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Sweet Revenge

anal ricky12345 2018-12-03

When her ass was glowing red and her cunt oozing juice, I moved so that my cock was in her face. Cheryl crossed her arms over her very large breasts, and began to yell at Libby. Cheryl ended her yelling and told Libby that rather than kicking her ass, she would seek revenge elsewhere. My hand found Libby's big clot and rubbed on it while I watched her tongue out Cheryl's juicy cunt. Straddling Libby, I spread Cheryl's cheeks, put the head of my cock against her asshole, and shoved. When she spread Cheryl's ass cheeks and began to lick and tongue and suck cum out of her asshole, my cock thickened up again, and I was soon fucking Libby's tiny rosebud.

Sunday Morning Interlude

anal MahlerSymphony 2018-11-23

I walk up behind you, my hands firmly on your hips, my wet and shower gel-lubricated cock sliding between the furrow of your delicate pink lips. You quickly scramble to place your hands on the tile wall, and I begin ramming my cock home in your snug ass, the second of your three sexy orifices that will give me such pleasure. I scream out, "Yes, Susan, suck me. Swallow me." You feel the cannon blasts of my come against the back of your throat, some of my seed sliding immediately down your throat, until your mouth is full, and the secondary thrusts remain on your tongue, where you can taste my sexual flavor.

Girls Night Out

anal gracesnowpaw 2018-11-19

Each time I gagged he got harder and fucked my face faster until I felt his cum start to flood in to my mouth. At one point he slid his cock up the crack of my ass then back down to my clit quickly before pushing it in my pussy. After pulling his cock from my cum filled pussy he was so slick with my juices that he pushed his head in me and continued to put pressure forcing his cock a bit deeper in me. Pulling my head back his lips met mine and he kissed me hard, breathing heavily in my mouth as he fucked my ass faster.

When Love Comes To Town

anal RavenFox 2018-11-18

You think I have gotten weak?” Tadeo spun her around and kissed her, pressing his chest against the gentle swell of her young flesh. Tadeo released Aileen and allowed the thought of asking her father for permission to marry her to soften the erection that was straining against his jeans. Tadeo took Aileen into his arms and held her against his bare chest. I’m setting up on top of this sharp rock if you don’t come tell me where you want the tent, babe!” His grin was visible at a distance. It took a while, but Tadeo felt his cock soften and slowly slip from Aileen’s ass. “I love you, Tadeo, “ Aileen murmured against his lips as she kissed him.

My Anal Fantasy

anal RedHairedandFriendly 2018-09-04

The first time we tried it, we used a lot of lube, but his cock wasn't even making it into the hole. When his hand moved over my ass, and caressed it lovingly, I pushed my body back and begged him for the toy. He fucked me for several minutes with the artificial cock and, when I came a second time, I was thinking of his nine-inch dick buried inside me. Our love making was fast and furious, and both of us knew when it was time to try again. "No baby," I told him, gripping his cock with the muscles of my ass.

Party Pooper

anal TheWriter 2018-08-16

Normally I'm a nice guy, and I know that checking out your half-drunk hostess is not exactly a nice thing to do, but I figured that she wanted to be looked at. No your getting it right, fuck my ass!" Mel's talk, which now gave me encouragement, combined with the scent of her hair and the piles of underwear heightened my arousal. I stood and dressed myself and, deciding to be the nice guy I thought I was, pulled Mel's skirt back down and placed her in her bed. I don't know if Melissa remembered that night, but I wasn't going to let her wake up on the floor with her butt exposed.

She Got Mine, I Got Hers

anal randjf 2018-08-02

When we reached the bed, I crawled on to it on all fours, I pulled my panties to the side and said "I'm more than ready, now get over here and fuck me!" As she knelt behind me I added "Just be gentle putting it in." She slowly started to insert the tip of her 'dick' into my ass while I tried to relax as much as I could. We got into a 69 position and as Jamie's mouth worked its magic on my dick I slowly licked her pussy and sucked her clit to keep her amped up as I as lubed up a finger and began working it into her ass.

Private School Phys Ed Ch. 01

anal Aphroderos69 2018-07-16

"Not today, Theresa, start climbing the ropes." I'm starting to get a hard on watching her and so I "go to the bathroom." When I come back I tell the girls to his the showers and get changed for their next class. She takes it off and I tell her to start sucking my eight inches of rock hard cock. I then slip my index finger in alongside the middle and start to stretch her virgin ass. I slide my member into her stretched, but tight ass and start slamming the shit out of her shitter. "OHH, yes, fuck me hard in the ass Mr. Jameson!!!" "Yes sir I LOVE your cock in my ass."

