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Boarding School

anal ChrissyDPfanatic 2018-06-27

My mouth suddenly shot open as I moaned loud and three fingers were now sliding slowly into my ass, I guess he thought this meant I wanted to suck him, because he adjusted and pushed his massive cock head between my lips. I could feel her spread her fingers each time they slid outward and soon I was moaning over his cock head. I was able to look back over my shoulder as the table shook quite a bit, to see him mounting me with her holding his rock hard cock and pointing it right at my ass as she slipped her tongue in his.

The Teacher's Pet - part 1

anal Forbiddenwriter 2018-06-13

I don't know if it was my shoulder-length, curly, dirty blond hair, with a goatee to match, or my blue eyes, dashing smile, or just my reputation, but every female student wanted me. She wore a white button-up shirt and had her hair in pig-tails, she usually dressed pretty slutty, but today, I swear she was trying to look like a teen pop star. “If you can make me forget about my vacation before 3 o'clock (which was in 25 minutes) then I'll give you a passing grade, if not, then you'll need to bring one of your slut friends with you for a threesome to make up for the time you're making me waste.”

My Standard of Beauty: Black Chick

anal Samuelx 2018-06-12

I love fucking mature Black women in the ass. I love Black women, folks. Face down and ass up, that's the way I like to fuck my lovely Black chicks. That's what I thought as I pulled Lila's hair and spanked her big butt while thrusting my dick deep into her pussy. Lila has a sweet ass seemingly made for butt fucking. The sexy mature Somalian lady was definitely no stranger to butt fucking. A lot of brothers in the capital region of Canada prefer fat white chicks to beautiful Black women. I don't know any other type of Black man who would turn down anal sex with a gorgeous Black woman with a big, sexy ass.

One Thing Leads to Another: Semen is Mostly Sugar?

anal Magical_felix 2018-06-07

The class quickly emptied and Christine made her way to Vasiliev's desk where he was seated going over some papers. As Christine was admiring her teachers dick she fixated on a framed picture of Vasiliev's wife and two young children. He places his hands on the back of Christine's legs, got really close and began to slowly lick up and down her young wet pussy. Christine clenched his finger tightly and Vasiliev felt like his dick was getting harder than it had ever been before. Come on Mr. V fuck that ass..." Christine sighed loudly as she felt Vasilievs dick force it's way up her tight hole. Christine continued to push back and pull away until Vasiliev placed his hands on her hips and took over.

Mr Archer Ch 2

anal Celtic_Lad 2018-06-07

Juliette pulled away but Michael still held her and then half pushed, half guided her through the doorway of his bedroom, straight onto the bed, pulling her knickers down so her buttocks and sex were fully exposed. He stepped forward to slide his cock against her inner thighs and then slowly fed his shaft inside her, roughly moving her hips until he was properly in position. Juliette was making small pleasured noises as they fucked hard on the bed with Michael standing behind her. As Juliette began to relax her muscles just slightly, Michael very slowly fed his length one inch at a time inside her arse until he was hard against her buttocks.

Teaching a lesson.

anal Jeroen 2018-06-06

Her young breasts didn’t even need them, they stood so firm that sometimes she just sat in class in nothing but a t-shirt, driving the teachers crazy when her nipples started poking through. Naturally the teacher ended up discussing lingerie and started eyeing the girls in the class. Caroline on the other hand had looked every boy in the eyes before he touched her sheer lace-covered pussy. The teacher continued, “Now that we’ve all had a good idea of what fully covering lace panties look and feel like it’s time to turn our attention to Andrea again. As she took off his briefs even more the teacher’s shaved cock and balls started to show more and more catching the gazes of the girls and boys alike.

French Lessons

anal starbelliedboy 2018-06-05

Generally I didn't really like meeting my old teachers, it was always a bit odd being treated normally by people who had been authority figures for me only a short time ago, and even if Mrs. Woodcock (she was French, but had married an English guy) was far more attractive than the others with her long blonde hair, large breasts, sparkling eyes behind her black rimmed glasses, and most of all her sexy French accent, I was still not too keen to meet her. She took my glass from my unresisting hands, and as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, she brought my right hand up and placed it on one of her large, firm breasts, squeezing it tight over it, then leaning closer, still kissing me, putting one arm around my waist while her other hand stroked the back of my head.

The Private Final

anal Water_Melanie 2018-05-20

I put both my hands on her ass, spread her pussy lips wider with my thumbs, and lick again, deeper inside, and she moans, and my dick gets so hard I have to shift in my seat. I squeeze her ass hard with my hands, really dig my fingers in, and lick one more time, giving her sweet pink-grapefruit pussy a deep French kiss, and then I let go, back off and watch the white marks left by my fingers fade back into the redness of her skin. Stuffed all the way inside her, feeling her soft ass cheeks nestled cozily against my hips, her wet pussy next to my balls, I lightly stroke her exposed lower back, counting her vertebrae with my fingers, and wait.

