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Strong Women Love Anal Too

anal Samuelx 2018-11-01

You're a gal who loves to play rugby and football and even wrestling with the tough young men of the village. Lots of young men and women from the local high schools choose to attend the college. The gentleman in question is a tall, good-looking young man with sandy hair, light bronze and pale blue eyes. You're about to find out how getting a big cock shoved up your asshole really feels like. Your anal opening is opened as ten inches of hard cock shove their way up your asshole like an invading army. You're in love with the big cock that's drilling your asshole and if loving it was wrong then you didn't want to be right.

Visit to Holland

anal Sjaak666 2018-10-03

All the time I was stroking you and pushing my hand deeper inside your ass and moved down lower and kissed your chest, your belly and your thighs before I plunged my face into your crotch and drank you. I was pumping and kissing your neck until I felt your ass contract around my fingers and heard you let out a muffled scream while your body twisted in pleasure and you came again. The physical sensations of me grinding that ass I love so much were amazing but the feeling you gave me by allowing yourself to be violated like that was twice as incredible and all I could think of was how much I love you and how I want to give myself up for you some time.

Attention, Please!

anal KR 2018-10-01

The fingers of my left hand torment my clit, pinching and rolling it and until my hips buck, and then slip down into me, hooking against my bone, making me squirm. "Oh please," I beg, tears starting in my eyes, my fingers beginning to work in earnest on my clit again, trying to over-ride the pain-signals with pleasure ones. The sounds that come from you are all I need to push me over, and my muscles clench around you as the pleasure radiates through me, making me cry out, wringing me out, forcing gasps and moans from you as well as a blindingly intense double orgasm rolls through me.

Waiting for You

anal Ru0069 2018-09-29

I pull your t-shirt up and kiss down your stomach whilst playing with your cock through the material of your jeans, you growl when I start unbuttoning your jeans I pull them down as I go down on my knees and lick your balls, gently sucking each into my mouth. We pull each other's clothes of rushing to be naked as fast as possible, I push you down on your back and climb on top of you, I slide you into me and start to rock up and down on your cock while you play with my nipples, and they're hard and sensitive.

Wet Towel

anal ibanez5sdgr 2018-09-26

Placing the lotion on the nightstand, I lean over the bed stretching to grab the towel and as I do I hear a slight moan from you standing behind me. You reach out and grab my ass with your right hand while pushing me over onto the bed with your left. I hear you let out another moan just as I feel your tongue travel the length of my ass crack. You spend some serious time working your tongue into my ass, licking it, fucking it, and working me over like I do to you when I eat your pussy. My cock pushing into your throat, my balls covering your chin, you reach around and pull the plug out of my ass.

Victoria's Play

anal Midol 2018-09-08

Taking my toy in hand I run it slowly from my nipples to my center, I rub it across my clit, teasing myself, Out of the corner of my eye I see you smile a bit, lowering the toy to my opening I push it in slowly, very wet now and eager to feel the hardness within. I hear your voice in my ear speaking dirty to me as you ask me if I like to fuck and how hard do I want it...demanding an answer now I beg for more, as I reach my hand between us to grasp your cock firmly and tug it the way I know you like.


anal DuckLover 2018-09-01

As you start to moan in response, I begin sliding a finger slowly in and out of your cunt, letting your horny pussy lube up my finger. My hard cock rubs against your thigh, and then my fingers slide out of you, slowly gliding back along the surface of your ass, gently caressing, then rubbing your rosebud. I slowly press my hips forward, and your eyes widen as your ass does too, stretched open by the bulbous end of my cock, the hard length following it, inch by inch, filling you up. Gradually our pace builds, both of us delirious with the amazing feel of my long hard cock plowing deeply into your hot, tight ass.


anal glove89 2018-08-04

I revel in the feeling of your hands lifting my legs over your shoulders and spreading my cheeks as your tongue seeks my rear entrance. I feel you lick and suck and tongue me as you burrow your head into me. You stop and raise up enough so you can see me eyes and as I feel a finger toying with my behind you tell me you will take me this night. You tell me to let go of my legs, and to lay flat on my back You work your way up my body and lower your sex to my lips. I feel you grasp my cock and begin to stroke it as you fuck me.

