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A Tight Fit

anal WSCLG 2018-11-27

You drop your right hand to mine, trying to push my finger in deeper to satisfy that craving, that urge, that need to be filled. Gathering your fluids on my fingers, I remove my member from your clenched muscles and spread the lubrication all over the head of my phallus. As my cock begins to slowly retreat, the sensations roiling through your body and mind rush through you, exploding like fireworks. My cock splits you, driving inside your ass like a piston. I begin the ageless motion of advance and retreat, driving in and slowly withdrawing, fucking your ass as you give it to me. You need and desire the cock that is alternately deep in your ass and then slipping back out.

French Kiss

anal Saucymh 2018-11-17

“I’d like to remove that tight skirt of yours, feel-up that gorgeous ass and fuck you right here in the bar.” Slick with my juices, Jacques rubbed his cock over my tightly closed ass sphincter, making it wet and slippery. He could fuck anything he wanted; cunt, ass, mouth, anything - so long as it was rough and made me come. “Lisa, no, I …ohhhh...” Jacques stopped protesting the second my fingers started stroking his tightly closed ass sphincter. “Oh, Lisa.” Oh God, I’m going to be in trouble!” Poor Jacques bit his lip but turned to me with a huge beaming smile on his face. Listen, Jacques, don’t take this the wrong way but I’m not going to tell Matt about you or what we did tonight.”


anal DamonX 2018-11-10

"Mmmmmm," you let out in a slow, sensual moan as you feel my tongue part your swollen pussy lips and slide inside your hot little hole. You maintain eye contact as my swollen head pops from your mouth and you begin to tease my dick hole with your tongue ring, pushing the little silver ball inside. I take my glistening, wet dick in my hand and run it up and down your swollen, hungry pussy lips before pushing it up inside you. I reach out and grab a handful of your hair and pull your head up, forcing you to look into the mirror and acknowledge the look of ecstasy on your face as I continue to fuck your tight little pussy.

The Special Thing About Me

anal vicburress 2018-11-05

Of course I remember the day I met you...I noticed you first. I had not looked at myself (I never do), but, as you would confirm for me later, there was a little bead of ooze at the end of my sweet thing, emerging through the back of my skirt like a droplet of milk from a breast. When your eyes returned to my face, I looked you right in the eye and smiled, tossed my head so that my hair and my earrings danced, and pushed out the biggest fart I could summon. As we lowered ourselves to the grass, you murmured, "Lie down on your side, facing away from me...I think you'll be more comfortable." You were so right.

Truth or Dare with Beth Ch. 03

anal Patrick2380 2018-09-29

Beth turned her head and looked down at me and asked, "Do you like licking my ass hole, bitch?" "I want to take you in one, let everyone watch us shop for a new strap on and some lube, and then take you in a video booth and fuck your ass. I felt her hips and the fake balls on the toy hit my ass, which pushed me forward, forcing my mouth further down the man's cock until it was now in my throat. Evidently Beth decided that I could take her "cock" anytime she wanted now as easily as it my dick were slipping into her wet pussy because she started pounding my ass right from the get-go.

Brown Sugar

anal alcyon1977 2018-08-08

The crowd was pressed in around her, total strangers rubbing shoulder to shoulder as the band played every song in its repertoire. As she tried to push back, she felt the unmistakable bulge of someone's clad cock rubbing against her ass. Val felt a finger slide her panties aside and slip into her hot pussy. She could feel the sudden urgency in the hand that held her, and felt as he pressed backwards against the crowd to unzip his fly. A moment later, she felt the head of his cock push into her ass. Val bit her lip as man behind her continued to fuck her ass, his finger playing with her clit.

2013, New Year's Rockin' Eve

anal bbkradwell 2018-08-05

Well, long-story-short, here, kiddies, there were these hot-looking, young (college-age, couldn't have been more than twenty,) drunken sluts standing in front of me, grinding their blue-jeans-covered asses on my crotch, the whole 15 minutes before the final countdown to the New Year. And it's a very good thing that her friends were there to catch us both as we nearly passed-out from our exertions: First the girl, their friend, and then me, the man who had just had his way with their friend's young rectum; I had nearly fallen face-first, into the crowd of people in our vicinity, after pouring all I had into that lovely ass!

