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Wanna Bet? Ch. 06

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Moving his hips with her tongue, he could feel his dick getting rockhard as it brushed against the pile of pillows, and his ass swayed with her movements. As she got closer to her orgasm her strokes inside his ass got rougher, and her hands gripped his dick and balls, squeezing like she meant to milk him. The way the dildo invaded his ass made him gasp and jerk forwards, pressing her hand against his groin and pulling his balls away from his body. When she came, she fell forward and completely buried the dong in his ass, rubbing her body up in down with little movements and making the rubber bounce inside him.

Bet Your Bottom

anal RejectReality 2018-11-19

His grunts growing louder and hips trying to push his cock into her throat let her know he was close in a surprisingly short time. She’d made it through the two months – actually surprising herself a little – and in just a couple of minutes, she would be leaving the gas station with a full tank, making sure there was no way she could possibly lose. Gene growled as the toy came to life in his ass, and he throbbed in her mouth, pressing hard against her tongue. She put batteries into her vibrator in record time as Gene scooted over to the side of the bed and sat up, his cock rock hard and a loop of the control cord for the toy peeking out from beneath his balls.

Wanna Bet? Ch. 08

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-12

as he pressed the vibrator all the way in and started to fuck her ass with his finger she felt like she was stuff full. Kerry wanted to tense up as she felt his hands caress and grip her ass cheeks, but the vibrator was doing its work too well, she couldn't tense up for too long because of the way it buzzed inside her. Humping her backside, he ran his fingers over her back and down to her hips, trying to find the best placement for his hands; every thrust of his hips pressed the vibrator into her pussy along with his dick so that it was like there were two cocks each fucking one of her holes.

Bet Your Ass

anal Krazy35 2018-04-09

"Pete and in the ass." she stammered "I've never let anyone do that, and I'm NOT going to start with your disgusting brother." She folded her arms across her chest, gave Samantha a stern look and just shook her head. "It will be Pete and it will be in your ass." Samantha said "Remember our last bet, when you made me suck ancient Mr. Meacham's cock, right in the middle of the biology lab. This time when she broke the kiss she said "That was pretty damn good stud." and slowly pulled off his still softening cock letting it flop down on his belly then she climbed off the bed.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-01-08

He took off his shirt, got down on his knees in front of her and blew hot kisses through her panties, finally moving them over with his fingers and finding her hard clit with his tongue. He told her, between laps, that he was going to lick her ass, tongue-fucking her hole until her pussy spilled all over his fingers, and then he was going to lube her up and slide his cock in and out of her tight ass until she begged for more. When she came out in her robe, hair disheveled he told her he was going to fuck her ass again later and watched her eyebrows arch ever so slightly and her lips pucker unconsciously.

Stud Poker

anal Thrall_67 2017-11-20

She tried not to laugh as she watched her girlfriend from across the room, ridiculously flirt with the "cutey" who just stood there grinning from ear to ear, eyes moving up and down her front with obvious need. When she turned around her eyes locked with a young stud at the end of the table. "Since I don't see any chocolate on the table gentlemen and I doubt you would be interested in a game of Sex Poker, I guess I better head back to the living-room". She glanced quickly at her two, expression neutral, returning them to the table and waited while the Stud showed his cards to his friends.