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An Erotic Spanking for Her, from Him

anal JesseS 2018-11-19

  "I just can't resist turning them on," she said, "besides it gets me so hot to see the bulge in their pants." "We've discussed this before," I said, "you know that it is 20 whacks on your bare bottom for flirting when I'm not around."   "Ohhhh noooo, come on I was just having fun, wasn't like I was sucking his dick or anything, pleasssssse, nnnnoooo," she whined.   She lifted her head and looked imploringly at me, "but please it was just for fun."   "No panties flirting is punishable by up to 40 lashes," I reminded her, both of us knowing full well that the lashes would come from a wide, suede leather, belt that made a loud slap, yet with a very mild sting.

Caught Shoplifting

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-01

Finally taking pity on her, Jimmy started to rub her clit again as he began to push in and out of her tight ass, holding himself inside her every time he buried his dick completely, feeling her ass squeeze him tightly. She began moving back against him, her ass opening up and accepting the hard thrusts, even the steady pounding into her asshole was beginning to feel good as the pleasure in her pussy built. With a hard thrust that took her breath away, Jimmy arched his back and cried out with completion, his dick pulsing against the tightness of her ass as he unloaded into her deflowered hole.

We have been naughty

anal Katy03 2018-10-29

Trevor smirks and leans into my ear, "Is Kitten a little hot and bothered?" I feel his fingers brush my leg before slipping under the hem of my shorts. "Aaron's cock would feel good in my ass from that position, and you can choose either his ass or my pussy to fuck. I moan knowing Trevor and Aaron are seeing my ass in the air and my juices run down my legs. I can feel Aaron's smooth hands glide up my back as his cock slides slowly into my ass. By the whimper Aaron releases in my ear and the pain I feel, I know Trevor got both our asses in one hit. 

Attention, Please!

anal KR 2018-10-01

The fingers of my left hand torment my clit, pinching and rolling it and until my hips buck, and then slip down into me, hooking against my bone, making me squirm. "Oh please," I beg, tears starting in my eyes, my fingers beginning to work in earnest on my clit again, trying to over-ride the pain-signals with pleasure ones. The sounds that come from you are all I need to push me over, and my muscles clench around you as the pleasure radiates through me, making me cry out, wringing me out, forcing gasps and moans from you as well as a blindingly intense double orgasm rolls through me.


anal CrystalKnights 2018-09-16

And my buttocks, balls, cock and bum were smeared and dripping, with your fingers circling, probing, sliding and my body engulfing, absorbing, accommodating. I strained my fingers to try to feel your cock as you started slowly, rhythmically pulling out just a little and pushing insistently back in – a bit further each time. You stood before me, crotch right up in front of my face, my hands still tethered behind me, as you unclipped your stockings and peeled down your g-string, to reveal a completely naked mound. You clasped my head between you hands and pulled me down between your legs, pushing my face in hard against your grinding hips, my lips rubbing tight against your clit and my tongue probing deep into you until I could feel it being squeezed, intimately, by your pulsating climax.

Quick Flash - His Fourth of July Ex

anal AJQuick 2018-09-14

We were walking back to Jack's car, one of the other girls told her boyfriend she couldn't wait to get home so she could feel him "explode". "Let's teach your fucking dirty mouth a lesson," he said as he rammed his cock into my face, "and maybe next time you will hold your tongue and not say such stupid things." I could feel his cock swelling inside of me, and Jack's grunts started to echo with mine inside of the trash can. With each thrust he would say, "Is that a tiny dick?", "I don't know what I'm doing with this, do I?", "Is that a big hard pussy in your ass, or a big hard cock?","I can't believe I have to punish by stupid whore."

Jalal's Punishment (Alternative)

anal goodyearman 2018-09-09

The sensation of her arse cheeks being squashed against my crotch, although no different from cunt fucking a woman doggy-style, was heightened by the heat of her back passage enclosing my shaft and the extra tightness of the anal ring clamped around the root of my cock. Her cunt spasmed and tightened forcefully on my thrusting cock, she screeched into the muffling folds of the head covering, and just before I came to my own climax, the air that had been caused in her bowels by our combined efforts forced its way out of her arsehole as she farted loudly.

