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Something New

anal Jonx 2018-12-02

As I dropped my hands on her ass, her head shot up and she looked back. "What's that?" she looked and saw the bottle on the bed next to me, "Oooohh, kinky!" She gave me a wicked grin, and then laid her head back down, closing her eyes. "Oh my God...." She whispered, turning back to look, wide-eyed, and began to push her ass back, swallowing my cock. I slid my cock inside her ass fully to the hilt, and kept it there as I reached around and grabbed her tits.

In the Name of Art - Part II

anal TheTravellingMan 2018-11-29

Watching his semi-flaccid cock twitch and stiffen hard, the ache inside her grew into that pulsating tension of sexual need. Their eyes met as she leisurely crawled over his body and she gently grazed her taut abdomen against his fiercely hard cock. Helplessly, he fought against his restraints in vain, “Fucking hell Penny, please, I need to fuck you.” “It feels like your cock is inside me, only, erm, it isn’t.” “Fuck...” Harry hissed, feeling the monotone buzz of the toy against his own cock. “I want two cocks inside me, both of you fighting to fuck me hard!” As Harry closed his eyes and lifted his face to greet the water drops, the imagery was not lost on Penny as she watched.

Seattle 3: Getting Clean and then Dirtier

anal maddsie 2018-11-27

I settle my elbows onto the table and look back at him, "Feel free to fuck this little slut's ass as hard as you want, baby." After so many orgasms already tonight, my body is reluctant to work up to another one but the hard cock in my ass and the wine bottle penetrating the depths of my pussy are working me into a sweat. My stranger starts to pinch my breast, I scream out in pleasure. Holding both of my hands there, he starts to slide his cock between my legs, pressing it up against my pussy. Grabbing his ass with both of my hands, I hold on as he starts to slide his cock deep into my throat.

Teen Diaries 13: Becoming a Star

anal TeenDiaries 2018-11-27

"The only issue, Cheyenne, is that the head of the label is about to sign a singer who looks and sounds a lot like you. "What's that young little pussy like?" he asked, so I lay back on his desk and lifted my legs up in the air as I pushed my black panties off and up to my knee. His hand reached around and started rubbing my clit and before long, I was so aroused that my pussy became deep enough to take all of him, balls deep. I put my arms on the back of the couch, my back resting against his chest as I braced my feet on his knees and started to glide my ass up and down on his dick.

Drunk Off Lust - Nightcap

anal Lydia_ 2018-11-27

Sarah flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder and gazed up at me with wide blue eyes, “Hi, Victoria.” Her smile was genuine. My arousal made me impatient, and I managed to make my voice work, “I want you to finger my ass, Rob! Your ass is fucking perfect!” His voice was hot in my ear, and a sudden lurch of his hips told me he was getting close. His fingers wrapped into my hair and pulled until my back arched, biting my neck with an almost desperate groan, “Where do you want me to come, slut?” I took a shaky breath, his name-calling strangely arousing, and moaned, “Come in my tight, needy, slutty ass, Rob. Please!

Hottie at work Pt 7

anal lildifferent 2018-11-27

Slowly and very gently, I started tongue fucking her ass. I reached down; removing the still slow buzzing vibe from her pussy, made sure it was well lubed, and very slowly started easing it inside her ass. Easing the head inside her perfect ass, I stopped, letting her adjust to my cock. If I had not cum 3 times already today, the simple act of thrusting my hard cock inside her ass would have made me spew cum right then, in one stroke. Every time she exhaled, “Uhh, uhh, uhh” Katie was about to cum, with a cock in her ass. My sticky cock cream was leaking out of her ass, running down those perfect pussy lips.

Blondie Does Anal

anal Jinxy 2018-11-27

Our friends are going to bring the food and drinks and other 'party favors' to kick off the night. “Umm… I think the last I saw some was in the basket with the keys and stuff.” I know we're running low on them and decide to text our friend Kenny, and ask him to bring some with him. “Alrighty people, y'all don't need to go home, but you need to get the fuck up outta here,” Sam announces as he stretches his arms high up reaching towards the night sky. “I love your tight, little ass, Blondie,” Sam moans out just as he starts to go faster.

Me and Maria Part 2

anal Antarri 2018-11-27

I reached my other hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. I reached around and grabbed her ass, going straight to her other hole and pushed a finger in. Her hands come back around and start stroking my dick, slow then fast then slowing down again. My right hand was still fingering her ass so I brought my left hand down to her pussy and started fingering her there. I started to slide it in she gasped at this, I could tell she was in pain but it would soon turn to pleasure. She started screaming she was cumming and her inner walls clamped down tighter than anything I’ve ever felt. She grabbed the shower head and started spraying it on my dick heightening the experience.