Cabin Vacation Ch. 01

anal WritingMyOwnReality 2018-07-28

As I massaged the oil into your skin, I could feel your muscles relax after a long day of fun. My fingers gently worked towards your ass crack, and you shifted your hips, allowing me better access. My hands spread your ass apart, and my fingers gently probed around your tight rosebud. A few quick strokes with my hand and my cock was covered in oil. Just when I thought I was safe from cumming to soon, I felt your already tight anus constrict around my cock. It felt like my cock was being milked, and I was being pulled into your tight depths. My body went rigid, and my cock sent spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum into your dark tunnel.

The Shower

anal Cate_2k 2018-07-10

I know you like the way my bum feels against your hardened cock. I love the way your cock feels when it's lathered in soap. You slide a hand around to my breasts, gently pulling and twisting a hard nipple. I continue rubbing my clit as you fuck my wet hole and fill my bum. With those words, I begin to rub my clit a bit harder working your balls feverishly. You released my nipple wrapping your hand in my hair. My contracting hole has given you what you want and I feel every last drop of you inside of me. You pulled yourself out of me gently letting your cum drip out of my wrinkled hole.

50 Shades of a Polo Player Ch. 01

anal beckharley22 2018-07-10

His hand slides up my thigh as I reach up to run my fingers through his soft blond hair and I pull his mouth towards mine with a new eagerness. I pushed backwards against him, forcing them in deeper, and he finger fucked my ass whilst I felt my pussy begin to drip with anticipation of his cock once more. This time as I massaged his balls I once again sucked my finger and squeezed a small drop of precum onto it, lubricating it ready for me to slip it just inside his ass, causing him to moan out as I played with him with my tongue and hands.

I Like to Tie Your Hands

anal BonViv 2018-06-29

When I am going to fuck you in the ass, I like to tie your hands behind you and gag you. I love to have you tied up and helpless, unable to stop me from doing anything I want. I like to look at you when you're like that, tied up, gagged and helpless, unable to stop me from doing whatever I want to you. Soon I am pumping away, fucking your ass hard and fast, and despite the gag, you are making a lot of noise. Do you like it when I shoot my jism right up your ass, when I tie you up and gag you and then stick my cock up your ass, when I fuck you hard and fast until I come in your ass?

Make Me Believe

anal northcountrylass 2018-06-29

You slipped your fingers back into my pussy instead, good and deep, but let your cock rest its head at the entrance to my ass hole. That you want to take my cock all the way up that beautiful ass like a good little slut. Through this whole speech, after I had obediently pulled my ass cheeks apart for you, you'd been using your fingers lubbed with my pussy juice to wet the outside of my asshole, and dip into it ever-so-slightly - getting it wet, teasing me, making me whine and moan for more. I need you to take it all for me - like a good little girl.." I felt you slip your fingers down my slit one more time, and then smooth that slickness over your head and shaft.

A Sketch of a Sex Story

anal endthedream 2018-06-27

And you move your dick in and out, your balls slapping against his ass, as Cody says hit my ass, hit it, fuck you do and you feel his ass fucking you as much as you are fucking it, as he moves his ass back to you, back and forth, and your dick goes deeper and then almost backs out and Cody says no stop stay in me—and his hole is wide now with your cock and he wants you to shoot spunk into him and not let any of it out, as his hands turn to fists and his fingers grasp the bed spread he is lying on, and he wants you, he wants your dick and he wants to show you how it feels to be fucked it's so very very hot and hurtful and fun and otherly.

Before the Show

anal GoldenGrace 2018-06-25

You remove your tongue and I feel a finger find its way inside, pressing slowly past the tight ring of muscle, stretching me open and lubricating me with my own arousal. I feel it start deep in my belly, that thundering, tingling sensation and then my pussy starts to convulse, my ass clenches down on your cock and I come hard, screaming so loud I'm sure the neighbors can hear, let alone our friends who may be waiting to knock on the door. Knowing that you have a plug in your come filled ass and that it will be stretched and open for me to use when we get home is going to kill me!" You grin, grab my hand and head towards the door.

For Your Pleasure

anal samantha4 2018-06-24

I drop to my knees and kiss the tip, licking you from the head of your cock all the way down to right under your balls. When you make your hard cock twitch inside my hot pussy it hits my g-spot and I am going to cum again. You know how I love feeling you pop inside my tight pussy. You know how wet I am and pull out.You grab my legs and put them over your shoulder...I can feel your cock pushing on my tight asshole...Oh, you know how I love that! You know your cock makes me feel full and hurts as you push in. You pull your cock out and I can feel cum dripping out of my ass.

