into him and was kissing me, one hand on my ass as he thrust his stiff cock into me. I pulled my gown back down, left the bus stop and started walking into town again as warm cum ran from my ass.

Let’s have a rest?

anal Jeroen 2018-11-10

Shifting a little lower in your chair, you moved your hands over your stomach and started to undo the button of your ski-trousers. As soon as you felt my index and ring finger at the back of your lips, you instinctively grabbed Marc’s swollen cock, as in a reflex that you didn’t fully control yourself. Slowly you started lowering yourself onto me, and with Marc’s helping hand keeping my dick stiff, I felt the tip of my cock get tightly wrapped by your lovely ass. With the state of horniness you were in and your ass already being fucked you weren’t going to need much in order to come, and you didn’t want to have that happen before you’d at least get two cocks inside your body.

Waiting Out the Storm - Final Chapters

anal johnnstace 2018-11-03

She did as she was told, the anticipation almost too much for her to bear.  She was wondering what he was going to do with the ice, but she could imagine the possibilities.  She could use a little “cooling off.”  As she lay on the bed, knees spread, ass in the air, she took the time to gently massage her clit, being careful not to cum again – she wanted to cum for him – with him.

The Weeks of Waiting

anal Batzman51939 2018-11-01

As we continued our walk around the grounds, I noticed a trail starting that lead away from the fair. We were both ready and dying to fuck but didn't want the moment to end. Once I was in all the way, I felt as if I couldn't pull out, even with the lube. You love the feeling of a tight ass around your hard, stiff cock," she teased me. I loved the way her ass felt around my cock. I grabbed her hips hard and started pounding into her ass. I pulled her hips tight to me as my body completely stiffened. I felt my cock pulse as I released my long pent up load into her ass.

You Want My Ass..?

anal LushPrincess 2018-10-29

My eyes water, I fight back the urge to vomit, I can feel him pulsate inside my mouth, and I know he’s close…   “Ughhh hmmm damn..!”   He lets go of me, his cum dripping from my mouth… I try my best to save all of it, to keep it in my mouth savoring it, before I swallow.   “Uhmm yes daddy.”   “You like that babe?”   “Yes!”   “I brought something for you and I know you’re going to love it.”   He reaches into his pocked and pulls out a pink bullet, places it gently on my clit, and turns it on. My tears are flowing, but I refuse to look at him, he asks me again if I’m okay, and again I lie, I want to make him feel good.

Tricked into Reluctant Blow Job

anal Alluring_Crimson_Shifter 2018-09-26

As he pulled up and started to fasten his pants, Darrel could feel a coolness at his asshole and a little squirt of cum and greasy substance into his underwear, followed by a fart and some wetness in his underwear crotch. As he pulled the pants down below his knees Darrel laid his face in the guy's ass crack while he pushed the pants all the way to the ankles. When his cock got hard, Darrel turned around so the guy could lick every inch of his ass. Darrel pulled out a little and massaged the cyclist prostate with his cock head, and then plunged all the way in again until his stomach spanked the firm ass cheeks.

Office Orifice Ch. 01

anal UKBBW 2018-09-19

His palm is cupped hard against her ass and he digs his fingers into her soft flesh in greedy possession as he pushes his thumb more firmly between her cheeks to press onto her filthiest and most private entrance. His hand is now held firmly between her legs, his thumb gradually working further into her as she sways against him with the movement of the train, his fingers splaying over her cunt now hot, slippery and aching. He squeezes her cunt and pushes up a little, the tips of his fingers pressing against her clit through the top of her lips and the palm of his hand taking some of her weight so that she thinks that she can feel the pulse of the train through it.

Fun on New Year's Eve

anal kt314 2018-08-30

He left his cock hilted inside of me while we kissed for a moment, and as he pulled away he gave me that smile, and in the plainest, most sincere tone he simply asked "Can I fuck your ass?"...and I couldn't help but giggle. What felt like hours had been maybe 5 minutes, and I could tell he was close...he started to slow down, to draw out, but I knew that wouldn't do...I wanted to feel his cum inside of me, to know it was my body that got him off. He pushed my down in the sink, stancing my legs a bit further apart as he grabbed my hips, and started to hammer away at my ass, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room as he drove his cock into my snug tunnel.


anal UniversityGirl 2018-08-28

Set on the bed, a bottle of silicone lube, my brand new stainless steel buttplug, plus a couple of metal balls (that I found at some time ago at Home Depot, of all places. The feel of the plug starting to stretch me open a bit is when I go easy, taking my time. Another minute or so of working it and I'm getting a little frustrated, as well as very wet, I can feel a bit of wetness running down the back of my thigh, and I'm pretty sure it's not lube. I think the plug's compressing my pussy a bit, because the balls feel HUGE, rubbing inside me with each step. I can feel the plug threatening to pull out of my ass, thanks to her fingers.

