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A Night at the Theatre

anal sandymonroe 2018-11-28

Mr Johnson leaned forward in his seat, and slapped my round ass cheeks with his huge black palm. I slowly pulled my hips up, away from him, savouring the delicious sensation of his huge cock rubbing against the tight ring of my ass, until only the large head was still lodged within, then I pushed back. He grabbed my head and kissed me for a few seconds as Mr Johnson thrust his cock balls-deep into my ass over and over. After the huge black cock withdrew from my mouth, Ben’s took its place, and I lovingly sucked this second cock also clean of delicious cum.

Megan’s Transformation Into A Hotwife - Part 3

anal Kee 2018-11-25

He was more lovey-dovey; Derreck was direct, aggressive, and a bit domineering—all things, I realized, that I loved and wanted. The next morning was pretty much a repeat of the previous night, with a couple variations; I let George fuck my puss before he did my ass, and then he used the dildo harder and deeper. “Thanks, George,” and to me, he said, “Hang on tight, we are moving locations.” Up I went, arms and legs locked around him, prodigiously and wonderfully speared. Derreck then told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner and have me spend the night at his house, all without George.

Better late than never

anal Rubz 2018-11-23

After a few minutes of pretty frenzied, drunken fucking Andy pulled out and again began to tease his cock along my pussy lips, this time carrying on up to my arse. This time I managed to stay quiet as the pain began to heat it's way through me, Andy moaned quietly behind me as most of his cock head entered me. However, my frantic rubbing and deep fingering had me begging to cum, I deliberated for a half second before speeding up and allowing myself to surrender to an amazing orgasm, my legs spread wide and bumped into Andy's back, my back arched off the bed and my moans hit a high pitch, I sounded a bit porno to my own ears, and I knew it would of turned Andy on.

My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 3--A

anal Kee 2018-11-20

After standing up and moving my butt a bit to get used to it I told him, “You better have some good wine to go with the steak, I am going to need it!” But not before he stood behind me and had a good feel while I reached behind and popped him out of his string, enjoying some nice strokes while thinking of what the night would bring. “Oh god Cal, Yes, Yes, Eat My Pussy, I am cumming!” I shouted as I pounded the bed and tried to twist away. I want to feel every throb of your cock!” His orgasm started, hot cum shooting in my virgin ass, virgin to him at least.

Executive Decisions Part 3

anal SeanR83 2018-11-16

Mia got to her knees in front of her boyfriend, taking his cock into her mouth, sucking him deep. He loved her body and pulled her close for a deep passionate kiss. Robert stood up, pulling Mia close to him, guiding his cock inside her. He was a bit apprehensive but pushed his cock into her ass slowly. He slammed his cock in her ass as hard as he could, kissing and biting her shoulder, trying to delay what he knew would come. Mia slid her hand back resting it on his ass as he slammed as hard as he could. Slowly Robert pulled his cock from her ass, droplets of cum spilling out too.

The Trainer - A Rear View

anal benawriter 2018-10-31

My boxers suddenly got a bit tighter at the thought of sex with both Jill and Janeen, in any way they wanted. Jill propped my head up with a thick pillow and I watched as they both undressed, each taking off a piece of clothing at the same time. I watched as Janeen licked and sucked Jill’s beautiful breasts, one at a time, so sensuously that I thought I would explode. I expected to be untied but two mouths began working the shaft of my cock at the same time. I didn’t think I’d have any work to do but legs straddled my head again and this time I distinctively smelled someone’s ass.


anal malesub01 2018-10-05

I’m sorry, I know it’s a lot, but the head of committee is breathing down my neck to avoid any legal repercussions,” she finished as she handed me a stack of papers. It crosses my mind that I should probably text Kristen and tell her I’ll be late but before that thought leaves my mind, I feel my phone vibrate and sure enough it was her. I don’t know how Kristen was getting her lips wrapped around it and taking it half way down her mouth. I could tell she wasn’t swallowing because her mouth was beginning to look full and then she bent down over the guy and spit a little cum into his gorgeous ass.

I was a glory hole virgin...

anal Skyking69 2018-10-04

One day they were doing an order and they mentioned a local adult bookstore that had glory holes in the video booths. I was not let down, shortly after the movie was going and the men on the video started fucking I heard a door squeak open and close in the booth to my right. I looked into the hole as it was still dark, my new neighbor just put in a few quarters and the video lit up his booth. I went back to sucking on the first guys cock as I stood up and bent at the waste to give my new friend my ass to play with.

