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Sunshine and Fine Wine.

anal Sleepyhead707 2018-12-03

My hand was soon up her skirt and fingering her pussy through her underwear, a large damp patch now forming, she was becoming increasingly wet, and her whimpers of pleasure told me she was getting turned on, but as it seemed like we were getting somewhere at last, she pulled my hand away. My hand was soon massaging her sex again, the damp patch had grown significantly, I decided it was time her underwear came off and pulled the saturated panties down over knees. She withdrew my length from her mouth and looked round at me “Don’t fucking stop, I’m nearly there.” I stabbed the finder sharply into her bum and twisted it in a semi circular motion.

Picture Perfect

anal Vavavoom 2018-12-03

“Mmmm, yes,” tilting his head to one side, “yes, looks like fun but Raya, I think we need to start with this.” He slowly drags his fingernail against the skin on the top of my arm, down my hand and to the touch pad, dragging my finger so the screen scrolls down a bit revealing an image that had only been partially visible prior to the screen moving up. They make their way around my waist, moving up and touching my breasts, pulling on my nipples, rolling them between his long fingers and then letting go. My body starts a slow burn as Ben thrusts in and out of my oiled asshole, he pushes full into me and holds himself there.

A Pleasant Surprise

anal Hottie24 2018-12-02

Brenden moaned deep in this throat as her sweet mouth closed over his pulsating dick, her tongue flicking over his head, lapping up his pre-cum before moving down the length of his shaft, her fingers reaching up to cup his heavy balls, her long nails lightly scraping over his balls and the base of his dick, sending waves of pleasure shooting through his body as he stiffened with the feeling of her hot wet mouth surrounding his cock. She moans and starts to finger her hot pussy, aching for climax as he rides her roughly, his thrusts deep and hard and uneven as he loses himself to the feel of her ass clenching against his dick, wringing the sensations from his body as his balls slap against the opening of her pussy.

Fun in the River

anal DirtyDianna 2018-12-02

I was scared, but didn’t want this guy to think I was a loser—or worse, a nark. I had only been with two guys, and could count the number of times I’d had sex on one hand. I turned to face him, with the water slowly moving past me reaching between my belly button and bikini top. His hands moved from my hips over my ass and gripped it every so often. He slowly pushed in then pulled out and repeated those movements with increasing intensity. The stretch of the river he picked out was visible to the highway, but I didn’t care. His hands on my hips as he thrust into me were the only reason I hadn’t yet crumpled to the bottom of the slow moving river.

My First Time With Him

anal MadieOrtega 2018-11-30

With the vibrations of my moans running up his cock, I felt his precum running down my throat loving the way it tastes. And he fucked me hard and so fast I was yelling wildly telling him “Fuck me, Papi! The pain was unbearable, but omg after 5 minutes I begged him to fuck my ass even harder and faster. Keep going, fuck me faster, I'm almost there.” With the last pound he gave my ass, I came my juices were running down my legs. Then he jammed his cock back into my pussy and with that we both came again. I released my hot juices all over his cock, and he shot out his milky cum into my pussy. 

Hysteria 6

anal Kim 2018-11-30

Reaching between her thighs, Amelia rubbed Victoria's puffy pussy. Amelia slipped her long middle finger inside and could feel the thick edges of the butt plug through the thin walls of Victoria's cunny. Noting the pleasure filled noise Victoria made, she pulled the plug, until the thickest part of the toy began to emerge. She was right on the edge, and then Amelia tucked the toy back in place and pulled her finger from her weeping slit. The head of his cock rubbed against the toy in her ass with each thrust. His softening cock slipped out of her anus, and she could feel a river of warm jism drain from her gaping hole and run down her legs.

Cum on Inn - Chapter 1

anal Cherism 2018-11-28

Isabel was stroking Steve through his pants, his cock hard from thinking about what was to come. When Isabel stood, she bent over and began fingering her ass and pussy, Steve thought he had never seen a sexier sight. She rode his cock as fast as she could, repeatedly hitting her g-spot as Steve plunged his fingers into her ass. Steve was afraid he was going to shoot his load as well and still wanted to have her wrap her tight ass around his cock. He slid his cockhead to her entrance, pushing gently.As Steve drove further in, he asked Isabel,"Are you thinking what it's going to be like when our guest has his cock up your ass tomorrow night?" Steve withdrew his cock, shooting his cum across Isabel's ass.

Filthy Compliance

anal smiler77 2018-11-24

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” you ask me in a voice that intimidates me and makes me ache in places you’re keen to meet. “Hush little girl”, you say to me but I can’t and really I think you like inducing a reaction, you like that you’re stretching me, that I’m trying to inch away from you for a moments mercy. “Fuck me hard” I tell you and I deserve it, you think, so you push back my legs and give it to me the way you know I like it. I can’t take anymore now but I asked for it so I’m going to get it and accept it like the good little girl that started this.

