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Northern Line Adventure

anal onthedottedline 2018-11-20

She pulled her skirt up slightly at the back, exposing half her ass cheeks and her damp cunt, covered in the increasingly wet thong. The stranger slowed but kept up a rhythm, running his fingers around her cunt, spreading her juices all over her ass. Sensing she was on the brink of orgasm again, he started rubbing the fingers of his other hand against her clit until Cara's groans became so loud he had to stuff his handkerchief into her mouth. When she returned to her body, Cara noticed the stranger had removed her fingers from her relaxed ass and was slipping the head of his thick cock into her anus. The stranger started finger fucking her roughly, letting his hand and his hips fall into rhythm with one another.

Sex story ”Once in the subway”

anal webca12 2017-11-17

From what he heard voices weirder her state is close to swoon … She says: – I do so I can not … I feel, in her mind already emerging thought to spit on everyone and everything and returns to the exciting feeling … BUT … Still around people … I whisper to her: – Silent, hold on a girl … Teasing fingers clit with reckless amplitude …She answers: – Enter me more … To the fingers, which is already in it, I add another one, and a sharp acceleration immediately covers it … Racing Stripes starts with that part of the weight she has translated into my hands … I myself like crazy to fuck her – but not …Dozen progressive schedule … And now the moment of climax … Escalator is nearly coming to an end … Covers the wave of orgasm … She just leans back on me … a miracle not to weep, because I questioned her with his hand covered her mouth with … The weight of her body is fully on me … legs did not keep … Slowly she starts to realize where she was and what happened to her … The last step of the escalator … She goes … pulls from her bag and hands me a napkin … in the eyes I see contentment … - Quit – smoke ?…..