Day in the Woods

anal lks2bite 2018-06-24

I let go of your shorts and caress your dick slowly sliding my hands up and down pausing only when my fingers reach its head. As I slowly lick, suck and nibble your rock hard dick, I run my hand up the back of your legs until they reach your butt. Suddenly you pull one hand back and slap my butt, hard, telling me that I need to get my hands on the tree if I want your dick in me. I feel one of your hands leave my shoulder only to feel your fingers as you begin to slide our toy in and out of my sopping wet pussy alternating between slow and fast strokes.

Anal Training - Lesson #01

anal Jack597 2018-06-14

I stimulate your clit briefly just to give you a start, then I quickly remove my hand and give you a good whack across your ass! I watch your lovely ass jiggle as you walk, your cheeks grasp the butt plug tightly as you move. You're riding my shaft with your cunt, your ass is bumping up against me while the butt plug is pushing against my pelvic bone stimulating your anus in a way you've never felt before. You can feel my cum-heavy balls banging the backs of your thighs, and my pelvic bone again pushing on the butt plug with each thrust. My huge cock in your cunt and the butt plug in your ass is more than you can stand.

As Requested

anal fairycharmed_girl 2018-06-13

All day long I've reread your words and remembered good things and just can't wait to get your cock in my pussy. I can't do anything but moan it's so good, so hard your hands squeeze my clit and my nipple at the same time you push all the way into me and I nearly scream as I cum on your cock. That hand that had been playing with my clit encourages one leg up on side of the tub, and now begins to finger fuck my pussy while your cock fills my ass. I start to ride your fingers on the up and slide back to take your cock in my ass on the down, I'm so full of you feels SO good, up down in out faster mmmm please!

Honey I Was Just Wondering...

anal jjblue 2018-06-10

I know you like it a tad rough, a little forced perhaps; certainly you seem to thrive on the thought of being taken, being sexually desired in a most physical way, over someone's knee comes to mind. My fingers deftly slide between the moist lips of your labia, bumping and sliding lightly over and back, up and down, until your clit is so hard it looks like you have an angry little red cock guarding the gateway to your sex starved dripping cunt. Oh, yes, I love how you make love to my cock with your mouth, slobbering all over it, lips and tongue greedily slurping as your ass bounces on my fingers.

Shower Time

anal anallover29 2018-05-31

Moaning around your cock until my orgasm finishes, I look up to see you looking down at me with a big smile on your face, I take my fingers out of my pussy, soaking wet with juices and put them in my mouth to lick them clean, before the water of the shower sprays it all away. You slide down my back, leaving kisses and licks all the way down me, your fingers still inside of me, I feel them being taken out of me, but then hear you make that moan of tasting something good. You lick and suck at my pussy while I moan loudly, pressed against the wall of the shower, with the hot water running down my back, as another orgasm racks my body.

Under the Gown

anal Achirae 2018-05-30

You playfully nibble and suck at my earlobe, your cool fingers play on my neck and your hips start rocking ever so slightly against my hand. I lean down and start biting your breast through your gown, finding the nipple and gently chewing it and rubbing it with my tongue. You let out another quiet moan and you play your fingers over my shaved scalp, your head spinning from the sensation of my tongue and the wet fabric against your nipple. "Mmmm, fuck you look so sexy like that..." I whisper, "my dick slamming into your butt, your eyes clenched shut, your fingers playing with your pussy on my stomach..."

90 Seconds of Lust

anal androgyne30 2018-05-26

You began to walk towards the opening of the elevator, but I put my left hand, my thumb still hot and slick with your juice, on your shoulder and stopped you, and I pressed the button for the twelfth floor with my right. Our breath came in short sharp gasps, and you grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my mouth harder into yours, your tongue thrusting so far into my mouth that I felt like you were fucking my face over and over . The second your ass started pulsing around my cock with the power of your orgasm, I took my soaking wet fingers from your clit and shoved two of them into your mouth, making you suck on your juices as I pulled your head back to my face.

A Boring Day Gets Better

anal kittykatbc 2018-05-21

For a long ten minutes there is no response until I receive: I WANT TO LICK IT, TO SLIDE MY FINGER DEEP INSIDE OF YOU, THEN SLIDE MY COCK INTO AND THEN SHOOT MY CUM ALL OVER YOU. You reach around and cup my breasts in your hands and you play with my nipples making them hard and long. As you get closer and closer you plunge in me harder and harder I can feel your cock pulsating and it not until the last minute that you pull out of me and holding your cock in your hand you pump out your cum all over my ass. You lean forward to lick up some with your tongue and pull me up and turn me around.