Anal, Oh Yes Please!

anal Poppet 2018-11-25

I let out a soft gasp, feeling you push a little more, I shiver. You whisper into my ear you want me to come, knowing how turned on I am, it’s so close. You thrust a little faster, fucking me harder with each stroke inside me. I know you’re fighting the need to orgasm, wanting to last as long as possible. Deeper you thrust inside me, sucking harder on my clit. You move up quickly, slipping your cock back up inside my arse. Harder you pound deeper into my arse, taking what you own, and fucking me with all of your cock. Your eyes locked on mine, I can feel your love radiate through you, deep inside me.

Absence makes the orgasms stronger

anal lucyandjake 2018-11-25

He held onto her head and guided himself in and out, but they both knew there was no way Jake was coming so soon, as soon as he quickened the speed of the thrusting and Lucy was practically gagged by the size of his cock, they stopped. The butt plug looked bigger than the couple could remember, Lucy rubbed lube up and down the black toy, then squeezed a size-able amount right on Jake’s asshole. Jake now crouched, his tongue fucking her ass, and his hands now dripping in her pussy juices as he manoeuvred them in and out of her, her breathing quickened at the intensity of it all, his fingers perfectly reaching her G-Spot every time they entered.

A Change in Circumstances - Part 3 - Jenny Watches Us Both

anal DarkSide 2018-11-24

“You‘re gonna fuck my arse with this cock,” said Melissa as she pulled on it, “so hard that I want to fucking scream.” “Do it, John, fuck your cock up me…” said Melissa as she looked Jenny in the eye. “This is how I fucked her that night, my cock was right up her arse just as it is now,” I directed my words at Jenny. I had only thrust into Melissa three more times but with Jenny pulling hard on her nipple her orgasm rushed through her body. It didn’t seem to matter how hard I fucked Jenny, Melissa’s finger was pushing into my arse anyway.

Late With The Rent Again

anal Mysteria27 2018-11-23

I don’t think he’s going to like that I’m three hundred dollars short. My landlord is a fat guy that has several missing teeth and terrible body odor. I looked at my landlord like he was out of his fucking mind. Beautiful girl wants fat ugly man to fuck her. My landlord got on his knees and pulled my legs closer to his mouth. He pushed his fat finger into my pussy and finger fucked me hard and fast. “I’m a cheap whore that spends my money and fucks for rent.” Cute girl in apartment twenty-seven having the landlord fuck her ass. My landlord pulled his cock out of my asshole and rammed it into my pussy.

Alice's Dirty Fantasy

anal jhmik_88 2018-11-21

I swear I’m gonna pull over and fuck the shit out of you if you don’t stop!” She said with a very lustful look in her eyes. “If you liked that, then you will love this,” she said as she took my cock in her mouth and began bobbing up and down on it until I felt it hit the back of her throat. Anyways, I moved in close and began rubbing the head of my cock up and down her wet slit before pushing back into the warm, tight depths of her pussy. Not long after I began playing with her hard, throbbing clit, I felt her ass begin to clench my cock tighter and tighter.

Anal Virgins

anal InfiniteLush22 2018-11-21

She wrapped her arms around my neck. I started to kiss her as my hands moved to her thighs. I heard her moan as she started pulling on the bed sheets. "I love it when you make me cum with your mouth," she said as she grabbed my cock and dropped to her knees. She started to slowly lick the length of my cock. Taking more of it into her mouth. She started to suck my cock faster and faster. I started to tease her ass with my cock. I loved the feeling of her tight ass around my hard cock. I started to fuck her faster and harder. "I love you," she said with a smile on her face.

My panties

anal Krystall 2018-11-21

When I got home I called Frank on the phone with one hand in my panties, and told him "What you did today after work really has me horny, I am rubbing my pussy thinking of you." After stripping naked in the boys locker room, I got a sexy idea, I took out a piece of paper from my bag, and a pen writing a note for Frank "I am in the shower naked waiting for you to come and fuck me in the ass!" My pussy was still off limits,but I was horny.

My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 3--A

anal Kee 2018-11-20

After standing up and moving my butt a bit to get used to it I told him, “You better have some good wine to go with the steak, I am going to need it!” But not before he stood behind me and had a good feel while I reached behind and popped him out of his string, enjoying some nice strokes while thinking of what the night would bring. “Oh god Cal, Yes, Yes, Eat My Pussy, I am cumming!” I shouted as I pounded the bed and tried to twist away. I want to feel every throb of your cock!” His orgasm started, hot cum shooting in my virgin ass, virgin to him at least.

