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First time

anal AnalFucker44 2018-12-03

Soon I felt my cum building, and she sensed it too, cause she pulled off and told me to shoot it deep inside her, I had never fucked her before but I wanted her pussy wraped around my cock so bad. As I started to fuck her she started to really talk dirty, telling me how great my ass looked and how great my dick felt deep in her pussy. Then she started to slowly pull the dildo out of my ass, and right before it came out, she shoved it all the way back in. This caused her to cum all over the bed again, after she calmed down I took my well lubed cock and shoved it to the hilt into her ass.

Emmie Does Anal

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

Just looking at herself made her feel slightly ashamed; her breasts were covered in red and pink marks from his fingers, her nipples were incredibly swollen and a much darker pink than usual, and she could see the slight sheen of wetness on her inner thighs from how turned on she was. Using his left hand to coat just a bit of lube over the tip of his cock - he wouldn't need much considering the amount of her juices that were spilling down her crack and the lube he'd already used on his fingers to loosen her up - Mark pulled his mouth away from her pussy and stood up.

Teen in the Castle -4- Anal in the Morning

anal Spleen_Muse 2018-11-28

Alyssa had done her best to cover as much of the restless cock as she could, but Damien didn’t give her a lot of time. Alyssa had gotten used to letting her ass get stretched like that, but the speed at which Damien was entering her was unmatched by any previous session. As she heard Damien grunt, Alyssa felt his cock exploding in her rear body. The girl wasn’t sure that there were cum stains in it, but she didn’t want to take the risk of looking. As the maester’s boney fingers started to investigate the inside of her genitals, Alyssa felt the cum slowly dripping out of her anus.

Just a Girl

anal Frank_Lee 2018-11-27

She kept hoping he’d push his finger inside, but every time he started rubbing or sucking on her clit she couldn’t think of anything else. She barely realized she was rubbing her slit as she gazed at his rigid cock standing tall again between his legs until he started stroking his shaft and told her how much he loved watching her touch her pussy. The top of his shaft already had traces of wet from the way she’d been rubbing her pussy on him, but she rubbed more oil over his cock and balls than he’d ever need to fuck her ass.

Temp Job

anal nickitaylor 2018-11-22

Well, the queue kept on growing and the baristas were working as fast as they could, but, as it happened, Larry and my drinks came up at about the same time. Larry went to a sink and filled it with water, then started dabbing at the coffee stains on his shirt. He held my head in his hands, and started to gently rock back and forth, like he was fucking my mouth. Larry's rocking became more of a thrusting, and I was gagging on his cock--it really was huge, and it even felt like it was getting bigger. He leaned over me, his hands on my hips and whispered, "I am going to fuck your tight little arse."

When Love Comes To Town

anal RavenFox 2018-11-18

You think I have gotten weak?” Tadeo spun her around and kissed her, pressing his chest against the gentle swell of her young flesh. Tadeo released Aileen and allowed the thought of asking her father for permission to marry her to soften the erection that was straining against his jeans. Tadeo took Aileen into his arms and held her against his bare chest. I’m setting up on top of this sharp rock if you don’t come tell me where you want the tent, babe!” His grin was visible at a distance. It took a while, but Tadeo felt his cock soften and slowly slip from Aileen’s ass. “I love you, Tadeo, “ Aileen murmured against his lips as she kissed him.

Teen in the Castle -3- Teaching Alyssa

anal Spleen_Muse 2018-11-09

Not entirely sure why her dress would get in the way, if Martin wanted to kiss her pussy, Alyssa still took it off. Alyssa stroked his chest with her right hand, before going down to take hold of his cock. Gently pulling apart her buttcheeks with his right hand, gave Martin access to both her pussy and her tiny asshole. Since he had put the last piece of butter inside of Alyssa, Martin now had nothing to lubricate his cock with. Martin tried to use his right hand to spread her ass even more, as his left hand was wrapped around his cock, pushing it into Alyssa. The ass of Alyssa squeezed some of the liquid butter out off her body, along Martin’s cock as he kept going.

My Virgin arse

anal Roxanne 2018-11-06

Then some one climbed onto the table and I could feel a cock rub my juices and then begin to nudge forward and enter my pussy. Little did I know at that time I had six well hung guys all lined up ready to stick their cocks into my mouth each having a go at each end and changing when Alun stopped the music. Another cock was then pushing at my little arse, and he went in and out until he came. The competition had decided who was the first to fuck my virgin arse and who had sloppy seconds, dirty bastards but I was loving my birthday present. Alun then climbed the table and slowly inserted his cock into my now sore and sloppy arse.

