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Next Door Neighbor - Part II

anal bunluver 2018-12-04

I started pumping her in long steady strokes, pulling my cock all the way out so just the tip was touching her ass and then pushing in to stretch her ass over my dick and as deep as it could go. Moans were escaping her lips, "yeah, do it, fuck me harder, faster." Loved to hear her talk sexually explicit and I responded how good my cock felt up her ass. When she started to cum I stopped moving and watched her fuck herself on my cock and fist as hard and fast as she could. All the time still sucking my cock and finger fucking my ass.I told Carrie how good it felt and that I was about to cum.

Cheaters never win?

anal JuniperBreeze381 2018-12-04

His hand snaked up to my hair, grasping it, he pulled my head backwards so he could lick from my breasts up to my chin. Without missing a beat, I felt his hand come down hard on my left ass cheek. Next think I know, I was being pulled by my hair off of Master's lap and being thrust across the room to the wall. I felt my husband grasp my knees and pull my legs off the bed. I felt my extremely sore ass cheeks being spread and my husband's cock being rubbed against my pussy. Master thrust pretty hard in and out of my ass, but seeing me getting fucked must have turned him on a lot.

My First Time With Him

anal MadieOrtega 2018-11-30

With the vibrations of my moans running up his cock, I felt his precum running down my throat loving the way it tastes. And he fucked me hard and so fast I was yelling wildly telling him “Fuck me, Papi! The pain was unbearable, but omg after 5 minutes I begged him to fuck my ass even harder and faster. Keep going, fuck me faster, I'm almost there.” With the last pound he gave my ass, I came my juices were running down my legs. Then he jammed his cock back into my pussy and with that we both came again. I released my hot juices all over his cock, and he shot out his milky cum into my pussy. 

An Unexpected Bonus: At the Theater

anal TXGirl 2018-11-26

I’m still turned on from that kiss with Kyle (and even earlier kiss with Leah), and my hand grazes my silk panties as I try to decide whether I have the energy to pleasure myself before going to sleep. I’m going to fuck you hard tonight.” He slams into her and she gasps, “Oh, God!” then I can see his ass thrusting as he pounds his cock into my roommate. Finally, Nicole yells out that she’s cumming and Derek’s ass pumps harder, his thrusts getting more frantic as he tries to join her, and when he yells out “Oh, fuck…oh, FUCK…yes, baby,” I lose it myself, squeezing my eyes shut and clamping my lips down as my whole body dissolves in delicious shivers.

A Change in Circumstances - Part 3 - Jenny Watches Us Both

anal DarkSide 2018-11-24

“You‘re gonna fuck my arse with this cock,” said Melissa as she pulled on it, “so hard that I want to fucking scream.” “Do it, John, fuck your cock up me…” said Melissa as she looked Jenny in the eye. “This is how I fucked her that night, my cock was right up her arse just as it is now,” I directed my words at Jenny. I had only thrust into Melissa three more times but with Jenny pulling hard on her nipple her orgasm rushed through her body. It didn’t seem to matter how hard I fucked Jenny, Melissa’s finger was pushing into my arse anyway.

New Toy; New Boy

anal L O Reins 2018-11-23

Please go on.” Monika grasped the slippery disc of the dildo and worked it gently tugging and pushing it as she held the egg deep inside her pussy. “Yes it sure isssssss…isn’t it, Johnny?” Monica squeezed the egg out between her pussy lips and it brought on another wave of orgasm. But not before the vision formed in her minds eye of the trip down to the police station in that new sundress she had brought with her and the wonderful sensations she would feel from her new pink plug as she drove down that long bumpy dirt road into town to meet Officer Johnny Driscol.

Where's My Article?

anal AvaMarie 2018-11-22

Siobhan slowly sunk into her chair and placed her hands over her face. I want the article on my desk by eight o'clock tonight." Daniel slowly began to walk off. Just as she was about to gather more things to pack away, one of Daniel's personal assistants popped her head into Siobhan's cubicle. The door slowly opened, Daniel ushered Siobhan in with his arm. Daniel rose up from his chair and walked around to Siobhan. Daniel pressed himself against Siobhan and kissed her deeply. Daniel did as Siobhan asked and gentled eased his large cock into her hole. Siobhan brought one arm behind her, and began to rub her swollen clit as Daniel fucked her.

A Night to Remember

anal luvkitten69 2018-11-21

She reached down between her legs spreading her lips, imagining Christian's mouth on them. Christian's hand slid between her legs and he spread her lips with his fingers. And that pretty little pussy looks amazing with that pretty ass up in the air." He smacked both cheeks and she cried out again. "You like having that ass spanked, don't you baby. Quickly, three times in a row as she had her mouth on his nuts, the belt smacked her ass quickly and noisily. "Oh Christian, I want it bad baby. He stood still, allowing her to feel him stretching her pussy, spreading her lips. Since you like that......." He pulled his dick out and pressed the head into her asshole.

