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Suck My Big Tits Pt. 12

anal breastysadie 2018-06-10

Then, looking back and forth from her twat and asshole to my big naked tits, then back down again, they both pulled their dicks out and started jerking off. One of the guys told me to move forward so they could both cum on my tits, and as soon as I was close enough, he unleashed a massive load of jizz onto my chest, some of it splattering in my face. He reached forward and smashed my face into the van's floor, so hard I could hardly breathe, and pumped his cock in and out like he was trying to kill me. One man called me by his wife's name as he rode my ass, and another man slapped my face and tits and choked me as he fucked my asshole in the missionary position.

It Happened at the White House

anal charles_dickings 2018-03-25

Instead of screaming hysterically for me to go away, she grunted, in a drawl that I could barely understand, something that sounded vaguely like "Come in, shut the door, and get in behind me." Then, as if to make sure there was no misunderstanding what she wanted me to do, she spanked her plump but firm fanny hard, right on the spot where the lips-and-tongue tattoo was, and then pulled on her left cheek so as to afford me a better view of her rosy brown fundament. At last, she could take no more of my anal teasing and she grunted, in that incoherent drawl of hers, something that sounded like "Fuck my ass with your cock, you something or other!" I dropped my pants, licked my left palm until it was good and wet, and slicked up my rock-hard five inches of manhood.

Stress Relief

anal redchemist02 2018-02-20

Then he slowly started to move his hands up the insides of my thighs, I knew I should stop him, but it felt so good. As he pushed into my ass, I couldn't help but moan, I knew my cum was getting all over his pants as he pushed harder and faster...then I could feel his fingers pushing inside me, I wanted to scream as he hit my g-spot over and over again. He slowly pulled out, I was so tight around him I could feel him start to spasm inside me as he leaked some cum into my ass, just enough to push his way all the way back in.

Red Lotus

anal Neonurotic 2017-10-17

It was the redhead, her hair floating around her face like red lotus petals in green lily pad vines. She grinned, "A Nude Day virgin and just a tadpole in a pond full of horny toads!" "Hot fucking dayum." I said under my breath, rubbing her excited slickness from her dripping pussy and twisted into her puckered hole. The redhead had some great ass, much tighter than what I imagined her pussy felt. I increased the power fucking, grabbing two-handed, digging fingers into her hips and pulled her onto my fat cock. "I'll give you a pounding all right," I laughed, feeling cocky like I fucked a lot of assholes.