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Lady sex with big cock

anal bava12 2018-11-28

Uncle pulled out his donkey dick from her cunt and slept beside her hugging her tightly and after fifteen minutes he asked, “How was the fucking.” she thanked him and said, “I wanted to do this with you earlier only but scared to tell you and now that my dream have come true I will never let you go.” I got away from the door after duly cleaning it. aaaaaa…..I mean I have decided to divorce him and marry your Srinivasan Uncle.” I pressed hard her erected nipple between my thumb and finger and said, “Since you have decided let me also fuck you.There is a great pleasure in this sin, mom, let me fuck you, let me” I kissed on her lips madly and squeezed her boobs tightly.

First time with a couple (part I)

anal 2018-10-04

I began having this naughty dream about my aunt sucking my cock, and it felt so real. When I came to I realized I was still on the float in the pool and my cock was being sucked. I called him a 'sick fuck' but grabbed the back of his tan bald head, using it for leverage, as I pounded his throat with my thick cock. Then he'd rub in that spit and go right back to work causing me to shoot a hard, thick load getting it everywhere from his mouth, face, float and pool. As I lathered my body with soap in the outdoor shower, he came walking back outside with his wife's (my aunt) bikini on.

I was Just A Sex Slave...4

anal d4david 2018-08-15

Bruce lifted my face by the chin and said '...come finish by sucking me off and swallowing my cum and we can go to bed and rest. My hands were under his uncles thighs, before I could free them Bruce had climbed on my back and inserted his penis into my bung hole and was sliding it back and forth quickly. His penis was so hard and my anal canal so tender I could feel every twist and turn of his head and shaft as it worked around my bung hole. Bruce came and laid down beside us as his uncles breathing slowed, his uncle turned his head to look at his nephew and said '...boy, I don't know where you found this piece of ass but you done found a good fucking toy.

I Turned 18 – My First Story Into Adulthood

anal 2018-07-02

The reason for the fame is girls skirts end before knee and school is quite popular among the rich. Uncle was asking me to ignore the winds and told me flying dress can give good pictures. Suddenly strong wind lifted my skirt and my naked bums were completely visible to uncle for quite some time. As I ran to the door my skirt was lifted multiple times giving uncle a clear view of my shapely bums. I was very scared of the consequences and asked him that I would leave and he did not f***e me, he pulled up his shorts and left and I changed into my pajamas and tee and went back home.

Caravan Adventure Pt 2

anal smallcock 2018-06-26

We stayed in this side 69 for a good ten minutes as I teased, licked and nibbled his monster cock, only he just pulled me a little when he suddenly jumped up and said “I can’t do this” “Oh come on” I replied and grabbed hold of him, reaching down to my jeans on the floor I took out some lube and a condom, unwrapping the condom I rolled it on his cock with my mouth, “Take me” I ordered. As I bent over the cushions I got a handful of lube and rubbed it over my crack, slipping a finger in as I did, “Come on fuck me big boy” he turned and moved towards me as I knelt there waiting, then I could feel his tip touching me, then he edged his way in, God it was good, it only took a few seconds and he in in full and fucking me.

My Blind Uncle lll

anal lovealladies 2018-06-20

she then put on some zeplin and as she was on her way back came over and started sucking me and put her ass juiced fingers in my mouth for a taste (Uncle) Hurry baby (Kiki) Coming, grabs my cock and led me over and got right back to sucking my uncle i got under her and started eating puss and ass, my uncle didnt have a clue after getting her all lubed i position myself behind her and shoved my cock in her while shes sill doing a job on my uncles nob she then grabbed my dick pulled it out i wasnt sure why so i go right back for the puss but she wouldnt let me and bent a little lower then i got it she wants me to fuck her ass while she sucks my uncle whos blind ass dosnt even know what a good slut she was so i slowly shove my 8 inch cock in it was so tight i came in secs my cum oozing out the sides (Uncle) Howd you like my wifes ass son.WHAT the end

