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Black College Football Players

anal Samuelx 2018-11-10

Just a good-looking Black man with lots of money and time on his hands. It was at a game that I met this woman named Katherine Dutch. I couldn't believe how wild this woman was. She was screaming loud enough to wake the dead as I thrust deeply into her, filling her snatch with my cock. Holding onto her hips firmly, I thrust my cock deep into her ass. Katherine was going buck-wild, thrashing and screaming as I took her. We fucked and sucked like this for some time, then I finally came. It was the first time that I hooked up with a woman that wild, that's for damn sure. It was also my first time having anal sex with a woman.

Skinny Jeans

anal Ping 2018-07-31

He was a good looking young man whose toned body was nicely squeezed into his jeans. She walked quickly, with the young man in tow, and headed straight toward the empty change room. With mirrors on all the walls including the back of the changing room door, she turned her back to Jonathon, leaned forward, and placed her hands on the mirrored door, leaving greasy hand prints at the top corners. She used the mirror angles to her advantage so she could watch the large cocked young man stretch open her rear. “Okay Jonathon, it’s time to fuck this old lady’s fat ass!” Jonathon felt her ass clench as the lady’s breathing changed, becoming labored and intermittent.

Mrs. Peavy

anal USMC03 2018-07-14

Mrs.Peavy was my buddy's mom. Mary Peavy was about 10 years younger than her husband. Mrs.Peavy took care of me and got me home. I came down stairs and Mrs.Peavy and mom were at the table. I followed Mrs.Peavy to the bed, my mouth covering her mouth in a passionate lip embrace. The snap and the zipper were down.Before I could hardly move my jeans were off and Mrs.Peavy had her red lips over my cock. I put my legs between Mrs.Peavy's and spread wide. Fucking my best buddies mom hard up the ass. Mrs. Peavy was cumming and cumming hard. I spent the rest of the day in her marriage bed, making love to Mrs.Peavy. My little girlfriends could not compete with Mrs.Mary Peavy.

Night of the Fire

anal baster123 2018-06-28

I went behind her and started to rub her ass. When she saw me following her she told me she was going to change and asked me to not come in. Then I put my hands on her ass cheeks and started to rub them. She was moaning a lot, but I stopped touching her pussy cause I wanted to fuck her in her ass. She started to quicken the pace, trying to make me cum, so I grabbed her hair and was pushing it against my cock. I told her it was my turn to give her some pleasure and I bent her over and stuck my cock in her ass.

Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 09

anal shanti2010 2018-06-15

After finding his bulging cock with her right hand, Shanti pressed her lips hard against Karan's and offered him an intoxicating kiss, her left arm around his back. As the two swapped tongues in a series of heated kisses, Shanti's right hand was already pumping and frigging away at Karan's enlarged cock, through his slacks. Her right hand trapped between their pressed bodies, Shanti could feel Karan's cock bulging against her abdomen as she kept squeezing and pumping away at it. Shanti's right hand continued to grind away upon Karan's cock, as both of his hands kept up the squeeze-assault upon her magnificent ass. "OH YEAH..." the 25-year-old man groaned, as Shanti took hold of his cock with her right hand and gave it a squeeze.

Beach Walk

anal Fullmoonfever 2018-06-05

I'd never been with a woman that much older than me, but I loved her soft ample body, plump thighs, still-perky breasts with big, brown nipples, and her plush round ass. One of Cindy's biggest turn-ons is having her ass licked and knowing the taste is fueling my lust. "Mmmmm, that5 felt nice," she said as I lovingly gave her wet, slightly open asshole one last lick and kiss. "Mmmm, that tasted nice," I said, reaching to pull up her panties and noticing a thin brown mark on the fabric that had been resting against her asshole. Moaning and purring with enjoyment, she licked the bulging head and glistening shaft, kissed my balls, flicked her tongue under them to tease my asshole and then took my cock in her mouth.