An Erotic Spanking for Her, from Him

anal JesseS 2018-11-19

  "I just can't resist turning them on," she said, "besides it gets me so hot to see the bulge in their pants." "We've discussed this before," I said, "you know that it is 20 whacks on your bare bottom for flirting when I'm not around."   "Ohhhh noooo, come on I was just having fun, wasn't like I was sucking his dick or anything, pleasssssse, nnnnoooo," she whined.   She lifted her head and looked imploringly at me, "but please it was just for fun."   "No panties flirting is punishable by up to 40 lashes," I reminded her, both of us knowing full well that the lashes would come from a wide, suede leather, belt that made a loud slap, yet with a very mild sting.

Menage a Trois: An Anal Plug Story

anal JASNSTIR 2018-11-18

Rightfully, you wiggled from the discomfort of having your bottom knowingly viewed by us both.  By this time, you had been prepped to receive a well-deserved paddling from this sensual stranger. So embarrassed that I was watching, you grabbed a pillow close by and buried your face while she continued to rapidly spank both of your cheeks. I didn’t know how excited it would make me just to watch your body wriggle in response to getting spanked. After several minutes of giving you the sore bottom you deserved, I realized your sounds and the view of your body’s wiggles while laying over her lap was like a living, sensual art form.

Chasing Away the Numb

anal oceanrunner 2018-11-16

My cock got hard with every text exchange, and the idea of doing the things she wanted wormed its way into my head and wouldn’t leave. I wondered if I’d have guessed librarian if I hadn’t known, but either way, I imagined pushing her to her knees, taking a rough handful of her hair, and fucking her delicate-looking mouth as hard as I wanted. I thrust my hips against her face, making her feel my cock against her cheeks and lips, enjoying the sensation. “Do you want me to fuck your ass?” I asked, touching the tip of my cock to her clenched anus.

Biker Babe, Chapter Three

anal AmericanDreamgirl 2018-11-16

She came up to Bear, "Sir, I want you to fuck my ass in the stock room. Bear moaned as he placed his hands on the back of her head, gripping her hair which Leah loved.  Bear's other hand grabbed hold of Leah's hip as he rammed and slammed his cock deeper in her ass. Bear lovingly said, "Peanut, I'm very pleased with you and I loved watching you fuck yourself on me." He bent down, kissing Leah on the lips.  Bear said "Peanut, I'm going to tease you for a bit, then I'm going to fuck that wet pussy of yours." Peanut just smiled and nodded her head in agreement.  Bear loved seeing his sweet and dirty little Peanut beg to be fucked.

Maybe, Someday

anal sassys 2018-11-16

I moan as I feel one hand slide around to cup a breast, his thumb rubbing roughly against my nipple, instantly making them both hard. He moves is mouth back up to my neck and then my ear as he says, huskily, “Baby, let’s go inside.” Reluctantly, as I don’t want to move, but knowing something better is about to happen, I slide off his lap. I feel his cock slide out and posed at the opening, I push my ass back and he stops me with a hand on my waist. He continues to slowly fuck my ass, gradually picking up speed, as I slide my hand to my clit and rub it hard.

RedTails : Blue Rosette

anal Scarletdown 2018-11-13

After Anton finished up with Ravenna, he marched around to the front of the table and faced the nine trussed up Furlings and Orniths, "Again, I wish to thank you all for volunteering to serve in this minor moment of crisis," he gave a soft gasp and winced, briefly slipping a hand under his tail to make some minor adjustments to the plug he was carrying, then continued his address. Without another word, Issibel gave Anton a grim smile and nod, and the Raccoon-Deer pushed the burning rod up the Ocelot's ass until, like the others, all that was visible beneath her tail was the round ferallite disc and mithril grip ring.

When January Cums

anal Sexwhore 2018-11-13

He keeps going, thrusting harder and harder, then he pulls out and rubs his engorged head around my lips and then smacks it against my cheeks a few times. "You are a good little cocksucker, but if you want me to fuck you, you are going to eat my cum" he tells me. He fucks it with his fingers - I am loosening up and when he feels me relax a bit, he pulls his dick out of my pussy and starts rubbing it against my asshole. "Get ready baby, I am going to fill that ass up" I can feel his cock start twitching inside me, then he pulls out so that just the head of his cock remains.

My Wife's Not So Secret Crush, Chapter Three

anal MissCarmelle 2018-11-12

Marie moans around my fingers in her mouth and I send a stinging slap to her arse. Marie begins to whimper with pleasure and I press a finger to her damp gusset. I tease her clit with pinches and she begins to pant before I slip my fingers inside her tightness. I drive harder as she pants and wriggles. Abruptly, I pull out and Marie casts a curious glance up as if to ask, why have you stopped? I lap at her until the knickers are sopping wet with saliva and her juices as Marie moans harder. Licking her rosebud as I stroke her clit, her breath hitches and I start to tongue fuck her sweet arse.

