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Hot blood (for our Queen)

anal ClubSeventeen 2018-03-04

After the fourth course Daniela sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg and suggested we would take a breath of fresh air on the rooftop of the hotel where the party was being held. Back in the elevator she kissed me in the most sensual way, softly squeezing my balls at the same time. She takes my dick deep into her mouth and when she notices that it is getting even harder she cries with excitement. She tickles and sucks my balls, takes my dick in her mouth again and makes her tongue dance the tango on my gland. Daniela lies down next to me, her left leg across my body, my softening dick right in front of her pussy.

The Invasion Of A Stranger's Ass

anal Remington 2018-03-01

Josh was already sitting there with Emily's friend, deep in conversation. Wanna go back to our place with us?" I asked Emily while Josh asked Carly. Josh and I came to the bar together as well as Emily and Carly. Josh, Carly and Emily were sitting on the couch. When they reached Josh's room, Emily looked at me then leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips. I walked over to Emily and took one of her nipples into my mouth while kneading the other breast with my free hand. "Fuck my ass harder!" Emily demanded. Emily could feel my dick getting harder in her ass. I wanna feel your cock in my pussy now." Emily demanded.

Picked Up In Salt Lake City, Dropped In Post Falls

anal Assluvr 2018-02-26

I rolled to her side as I wanted to play with her pussy and lick the small tits at the same time. I couldn’t stop myself and I found her ass ring and applied pressure as she kept working the pussy on my dick. I told her I thought her ass was really hot and I want to drive my dick into her. I slowly moved my hands around to her tits and played with them while I let my dick feel her ass grind slowly against me. She told me, “Use it, and don’t set it to the side!” She kept rocking the ass and I had a hard time stopping as it felt so good. I told her I wanted to feel her tight ass squeeze my dick.

Screams of Joy: Part II

anal scarlet 2018-02-26

“I want to see your face, Baby” his hands leave mine and I watch as he drops his jeans and boxers, my hands continue to grope my breasts, my eyes lock on the sight of his large black cock standing hard out from his body. Moving away, thrusting me against the wall, my breast bouncing, catching your gaze, making you fuck me harder, bumping against my cervix with every powerful thrust, I cup the underside of my breast before moving my nipple into reach of my willing mouth, sucking it into my mouth looking at his face through hooded eyes biting down on it, bordering on the pleasure pain as my pussy starts to contract around his cock.

Part II - The 8 Hour Tow

anal Gentleman1013 2018-02-25

After a few minutes of that, you are getting extremely wet and when the driver starts to ask something you cut him off and tell him to just do what he wants to do to you. You begin sucking on his cock to get the last of the cum out of him and as you do this your mind wanders to the thought of what it will be like to have the cum from more than one man in your pussy at the same time, and this scares you because it makes you even more excited. You start sucking on the driver's cock more vigorously now getting him hard again just I explode in your pussy yet again.

Anonymous Sex

anal Samuelx 2018-02-22

The only requirement I have when dealing with a woman is that she needs to be into anal sex. Oh, and a fine butt helps but that ass has got to be willing to get penetrated. I don't much care about her personality, looks, special interests, career or history. I stopped playing with Trish breasts and placed my hands on those wide hips of hers as I continued ramming my cock down her asshole. There's nothing in the world I love more than to thrust my cock into a big woman's extraordinarily tight butt hole. I continued fucking that ass of hers, hard and fast, until its vise-like tightness proved too much for me and I finally came, sending my seed deep inside her. Got places to be and things to do.

Anita gangbanged in a storage room

anal Anitaslut44 2018-02-17

I watched the first stranger spread my wife's cheeks and plunge into her pussy which just engulfed the huge cock on the first thrust. With little more warning, and with her ass now right there for the taking, the tall man pressed his cock up against her dark hole and pushed the head in easily. The other guy then inserted his hard cock in Ana’s asshole and finished off inside her, with my wife sitting at the edge of the table, and the guy standing there humping her, making her bounce her bottom on the table top each time he thrust into her. As she left the table one of my colleagues said: "Your wife is one sexy lady."

Taken by a stranger in public

anal laradirtygirl 2018-02-14

I wasn’t far from town when I felt a hand on my hip, the guy quickly guided me into an old concrete bus stop we were passing, “Shhhh,” he told me, “I noticed you at the ball, you are hot as fuck,” He was slurring his words slightly and I could smell alcohol on his breath. But… Then I felt it, the bulge in his suit trousers, by the time I had let my mind drift, in my drunken haze he had pulled me tight into him and was kissing me, one hand on my ass as he thrust his stiff cock into me. I pulled my gown back down, left the bus stop and started walking into town again as warm cum ran from my ass.