Claiming the Rear Entrance

anal AlexaFox 2018-11-04

Curious, I begin rubbing my foamy hands over my round ass cheeks in a circular motion until my wandering wet fingers are pressing against my untouched rosebud. The picture sends my other hand to my clit where I begin slowly stroking it in lazy upward movements; my fingers exploring my back door start moving in the same motion. I feel one warm hand on the center of my back that pushes my upper body down forcing me rest my head on the pillow with my ass in the air. James starts pumping slowly in and out of my ass letting my tight ring adjust to his size but it doesn't take long before he surrenders to his own pleasure.

Losing It

anal HeraTeleia 2018-10-31

Allowing her a moment of control before abruptly taking her face in my hands and driving my engorged cockhead to the back of her mouth, forcing my entire shaft down her willing throat.  I ran the cool metal of the clamp around one dark, rose pink areola, teasing her as my free hand played with her sodden pussy, slippery beyond all knowing, soaked and slick as it was with her own arousal and my thick cum. I began pressing the bulb of my cock forward into her tight anus, just enough to force it open, holding firm, even as I felt her trying to move her hips, to shift herself onto me.

Still a Virgin?

anal meloout 2018-10-04

"Thanks, you definitely are looking good," Frank said moving a little closer to her. Nancy began to stroke Frank's cock and rubbed his balls until he started to moan. She took a step back and, with her hands on her hips, looked at Frank and still catching her breath said, "I like you a lot and I hate playing games. As his tongue moved back down the crack of her ass, Nancy slid her hand down to her pussy. Sue wondered what it would feel like having Frank's fingers in her butt. "Oh yeah fuck me," Nancy said as she moved her ass backwards to meet his cock.

International Relations Ch. 06

anal Ninjafish 2018-08-23

Juice from your sopping pussy covering your ass so with each thrust there is a wet slapping noise as my balls swing against your wet cheeks as my cock penetrates deep in your hot cunt. Your upper body now raised as high as your arms could manage to relieve the pressure of my hand still pulling your hair, each thrust of my cock into your ass coupled with an involuntary pull of your hair causing both pain and pleasure to be mixed before a second or so later another thrust repeats the feeling. My final thrust pushes you forward flattening you against the bed as I collapse on top of you still buried in your ass and still pumping cum from my cock into your body.


anal 2018-08-11

Girl-after-girl mounted Dick's rock-hard Cock and eased herself down onto his cock --slowly wedging the thick Penis up into her tight little hole, until slowly she felt the thin membrane of skin break, and with a scream of pain and pleasure, the girl would slip down onto his Cock with a splash of bl**d and Lube as she eased down into his penetrating Dick…and the rest of the girls crowding around "ooOOOhhed" and "aaAAHHHed" in sexual excitement, as they could see her ecstasy and pain to have the massive Schlong penetrating deep up into her guts.

She Gets Carried Away

anal IFSW 2018-08-09

His hands slid under the cheeks of my ass, opening them wider and lifting me up to be further inspected by Gareth - who was smoothing my juices all around my hot cunt and ass, using his fingers to prepare me. Gareth moved his hands back round to concentrate on my ass, starting with a very sharp slap on my right cheek which made me jump, he slid a finger from each hand back inside my ass and he began to move them apart! As he pushed his cock deeper and deeper again into my ass I could feel myself beginning the wave of my second cum, "Oh, oh, don't stop." I cried and he slapped my ass hard again leaving a hand print.

The Meadow

anal KaylaStephens 2018-07-23

He jerked once more and pushed, bringing her to stumble forward, pain alighting upon her scalp from his grip within her hair before he stepped behind her, letting her feel the hardness of his cock against her backside once more. She could feel every ridge and vein of him, throbbing in the burning sensation of her impaled body, her whimpers growing louder and louder as he started to withdraw, only to leave the head of his cock in the tightening muscles of her anus. A hand in her hair once more, jerking her head back as he moved before her, the water on his cock glistening in what little light there was.

Private School Phys Ed Ch. 01

anal Aphroderos69 2018-07-16

"Not today, Theresa, start climbing the ropes." I'm starting to get a hard on watching her and so I "go to the bathroom." When I come back I tell the girls to his the showers and get changed for their next class. She takes it off and I tell her to start sucking my eight inches of rock hard cock. I then slip my index finger in alongside the middle and start to stretch her virgin ass. I slide my member into her stretched, but tight ass and start slamming the shit out of her shitter. "OHH, yes, fuck me hard in the ass Mr. Jameson!!!" "Yes sir I LOVE your cock in my ass."