Aly the Tease - Part 2

anal jhmik_88 2018-11-12

“You know the damned rules, Aly. You will cum tonight if you’re a good little slut for me,” he returned as he put his arm around her so his left hand would barely graze her erect nipples. “What’s up, guys?” She began with a flirtatious smile, “And I am dressed like this because I’m looking for some cock tonight, but you boys can rest assured that it won’t be from any of you, unless I’m permitted too,” she said, hoping that won’t get her in trouble with Him. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop!” Aly moaned out to warn Mike. “Now you look like a true filthy whore, sitting there with a cum covered face just after you took a cock up the ass.

Anal Beauty

anal Poppet 2018-11-11

Starting with his tie, I step close and let my fingers work over the knot, It's so sensual watching his eyes follow the movement of my fingers as they brush against the sensitive skin around his collar. Leaning my back against his chest, just in time to feel him brush my hair out of the way and bathe my neck in soft kisses. The sensual feel of his lips on my skin cause a tingle in my core that grows deeper with each passing kiss. Our bodies working together, feeling the fullness turn to emptiness, I let out soft whimpers. Travis continues to pump inside me until I feel him still, his fingernails sinking into my hips, just as he releases his hot load into my awaiting ass.

Cold winter night

anal kent1734 2018-11-09

I then see you climb on the desk and pull a very large black vibrator from the drawer and slowly start to rub it along the inside of your thighs and then around your glistening shaved pussy. I stand up and lightly start to pull on the nipple clamps making you jump in surprise as you are still trying to come down from your last orgasm. seeing that you teased me for so long tonight I feel it is my turn and pull my cock from your wet pussy. I am fucking you hard pulling your hips toward me and feeling my balls slap against fingers that are rubbing your clit.

Cleaning Up

anal LongWillie 2018-11-09

I released her rock hard nipples with one last twist of my hand and sat up a little straighter in the chair, letting her feel my now rock hard cock through my pants against her belly. I quickly withdrew my fingers and wet hand and brought them back down in a startling spank, right across her exposed pussy lips. I took a firm hold on her head and began fucking my cock in and out of her mouth, varying the depth from short mini strokes to long deep thrusts that buried my raging hard on deep into her throat. Reaching behind her with her right hand, she slowly lined up the butt plug and started working it up her tight asshole.

Service With a Smile

anal Taggerdoo 2018-11-08

I went to market, getting crab and salmon as the basis of my meal, along with some fine tender young asparagus, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, yeast rolls, and dark chocolate, as well as a number of minor ingredients. She leaned close and took the head of my cock between her lips, teased the opening with the tip of her tongue, very slowly and voluptuously. I took my right hand and slapped her ass hard, and she squealed like a frightened kitten. I grasped her hips again and started fucking her ass, long slow strokes, almost coming out then going back in until my balls bumped her sexy thighs.

Just a bit of anal play

anal castlequeen 2018-11-07

He then gently parts my ass as his finger slips in, no more than a half inch, and it doesn't hurt, it feels kind of good as he holds me close. We finish up and as we shower he's somewhat hard and just runs his cock up my ass crack with lots of soap as lubricant, and I realize that I like that feeling. "Well, let's see if you're ok, I do need to be concerned about my girls' health." He slips my panties down and caresses my ass again, and this time a finger slides into me as I've got a bit of lube in me. "Yes, Headmaster!" I feel the head of his cock line up with my waiting ass and he ever so gently pushes it in a little at a time.

Anal: My introduction

anal tamara99 2018-11-06

"I am going to masturbate for you." I groaned aloud, he knew how hot it made me, how I loved to lick his cleanly shaven balls, wrapping my lips around his cock. “You want to taste my cum?” I groaned, trying to say yes with my mouth full. Mike pulled out of my mouth and vigorously stroking his cock he squirted hot cum on my face. “You are so wet my sweetness.” He bent again to lick my hole, but this time he also used his finger, pushing it into my tight virgin hole. “You want more?” I didn’t know if he was asking about anal or clit play, but I nodded vigorously.

Valentine's day with Trish and Nikki

anal prisonbreak 2018-11-03

Trish, whom I had completely forgotten about, was standing at our side, also assisted me, by removing Nikki’s black bra and immediately grabbing her beautiful boobs, squeezing and fondling them; licking and sucking her maroon, puffy nipples. I couldn’t wait any longer and got Nikki to get on the table on all fours, just like Trish lay there before Nikki’s arrival. Meanwhile, Trish had mounted Nikki from behind and without warning, shoved that insanely ribbed and cruel dildo into Nikki’s now well-fucked asshole. When I knew it was time, I pulled out and hurriedly reached forward, shoving my dick balls deep into Nikki’s gaping, and panting mouth; making her taste her own anal flavors through my dick.