Synergy Longer and Dirtier Ch. 01

anal BBArms 2018-06-19

As Meloney begins to tie on the belts I force my cock into Erica's fast recovering pussy. Meloney climbs back onto the bed and forces her rubber cock into Erica's open mouth. I say turn around and Erica obliges now with my cock in her mouth and Meloney's strap on buried fully into her wet pussy. Too many sensations, Meloney's face on my cock with her long blond hair caressing my hips and her breasts on my stomach, her warm sweet clit between my teeth as I smell Erica's pussy inches above me as she fucks Meloney's asshole. Once Meloney is satisfied with my torture she rolls over and allows Erica to continue fucking her while she plays with her own pussy.

A Small Town, A Perfect Girl

anal Thunderwand 2018-06-18

My tongue traced one final circle around her clit, followed by an agonizingly slow long lick of her hot pussy. From the very moment I saw that perfect ass I wanted to pump my thick cock between those scrumptious cheeks. Now rub your clit while you blow me." I watched as she began to play with herself while softly teasing my cock. I want to feel your spit dripping off of my balls." She spit on the head and then, with agonizing slowness, deep throated my cock. I fucking love your cock in my ass!" she screamed. I want to feel that powerful cock blow all over my cute face.

Chris's Adventure of His Sex Life

anal DeafGuyporn 2018-06-12

And I am totally excited to work with you because I think you are cool person to me." exclaimed Chris, wish to told her she have amazing ass and tits as well. If I have my way with you, I will suck your nipples hard that you will moan and I will fuck your busty tits with my cock" Chris said. Chris doesn't want to ejaculate and let the fun end there, he needs to stay longer to bang Jessica's sweet ass. Continue licking on the head, she stroke the cock while her emerald eyes makes contact with Chris. After few minutes of warm-up, Chris shoves his eight-inch cock in her ass with help of Jessica's saliva.

A New Gym Workout

anal ThorOdinson 2018-05-27

"Umm, yeah, That'd be nice," Zoe said as she racked the bar "Guys have offered, but I've always just figured the wanted to stare at my ass or use it as an excuse to get close to me," she giggled. Zoe pulled herself off me, my cock sliding out of her pussy as she stepped over to the bench in the shower, grabbing hold of the sides, bending over. I stepped up behind her and grabbed my cock in my hand, slowly stroking it, admiring the view of this perfect ass in my face, the reflection of her tits in the mirror.

Betting Your Ass

anal OneSilky 2018-05-15

George thinks everybody should know how to play, so they can understand what calculating the odds means. "Jess, I'll give you $150 for anal sex," George offered quietly. Jess smiled as she lay out her three Aces, but her face quietly melted as George slowly laid down his three Jacks, and then an eight, and then another eight. "I think you have to pay up Jess," said George, never taking his eyes off hers. "Silky, you don't mind licking me to help me cum first, do you?" Jess's voice was a little anxious. "I want it on the log." George was cranking up the fear in Jessie's countenance; the log is a padded tree trunk we keep in the back room for serious whippings and bondage.

Lydia McRae Plays Chess

anal OneSilky 2018-05-09

So in a weird parody of his fantasy, Larry held his unloaded Glock to her head and demanded she drop her shorts and bend over the bumper. Holding her hair again, he announced loudly, "Now, bitch, I'm going to ram my cock up your little virgin asshole. I'm going to fuck every hole you have, one at the time. After I cum in your ass maybe I'll let you suck the shit off my dick... Pushing his cock-head into her crack, he verified the butter lube, and indeed slid smoothly to her tight sphincter. But, emphasis on butt, Lydia's ass wrapped around his cock with overwhelming heat and warmth. OK, slut, how do you like being fucked up the butt?

Laura's Anal Experience

anal EugeneBrandon 2018-04-28

She loved me to pull her hair while she had my dick in her mouth. We were so close that my hard cock was now up against her ass and must have been starting to poke a little. As much as I wanted to thrust my throbbing cock into her tight, sweet ass - I didn't. She had to be aware I was struggling not to let my throbbing cock penetrate her petite ass. "I'd love you for to lick me where your dick is right now. She wanted my entire cock throbbing in her ass. By this time, my cock was completely in her ass and I thrust forward as she asked me to do.

Lust at First Sight

anal JackBeHuge 2018-04-09

I started to kiss her legs softly and then wanted to reach her pussy, but she hungrily grabbed my head and pushed my mouth to her loins. I started to lap her pussy, than ran my tongue softly up and down her slit, finally pushed my tongue inside a few times. I stopped halfway when I saw on her face that she needed some time to adjust again and added some more oil, but then I pushed it all the way in and after a few moments of rest I started to move my cock in and out while I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands.