My GF Nicole's Wild Night

anal Anon922 2018-10-02

We then got fully naked too and i was amazed to see Tyler was hung like a horse with a 10 inch thick cock that made this even more hot knowing she was about to take this monster dick. She then started blowing us both at the same time before laying on her back and blowing me while taking his big cock between her barefeet and giving him a wicked footjob that had him moaning like crazy on the verge on busting already. Tyler went home never to be seen again but i went back in to see Nicole and she told me he fucked her asshole for the whole time in doggy and came in her asshole.

Teacher. VI

anal 1120scott 2018-09-29

"I want to watch you stroke yourself " he said quietly and lowered his head and licked my hole. I felt my hole suck on his finger, and my balls pulled up. Mr. Roberts came over and stood behind the boy, held his shoulders pushed his hips forward as to simulate it was his dick I was sucking. I was pounding his butt, my balls slapping his cheeks, soon I feel like I'm going to cum, he said to pull out and let him stroke me. I stroked my dick in the shower letting the water tickle my butt hole thinking about what it would feel like being fucked.

Don't Look Away

anal androgyne30 2018-09-21

"What kind of porn do you watch?" My own letters spew hot streams of electronic bursts back onto her face, and I imagine lines of light rolling across her face as she licks her lips, tongue rolling over each curve and ripple, relishing the waves of sensation rolling out from her mind to trace the smears of invisible signs sliding down her face . I open my eyes to blue light rolling in waves up your ass as it sways slowly back and forth, back and forth, your asshole nipping at the head of my cock each time it rolls back towards me. Tongue fucking you relentlessly, I push four fingers into your pussy, and ravish your body without mercy. burning need big cock head deeper in

All because of Hamster

anal Joe-and-Fran 2018-09-17

My other hand was near her face, and she got hold of my finger and put it into her mouth and started sucking on it. She pulled away and said that her pussy was so wet and she felt so horny.........Then she went back to sucking my finger, I new she was horny by the way she was going to town on my finger, sucking and licking, her tongue was in between my fingers.. Anyway, as I started to move my hand around all I could feel love juice, her pussy was soaking wet and her juices ware running down her legs. before I knew it, she had my balls in her mouth, her hand went to my butt and she started playing and fingering my butt...

horny together

anal bibialex24 2018-09-12

Now I was feeling a finger into my bottom and I began pumping him more intensely swallowing hiw whole cock, pressing over it with my lips, then releasing the pressure and it became so intense that he made bigger sound and suddenly I felt his cum in my mouth. Now he said, it is my turn and he pushed me over the bed and started sucking my cock. He raised his legs apart asking me to finger-fuck his anus meanwhile I could still feel his tongue inside me and his teetch biting my bum cheeks gently. He asked me to stand dogstyle on the bed, head over the pillow, legs apart and bagan rimming me again, his tongue going inside my anus so wet already.

My wife's s****r- wow

anal bufffreak 2018-09-10

Before I could stop her she had slid off the bed, onto her knees and was running her hands under my towel and reaching for my shaft. Monday I made an effort to leave work early so I could help Linda entertain Nikki. Before I let them know I was home I took a good look at Nikki's body in the sun Linda left and in a few minutes Nikki came in the room, Then a couple of young guys came by, they waved at Nikki to join them with a frisbee Sex with Linda is great and I'm looking for another great vacation location where we can get kinky but I'll never forget this wonderful summer with Nikki.

Mandy (Part 6)

anal johnxxjoseph 2018-09-08

On the second occasion he climaxed that day, by which time both of their underwear and skirts had been discarded as 'unnecessary', Karen accepted a small 'taste' of his semen from Mandy's finger, freshly wiped from her face. Mandy, whose role play 'punishment' had been to kneel on the bed with her face on a pillow and dildo her holes with her favourite sex toy, had smiled encouragingly at her friend, but had happily accepted the dribbled fluid the first time he'd came in her mouth. They'd again ended up in the sixty-nine position, Mandy licking Karen's clitoris to orgasm while she delved hers deep in her friends 'gaping' bottom, fingering her 'til she came while he watched...