Used by a perfect stranger

anal Anitaslut44 2018-02-13

Was all that stranger man said, as I turned he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a darker alley. The sharp pain I felt on my clitoris as he tore my thong off, the rhythmic slapping noises against my naked buttocks told me clearly he was fucking me. I did not bother to look in the direction he left; that stranger had successfully done his dirty deed and I could feel his warm semen running down my long legs… Then he slapped my clitoris again with his cock; this time it felt a little warmer and nice. “Pull your ass cheeks open for me, bitch” He hissed, as he pushed his finger into my mouth and then draw my saliva down to my tiny asshole…

Strangers and Sex!

anal teendreamer 2018-02-10

He tells me that I have a very tight pussy and he's loving the way I feel wrapped around his cock. He says come here baby and I do he takes my dress back off and panties and tells me to unzip his pants exposing him to me. I tell him I’m about to cum and tighten my ass muscles on his cock. He says "I don’t think I’ve seen those jeans look that good !"We decide to spend the day together but he tells me he has a game to be at by 3:00 pm. He fucks me so good that I cum and as I squeeze my pussy muscles on his cock and spasm on it he cums long and hard.

That 70s Ho

anal CaptMalcolm 2018-01-19

Now that's what I'm talkin about!" He reaches into his lap with the other hand and unbuckles his belt, opening his pants and pulling out his cock. His organ grows within your mouth and his hand guides your head down harder with each thrust—you feel the tip of the shaft bumping the back of your throat, but continue sucking harder. He continues for some time adding another finger and then another; you can feel the juices of your pussy starting to run down your leg. You close your eyes, breaking contact with me, allowing the friction of his cock and the sensation of your breasts bouncing off the car door to carry you away.

Sexy Secretary Takes Advantage Ch. 01

anal lithguy 2018-01-18

Jason was also looking at the binder, trying to keep his mind and more importantly his eyes away from the glass desk. Jason closed his eyes as his hand squeezed his cock causing pleasure to course through his body. The woman swayed a little and looked as if she was going to fall back so Jason stepped forward to catch her if she fell. The woman let go of Jason's hands and turned around to face him. She let out a loud moan and Jason took advantage of the situation to grab his cock with one hand and direct it towards her open mouth. Jason leaned forward and grabbed her ass cheeks, hard.

Toni in the Park... Again

anal Tonisshy 2018-01-18

Then I felt the head of his cock press against my hole, my boypussy had no chance. I couldn't help myself as pushed my ass back to accompany his cock and it seemed like it was so long as it slid all the way inside me and stopped on my prostate causing me to gasp. The beefcake fucking me slowed his pace, "do you want this sluts mouth?" The tall guys balls tightened, he stopped fucking my mouth and let me stroke his wet cock while the big head was in my mouth. My mini skirt straight, panties up and my legs wiped clean I exited the stall and there stood the tall guy...

Bathroom Adventure Ch. 01

anal crzyfemme18 2018-01-17

Sara sat at the end of the bar and looked at the crowd. He was staring openly at her and look in his eyes made Sara feel as if she wasn't wearing any clothes. He pushed them open a little farther and she could feel his breath on the inside of her thighs and then her pussy. Sara could feel him at her back and then felt his cock rubbing up and down her opening. Sara felt empty as he pulled out of her and tried to encourage him to enter her again. Sara took a deep breath and when she started to open the door she was afraid everyone would notice.

Sodomy in the Moonlight

anal Dinsmore 2018-01-16

He began to kiss her neck and grind his hard cock into her ass. She immediately responded to his amorous advances, moving his hands to her ample breasts and grinding her broad buttocks back against his hard cock. He began a slow deep stroke and she responded by screwing his cock with her full rear, desperately trying to get every inch inside her tender hole with each stroke. She liked the feel of a man's cock in her mouth and made up for her lack of oral expertise with enthusiasm. As he came, he held the head of his cock just inside her lips and shot the second load she had ever experienced in her mouth.

Midnight Slut

anal Jack_Love 2018-01-12

She slowly sat the rest of the way down on my lap, her asshole sliding lower and lower down around my cock, taking my dick slowly deep up her hot tight brown-hole, until my balls were squashed underneath her little ass! We carried on like this for ten minutes or so, when in a fit of lust I suddenly lifted her off of me, moved quickly behind her in 'doggy,' slid my hard cock back deep up her asshole, fucked her hard and fast and came hard, deep up her ass, pumping my hot cum into the midnight-slut's shit-hole as her bum gripped my spasming sausage.


anal naomiknowsit 2017-12-31

Jack went to weddings in the hope of finding a woman who wanted to explore what she did not have in her marriage, much as the women had discussed. "If you will forgive a male for butting in but just to back you up I've talked to married men I know and I has to agree," he said to one of the women at the table with Vera and Carol and the others. After a while Vera wanted to head up to her room and excused herself and headed for the elevator and went to her room where she changed and freshened up and thought about her "missionary" life with her husband.