Thanks to the Army

anal battleaxe_babe 2018-05-27

I licked his lips, pushing my tongue in his mouth, both his hands closed on my waist and moving down on my ass, feeling the smooth roundness. He was so hard and I was so wet, with a hand still on his cock I stood and slid two fingers in my cunt, getting them all wet, then offered them to him, smiling as he enjoyed licking my juices off my fingers. His cock was so hard I knew he was close, and I was too, wildly rubbing my fingers on my pussy, I moved together with his blows and screamed my pleasure as I came splashing my juices on his balls.

The Boss Gets Her Groove Back

anal Leezy 2018-05-22

He was startled and he looked like a kid that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He lifted his head and made eye contact and said "I want to fuck you now." I felt like I was dangerously close to ripping or tearing wide open and then I would have the embarrassment of explaining it to an Emergency Room doctor. I sprawled face-down over the back of the couch with my face on the seat cushions and my butt in the air, and John stood behind me and shoved his stiff cock up my ass. John seemed to enjoy the role-playing once in a while, but mostly he just wanted to fuck me deeply up the ass.

Anal Neighbour

anal geronimo_appleby 2018-05-22

I looked down at her and saw her cheeks bulge as the big domed cock head distorted her face and I pushed my fingers through Leonora's thick, blonde hair to push more of my cock into her mouth. I pushed my cock against Leonora's body and felt her heat as an inch or two slid inside. God it feels good to have a young cock inside me; I love fucking young men.' Fuck me in my arse.' Leonora was frantic now and after a couple of tugs on my cock I simply pushed the head of it up against Leonora's brown hole and pushed. 'Now, fuck my arse, pound me; come on.' Leonora pushed again and this time I reacted.

Lovely Linda's Back Door

anal TSpank61 2018-04-29

She smiled brightly and then took my hard cock into her mouth, licking around the head with her long tongue. "Move lower and massage my ass, sweetie," Linda said. As I gently fucked her ass with two fingers, Linda brought her knees under her until she was on her hands and knees. I increased the pace and force of my finger strokes, bringing Linda even more pleasure. Linda gasped, "Wait a second sweetie, let me get used to it for a minute." I kept my cock still and just enjoyed the feel of her ass surrounding my cock. I finally could take no more and grabbed Linda's hips and fucked her ass as hard as I could!

'Extra' Coaching

anal bbw4youngercocks1 2018-04-28

The young man who coached Darcy's class - who introduced himself as Jason - appeared to be in his mid to late twenties. In spite of Jason being much younger than she with a well-muscled hot body and his expert mouth working such wonders on both her holes that she had multiple orgasms, Darcy was concerned about getting pregnant by a man who was still practically a stranger, and it was unlikely he carried condoms to swim class. When she begged him to fuck her faster, Jason picked up the tempo of pumping in and out of Darcy's ass. She thought of Jason and his thick, hard cock and how it felt when he slammed his entire length in and out of her asshole.

Friend with Benefits

anal Jada59 2018-03-10

Once inside, I slammed the door, pushed him up against it, yanked his shorts down, fell to my knees and began sucking him as hard as I could, taking deep mouthfuls of his beautiful cock. I kept his soft cock inside of me as gently as I could as I lovingly ran my hands up and down his naked body. He moaned rather loudly and I felt his cock pressing against me back there as his hands slithered around and underneath me so that his fingers could invade my pussy and torment my clit at the same time. I felt what was left of his hot cum, flooding deeply into me and he whimpered slightly as his now limp cock sort of plopped out of me.

Butt Crack at the Library

anal rdm3456 2018-02-24

At this point I started panicking a little – if anyone looked at my pants they would see the tent that my cock had made. She seemed puzzled by how close together we were sitting, and when she saw three inches of the lady's ass proudly hanging out for the public, her eyes looked like they would pop out of her head. While balancing her ass on my cock, the lady moved towards the crack of the stall and looked out. Her face looked like a glazed donut, but she had no choice but to walk to the women's washroom, which was at the other end of her library.