Cole Meets Nikki Ch. 02

anal KINKYCanada 2018-06-13

They had both dressed for the occasion and Cole, having planned on this being a night of sex, had also put a lot of blankets and cushions on his boat. Nikki grabbed her breasts and gave them a squeeze, seductively biting her lower lip and then asked, "This was your plan all along, wasn't it?" She licked her upper lip and sat down with him, pulling the warm blanket over them. Nikki lay back on the blankets, and Cole, grabbing a condom from his pant's pocket, slid it on and got between her legs. Cole pulled a blanket over them and with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist he began to pump his cock in and out of her, all the while looking her deep in the eyes.

Weird Fantasies 04: Driving Somewhere

anal TessMackenzie 2018-05-20

We have anal sex in a crowded car with people right next to me, pressed against me, talking to me, and no-one realizes. Sometimes, because this is a fantasy and so sometimes it's different, sometimes he says, "Oh my god I'm fucking Tess's ass." Or something like that. I hadn't finished, and want to fuck more, but I can feel him getting soft and know he's about to slide out of me. Quickly, because I can already feel the semen inside me about to slide out, and don't want to make a mess, and I need it as lube, too, if I'm going to keep doing anal.


anal Fullmoonfever 2018-05-17

She was a little heavyset, but I liked the way she filled her black dress, which revealed lots of cleavage. Lara just smiled, downed her drink and said, "I need some fresh air. As Lara leaned against the waist-high raiing, I stood behind her, my hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck. I palmed each cheek and Lara leaned forward, spreading her legs a little wider. "Mmmm," Lara moaned, insistently pushing her bare rear against my face. The scent of her rear and the feeling of those big, soft cheeks against my face made me want to come. The scent of Lara's ass was still on my face, the taste fresh in my mind.

Anaya's Car Wash

anal rckplsky 2018-05-14

I finally reach the outer area of his butt hole and slowly work my finger around it. "How does it feel," I ask trying to sound like a hard ass. I rush back to my bag and grab the dildo and work it into my harness. I look at his legs and notice them shake and jerk as I use my mouth to eat his ass. I then slap his ass and grab the bottle of lube and liberally pour some on my hand and begin to jerk off my dildo to get it nice and wet. I slowly begin to fuck his ass. "Fuck," he says as his hands go out underneath him and he lets himself on the hood of my car.

Little Secrets

anal blackstallion21 2018-03-16

This time when Alex bent over the table, I slowly walked up to her and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, and as she went to shoot at her ball, she missed. I slipped out once fully when Alex's legs broke apart, and when I lined the tip of my cock up at the entrance of her tight puckered asshole, all Lex could do was put both hands onto her face covering her eyes. While I plunged deep into her bowels, Alex moved her hand to her clit and rubbed in circles and occasionally inserted a few fingers into her swollen wet pussy, and she finger fucked herself as I got close to orgasm.

Which Hole Is That?

anal DiggMe 2018-03-09

"If you win, I'll set you right on this table and give you a mustache ride you will never forget." I looked at him startled, had he read my mind, I thought. Every time we had passed, walking around the table, you had run your hands over my ass or down my hip. I sucked in a deep breath and let it out slow willing myself to relax my muscles and I felt the head of your cock force its way into my tunnel. As you pulled your clothes on, I continued to lay on the table edge, ass exposed to all who looked, my hole wide open and you're cum beginning to dribble out.

The Quickie

anal damonX 2018-02-28

"Mmmmmm," you let out in a slow, sensual moan as you feel my tongue part your swollen pussy lips and slide inside your hot little hole. You maintain eye contact as my swollen head pops from your mouth and you begin to tease my dick hole with your tongue ring, pushing the little silver ball inside. I take my glistening, wet dick in my hand and run it up and down your swollen, hungry pussy lips before pushing it up inside you. I reach out and grab a handful of your hair and pull your head up, forcing you to look into the mirror and acknowledge the look of ecstasy on your face as I continue to fuck your tight little pussy.

Welcome Home

anal susurrus 2018-02-16

Looking up from Lynne's oozing pussy, I noticed I hadn't closed the garage door, and the quick, brutal fucking of my wife had been witnessed by old man MacPherson and his golden retriever. Lynne was working my cock like she hadn't had any for... We got as far as the dining room when Lynne pushed me into a chair, then knelt at my feet and took my cock in her mouth again. Risking a peek, I opened my eyes just a little and was treated to the sight of Lynne's back, her ass pressed against my cock head. Before long, Lynne stiffened, then her body pulsed in orgasm, while a scream tore from her lips and her ass grabbed my cock tight.