RP Log : Herm panther (me) on male otter

anal TrapLover1234 2017-12-22

Stranger: *I blush and moan softly as I feel your thick tip rubbing against mine* Oh wow~ *I pant and soon my cock is twitching and throbbing in your grip. Stranger: *I pant and nod as my cock is slick with your pre* Yeah okay~ I want to be inside of you too~ *I say in a moan* Stranger: *I let out a loud moaning gasp as your push your hips down and my cock disappears in your warm tight pussy. Stranger: *I let out a loud panting moan as you slowly raise yourself up and slam down again, rhythmically riding my hard cock, your massive tits bouncing and flopping above me and your huge cock slapping my belly with each downward thrust, your heavy balls making a dull thud against my abs.

RP Log : Herm dragon (me) on male sergal

anal TrapLover1234 2017-12-21

Stranger: *I start to pant heavely my length trobbing inside your muzzle as I thrust harder my kot slapping against your lips* Stranger: *I press my tip against your slit hard until it enters you letting my length enter your slowly my paws rubbing upwards your body and reach your breasts playing with them* Stranger: you feel so good *I thrust harder into you with each humph getting excited as I hear you moan and suck on your nipple rolling my tongue around it and give your other breast a good sqweeze grabbing your length with my paw and jerk your off hard and fast*

Strangers in an Elevator

anal AnaLeePleasured 2017-12-13

Our eyes met and given our recent heated experience back at the store, I could tell that he was reading every thought on my kinky mind. "Now wrap your hand around it again like you did in the shop." He said this while staring into my eyes with a look that made me shiver with fear and need. I closed my eyes and began spreading the gel all over the dildo with my right hand, moving it slowly up and down. "Do you know what you are doing to me?" He ground out between labored breaths as he rubbed his hand up and down over his now erect cock, his eyes pleading with mine.

Brown Sugar

anal alcyon1977 2017-11-30

The crowd was pressed in around her, total strangers rubbing shoulder to shoulder as the band played every song in its repertoire. As she tried to push back, she felt the unmistakable bulge of someone's clad cock rubbing against her ass. Val felt a finger slide her panties aside and slip into her hot pussy. She could feel the sudden urgency in the hand that held her, and felt as he pressed backwards against the crowd to unzip his fly. A moment later, she felt the head of his cock push into her ass. Val bit her lip as man behind her continued to fuck her ass, his finger playing with her clit.

RP Log : Herm Tiger (me) on Male Horse

anal TrapLover1234 2017-11-25

Stranger: *I push my mouth halfway down onto your tiger cock moaning as you suck me, sucking you hard* Stranger: *I moan, doing the same but with 2 fingers, speeding up and moaning* Fuuck babe suck my big horse cock Stranger: *I moan loud, my cock throbbing hard as it shoot galleons of thick equine cum down your throat. You: *raise my arms and show you my sexy armpits, muscled arms, huge tits, perfect abs, long legs and hard tiger cock* Stranger: *My cocks grows beyond hard* Fuck you're perfect *I rub your armpit and tits* Stranger: Fuck yes baby *I lay on the floor* ride my huge horse cock Stranger: *I moan* Sit your big perfect ass on my big cock baby *I rub my balls*

Bar Hook-up

anal Justsexnotlove 2017-11-13

You hold her hair out of the way with one hand just so you can see those magnificent red lips work the shaft of your cock. You feel her tongue wrapped around your cock as her hand slides up your inner thigh. Finally, you open her lips up all the way and stroke the length of her pussy being very careful to go slowly and lightly touching her over excited clit. You slow your pace, waiting for her to calm down enough so you can remove your hand and insert your now hard cock. Finally, they relax and you begin to work the rhythm of your fucking to the rhythm of your hand.

Peter and Jessica

anal d_and_bt 2017-11-08

Peter was always a stickler for strict adherence to instructions, so she put it away for now, filled the evening with mundane chores and then went to bed, satisfying herself with her fingers alone before drifting off, her final thought being that this would make the conference she was attending in ten days time a lot more interesting. She enjoyed the removing almost as much as the inserting now, and took her time, focussing on the delicious feeling as her arsehole stretched to allow the enormous plug to come out. He flipped her skirt over her arse, and Jessica was sure he paused again in surprise at the sexy red knickers that she was wearing. With one final pull, the plug left her arsehole, and the guard placed it deliberately on the table in front of Jessica.