Bowling Buddies-The Last Fuck

anal jimbojim 2018-09-08

This was our night together; a night where my mouth would embrace his cock and my ass would be left with his sperm deep inside me. As usual, I got on my knees slid down his pants and underwear to expose his semi-hard phallus. Then I did what I did best, I immediately deep throated my lover taking his entire cock into my mouth all the way to the base. I immediately assumed the position that he liked, me on all fours with my ass facing him so he could stand up and fuck me.

The Office

anal 2018-09-07

When he finally filled her hole with cum he grabbed her and shoved her to his cock and told her "Lick me clean and suck me till I am hard and ready to fuck your ass. She was so good at sucking his cock and balls and keeping him hard for hours as they played and fucked after work. She took every inch of his big hard cock and arched her back so he could m***** her big tits as he fucked her cunt deep. One day he shoved the plug in her ass at lunch and told her to wear it till after work when he fucked her cunt and made her cum several times.

Not a Bad Trade Off...

anal d4david 2018-09-05

I entered the car and closed the door, the driver opened the partition between us passed me two twenty dollar bills. I stood there looking at the door when it suddenly open and an old fellow that seemed like he was on his last leg said 'you are expected follow me to the game room'. Our host came over as I raised up on my knees and grasp my head in his hands and commanded 'suck this dick if you want, I don't care if you fuck them all.' I looked up confused and pleadingly as he took hold of my head and guided my face to his throbbing cock.

A gangbang with strangers

anal chasin_tuna 2018-09-05

Looking around, you found one of the younger guys and pulled him to you, taking his hard cock into your mouth, sucking it hungrily and jacking it at the same time as you continued rocking back and forth against the cock in your ass. You were massaging the balls and started stroking the shaft, trying to milk it into my mouth when you heard a low howl from behind you as the man who’d been fucking your ass began to shoot his load into you as I bucked underneath you. I pulled out of you and threw the man in my mouth on his back, right there under you so you could watch it all, and started sucking his cock ravenously.

Her Boss

anal 2018-08-30

I just want to be inside that warm wet cunt or that tight ass." He then grabbed a tube of bright red lipstick and covered her nipples with a thick layer then sucked on them making his lips covered and then he kissed all over her huge globes. He looked at her and said "Now I can see the red marks on my dick as I work then I will be back to fuck you hard and deep." He put two fingers in her cunt and tongue kissed her mouth as he ravaged her wet cunt before he went to his office with his hard cock sticking straight out as he walked.

First time bottoming.

anal cute_boy23287 2018-08-25

Started picking up the pace little an damn it hurt little but he was being pretty gentel once it started feeling good ugh I loved it, he was going deep an I kept getting harder an harder then we whiched up positions I rode him revse cowgirl an slowly put it back in my once tight ass after he spilt on my hole to ease It. It felt so damn good an see I'm not a bottom type I'm more of a top but I got couris an wanted to bottom well it was amazing I rode him over an over I felt myself turning little sissy with the moaning an I was so hard I blew so much when I took it all.

Mature cum filled ass!

anal marcusp1979 2018-08-23

After his first visit a couple of weeks ago, where he had hinted that he wanted to try man/man action, it hadn't taken much to encourage him give it a go, and having sucked his first cock and had me ease my hard thick length into him, he had apparently enjoyed himself enough to want to feel a guy cum in his ass and maybe even swallow cum at his next visit. as he laid there, i reached up with my hand and started pulling his nipple and rubbing it with my fingertips, with his legs now rested on the edge of the desk and his ass now accessible, i spat on my fingertips and started working his tight hole with my fingers, all the time still playing with his nipples and sucking his cock.

A Summer Day

anal youmeandsara 2018-08-22

After a little while we all went over to the blankets on the beach Sara Pushed me down on the blanket she than went dowm and began sucking my cock than Dale straled me and lowered her pussy down to my mouth as i was licking her Mark laid down next to me but a bit lower and Sara climbed on him and lowered her pussy down on his cock about this time Chester stood next to Sara and she began stroking him and started to suck his cock.

I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing...2

anal d4david 2018-08-13

Bruce moved closer and slid his hand under my towel and squeezed my cock saying 'don't cry, lay down I'll show you how to suck a dick right'. Bruce took my limp cock into his hand and stroked it a couple of times, when I didn't move he said again 'do as I do, take hold of my dick, it want hurt you'. One of his legs was over one of mine and parted them, Bruce rubbed my stomach and said 'don't worry, in time you'll be sucking my dick like a pro'. Bruce adjusted his left hand till he could take hold of his cock and guided it to my anal orifice.