Toni in the Park... Again

anal Tonisshy 2018-02-07

Then I felt the head of his cock press against my hole, my boypussy had no chance. I couldn't help myself as pushed my ass back to accompany his cock and it seemed like it was so long as it slid all the way inside me and stopped on my prostate causing me to gasp. The beefcake fucking me slowed his pace, "do you want this sluts mouth?" The tall guys balls tightened, he stopped fucking my mouth and let me stroke his wet cock while the big head was in my mouth. My mini skirt straight, panties up and my legs wiped clean I exited the stall and there stood the tall guy...

Meeting in a Grocery Store

anal walterio 2017-12-28

Reading the morning newspaper I came across the Daily Horoscope and read the message under my Cancer birth sign, "There are so many factors that come together to create amorous feelings and looks are not the most important. As I walked around and filled my shopping cart at the store I got a number of looks from some of the female shoppers. I caressed her shapely buttocks as I watched my cock move in and out of her rectum worming around inside of her curvy ass and whispered in her ear, "Diane you have one hot ass, I love fucking you in your hot ass." It was Diane's looks but her perfect ass that ignited feelings in my heart, well at least my cock if not my heart.

After Dinner Activities

anal KristinW 2017-12-13

After a few minutes hands tightened in her hair and her head was forced down and he shoved his cock all the way down her throat, causing her to gag around the length. The tightening of her throat seemed to only encourage him as he proceeded to fuck her mouth hard, balls slapping her face as she was forced to take him all the way down. Finally satisfied that he had completely raped her mouth he pulled back, leaving the women on her knees panting hard, her throat sore and her body shaking. Spent he stepped back to view his work, he took in the slut spread out on the dumpster, dress hiked up to reveal her pussy and dripping ass, tits covered in marks, jiggling as she panted.

Alantico and Pacifica

anal Thizbee 2017-11-17

She walked up slowly, standing before him, placing her hands on his knees and moving them up his long strong thighs. He pulled at her hips as he squeezed them, and without her sweet lips leaving his, she eased her each leg on either side of his lean body and began to grind into his lap. As his fingers began to probe and tease, the ever moistening folds of delicate flesh hidden under her skirt, hidden between her legs, he said, "What?" a fourth time, but with much more power in his voice. He had placed her on her knees on the step under the water, leaning her forward, resting her head gently on her folded arms along a shelf at the base of the pedestal under the fountain.

Another Sunday Adventure

anal exjock 2017-10-27

She signaled for them to come over, introduced them then said, "Charlie, do you mind if I talk to them for a minute, I'll be right back?" She then stepped over to the side with them and within sixty seconds was locked in a tongue tied embrace with one of the women. I mentioned to Niccole how 'hot' I thought Lorey is, and was very surprised to find out she is only three weeks short of thirty-nine years old. We were really enjoying each other orally when Lorey surprised me by saying, Charlie, I hear Niccole and Ashley and some other voices out in the living room.

Red Lotus

anal Neonurotic 2017-10-17

It was the redhead, her hair floating around her face like red lotus petals in green lily pad vines. She grinned, "A Nude Day virgin and just a tadpole in a pond full of horny toads!" "Hot fucking dayum." I said under my breath, rubbing her excited slickness from her dripping pussy and twisted into her puckered hole. The redhead had some great ass, much tighter than what I imagined her pussy felt. I increased the power fucking, grabbing two-handed, digging fingers into her hips and pulled her onto my fat cock. "I'll give you a pounding all right," I laughed, feeling cocky like I fucked a lot of assholes.

Lost / Forgotten Encounters 01

anal walterio 2017-10-16

I lifted her by her hips so that her ass came off the car seat and then I plunged my tongue between her ass cheeks and sought out her nether hole. Cathleen handed me some lotion that she had brought with her and told me to grease her ass up for my cock. I moved my head between her legs to eat her pussy but first I kissed and licked around the area and her inner thighs. Her quaking pussy erupted into orgasm again as I rocked my cock slowly, grinding the head against her cervix. "I love being fucked with your cum in my ass it feels like I have two cocks in me at the same time."