Train Three Sexy Slaves #5: Twat Spank, Anal-2

anal petdyke 2018-08-13

Aisha enormously enjoys her role in the execution of painful punishment of Alex for her two offences I allow Aisha to come as often as she wants - even Alex can orgasm if she can despite the punishment Aisha shall be on all four as soon as her twat gets wet as we don't want her pussy juice to drip down Ai again operates my three cameras as Alex and I take turns to spank the fat twat of attractive Aisha Aisha starts to scream first from pain and humiliation on camera, soon from coming continuously Aisha screams still as she starts to come and her anal contractions effectively milk my mighty member

Sarah's Games Ch. 05

anal suggestiveness 2018-07-25

I think the photograph accurately captured "the girl with a pearl earring" half naked, spreading her virgin ass, showing her tight pink pucker, glancing back with a forlorn expression. I suppose it would have been a good idea to see what 2 or 3 fingers were going to feel like but I decided it would be cheating Melissa on my punishment. I thought about Melissa and how nice and professional and proper she was and how bad I felt about her dress and (umph) the view looking up her sexy slip (umph) and how she made me do all sorts of (umph) dirty things and how much I liked it.

A Hungry Widow Is In My Neighborhood

anal zeko2011 2018-07-22

I told her that I could not resist of touching after seeing her in nighty and asked her to forgive me or punish if she want and begged her not to tell her anybody. She got up took my both hand and asked me " Are you a virgin?" I shook my head. I got some courage and removed the buttons of her nighty and found the two lovely mangoes and started to squeezing. She asked me to take it in my mouth and I obeyed her command and sucked it and she moaned and caressing my dick which is ready to come. While seeing that she moaned and asked me to fuck and opened her legs for me.

Make Me Believe

anal northcountrylass 2018-06-29

You slipped your fingers back into my pussy instead, good and deep, but let your cock rest its head at the entrance to my ass hole. That you want to take my cock all the way up that beautiful ass like a good little slut. Through this whole speech, after I had obediently pulled my ass cheeks apart for you, you'd been using your fingers lubbed with my pussy juice to wet the outside of my asshole, and dip into it ever-so-slightly - getting it wet, teasing me, making me whine and moan for more. I need you to take it all for me - like a good little girl.." I felt you slip your fingers down my slit one more time, and then smooth that slickness over your head and shaft.

No Strings

anal LadyElaine 2018-05-13

I tell you I don't know and you start working your hand back and forth until you can add another finger; You keep on stretching my cunt until you get a fourth finger in, " God you're a good little slut, You're my favorite whore; You're my dirty, nasty, little cock swallowing cunt." My ass is bursting with your tool and my pussy is ready to blow again. I tense up, in both holes as you yell out, " You're my little sex slave, my dirty nasty bitch, my fucking whore, my fist taking cock hungry freaky slut." You yank your fist out of my pussy, soaking with cunt cream as you start to uncontrollably rape my tight hole.


anal Queen of Kink 2018-04-27

Her stomach was rumbling a bit as the water in her bowels was really starting to work, so she took the vibrator and eased it between her lips, entering her vaginal walls, and stroked it in and out a few times. He was starting to relax when her fingers got a bit close to his forbidden hole and he could feel the cool air on it as her thumbs eased apart his cheeks during the massaging strokes. She spread a bit of oil on his thighs and massaged them, then ran her hands all the way up, cupping his cheeks one time, then on the next run would let her thumbs push between his oily butt crack, letting them slide across his sensitive hole.

Catholic High School Retreat

anal 2018-04-08

He told me he was going to take 20 swings and before I had time to brace he took a swing back and *slap* the paddle came down across my ass hard. After a minute of him not spanking I thought to myself alright he must think I have had enough punishment and learned my lesson, but then he grabs my pants and boxers and yanks them down fast to the ground comes back up and *whack* another hit with the paddle. My dick got hard instantly and the priest noticing began to stroke my cock while keeping his tongue all over my hole.

Short and Not So Sweet

anal devonahall 2018-03-25

You pull me past you and again smack me hard on the butt propelling me into the room. You grab my cock and while you squeeze it roughly you smack me a couple more times. You smack me lightly right on the end of the butt plug and the sensation goes right through me to the tip of my cock. Smack again this time right on the end of the butt plug sending the shock right up through me and I yelp. You tap quickly on the end of the butt plug a few times making me twitch and convulse. You return and untie my hands and walk to the wardrobe, change your shoes and throw you glasses aside.

An Anal Awakening Ch. 01

anal ambiguousanallove 2018-03-20

Deep tan skin, dancing hazel, amber eyes, playful sexy grin and gorgeous body with a torso to drool over. Curly black brown a bit past shoulder length hair. I always made sure my hair clashed with my skin color, I felt it made me stand out, it made me more individual. My skin wasn't a deep tan like his- it's a light, barely there tan. Deep, coffee black eyes with lighter brown flecks, sure they were pretty but not exactly one of a kind. "You look beautiful." With an addition afterwords, he said, "Also, you won't be needing the clothes for what I had in mind." Self consciously I crossed my arms over my chest, I wasn't one for exhibition. My eyes widened and I wiggled a bit as Dean advanced...

