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A Rose in the Shower

anal M_D 2018-12-03

You touch Ann’s bare shoulder, the curve of her hip, and with the other hand brush the underside of your cock. One hand squeezes tighter and pulls her close, your fingers work into the cleft between her cheeks and your middle finger teases her anus, your pinky curling to press her perineum before stretching further to find a trace of her wetness. She leans back to kiss your chin, then makes a surprised noise as your cock, now hard again, presses on her butt. You let the bar fall from your hand and pull your finger from her ass. Her skin seems to pucker and redden as you pull out, and you can feel her legs and abs tighten as you press in deep.

Maja's Student Bodies - Part III

anal TheTravellingMan 2018-11-30

She turned to look at my foam-spittled body, locked her eyes with mine and grasped my stiff cock in her slight hand. My body spasmed hard as I let go, my stomach muscles tightened and then released to deliver her wishes as my cock jerked repeatedly relieving me of what little cum I had left for her. Maja tensed her arse gripping my cock harder, eager to milk out every last drop as she pushed against my spent shaft. My hands took hers as I kissed her tenderly and longingly, wanting to revive the woman from the whore that let me fuck her in the arse. Easing my fingers from her arse and pussy, I looked up at her as she cupped my head in her hands.

Seattle 3: Getting Clean and then Dirtier

anal maddsie 2018-11-27

I settle my elbows onto the table and look back at him, "Feel free to fuck this little slut's ass as hard as you want, baby." After so many orgasms already tonight, my body is reluctant to work up to another one but the hard cock in my ass and the wine bottle penetrating the depths of my pussy are working me into a sweat. My stranger starts to pinch my breast, I scream out in pleasure. Holding both of my hands there, he starts to slide his cock between my legs, pressing it up against my pussy. Grabbing his ass with both of my hands, I hold on as he starts to slide his cock deep into my throat.

Me and Maria Part 2

anal Antarri 2018-11-27

I reached my other hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. I reached around and grabbed her ass, going straight to her other hole and pushed a finger in. Her hands come back around and start stroking my dick, slow then fast then slowing down again. My right hand was still fingering her ass so I brought my left hand down to her pussy and started fingering her there. I started to slide it in she gasped at this, I could tell she was in pain but it would soon turn to pleasure. She started screaming she was cumming and her inner walls clamped down tighter than anything I’ve ever felt. She grabbed the shower head and started spraying it on my dick heightening the experience.

Sunday Morning Interlude

anal MahlerSymphony 2018-11-23

I walk up behind you, my hands firmly on your hips, my wet and shower gel-lubricated cock sliding between the furrow of your delicate pink lips. You quickly scramble to place your hands on the tile wall, and I begin ramming my cock home in your snug ass, the second of your three sexy orifices that will give me such pleasure. I scream out, "Yes, Susan, suck me. Swallow me." You feel the cannon blasts of my come against the back of your throat, some of my seed sliding immediately down your throat, until your mouth is full, and the secondary thrusts remain on your tongue, where you can taste my sexual flavor.

Spectacular - 2

anal redvixen 2018-11-18

Her breasts puckered against my skin and my hands slid around to her ass and I pulled her tight to me. I took the hand held sprayer and proceeded to rinse off her skin, working my way up her feet to her thighs, removing any juices that had been caused by the previous night's feast. She moved a hand down to her own sex and stroked me as I shoved into her as hard as I could. I felt her hips move and realized she had moved a hand to her clit and was gently rubbing it. She stiffened and whimpered and I took advantage and pressed my fingers to her clit, making her turn it into a moan of pleasure.

An Unexpected Encounter

anal Katastrophia 2018-11-15

Tom opened the shower door and stepped in behind Diana. Diana leaned back and rested her head on Tom’s shoulder, When his fingers reached the warm, wet folds he couldn’t help but smile. An involuntary twitch in his hips forced his hard length between her ass cheeks where he started to rock slightly, stroking himself even stiffer. Their bodies held fast together from shoulder to waist except for a brief rolling in his hips to allow his length to move back to between her cheeks again, this time pressing gently against the hole. His hips pressed against her hard, pushing in the last of his length before he rocked back to pull almost out in one long stroke. Tom let Diana’s legs down and leaned over her, the counter the only thing holding him up.

Satisfying the naughty, Amelia

anal LadyLovely_18 2018-11-12

That amazing feeling when a big cock is pounding in and out of your pussy and your clit is being tickled at the same time and your whole body goes to a state of pure pleasure; your whole body starts to feel like its light, everything goes black, you can’t hold back your whimpers and moans, your whole genital area is experiencing a heavenly tingly sensation, like you’re going to explode any moment with satisfaction. “My asshole’s a virgin; it might be too tight for your big cock.” She said, worried but getting horny and having her wetness start to ooze down between her legs as she imagined herself getting pounded against the steamy shower wall.

