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Ana dominated by a black neighbor

anal Anitaslut44 2018-12-04

On a warm Thursday, Ana told me she was very horny and willing to be fucked by one of our old neighbors, Jerome, a huge black man we had met for years. Anita grabbed the couch with both hands and moved over Jerome with each stroke of his cock in her wet stretched cunt. Ana moaned as he went deeper with his large fingers into her ass and continued to pump her with his hard cock in her wet cunt. He said smiling: “You will love my huge black cock in your ass, bitch”. Ana answered quickly taking Jerome`s cock and starting to suck his load into her mouth.

Watching Anita with two men

anal Anitaslut44 2018-12-03

Jamal reached out behind my wife and put his hands on her thighs as they looked at each other in the mirror; he started kissing her neck and moved his hands up to her breast, as she rubbed her ass against the huge bulge that could be seen inside his jeans. A few minutes later, he switched her on all fours and aimed his huge black cock into her wet pussy, as he played with her nice round tits, she slowly moved onto his cock and they started to get into a rhythm; she was already moaning quite loudly as the other man approached her with his thick cock in his hands. I guess she had at least one wild orgasm as she was ass fucked by Tom. The black man suddenly tensed and came silently inside Ana`s anus.

My ex, the Utah story

anal bananacock 2018-12-02

For as long as we'd know each other she always loved sucking my cock and she always did a great job no matter where we were, if it was a quickie or a long event or 'road head' on the way to dinner - she'd often suck me as we drove to a restaurant and take my cum in her mouth, her 'little appetizer' she called it. "I'm going to get on my knees and I want to feel your big cock right up my ass." She said. I jerked my cock to keep it hard and sat down right behind her, my fingers traced around her her ass hole and then, with one hand on each cheek I spread them and buried my face, licking her pussy and pulling that sweet pussy juice up to her ass and pushing the tip of my tongue progressively deeper into her.

Something New

anal Jonx 2018-12-02

As I dropped my hands on her ass, her head shot up and she looked back. "What's that?" she looked and saw the bottle on the bed next to me, "Oooohh, kinky!" She gave me a wicked grin, and then laid her head back down, closing her eyes. "Oh my God...." She whispered, turning back to look, wide-eyed, and began to push her ass back, swallowing my cock. I slid my cock inside her ass fully to the hilt, and kept it there as I reached around and grabbed her tits.

A Pleasant Surprise

anal Hottie24 2018-12-02

Brenden moaned deep in this throat as her sweet mouth closed over his pulsating dick, her tongue flicking over his head, lapping up his pre-cum before moving down the length of his shaft, her fingers reaching up to cup his heavy balls, her long nails lightly scraping over his balls and the base of his dick, sending waves of pleasure shooting through his body as he stiffened with the feeling of her hot wet mouth surrounding his cock. She moans and starts to finger her hot pussy, aching for climax as he rides her roughly, his thrusts deep and hard and uneven as he loses himself to the feel of her ass clenching against his dick, wringing the sensations from his body as his balls slap against the opening of her pussy.

My wife and her toys

anal BushBuns 2018-11-28

With the event of time people too became more open and respondent about porn sites and soon my mates were exchanging tips and even web addresses they had been to. As I got more familiar with the use of the internet and various sites, I discovered more and more alternative sexual tastes and appetites. It was like a child with a new toy: surprised, not quite sure what to do with it, but visibly intrigued and a knowing smirk lurking in those sweet green eyes. Through all this she even managed to shove my cock into her sweet pussy, along with the toy – riding my cock and the dildo at the same time, while fucking me in the arse!


Ana and a new client

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-28

Friday night after having wild sex, Ana confessed she had got a new black lover. After being fucked by that black man, Ana told me she had cut off several of the other guys she used to have sex with so she would be extra horny when Lukas came around. After the party went down and most of the people left the place, Lukas came up to me and told that he was ready to fuck all night long with my wife and that she would spend until daylight with him on his bed. Lukas came out from the bathroom, said good morning to me and explained that he had made a real mess of my wife's cunt again.


anal Delphi 2018-11-27

“My mother. “Your mother is an amazing artist.” His body weakened. “Yes, of course.” “You appreciate quality, and you are classy in every way I’ve come to expect in a man and in ways I’d never dreamed. His wife had never taken anything for granted, was as resolute about him getting a seat in politics as he was. Get on your knees.” It’s about you. “That was expensive couture!” It’s wrong.” His knees weakened. As if she could button up the memory of their time together, the sins they’d committed. Her lusty, sexual appeal was gone in favor of the cold and collected version of Tamara Coben, winner of the Congressional seat. “That seat is yours.”