Gina Ch. 06

anal Tommy1982 2018-02-22

It looked so delicious lying just a foot from my face, and remembering how Gina had licked my ass I knew I had to taste hers. Gina had let her upper body rest on her shoulders and gripped her asscheeks, pulling them apart as far as she could to give my tongue better access. I gave a hard push and had my dick in Gina's ass for the first time. I looked into Gina's eyes as I pushed my cock into her ass, and her eyeballs rolled back into her head as she sighed. I pushed my cock all the way into her ass, and laid there listening to her breathing as my hands gently stroked her tits, while she drifted off to sleep.

Lust For Ass

anal VeryDirtyMind 2018-01-12

"You're a real ass man, aren't you Mike?" Roberta had asked back at the bar after I kept pawing at her rump. She came in about a minute, the combination of my tongue up her ass and half of my hand in her pussy causing her to squeal like a pig, and then I was getting up and dropping my pants and underwear. I enjoy seeing the woman's gaping anus after I pull out, but the dim light wasn't enough for me to get a good look into her hole, so I pulled up my pants and helped Roberta get her slacks back on like a gentleman.

Shanti's Sexual Exploits Ch. 08

anal shanti2010 2018-01-08

I had my legs crossed behind his back and every time he rammed his prick up my snatch, my ass raised up off the bed, my knees bending and my cunt gaping open wetly. My hot thighs were clamped around his pumping hips and my ass was coming up off the bed faster and faster, my entire body straining as I tried to take his mammoth cock still deeper up my snatch. Fucking me still harder, he kept ramming-his shooting prick as far up my cunt as he could get it, pumping all his hot jism into my pulsating snatch. Sriram finally got up off me with a weary groan and pulled his huge cock out of my snatch, a last dribble of cum spurting from his prick and landing on my bare thigh.

Carmen: Butt Slut Brand Lube

anal Donkeepuncher 2017-12-13

She told me about how she lost her virginity, the first time she got butt fucked, how she sucked her supervisor's cock once and other hot stories that had me beating the cum out of my dick at night. I placed the head of my dick right up against her opening and rammed about six inches up her incredibly tight ass. "It's cool, you got some big balls to just shove it in like that." Carmen said as she was trying to recover from getting her asshole opened up so harshly. "Fuck bitch your tight, let me see how far I can go." I pushed hard and got all ten inches of my dong in Carmen's pooper. "Yeah Jeff fuck that ass, shit, your dick is so fucking huge," Carmen moaned.

Duplex Ch. 07

anal naughtyboyincali 2017-11-29

"Jason, right now she has a story where she's totally innocent," Mary said, "so if she becomes part of the story, one of the kinky participants, she's not going to want to gossip about your little spankings." I was about to say something to that effect when I felt her arm tighten around my chest, holding me to her, and then the finger of her other hand reaching down to slide in between my cheeks and stroke my anus. Crawling up between her legs, I spread her cheeks with my hands, put my face right in her crack, and slide my tongue into that little pink ring.

Facebook Anal

anal Asslvr84 2017-11-28

This time when he felt my pussy clenching and (I'm sure) tasted my juices, when he could feel me ready to cum, he took me all the way to ecstasy. "That's it mama, let me look at you just like this..." We were fucking, yeah we were straight up fucking but in that moment, when our eyes met and our desire was obvious, it felt like something more -- exactly what I needed to reach my true pleasure. Yes he made a believer out of me -- for someone that could only cum by riding dick or having my pussy eaten out, I now knew the pleasures of having my ass licked (and licked and licked -- lol) and exactly how good it feels when your man takes his time to fuck you right!

Getting Caught Isn't All Bad

anal awayne31 2017-11-17

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Mrs. Marek turn around and kneel on the couch, pushing her ass out like the girl on the screen as she continued to rub at her pussy. Do that to me and fuck me in the ass!" I watched and I saw him rubbing his cock head over the girl's pussy, sliding it up and back over her puckered ass, making it very wet and slippery just before pushing his cock in deep. Mrs. Marek's head was turned to the side so she could watch the porn while she fingered herself and I pounded my cock in and out of her ass.