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Dehradun To Mumbai – Male e****t

anal bava12 2018-11-18

And now she took off my shirt and started lick my body from up to down and finger and toes every were and I was licking her ear lobes it make them more and more excited and she finally came to my tool and starts licking the top cap of my tool with her tongue and slowly massaging my ball like she was hungry for this from several years and start jerking it hard in her mouth for 20 minutes and I came in her mouth and serious she drank that and loved it.

My Weekend with Orin Pt. 02

anal ThorOdinson 2018-09-13

Orin looked beautiful, long blond hair brushed to one side, her glasses perfectly framing her soft face, I couldn't help but steal glances at her tits, remembering their firmness under my hands from the night before. I reached around again, grabbing and squeezing her round ass, lowering my mouth to suck on her tit, which she promptly cupped with her hand, giving me better access. Orin wrapped her legs around my waist as I began to plow into her pussy, Her hips and ass bouncing off the wall with each thrust. Orin was screaming in pleasure as I reached around with my free hand, my fingers locating her pussy as I flicked and played with her clit while I continued my assault on her ass.

One litle fantasy..

anal bassen1978 2018-07-05

you feel my tongue while I enjoy your juices and not crazy Mmmmm but is far from juicy enough of bling .... hours after begging you now on break, just a little while you hear I start some things ..... My eyes look deep in your while I then flashes a few times you are exactly in the state I want you to now see my eyes shines RAYS irresistible of all the HOTTEST thing in the most wonderful jobs of untested challenges were you unimaginable because now IMAGINATION to my personal proof of a wild fight female fountains are truly been turned ON and horny sick ready to live out my chronic SEX disorder is ❕❕❕

Church Lady

anal funkeymonkey469 2018-02-17

The eavestrough job turned into fixing several things around the place and at one point she invited me in for some iced tea. We sat talking for a while as we sipped our tea and at last I said, "Well, if there's nothing else, I should be on my way." "There is one thing" she said, "but I don't quite know how to ask you about it". "Well" she said; "you know that my late husband has been gone for over a year now, and to be quite honest, for the last ten years of our marriage we slept in seperate rooms. "I know this may sound too forward, but would you like to make love to me?" "Are you absolutely sure that's what you want?" I asked her.

Wild Wild Beach

anal 2017-11-04

She went from the bottom to my neck and in the end she started working my now fully erect cock. As I entered her she clenched her legs around my waist I slightly laid my upper body on hers and we started kissing as I was pounding her. I was fucking her harder and harder, she started scratching my back, then she squeezed my buttock trying to push me even deeper inside her. As I began to feel that I’ll climax soon her pussy started squeezing my cock harder and harder. I gathered with my hand the blend of sperm and her juices that were still running out of her vagina and lubricated with it my cock and her ass and started fucking her behind.