How It Started

anal Chris62 2018-07-15

I put her rock hard nipple and surrounds in my mouth gripping her breast with my right hand. "Oh yeah!" I grab the back Leanne's head and push my manhood deeper into her sweet, soft, warm mouth. Looking at Leanne beneath me, her legs spread, knees high by her side, beautifully framing her full breasts, nipples still keenly sharp, I lower my pulsing cock to her moist folds. I rub her rock hard nipple and suck her open mouth. Leanne senses that I am close, holds my cock and rubs its head on her clit and labia in a circular motion. She releases my softening cock and massages our love juice onto her breasts, gently inhaling to savor our pungent sex-scents, tweaking her own nipples.

Please Let Me Be Ch. 05

anal xattackx888 2018-07-14

The feeling of my throat moving against his hand made Marco smiled in a way that would make any girl want to run far and fast in the other direction. Marco's fingers slid out of my pussy and he turned my head to look at him with his other hand. The slick feeling of his tongue sliding against mine mimicked Master Jamal's cock in my pussy, "There you go." He murmured and tilted his head to take more of my mouth hostage. Marco pushed me forward until I rested against Master Jamal who started rocking me on his cock. Marco gripped my hair and hands, Master Jamal forced my hips up and down.

Breaking In Our New Trailer

anal analbabe 2018-07-09

"Babe, what are you doing?" he asked in a shaky voice as I squirted some lube on his ass. "Well if that hurt," I sneered, "how's this?" I grabbed his hips and slowly pushed the rest inside his ass. "See babe I told you," I smiled, "now take a deep breath and slowly let it out." As he did, I slowly pulled a little more out and pushed it back in. That fucking hurt, but that was the best cum I've ever had!" I yanked the rest of the strap on out of his ass and he shot jizz again. "Feel good baby?" I asked and went right back to rimming him. Please don't stop baby." He begged for more.

Carmen: You're a Virgin?

anal Donkeepuncher 2018-07-04

"Don't be scared girl, come sit that fine ass on my lap, Johnny said while he motioned Carmen to have a seat. "Damn, you're rock hard," Carmen said as she closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around Johnny's dick. Johnny got rock hard again and reached down to grab Carmen's hair and moved her head up and down his cock like a pro. "I'm going to show you how to really fuck a hoe like Carmen Johnny," Roberto said while he pulled carmen to her feet and instructed her to get on the couch in a doggy-style position. "Fuck yes I did, this bitch loves it in the pooper." Roberto started to slide his dick in and out of Carmen's ass.

A Little Fantasy

anal xPoisonx 2018-07-04

I link our fingers and press your hands back to the bed, gripping tightly as I cum, my hips still moving in an uneven rhythm as waves of pleasure wrack my body, causing my pussy to spasm around your cock. Bruising force grip my hips as you begin to thrust hard and deep into me over and over, I slip one hand underneath me and play with my clit, occasionally reaching to give your balls a fondle. Your thrusts are hard and rough inside me, I can feel the toy begin to slip from me and I reach down to press it back inside my pussy.

Cathy and Chris Ch. 06

anal Crazeems 2018-06-17

"Knees further apart," it growled and Cathy moved slightly "The virgin is prepared and in entry position," said the voice, "step forward and do your duty." While this had been going on he'd taken the opportunity to add more lube to his already slippery penis, and now he stepped up to the black satin covered bed with his knees resting against the mattress and placed hands on her buttocks, "Virgin, you are to receive the gift, prepare yourself." The music stopped, she grasped the satin sheets with both hands, while he levelled himself at the tiny pinky brown ring awaiting him.

Popping Kari's Anal Cherry

anal bbtp41 2018-06-11

Said his dick was made for pussy and didn't want anything to do with a freak like me," Kari sobbed. Where you going to find a guy to bang your eighteen year old ass," Javier says while sizing Kari up? Javier observes, "Where ya going to let him bang your ass, Kari? Kari shoots back, "I've always fantasized about being bent over the hood of a fine automobile while some guy I don't know pops my anal cherry." "I'm fucking the hell out of her shit hole, you ass," Dick adds. "You're really fucking the shit out of her ass, Dick," observes Javier. "Come on, Dick, pump that nutbutter into my ass and make me cummmmmm." Kari screams!

Laurie the Dirty Virgin

anal Olibauer 2018-06-08

I continued to eat her sweet pussy to a loud orgasm before she rolled over and moaned "okay, I need it now, I want you inside me." She jumped up and grabbed a bottle of lube from the bed and as she was squeezing the contents onto her hand she said, "just so you know, I've never had anything that big, you're gonna have to go really slow." The moan turned to a loud gasp as I gently pushed the tip in and felt the head of my dick slip into her arse. I continued to push forward a couple of inches until Laurie shouted "ah fuck that's big." I stopped and asked if she was okay and she moaned back "yes, ah, don't stop, just go slow."