Lola's Night Out

anal funon2wheels 2018-03-14

she grabs our pops from the front seat and gets me to shuffle over to the passenger side and she sits beside me and has a quick drink then gets me lying on my back and positions herself on her knees so she can go down on me, she does by teasing my cock with her tongue tasting her ass on my cock before swallowing me deep in her warm wet mouth then she proceeds to lick my balls, Which I love so much, then to my surprise she teases my asshole with her fingertips, I moan a little as it feels so good then she grabs the folded up blanket off the floor and asks me to raise my ass up so she can put it under me.

Caught Short In The Rain

anal Alexunderbass 2018-03-07

I ran my hand through my dripping brown hair letting water gush down my face. As we stepped into another room - thankfully it was warm - I noticed her nipples were showing through her rain soaked black sleeveless top. I moved over to her and extended my arm to help her carefully making sure to let my boxers grind up against her ass. She let out a yelp of pain and her hand gripped the shower dial harder. This woman could take a cock that was for sure, I pounded away sending spasms down her back until she finally let out a wail and I exited as I had came in – sucking my plunger out with a pop.

Ding Dong

anal AngusMac 2018-03-07

When she reached the tip, she wrapped her lips around the base of the head and sucked hard, running her tongue all around the head, and pulling back slowly until it popped out of her mouth again. She continued to work her way down this way, little by little until finally she had her lips resting all the way at the base of his shaft and she withdrew ever so slowly, sucking so hard he could feel the blood rushing to the head of his cock, and When his head finally popped out of her mouth he felt ready to burst. "Well, that won't do," she said, as she removed the skirt and began sucking at the oil spot.

A Night of Healing for PTSD

anal HM2FMFShawn 2018-02-04

She lets out a sigh when she feels his lips rest on her buttock, his hands grasping her hips holding her to him. He brings a hand from her hip, and scrapes down her ass, his fingers grasping it, the thumb presses lightly onto her tiny asshole. He plunges his tongue into deep into her sex, moving his tongue up and down her slit, spreading her wetness over his face, the smell of her desire pushes itself up his nose, causing him to push even deeper, his thumb pushing deeper into her ass, pulling her back to him. She writhes her hips bucking, moving up and down, her fingers grasp into the comforter, her mouth open, her eyes closed.

Best Anal Sex Ever

anal PrymeUser 2018-01-25

She would then begin playing with her clit and buck up and down as I began to thrust upwards into her arse and grabbed at her great big titties from behind, kneading and squeezing them. She reached round and grabbed both her bum cheeks, pulling them apart as far as possible, exposing her ass hole wide open for me and thrusting her backside upwards. As I've mentioned, my cock is quite big so I try to go gently and not ram it right up Tanya's arse in case it's sore for her. I was in a total dream, ramming my cock up Tanya's lovely backside as hard as I could for as long as I wanted.

Jack and Julia Ch. 02

anal fenrys 2018-01-23

She gave no indication of her lust for Jack while Pete was present, but as soon as he had left the room, she threw him a devilish look and quickly slid over to him. Julia stood on her toes and kissed Jack's neck, and grabbed his penis through his shorts. She kept coming for more than a minute, moaning and grunting and bucking, all the while Jack's tongue worked hard around her pussy. After a few minutes, Jack placed his hand on the back of Julia's head, holding it there. They lay together like that for a few minutes, Jack running his hands along Julia's sides, gently caressing her.

My First Anal

anal samaelbeckett 2017-12-23

So whilst keeping both fingers partially inside, and stretching her arsehole as wide as possible, I pushed my rock hard cock into her opening. As my long, hard, brown cock disappeared in and out of her pale round arse I finally released her arms and hair, angrily grabbing both cheeks before digging my cock right up to the hilt whilst ejaculating gloriously into her deepest, darkest recesses coating her dark walls with my white warm cum. As my cock twitched inside her dribbling the last spurts of sperm into her arse, I basked in the glow of what may have been the greatest fuck of my life before looking down at Nicole, who despite looking bedraggled with tear stained mascara running down her face, returned a look of pleased satisfaction at what she had achieved.

Continuing my sexual education!

anal opusdragon 2017-12-03

The adult world for me was huge cocks wanting in my ass or mouth. As she began washing her pussy she shoved my face in her pussy and asked was it clean enough. While that was going on my mom was helping a guy out of his clothes and began playing with his cock and balls. she walked over to me, the redhead moved, and mom set on my face and proceeded to fill my mouth with cum. Looking at mom my mouth flew open, my body froze, and I began to cum as much as I could at that age. As we ate mom came front the bathroom with a warm cloth and washed my dads' crotch and cock.