A cold winter night

anal Saltine9001 2018-11-20

And just when I think you are about to grasp my hard shaft, to feel the touch of your tender hand against me, you pull away  giggling at your own unfair teasing but placing a kiss on my lips as your form of apology for poking fun, telling me the time will come soon but you want to wait until I cannot take it anymore.. Your hands now swaying in a different fashion, no signs of backing down from me or moving away, your finger teasing my pants button before finally opening it and unraveling my zipper. This was what I was waiting for, so many nights of your tongue circling my cock, all the times your lips or hands moved down to take away my sexual frustration but never came to my rescue.

Anal fun with Melissa

anal SeanR83 2018-11-18

Melissa stopped sucking my cock and leaned forward to kiss me. She then spread her ass and told me to slip my cock in her butt. I pushed hard, feeling her ass give way to my cock. I lay flat on top of Melissa and pushed my cock back inside her. She let go of her ass and I could feel her butt cheeks slap against the base of my cock with every thrust. I could feel her fingers inside herself on my cock as I fucked her ass. I shot a huge load into Melissa’s ass, making her cum at the same time too. My softening cock slipped out her ass as she lay on my bed face down panting.

Rendevous In Her YouHoo

anal KymmieQuinnell 2018-11-17

I nod slowly not wanting to completely break the kiss and I feel your hand run down my body, your fingers sliding into my sweat pants with ease as they tickle just gently above my line of soft curls. Moving my hips again in time to the music in my head as I slowly run my hands over my naked chest, I’m getting into the way your eyes are watching me. Still moving my body in a sexy way to keep your attention, I place a hand on either side of my pants, sliding them inside the band and then slowly dance them off. Biting my lower lip and looking up at your face you smile warmly at me as your hands run over my naked body.

Emily's Ass Goes English

anal sallyhollister 2018-11-17

“So what happens when you get bored of Jack poking your ass?” she continued, “Is that when you’re going to go out and look for strange cock?” “You don’t understand,” Jack said dismissively ad I realised that I couldn’t let the moment slip. “Looks like you’re in luck, honey,” Jack said, “Seems Charlie here is something of an expert when it comes to screwing gal’s asses.” “You can take pussy from the back, so you can get anal from the front,” he answered, “Your previous anal lover obviously wasn’t very experienced.” He slid the head of his cock into my tight butt hole with almost no resistance. “Are you sure this is okay?” Anthony asked, “Caroline didn’t used to like me pounding her this hard, though I always wanted to.

The Girl Next Door

anal Poppet 2018-11-16

The thought running my hands over her water-soaked body, and caressing her back, or reaching around to cup those magnificent breasts, drives me wild. 'Oh fuck, I want to bury myself inside her and shoot my load into her tight pussy.' My mind races with these thoughts, edging closer to my orgasm. What I really want now is for Sam to come and wrap her mouth around me and suck me clean before getting me hard all over again. If anyone would have asked, I'd say hell no, but Sam does it in a way that makes me want to drop to my knees and praise her. It isn't until I know she is fully ready that I take my cock in my hand and guide it slowly inside her.

An Unexpected Encounter

anal Katastrophia 2018-11-15

Tom opened the shower door and stepped in behind Diana. Diana leaned back and rested her head on Tom’s shoulder, When his fingers reached the warm, wet folds he couldn’t help but smile. An involuntary twitch in his hips forced his hard length between her ass cheeks where he started to rock slightly, stroking himself even stiffer. Their bodies held fast together from shoulder to waist except for a brief rolling in his hips to allow his length to move back to between her cheeks again, this time pressing gently against the hole. His hips pressed against her hard, pushing in the last of his length before he rocked back to pull almost out in one long stroke. Tom let Diana’s legs down and leaned over her, the counter the only thing holding him up.

Probed In The Name of Research, Part II

anal Ivyvines 2018-11-13

He headed down the stairs wondering what he’d been thinking to pull her hair like that and did he really tell her to say his name as if she didn’t fucking know it? He smiled to himself as he set the probe up to the right height where it was attached to the mechanical arm that he brought up over her ass. She got turned on as she watched it up on the screen, Gabe’s hand on her ass, holding it open as he guided it in. “Please, Gabe, pleeeeeaase.” She was moaning and begging while watching how he plunged into her and then completely pulling out showing just how much her ass licked it.

A Lesson for Erik

anal TheTravellingMan 2018-11-13

Tamara shifted a little and her smile widened, “Oh, he’s good, I mean it’s what he wanted after all.” Tamara looked to her manicured fingers and wondered how they might feel ensconced inside Elise. Expecting the conformity of social niceties, Elise thought that Tamara would kiss Erik on the cheek as a greeting. Completely engrossed as Tamara’s hands roamed over Erik’s body, Elise bit her top lip. Elise could feel his eyes staring at her sex, they bored into her as her insides churned with want. Elise looked at Tamara as she let his legs fall to the bed. Astride Erik’s mouth, Elise watched Tamara’s flushed body fall on her side to the bed.