my helping aunt 2

anal 2018-06-18

My uncle has a good job and affords to be at home most of the time and enjoys so he rarely leaves the house.The great day came and i got the courage to call and anounce my visit to they're house and see how things were standing. "Sure i can't remember the last time i cooked"i said and with that we left my uncle in the living room as we went for the kitchen. He went back to watching tv and they have the type of kitchen that is like an opened bar on the side facing the living room.The cooking table was right on that wall. As soon as he left i took my cock out and she jumped for it, got on her knees and started sucking on it like a lolipop.

Radhika Deflower By a Uncle From Bus

anal 2018-05-24

I never liked the boys my age, I was always interested in the Man. So whenever I had a chance to help any grandfather climb a stairs and use to lend my shoulder as support, I would just tingle in all the right places. My stop neared and I got up, I looked at him and smiled and asked him to move a little behind as I had to get down. As it was peak traffic hour the auto driver was going slow, Uncle oh his name was Sanjay, he asked me what are my ambition in life though I wanted to say to devout my life worshiping my idol, I said designer. He started touching me and kept kissing me I asked him to ring the door bell he said he has the keys.

Me and my Uncle

anal 2018-05-22

After a few minutes this uncle came into my room and began to talk to me again as if nothing had happened in the kitchen. As I felt his weight lift up off of me I finally turned my head to look back and I saw that his cock was shooting cum on my panties. I was surprised when he then used his hands to spread my ass cheeks apart and felt his cock, not laying along the crack, but pushing lightly on my asshole. Although it seemed like forever because of the surprise of the act, at that time I did not even know that this was a thing couples did, I felt his cock jerk inside me and what must have been his cum spray inside of me.

My Blind Uncle ll

anal lovealladies 2018-05-08

Since my uncles accident, She walks around wearing a bath robe and nothing else most of the time its not even tied. I went up took a shower when i came down they must of thought i was gone my aunt kiki was blowing my uncle. my uncle was facing toward me, and kiki had removed her robe, ass up in the air thou id seen her naked many times id never seen her anus or pussy. i then slowly removed my clothes and sterted wackin it (Uncle) Wait kiki you here something?? then she stars fingering her ass, so this is hot my aunt sucking my blind uncle who dosnt have a clue im wacking it as i watch this he thinks im gone.

I Was Just A Sex Slave...7

anal d4david 2018-05-02

As soon as he had finished, he pulled his old semi hard penis from my gaping bung and told me ''...get dressed, I got to get your dumb ass home...' As Charlie climbed on the bed I made an offer '...Charlie, let me suck you off, I promise I'll try to swallow every drop...' Charlie smiled at me wickedly saying '...what makes you think you ain't gonna do that any way. Charlie pulled his penis from my sucking lips saying '...alright enough of that now, get on your back,I'm gonna ride that boi pussy like I want...' As soon as his penile glans touched my aching bung hole Charlie pressed his shaft into my opening.

A holiday with my Uncle part 2

anal Acebottom 2018-02-23

then with no warning she f***ed her whole body weight on to me forcing this huge cock deep inside me making me cry out and this young girl pound my ass as hard as she could and it was alot harder than any of the guys had fucked me but my attention left the girl fucking my ass because the woman sitting on my face started to move faster as her moans got louder and her body started to shake and she ordered me not to stop licking and she she was cumming hard filling my mouth with her cum and she had to grab hold of one of the stakes to stop her from falling over and once her orgasm had subsided she got up and another took her place and we started all over again and again this went on for many hours with all the woman switching over from either making me lick their pussies or fucking my ass and by the end of the night I dont think I could have taken any more cum without exploding.

aisha's Vacation pt 2

anal 2018-02-01

I then pushed Miranda off and made my way to the shower hoping to wash away more then just dried cum, both my uncle and Mr Miranda follow as they made me go in the shower still groping my cum soaked body sucking and my breast and everything they pushed me down and one by one took turn pissing on me again, just like the fist time this time my uncle would pull my hair aiming his dick at my face and blasting it with urine Miranda would at the same time pee on my whole body and back both of them breathing hard of excitement and slapping there dick all over me before walking off to the living room.