The Teacher in the Tweed Jacket

anal ThomClarke 2018-03-08

Mr. Smith had never had to tell her to be quiet, or ask her to stop masturbating in class like the other girls. She couldn't move her head around to see what she was being struck with as Mr. Smith still had a tight hold of her hair, but she could feel her arse getting hotter and hotter as she was spanked repeatedly. Mr. Smith managed to pull his cock out, and drag Susannah roughly to her feet. Mr. Smith grabbed a handful of her hair, and she could feel his cock nuzzling at her tightest hole. She reached a hand under her body and played with her pussy as Mr. Smith fucked her tight, virgin arsehole.

the punishment

anal harmrm 2018-02-05

trying to get home to watch football in the afternoon. when she got home she went strait to the bedroom put on one of her teddys and grabbed all her toys. so i got chattin with another couple on here as the toys started entering my ass. while she was chatten with this other person. even when i was told to clean the house with a thong on and a butt plug in my ass. and all she did was lay on the couch playing with her pussy and playing in my ass when ever she called for me to come to her. needless to say i hope mywife and the person she was talking to keeps talking.

f****y Punishment

anal enemas-4-life 2018-02-04

As usual, I came into the living room naked to receive the first round of punishment. The first round consisted of each member spanking me bare bottom as many times as they wished, as hard as they wished, and with what they wanted. By the second person I really needed to go, but I knew just how bad it would be if I couldn'ty hold it. With the ginger planted inside me mixing with the glycerin, I screamed. After 5 minutes of holding the ginger, it was removed. I was given a quart of this horrible mixture, and an inflatable butt plug was inserted. I was given a large shot in my butt which consisted of a mild sedative, muscle relaxer, and diuretic and I was handcuffed tio the bed.

The Anal Game Ch. 02

anal underbar 2017-12-30

Jane moved in front of me and put her hands on my tits and squeezed them but beyond that I got a moment to rest I saw the 3 other BS's being spanked viciously hard by their visitors. It took a bit of a push to get in the first few times but was much easier on me than taking a cock, and I was sure the toys were going to get worse I decided just to take it, get some early points and try to relax my ass as much as possible. I watched the other girls take their punishment, some huge dildo that surely couldn't fit in their ass was slowly forced in until the head was inside.

The Librarian Turns Bad

anal hornetsprincess 2017-12-17

I suck greedily on your finger as I feel you move behind me rubbing the head of your cock slowly up and down from my clit to my ass. Your eyes are filled with lust as I look at you watching me rub my clit with the vibrator filling my ass and my mouth full of your cock wet from my pussy. In fact, I promise you that you will love how it feels when I slide the head of my big hard cock into that tight little ass of yours. You lay your body over mine on the desk, run your fingers through my hair, nibble on my neck and whisper, "Tell me how much you loved it my little bad girl."

Trevor's Transformation, Chapter Four

anal 11austin 2017-11-07

Right away after pulling out the 13 mm, I quickly lubed up and slipped the ball of the penis plug in his piss hole, and slipped the ring over the head of his now hard cock. Well, you’d better suck it good, otherwise more punishment will be in order!” With that, I moved the head of my cock close to his lips, and just as he’d savored the dildo, he now took me into his mouth. “Oh fuck yeah boy, suck it, suck those balls.” As the orgasm began to subside, I shoved my cock back into his mouth, and as he tasted my cum for the first time, he greedily sucked the remainder of cum out of me, and swallowed every drop.

Riding Out the Storm

anal JClements 2017-11-02

I sometimes let him play around a little bit and I loved it when he stroked my ass cheeks and tickled my rosebud with his fingers or his tongue. I was looking forward to getting to know her a little better. Derek teased me about that, wondering if "Auntie" had thought about getting to know Sarah intimately. What I couldn't tell her was that I was starting to get horny every time I got near her and I needed to know if she had any experience. "Is this what you were looking for, you horny cunt?" Derek got a little rougher, dipped his finger in her pussy and shoved it up her ass.

Punished: Kara

anal Amouteru 2017-10-20

He was a man in his late twenties to early thirties, he practically screamed dominate, but Kara, relishing in the thought of a challenge, approached him. Causing her to arch her back, pressing the plump mounds of flesh into his hand as a reluctant gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. Only to shiver at the foreign feeling of his forefinger caressing along the crack of her ass till she could feel him press his fingers at the tight, untouched hole. Causing her to whimper as he slowly pressed his cock to her slightly loosened hole. The male too, was coming closer, obvious due to the fact his clock throbbed in her tight hole.