Christie's 'A'

anal TennesseeHillbilly 2018-05-04

Dave slowly rose from his chair and walked from behind his desk, moving past Christie to the open door of his office. I have decided that I am going to give you opportunity to improve your grade." She looked up and smiled, quickly disguising the "it's about time" smirk on her face. "Ms. Miller, it's time for your oral presentation." Dave's hands slid up from her tits to the top of her shoulders. Christie was startled as Dave pulled her to him and kissed her lips, his tongue forcing its way into a dance with her own. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Mr. Becket beaded in sweat and continuing to pound his cock into her. As Dave extended his hand, Christie took it, having no idea of his intent.

Bella's College Experience Ch. 03

anal christalena27 2018-04-25

She saw out of the corner of her eye Jeff's left hand coming down from the top of the desk, slowly making its way behind her back to unfasten her bra. She felt her body going limp, which allowed Jeff the room to slide out of her, and slowly turn her around so that she was bent over the desk as much as possible. Even though her orgasm had nearly wiped her out, Bella felt a chill running through her as Jeff began rubbing his throbbing cock up and down her slit, all the way from her asshole to the bottom of her pussy. It was like nothing she had ever felt before – she could feel every drop of his hot cum inside of her ass, slowly dripping out around his cock.

Memoirs of an English Student

anal AnnieMiller 2018-04-18

I have my hands on her arse cheeks and Beth reaches back with her hand , grabs my hand and moves it to her pussy, understanding what she wants I try to forget about what is going on with James and go back to giving her clit a tonguing and sliding two fingers together into her honey hole , soon she is giving a stifled moan and her ass is wiggling again. Beth's moans on my clit are getting louder and more frequent and moments later her arse stops wiggling and her legs are shaking slightly as she begins coming hard, I feel her pussy loosen slightly around my fingers and then tense, she is soaking wet and juices are running down my wrist.

Ms. Nolwick's Writing Class

anal nolwick13579 2018-04-06

I surveyed the room's circular seating arrangement and finally decided to settle at a desk three spots counter-clockwise from my regular seat, right next to the table that Ms. Nolwick liked to sit on during class. Today she was wearing a deep blue skirt with a black top, and her round-toed knee-high boots with the block heel. The camera pans down, passing over her short black skirt, which doesn't even reach the top of her thigh-highs, and further down to her black, round-toed boots. I reach up with both hands and grab those perfect mounds of ass through her skirt, placing my each of my thumbs in the nook where her legs begin to curve outward into her buttocks.

Mr. Jacobson and I

anal camogirl88 2018-04-03

"What the fuck?!" and then felt Matt's body being easily lifted from mine and saw him being backed against the wall. My hand automatically went up to where it hurt and I cried out softly when I felt blood. "You can't drive, c'mon, I'll drive you home if you like," Mr. Jacobson said softly as he helped me up. "We shouldn't but I can't help what it feels like to be in your arms," I said softly. I lifted my ass a little bit off of his pelvis and felt his finger trace through my crack again and I groaned louder this time when it brushed my puckered rosebud.

Trumpet Lesson

anal Brown32 2018-03-20

I heard the trumpet case zip open, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear my new student breeze through the chromatic scale. Let's hear you play the first few bars of this piece," I said in a half-assed attempt to sound professional. Instead of just letting my hands limply sit on her ass, I slid them down the back of her thighs. "Looks like you're ready to get fucked, missy," I said as I drug my finger over her wet pussy. She turned around and faced me suddenly and brought those cum drenched fingers up to her swollen lips and rubbed as much on them as she put in her mouth.

A Summer I'll Never Forget Ch. 01

anal MasterRamses 2018-02-24

I clench her ass in my hands, spreading her pussy lips as I do, and churn the tip of my cock in her bowels. Pinning her under my weight and knocking the pencil mug off her desk in the process, I cum so hard into her asshole that it feels like the tip is gone when my balls are finally limp. Looking into the dark pools of her eyes, I grip her ass and stroke a slow stab into the wet, rubbery walls of her pussy. When the ridge of my cock settles behind her pussy lips, her eyelids flutter and she breaks the kiss, arching her back and clutching the arms of the chair hard enough to crack three of her knuckles.


anal nestaf 2018-01-29

We've kissed naturally from the start and I love it...our tongues play against one another and my hand slips up to the side of your face, the back of your head as I get hungrier for more...our kisses get harder...and they're not alone...I can feel my cock stir...from your nearness and from what's to come... I slip the toy out of you and run it to your clit...I want you excited, wanting my cock inside you, anywhere you can get other hands plays with your ass...and slipping a finger inside you, first just the tip, then to the first knuckle...then the second...more oil..and I press my long middle finger all the way into your ass, working it slowly in and out, working you open, getting you ready...