European Girls in Tokyo, a strange experience

anal 2017-12-30

I opened my eyes to see my friend being led off by a huge man, who looked Sumo, they were used as doormen, and he stepped forward and lifted her clean out of her seat and deposited her at the far end of the room, where she was immediately surrounded be men, whether she wanted it or not, she would be fucked, so relax s****r and just roll with it, I turned to look at the other men around me, and a cock was slipped between my lips, just a short one, thankfully, as I did not want to gag as he pusher all the way in, I could lick his balls as he fucked my mouth, this pleased the old man, being masturbated by one of the boys from the other side of the table, this was debauchery at its best.

Natasha's Holiday

anal DickStiff 2017-12-16

Just then Uncle walked through the door, “Not dressed yet” he said, “I think we are going to have to lose some of that hair” he said to Mrs. Duncan. “You start on the chest and work your way down” said Uncle “And I will start at the feet and work my way up, and we should meet in the middle by the flag pole”, laughed Mrs. Duncan. Though she had settled into the routine at Uncles, and was behaving like a dutiful niece, she was still not too happy with what was going on, she was still confused about her life, she found herself feeling horny in all the wrong places and was masturbating at every spare moment.

Falling in love with Uncle josh

anal bigdick2012h 2017-11-17

When I finally pull up outside the house and open the white electric gate with the opened Josh gave me, I feel like a little girl on the morning of her birthday party. “You’re growing up on me, Mia,” he said, his hands rubbing my back and lingering on my waist as he pushed me away to look at my face. And I don’t regret it because being in your arms, having you kiss me like that… I’ve never felt that way before, and I can’t regret something so amazing.” I started pulling little blades of grass out of the ground.

Weekend with my New Aunt

anal dirtyauthor 2017-11-02

My aunt not wanting to stay home alone, asked me if I would like to join her to a spa. As we lay on the table, getting a massage I began to dose off and started dreaming of my aunts naked body and more importantly finally seeing her pussy. Not knowing I would have this chance again, I took her panty of and started by licking her wet pussy as focused my tongue on her clit. I took my clothes off and started fucking her slowly as I felt every inch of her pussy. Not finished yet I got her to lie on all fours and I grabbed the lube from her drawer and started lubing my dick and her ass.

Playing Uncle with an Xhamster Nympho and her Bull

anal imornery81 2017-10-11

I will be content to just watch… unless she wants to show me how she sucks cock!” Bent over at the waist, her hands on my bare knees, Steph was now going to have to decide if she was just going to hold onto me while she got fucked or was she going to let two men she had never met prior to that day spit roast fuck her! Or when I stick this cock in that tight hole I will rip you open in ways you never dreamed!!” Steph looked up at me and started to say something but just then he must have begun moving his thumb because all that came out of her mouth was some spit that dribbled over her bottom lip and landed right on my balls!

Cousin Freda

anal fotisampini 2017-10-06

Ted drove to his cousin's apartment and she let him in. "Thanks Ted, I appreciate it" said Freda. To Ted's surprise Freda drank beer after beer. "I have to go home now, Mary is waiting" said Ted. "Let's go to your bedroom" whispered Ted. Freda rushed to the bedroom dragging her uncle behind her. When Ted drove home it started raining. With every thrust of his prick in Mary's cunt he dreamed about Freda. "Doesn't Mary give you enough pussy?" ask Freda. "Yours is better" said Ted. Freda smiled at him grateful for the compliment. "When I was thirteen I let my boyfriend do it, I didn't want to get pregnant" said Freda. Ted drove home and found Mary waiting.