Teaming up with Sonia

anal PaulWood 2018-11-27

The far end was an open door and I realised that it overlooked the boathouse just before Nancy pulled my shirt over my head and started sucking and biting my nipples.   “I want your tongue on my clit right now young man and stop teasing me or you will be sorry”   Being a good employee and the fact that I was fucking my boss's wife made my do as I was told. I hope you will allow me to show you the rest some other time.”   Jack turned to Sonia and said:   “Young lady I want to thank you for the company and look forward to seeing you at the office and discussing more of what you showed me tonight”   With that, they both left and moved back into the room through the doors.

Sharing Anita with a black guy

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-26

That Saturday morning, my loving Anita told me one of her regular lovers; a giant black guy named Marco; would come to pick up her; just to take her to his house and enjoy a good fuck session… When Marco showed up, Ana told him about her promise and then the guy came to me: "We will only be gone long enough to fuck". I saw her nice nipples were hard; then I asked if she was cold, but my loving wife replied it was just Marco’s fingers rubbing her pussy had her so horny. Suddenly Marco turned his head and called my name; inviting me to fuck my wife’s asshole, while he was stretching her wet sloppy cunt.

My First Anal Experience

anal Banes1 2018-11-25

After they were finished, Mindy took my hand, "It's time to clean you up, Larry." The three of us headed to the shower. Fuck Laurie's arse, she needs to cum." Mindy was now fucking her pussy with two fingers while rubbing her clit. "It's now your turn Larry, come with me." Mindy took my hand, leading me to the wall where Laurie had been standing. "You fucked my virgin arse yesterday, and Laurie's virgin arse today." Mindy took a soapy finger teasing my anal opening. "Oh God, I never thought it would feel this good!" Mindy moved her finger slowly as my arse got use to it. Mindy took her other hand and gently traced her fingers over my cheeks at the same time.

Getting wife to do me. (Chapter 1)

anal Vacheron58 2018-11-23

Also read about female masturbation with vibrators, dildos and the likes. And what I am about to tell you is my sexual life after this discovery of my "g" spot (prostate). And many times she just would go "how good hon, fuck me hard" and the likes. "Fill my cunt with that big dildo". She became a real slut in our bed. But one day I began telling her that I wanted to try anal sex and that the male "g" spot (the prostate) was a center of explosive sexual pleasure. It would bring me many opportunities to tell what was happening and to give you all an opportunity to comment or to be sexually exited.  We, my wife and I, fuck each other constantly and we, many times, have her three holes filled and my one hole filled.

Watchin Anita fucking a BBC

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-21

I found out that my sweet wife Anita loved to be fucked by big black cocks, but still she hesitated to confess it to me. My sweet wife had been locked with the black man inside the toilette and she had sucked his cock until he had filled her mouth with his semen. Ana smiled, telling me she was fucking horny and was wishing to have that black man’s cock deep inside her body. She must have felt against her body the large black cock she would get soon deep inside her pussy and ass. I watched this black man working over my wife; he used her body for his own pleasure, not caring about the cries or screaming coming from Anita's mouth.

In Dreamland

anal Cinner 2018-11-21

"Mmmmmmmm," the woman stirred slightly and sighed before snuggling back into the cool comfort of a dream that didn't need to end because she remembered, subconsciously, that it was still very early on Saturday morning. She cuddled up next to her husband, took his beautiful cock in her hand, weighed and measured its length and girth, stroked it gently, played with his precum, spreading it gently over the smooth hard helmet. a little hard to sleep....with a cock in your ass but if that is what you I come....aaaaahhhhhhhhh far up, and I'm rubbing your clit with my hand!" Vincent," the woman groaned when her husband responded in just the way she liked to her exhortations to fuck her hard.

Wife & The Doctor

anal bava12 2018-11-20

After some small talk, he pointed to the gown provided by the clinic and told my wife that she could change into the gown if she wanted to, or she could just keep her street clothes on if she was more comfortable that way. After a couple of days, my wife called me at work one evening and excitedly told me that the doctor had called to tell her that her test results were normal. Just we she started serving dinner, he made her take off her blouse and bra and told her that he wanted to enjoy looking at her breasts for the rest of the evening.

MY MD Had A Eye On My Wife

anal bava12 2018-11-18

My wife wanted to turn around and face him but he held her facing away and started slowly grinding his groin into her butt while his hands were playing with her waist under her saree. MD said “Anjali you are very sexy and I want to enjoy you” and he quickly turned my wife around to face him and embraced her firmly in his arms and sealed her lips with his lips, drowning out her feeble protests. Last minute modesty was not going to save anything and my MD commanded her to leave his hand and open her legs and he mockingly told her “You bitch you were pretending to be so uptight but actually came prepared to be fucked by me today, didn’t you?.”