Anal Beauty

anal Poppet 2018-11-11

Starting with his tie, I step close and let my fingers work over the knot, It's so sensual watching his eyes follow the movement of my fingers as they brush against the sensitive skin around his collar. Leaning my back against his chest, just in time to feel him brush my hair out of the way and bathe my neck in soft kisses. The sensual feel of his lips on my skin cause a tingle in my core that grows deeper with each passing kiss. Our bodies working together, feeling the fullness turn to emptiness, I let out soft whimpers. Travis continues to pump inside me until I feel him still, his fingernails sinking into my hips, just as he releases his hot load into my awaiting ass.

3-Day Stand Part IV

anal Francisco 2018-11-10

Ron turns her into the stream of water and then sinks to his knees, his left hand scrabbling for her right and taking from it the citrus orange bar of soap. Even as his right hand begins to work his penis, she takes the second toothbrush from her mouth, tilts the bristles down and begins to gently massage her clit. He reaches around to extract the brush, but she slaps his hand away saying, "Heeeeeeeeey, this is my toy." And with that she pulls it all the way out with a pop that makes him clench his ass for fear of losing it.

Hard Day

anal Lustybella 2018-11-08

Looking deep into his blue eyes I said, “Your brilliant to us, thanks.” I touched his arm, and got a grip on grease on my hand yuck. I felt heavy in my legs, Lee stood up and turned me round my nipples were on the cold tiles, and the hot water rushed down my back. “Before I fill you up with my cock I want to hear you come again.” Then he buried his head deep and his tongue darted in and out of my tight ass, and fingers again in to my c**t. He held me tight banging deeper, my orgasm still coming strong, then he yelled sinking his fingers deep into my ass cheeks, then he slipped down taking me with him to the floor.

James and Rachel Chapter 04

anal KingOfMaor 2018-11-08

I swear, if she teases me much more, I'm going to wind up stripping and fucking her right there in the shower!" He continued watching his lover shave up over her knee and start on her thigh, her razor strokes steady and methodical; slowly moving closer to her pussy which was there, open and inviting him to fill it with his big dick. He very slowly pulled back out, letting his cock feel the hot water of the shower wash over it as he took a deep breath and plunged his pole back into her. James pushed his cock deep into her pussy and stroked in and out a few times to coat his dick in her juices and cum before pulling back out and gently pressing it to her ass.

My Dream Penthouse

anal JuneFernan 2018-11-05

I giggle and try to let my head relax, while his hands put a firmer grasp on my knee, Jake’s a firmer grasp on my shoulder, so much that I know we’re getting closer to what I want, and I’m tingling all over. The outside world—I really don’t care about it anymore—not with these two men who know how to stretch my legs as far apart as they can stretch, and press my knees against my chest, who can wrap their hands around my neck while I’m wound this tight, make my orgasm bloom at length, put me through half a book of Tantra without dropping a touch of their stamina, while I get off, and off.

The Gal at Hooters

anal benawriter 2018-10-31

I’ll go check on your salad, Honey.” She gave me a wink when she walked away and I watched her wide ass swaying until she got out of sight. “That’s okay, Marie, I’ve been sitting here wondering how a middle aged ass man gets to be a sugar Daddy,” I said boldly. “Okay, Ben, if you want to wait around or come back at 2 a.m. when I get off, maybe I could take your application for sugar Daddy.” Her hands grabbed my ass and seemed to want more than I was giving, but evidently I was doing something right because she came and let me know it. “Not many men get my ass, Ben, but I want you to,” she said.

Deb my horny coworker

anal Bonr717 2018-09-29

It was Deb. In a High School manner she said “watcha doin'” I told her I was ready to get in the shower and go to bed. I was impressed and she bent over the bed and said “Are you going to fuck my ass or what?” I got up and asked if she had lube, of course, she did not. It went in with a “plop” She let out a moan and said “My ex used to just drive it home- I guess I am used to that” She began to slam her ass against me and I reached around the front and started to finger her pussy, it was soaking wet.

Anal Pursuit

anal cloman25 2018-09-22

Nothing was clear but when that big cock slid into that tiny wrinkled hole and both participants writhed in pleasure, I couldn't stop whacking off that whole night. I didn't know what came over me but it, anal play took hold of me that night. Her hands stroked my semi hard cock over my pants. When her cheeks flushed and she took in short gasps, I rolled on a condom and switched my fingers with my sheathed cock. "So you want my ass?" She asked as slid my cock into her pussy. It was then I realized all those years trying to reach that one goal, that one dream of having anal sex, it wasn't the act that mattered.