Anal with the Ex GF in Her Car

anal randomhornystranger 2018-08-18

She looked up at me with her mouth still working the side of my dick and said, "I brought a condom for you. She shuddered as soon as my dick touched her asshole, but then she started working it into her ass more aggressively than she normally had. She started to bite her lip as she worked my dick deep into her ass. I looked into her eyes and started thrusting my body against hers every time she thrust-ed down and onto my dick. I stopped thrusting and started moving her body up and down on my cock, faster and faster. She lifted off of my dick with a "Thanks, I'll throw away the condom so you don't have to sneak it back in the house."

Unexpected Ending

anal GoodTimesStrangerAdventures 2018-08-16

I was about to set my right leg back down on the table when Su again looked straight into my eyes and said, "Stop." Now I am laying naked my left leg flat on the table and my right leg raised in the air like a woman spreading her pussy and Su very much still inside me. Su had her right middle finger in my ass and her left hand showing Ajima the "pretty pussy pubes." I don't speak Korean but I caught the gist of the brief conversation that followed and it would seem that both were assessing me to be gay or "sissy" or at the very least non very manly.

French College Babe

anal Jack_Love 2018-08-08

I didn't need asking twice, and slowly slid my meat up into her hot, tight, lubed up shitter. Give me all of your coque!' she moaned as I slid my dick deeper and deeper up her hot French bum. Inch by inch by inch I pressed my shit oh so fucking deep up her ass until amazingly my balls were pressed tight up against her bum-cheeks. Fifteen inches in, and out again, I slid my thick fucking shit up her ass. Chantal shook, bucked, moaned, gushed, and clasped her asshole around my dick as she came hard. 'Zen we can fuke all night up my ass, yes?'

2013, New Year's Rockin' Eve

anal bbkradwell 2018-08-05

Well, long-story-short, here, kiddies, there were these hot-looking, young (college-age, couldn't have been more than twenty,) drunken sluts standing in front of me, grinding their blue-jeans-covered asses on my crotch, the whole 15 minutes before the final countdown to the New Year. And it's a very good thing that her friends were there to catch us both as we nearly passed-out from our exertions: First the girl, their friend, and then me, the man who had just had his way with their friend's young rectum; I had nearly fallen face-first, into the crowd of people in our vicinity, after pouring all I had into that lovely ass!

Fun at the Park

anal steelvalentine 2018-08-04

Throughout the day I have been teasing you by giving your neck a kiss as I walk by or when no one was looking lifting my shirt and showing you my tits. As one hand moves the panties aside and starts exploring my warm wet pussy your other hand is now under my shirt playing with my nipples. Only this time once my pussy is nice and soaked you pull out and begin to slowly start fucking my ass. When people start coming towards us you keep your dick buried deep in my ass and wrap your arms around me as if we are just innocently watching the water.

Stinging Sunday Surprise

anal Schattenjager 2018-07-23

I remember that I couldn't believe Katherine had asked me to complete the dare before our friends, but I secretly enjoyed to be put on the spot like that. It seemed to take forever for Katherine and the others to come to a decision, especially since I felt very exposed with my naked bum hanging over the edge of the tree and my stiffening manhood pushed against the smooth surface of the wood. As I heard our friends talk I could imagine the tiny red and white blisters that were now forming all over the bottom of my feet and in between my toes, which I now started to want to scratch so badly but couldn't since my hands were still tied!

The Sting of the Rain

anal MagicaPractica 2018-07-23

His voice was a soft rush as he apologized for letting the door of the shop close on her, banging her hand in it. She felt him press against her from behind, his hands cupping her bare wet breasts. His hot breath and his voice in her ear was as erotic a jolt as the feel of the pelting rain on her breasts. With one hand still on her right breast, he fumbled with the other to open his own pants and release his throbbing cock. As he thrust home at last, one of his hands reached around and slid two fingers into her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit as he moved in her ass.