Professor's Temptation

anal BohemianEcstasy 2018-01-28

Without thinking, I said something like "Professor Westerling, my friend Bradley told me a story about you, and I was kinda jealous of him…" I smiled a half-wary, half-cocky smile, with my heart beating so hard I'm sure the pulse was visible at the surface. I traced circles over her cheeks and rested my hands on her thighs, slipping my thumbs under her stockings as I gently brushed my lips over her thighs, eliciting a whimpering moan from her. As I slowly ran my hands up and down her legs like a blind girl using my fingers to see their beautiful terrain, I kissed up and down her thighs, sometimes coming close to where she wanted me to be, but teasingly wandering elsewhere.


anal QuietSurprise 2018-01-09

I get to my office and open the door, dropping my notes as I take in the sight in front of me; one of the older girls -- at least 18, sitting on the edge of my desk slowly rubbing her fingers across her clit, dressed in a impossibly short skirt, white blouse and tie -- standard uniform -- and white stockings and suspenders which are clearly not endorsed by the guidelines! As I rested my cock at the entrance to her arse, she shot a glance over her shoulder: "This is the start of your punishment," I tell her as I gently push against her.

Stephanie's Ass

anal whitelion73 2017-12-13

I dropped my pants, gripping my cock, stroking so hard thinking of that beautiful ass I recently saw today. Just laying in my bed, hand still gripping my cock, I came up with a fool-proof plan to get that sweet butt I wanted more than anything in the world. I leaned my head in, kissing her nipple softly, pulling on it with my lips. "No, I don't put dirty things in my mouth, you dirty boy." She leaned forward, giving the head of my cock a small, wet kiss. "David, I'm cumming again!!" She yelled at me, squeezing her asshole on my cock, It felt so good.. Stephanie, out of breath just lay there, her breasts mashing against my desk, her cum filled butt in the air.

The Tutor Fantasy

anal ma demoiselle 2017-12-09

He pins me and shoves up my tank top and takes my tit in his mouth and sucks the nipple hard, so hard that I imagine it turning giant and purple, and then he's grabbing my hair and whispering fiercely, "If I take the test for you, you'll let me come in your mouth, your hair, your pussy, your ass--anywhere I want." Then Dan fucks me over a bit--as I'm slurping on a downward stroke, Dan takes his hand away, and I keep descending, searching for that elusive circle of Dan's thumb and index finger that will let me know that I can pull backwards. He is kind, and rests for a moment with just the head of his cock popped inside of my ass, waiting for my gasps and pants turned slowly to moans and whimpers.

Sophie's Release

anal sweet_as_candy 2017-11-03

She couldn't believe she was stupid enough to get herself in this situation, but the thought of him opening her tight cunt with his thick, raging cock was enough to make her want to pull down her black see-through knickers and masturbate in front of the class. FUCK!" she called, not caring for a second as to where she was as her violent orgasm crashed through her body, her juices gushing onto Adam's hand as his fingers continued to milk her. Sophie giggled in response and return to her 'just-fucked' reflection looking back at herself in the mirror, smiling sweetly as she fixed herself up, feeling her young lover's spunk inside her.

The High School Slut Ch. 01

anal PrincessErin 2017-11-02

Once everyone had left, Savannah walked over to Mr. Brown, who was standing at the doorway ready to greet his next class. "Are we pretending what happened over the summer didn't happen?" Savannah looked up into Mr. Brown's eyes, waiting and hoping for the answer she wanted. It thought you wanted me to kiss you." Joel knew how volatile Savannah could be. "How were the rest of your classes Savannah?" Daniel had hit the automatic locks and motioned her to enter his car. Once last time." Daniel guided Savannah slowly onto his cock, feeling her ass stretching gently. "You having your welcome back party again this year?" Daniel knew to stay away the Friday after school started.

A Girl for Hire

anal LMML 2017-10-06

Sucking the butt plug back inside, the base being all of it that was left outside of her body, she got the empty water bottle off the bed-side table. She licked it off her hand, set the butt plug down on her bed next to the bottle, and began pushing again, until she prolapsed. It trickled down to her pussy and she rubbed it in to her hair and between her dripping lips as she pushed her fingers inside herself and fell forward, no hands, on to his cock, letting her wait plunge it down in to her throat. "Fucking hell," she said, looking down between her legs, looking at the deep red prolapse that drooled and dripped on to the bed, twitching and waiting to be sucked in to take more abuse.

A-Grade Student

anal x_knightofpassion_x 2017-09-04

"Twenty years - and so many girls," Lucas thought warmly, casting his mind back to the many nubile bodies who had shared his quiet office with him: the moaners, the groaners, the squealers and screamers; the biters, the scratchers, the squirters; the coy virgins who spread their legs shyly and looked at his cock as if it was some potent and magical symbol of fertility, and the practised sluts who enthusiastically rode his tool for hours, grinding themselves to orgasm after orgasm; the big-titted asian student with the weak bladder who drenched herself with piss every time she came, and the quiet pig-tailed brunette who had moaned "Oh, daddy," over and over as he fucked her from behind; the mature student in her mid-thirties who had showed him pictures of her bikini-clad twin daughters as she bounced energetically on his penis, grunting every time his heavy balls slapped against the cheeks of her bottom; and now this girl, this beautiful blonde siren, this born cock-sucker.