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Late Night Visitor

anal TheGulfCoaster 2018-12-03

I really got into tonguing her ass and I’m sure from the sounds she made and the juices that flowed from her pussy that I made her come that way as well. I wanted to let some time pass before I entered her again so I licked her pussy and tongued her ass a little while. I pulled out of her pussy, lifted her legs a bit higher, rubbed the head of my cock over her asshole and pushed, not knowing exactly how she was going to react.

The Girl Next Door

anal Poppet 2018-11-16

The thought running my hands over her water-soaked body, and caressing her back, or reaching around to cup those magnificent breasts, drives me wild. 'Oh fuck, I want to bury myself inside her and shoot my load into her tight pussy.' My mind races with these thoughts, edging closer to my orgasm. What I really want now is for Sam to come and wrap her mouth around me and suck me clean before getting me hard all over again. If anyone would have asked, I'd say hell no, but Sam does it in a way that makes me want to drop to my knees and praise her. It isn't until I know she is fully ready that I take my cock in my hand and guide it slowly inside her.

Mr. Jordan (Chapter III - Final)

anal Safire 2018-11-06

It will only be for a moment.” His finger poked and prodded at my hole and it became clear to me he’d fuck my ass anyway and that he wouldn’t do it patiently. One finger pushed against my virgin hole, forcing the oil inside. “It’s okay, baby, just relax,” he poured more oil into my hole and pushed it deeper with his finger. I breathed in deeply and cried out as I felt his head force itself against my hole. His cock started to feel really good in my tight little ass, and soon I was grunting and meeting him with every thrust. “Yeah, baby!” Mr. Jordan cried out, “take my cock up your tight little ass!”

Picked Up In Salt Lake City, Dropped In Post Falls

anal Assluvr 2018-11-02

I rolled to her side as I wanted to play with her pussy and lick the small tits at the same time. I couldn’t stop myself and I found her ass ring and applied pressure as she kept working the pussy on my dick. I told her I thought her ass was really hot and I want to drive my dick into her. I slowly moved my hands around to her tits and played with them while I let my dick feel her ass grind slowly against me. She told me, “Use it, and don’t set it to the side!” She kept rocking the ass and I had a hard time stopping as it felt so good. I told her I wanted to feel her tight ass squeeze my dick.

Workout Ch. 02

anal krullsnoopy 2018-07-19

Megan's hands started running down Jeff's back, until they came to rest on his well sculpted hard ass. Letting the shower wash the soap off his now hard cock, Megan squatted down in front of him taking his purple head slowly into her hot mouth. Megan's hand falling down to massage Jeff's cock once again, as his grips her tight ass bringing her closer. Megan reached back with one hand to pull her ass cheek to the side as Jeff's swollen head rested at her tiny asshole. Slowly massaging her clit as Jeff worked more and more of his massive cock into her tight ass. Megan turned her head around and starring into Jeff's eyes said "fuck my ass hard and fast!"

Shower Time

anal scruffynerfherder 2017-12-18

Stepping into the shower and under the water, I press myself against you. I feel your tongue pressing into my pussy. Not wanting to cum in my mouth, you remove your cock from me and push me back. With your dick in my ass and two fingers in my pussy I can't help but come for a third time. Looking down, I realize your fist is in my pussy, your cock is in my ass. You slide your fist out of my pussy with a loud audible pop, followed by your cock from my ass. "Which one do you want me to clean first?" You laugh and lay down next to me in the shower as I begin licking your fingers clean.