Exhibition Opening

anal CandiBlower 2018-11-22

Making my way back inside, I see you standing in the gallery with our friends. I take my time exploring every throbbing inch of you, sucking on your balls, taking them in my mouth while I stroke your dick with my hand. I start rubbing myself, making sure you can see the tip of my finger popping in and out my pussy lips. You push me back against the wall and slam hard into me, holding your dick deeply embedded in my pussy. I’m going to fuck you up the ass,” you respond. You push my body against the wall and say: “Yes, you are going to open up your ass and let me in right here, right now.

Sweet Agony

anal pixie72 2018-11-22

I loved how his cock felt when he was buried deep inside my ass. He pumped them fast and hard, fingering my ass as he knew that it always made me want his cock even more. The bittersweet agony of his rock hard cock pummeling deep into my ass made my pussy drip. He loved to feed my ass his rock hard cock. Nothing makes him cum like the feeling of my tight ass clenched on his cock. His nostrils flared as he watched his long, thick, rock hard cock stretch my ass to its limit. "Fuck yes," he growled as he started to cum, thrusting so hard and deep into my tight ass.

My Mate's Slutty Little Sister

anal LadyLovely_18 2018-11-22

She finger fucked her pussy and tickled her clit, starting slowly and then picking up the pace. “He’s never made me cum, he hardly ever wants sex anyways and I love the feeling of a big dick fucking my asshole so bad and he won’t even try it with me because he thinks it’s disgusting,” she replied, sounding upset. “How horny are you, babe?” I asked teasingly as I sucked her nipples and led my hands down to her drenched pussy and inserted my index and middle finger inside. I stumbled off Lauren, my legs still wobbly and sore so that she could get off of the table and wipe the cum oozing from her ass.

My Stranger

anal NaughtyKitten69 2018-11-21

He then slowly and gently rubbed his hands down the sides of my legs a little and then back up to my waist as he began walking around me.  He stopped when he was behind me and I could feel his breath on my hair. “ooo” I gasped.  And I could sense his smile widening.  This cold object was moved in and around my pussy as his tongue continued to lick my arsehole until he slid the object up between my cheeks and placed it directly onto my arsehole.  Slowly and gently he pushed and I could feel my arsehole slowly being stretched.

Irish Encounter

anal sexmadman 2018-11-21

On the one hand I was a mild-mannered professional with a good job, house and fantastic circle of friends but on the other hand I was this sex enthused guy whose sole desire was to fuck as many sexy girls as possible. As we got into the bedroom I bent Shannon over my bed and started kissing her back, her legs and her cute ass cheeks before licking her sexy black thong. Being only too happy to send Shannon back over the Irish Sea with a saucy souvenir of a night of passion in the European Capital of Culture I squirted some in her arse and rubbed some on my cock before gently fingering her arsehole and sticking my dick in her.

two at once

anal kinkitten 2018-11-20

Matty walked into Jenna’s bedroom and walked straight up to the desk just as Jenna looked over her shoulder at the sound of her bedroom door opening wide and smiled at him. Jenna’s eyes opened wide as she felt the pain of Matty’s cock pushing into her ass, he wasn’t taking it slowly- he was using some force. Jake felt his cock squeezed by Jenna’s walls and could hold it no longer; he wrapped his arms around her and groaned in her ear as he shot rope after rope of cum deep into her spasming pussy. Jenna looked back at him for a moment and smiled but then turned back to nuzzle Jake’s neck, she didn’t even look at Matty as he walked out of her room and out the main door with a pained expression on his face.

Giving in to anal

anal jaffajo 2018-11-19

I feel my pussy growing really wet and turn myself round to a 69 position. I want to feel him grow and throb in my mouth. I want to feel him writhe on the bed underneath me. We're both getting close and I know he'll want to be in my pussy before he comes. I see the love I feel for him reflected in his eyes. His free hand explores and pinches my nipples and teases my clit. I feel the cold sensation then his finger gently enter me. All the time he's sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. I have bugs in my pussy and his throbbing cock in my arse fucking me.

Surprise Waiting, ch. 2

anal tfrakes 2018-11-18

That kiss quickly turned passionate, and soon we were probing with tongues and groping with hands, and her pelvis was pushing against me, obviously trying to feel my cock. All too soon I started spraying inside her, and when Amie felt it, she arched her back, her head off the ground, her mouth wide open in a silent scream. “I think it feels really good!” I sawed the two fingers in and out several times, meanwhile adding some KY to the tip of my cock. I pulled back and this time pushed all the way, bottoming out with my balls slapping her cunt. The cloth sailed off the bed as Amie positioned herself between my legs and took my cock in her mouth.