My Slut Wife and I Share a Hot Coed

anal porscha 2018-11-18

When Lauren asked her what she meant, Nicole told us that Steve only liked intercourse and getting blowjobs, but that he did not give her oral in return. Nicole was moaning like mad as I went back and forth between her sweet young pussy and her hard little clit. Nicole seemed to like the dirty talk and said, “Yes, it is a beautiful cock.” Lauren asked her if she wanted to suck my cock. Nicole replied, “Yes, please Michael, let me suck your cock.” When Lauren asked her if she swallowed cum, she said she had never done that before. Lauren started to tell Nicole about some of the sexual adventures that we had shared, including stories of how I had sucked the cocks of some of her lovers.

Emily's Ass Goes English

anal sallyhollister 2018-11-17

“So what happens when you get bored of Jack poking your ass?” she continued, “Is that when you’re going to go out and look for strange cock?” “You don’t understand,” Jack said dismissively ad I realised that I couldn’t let the moment slip. “Looks like you’re in luck, honey,” Jack said, “Seems Charlie here is something of an expert when it comes to screwing gal’s asses.” “You can take pussy from the back, so you can get anal from the front,” he answered, “Your previous anal lover obviously wasn’t very experienced.” He slid the head of his cock into my tight butt hole with almost no resistance. “Are you sure this is okay?” Anthony asked, “Caroline didn’t used to like me pounding her this hard, though I always wanted to.

I hosted a gang bang party for my wife.

anal woreout 2018-11-16

Out of the blue my wife said my pussy wants to be fucked raw. She said I want to be fucked by several guys over a period of several hours non stop. I told each guy that my wife asked that they save up their loads so they could fill her up with their seed. She said do you think the guys will want to fuck me? Sweetheart I said, a blind man would want to fuck you, you are that sexy. Right on time the door bell started ringing, after the first four guys came in and she noticed they where all black she gave me a sexy smile. I showed the guys into the bed room and offered up the blue pills and energy drinks.

Anita gangbanged in a storage room

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-15

I watched the first stranger spread my wife's cheeks and plunge into her pussy which just engulfed the huge cock on the first thrust. With little more warning, and with her ass now right there for the taking, the tall man pressed his cock up against her dark hole and pushed the head in easily. The other guy then inserted his hard cock in Ana’s asshole and finished off inside her, with my wife sitting at the edge of the table, and the guy standing there humping her, making her bounce her bottom on the table top each time he thrust into her. As she left the table one of my colleagues said: "Your wife is one sexy lady."

A Millionaire's Gardener

anal el_henke 2018-11-14

Her teeth bit her lower lip as her depraved mind pictured him lifting the skirt of her gown, pulling the bottom of her thong aside, plunging his massive cock all the way inside her pussy without a warning, and ravishing her body, making her scream until his steaming cum dripped from between her legs. It had been barely three years ago, when Jack had just finished his gardening school with the best possible grades at the age of nineteen, as Jonas and Faye discovered the potential of this young man. She bit her lower lip, and licked it afterwards, letting her train of thought race at full speed through her mind, now willing to try every possible way to attract young Jack's full attention.

Ana playing all night long

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-13

One of them, named Will, moved around to the side of the couch where my wife was leaning over and pulled out his giant black tool for her to suck on, while James continued to bang her. Then Will pulled out of her mouth and moved around to her now wide open pussy as James walked around and offered her his black snake for some more mouth action. James told her to open wide and with that dumped a load of cum in her mouth; at same time Will said he was about to fill her anus and let out a yell of pure pleasure as he filled Ana with his cum.

My Wife's Not So Secret Crush, Chapter Three

anal MissCarmelle 2018-11-12

Marie moans around my fingers in her mouth and I send a stinging slap to her arse. Marie begins to whimper with pleasure and I press a finger to her damp gusset. I tease her clit with pinches and she begins to pant before I slip my fingers inside her tightness. I drive harder as she pants and wriggles. Abruptly, I pull out and Marie casts a curious glance up as if to ask, why have you stopped? I lap at her until the knickers are sopping wet with saliva and her juices as Marie moans harder. Licking her rosebud as I stroke her clit, her breath hitches and I start to tongue fuck her sweet arse.

Wife does her husband (Chapter 3)

anal Vacheron58 2018-11-12

- Then finish whatever is that you are doing and bring Cleo home so that Anthony (wife's dildo)can fuck her as I please and the sooner you get here the sooner Cleo's week-end will start. As I was driving home, a lot of recent memories came vividly for me to think of how much my wife and I had progressed in our sex life with Cleopatra, Anthony, her pussy, and my cock. What began a long time ago with me exploring my sexual satisfaction exciting my prostate and using dildos on my ass turned out to be a whole new world of sexual excitement and pleasure. I felt Anthony with Cleo's lips, that by now after so many of these adventures, could recognize Anthony moving in and providing a lot of sexual feelings coming from the many nerve endings on Cleo's lips/mouth (sphincter).