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Hockey, Threesome, Anal Pt. 01

anal ThorOdinson 2018-03-18

My hands traced random patterns over her back, down over her ass, across her legs and back, exploring every inch of her body, She rocked her body back and forth, grinding her pussy over the length of my cock, whimpers of pleasure escaping her mouth. My hands reached down, grabbing a handful of her hair as she began to slow bounce her head up and down my shaft, taking a little more of my rock hard cock each time. I gently lifted her off as I stood at the foot of the bed, Orin took Cait's hand and slid her down to kneel in front of me as they both planted kisses on my cock.

Taking the Good Girl Ch. 02

anal YogaVixen 2017-11-26

Then she felt tip of Tony's cock at the opening of her pussy, his fingers a breath away from her clit, and his teeth deepening their hold on her neck. "God, Tony...fuck me," Liz moaned, moving her hips, reaching for fingers and cock. But even though Tony's cock was wet with her pussy juices, and his fingers were itching to rub the engorged clit that was peeking through her warm, red lips, he repeated, "Yes what, baby?" this time in a tone that brooked no refusal. She arched her back, signaling his full possession her body and its pleasures, but it wasn't until he heard her panting, "Tony...Tony...keep fucking my ass," that the blood roared through his ears and he gave a shout of triumph, feeling the long sticky ropes of cum shooting from his cock into her hottest, deepest place.