Where it all started

anal cdmelissaluv 2018-09-22

Brian clearly has something in mind here, and although I was sure it was sexual, what I didnt't know was how I felt about doing something sexual with another guy, what I did know was that my cock had twitched with excitement when Brian called me sexy and that I was super horny and at that.......I pulled open the curtain and stepped into Brians shower. "Hey, didn't know if you were going to take me up on the offer or not." He said softly to me as I stood there in my skimpy little speedo and told him "I don't know what I'm doing right now, but it turns me on when you say I'm sexy and I don't know why but I like it!"

Caught in the Shower

anal ThunderMac 2018-09-21

The water still flowing across your hair, I watch as your fingers trace a line between your lips, wet not only from the shower, but from your growing excitement. When your middle finger reaches your clit, a slight moan escapes your lips. Your fingers a blur across your hard little clit, your other hand now squeezing each tit in turn. Your breath catches in your throat, and I see you rise up on your tip-toes, your hand balancing you against the wall as the throes of your climax start to overcome you. Not one to leave you wanting, I slowly pull my fingers out, quickly replacing them with the tip of my cock.

Carmen: Grand Slam

anal Donkeepuncher 2018-09-19

IT HURTS JEFF, STOP!" Carmen screamed as I rammed my dick all the way up her ass. "Shut the fuck up, you're being too loud, just take it," I said as I started to move my dick in and out of her tight ass. Your dick is so fucking big, come on Jeff cum already my ass is on fire," Carmen whined. "You like it up the pooper, don't you Carmen?" Evan said as he started to slowly move the bat in and out. "Shut the the fuck up and suck my dick bitch," Evan said as he fucked Carmen long and deep with twelve inches of painted wood. She started to turn away from Evan when he shoved the bat all the way back up her ass.

My Slut Emily

anal flameblades 2018-09-06

I reached down and grabbed a handful of her tight ass as I kissed her quivering lips again. As I licked her pussy, Emily was moaning loud enough that I had to stop and go over to my nightstand and get the ball gag which I used to use with my girlfriend when she was being so loud that I thought she would wake my sister. Angered by this I pulled out of her ass, undid her ball gag and pulled her by the hair off of my bed and directed her face to the wet spot that she just put onto my sheets.

Mrs. Peeker

anal Mikhaila99 2018-09-01

The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar, exposing the bedroom mirrors to steam, and his body to my eyes. Jason stepped out of the shower, dripping wet and full of sex. "Claire I feel like there's something wrong here" he said looking me up and down. His body still dribbled shower water, his cock feeling slightly wet. I allowed my hands to twitch slightly, and with each twitch I had, Jason had one too. Jason grabbed the back of my head by my dark hair. I felt my ass being used and couldn't help but feel like the little wifey whore. With one last push we both orgasmed loudly together, Jason making my ass into a cream pie. "I'm dirty now" Jason frowned.

Merna's Story Pt. 02

anal slimpic11 2018-09-01

"We knew she needed to have her pussy covered but thought it was OK to have her tits showing." I realized Jerome was playing this role because he was afraid the police would be less lenient with a black man and white women. I realized in spite of how humiliating the whole thing was; walking nude in front of strangers, showering with guys, squirting on the officer, and having a big black man cum on my ass, it was a great morning all in all. At about 1pm Jerome said, "Ok, girls we need to go clothes shopping for tomorrow's outfits, then I am going to join Jeff and Jake to watch the truck race.

Good roommat fuck continues

anal d4david 2018-08-28

Eric was gently cradling my head in his hands and was fucking my face gently, Eric picked up the pace and soon flooded my mouth with copious amounts of his baby making fluid. Hearing voices in the hall Eric quickly pulled from my butt and scampered to the opposite end of the showers and got under the first shower head I just had enough time to barely stand up when two more guys came into the shower. I bent slightly at the waist and held on to the closet door and wall while Daryl fucked me one more time, I was so glad when he came quickly and held me for just a little while, after he pulled from my butt he slapped my buttocks and said 'I'm going to shower, want to come.'

The Wake Up Ch. 03

anal RedTang 2018-08-15

His pants falling to the floor, Ava reached inside Hank's boxers and closed her hand around his erect cock. With his right index finger buried in her asshole, Hank now took his left hand and reached for her pussy, spreading her lips open and sliding his index finger into her wet channel. "I know how you like it, baby," Hank said as he pushed a bit, but then relented to let her anus stretch to accommodate his head. "Good, now close your eyes and relax." Ava felt Hank reach around her and begin to rub her clit gently. "Oh, keep going, keep going..." Ava was frantic now, trying to keep the liquid in her ass, feeling Hank thrusting as deep as he'd ever been, his fingers moving fast on her clit.