Sluts should know their place

anal submissive 2018-11-18

When Joey got home from work he walked into the front room, his eyes darting around the room for Charlie but she wasn’t there, he poked his head around the stair case and yelled, “Charlie?” No answer. Joey went up from behind her and started to grind his hard cock through his jeans against her ass. Charlie started sucking gently then stopped and went to lick Joey's balls. After a couple of seconds he started working his monstrous cock in and out of her pussy so hard and fast so his balls here slapping against her ass. Charlie twitched with the pain but after a few minutes of him slowly pushing his cock in an out she relaxed and it started to feel good.

Maybe, Someday

anal sassys 2018-11-16

I moan as I feel one hand slide around to cup a breast, his thumb rubbing roughly against my nipple, instantly making them both hard. He moves is mouth back up to my neck and then my ear as he says, huskily, “Baby, let’s go inside.” Reluctantly, as I don’t want to move, but knowing something better is about to happen, I slide off his lap. I feel his cock slide out and posed at the opening, I push my ass back and he stops me with a hand on my waist. He continues to slowly fuck my ass, gradually picking up speed, as I slide my hand to my clit and rub it hard.

Starting The Weekend Off

anal anarchy0029 2018-11-16

“I wanted to surprise you in your bedroom, but I couldn’t control myself.” She gave her most naughty grin when she slid her hand across her flat tummy. Her sucking continued at a slow, steady rhythm while his hand slid across her body, finding its way inside her slit. “As you wish my love,” He pushed the head of his cock inside her and fucked her slow to maintain his steady rhythm. He didn’t need to look; he felt his way to her tight hole until he felt the head of his shaft pushing in. Ian’s shaft kept going in and out of her ass, while Zuli fingered herself furiously. “Oh god!” Ian cried as he shoved his cock deep in her ass, bursting another load inside her.

Beach Bums

anal oceanrunner 2018-11-14

I shave my shaft and balls, and I keep the rest trimmed short, but it seems like I have to touch it up just about every day, which is kind of a pain.” I wanted her bringing her attention to my cock, even as I asked her about her pussy. I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her open pussy as I took one wrist in each hand and pinned her face down to the towel. “You can do better than that,” I whispered, planting a trail of barely there kisses on the back of her neck, my hands tight on her wrists, pressing them down, one on the edge of the towel, the other in the shaded sand.

Satisfying the naughty, Amelia

anal LadyLovely_18 2018-11-12

That amazing feeling when a big cock is pounding in and out of your pussy and your clit is being tickled at the same time and your whole body goes to a state of pure pleasure; your whole body starts to feel like its light, everything goes black, you can’t hold back your whimpers and moans, your whole genital area is experiencing a heavenly tingly sensation, like you’re going to explode any moment with satisfaction. “My asshole’s a virgin; it might be too tight for your big cock.” She said, worried but getting horny and having her wetness start to ooze down between her legs as she imagined herself getting pounded against the steamy shower wall.

The Reunion - Chapter 2

anal Mamu 2018-11-11

I slightly spread her lips and slid my finger up and down the length of her slit, getting my finger nice and wet before bringing it up to her clit and slowly started to rub my finger over it in gentle circles. As I continued to work my finger over her clit, she reached behind her and grabbed my hard member and started to stroke her hand up and down. Once she began to get used to me, I slowly started to move inside and out and let her decide when she wanted me to increase the pace.

No Substitute For Experience

anal Sleepyhead707 2018-11-11

I know I’m going to hate myself, but I can’t resist her any longer, my oily hands grasp her bosoms and knead them gently, then, turning my attention to her puffy nipples, I gently grasp them between finger and thumb and caress them erect. Penetration is deliciously easy and I’m giving her my entire length, grabbing her hips and pushing harder and harder inside her, I’m grunting like a wild animal as her pussy muscles seem to be coaxing another orgasm from me, but I don’t want to come inside her, so I withdraw myself and lie flat on my back on the sofa, beckoning her over.

A Growing Desire Ch. 2

anal Vinteuil 2018-11-09

"Oh, fuck, Jake, yes, babe, yes, god, I love when you -- " A moan muffled the rest of her sentence, as I snaked my wetted fingertip down toward her ass, and rubbed her asshole, gently. I want you to take anal virginity Jake," she was whispering in my ear now, her body perched sexily on top of me, her breasts hanging tantalizingly close to my mouth, "Ever since you licked my ass, mmm, I can't stop thinking about having something bigger, something harder deep inside of me. Her body started to shake and I could feel her hand rubbing herself vigorously, her moans filling the room as I filled her ass with my tongue.