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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Anal Anxiety (Part One)

anal Cyndy 2018-01-14

We supply cocktails and some snacks.” Jen continued, “You can use and keep any toys or lubes that you need for the night from our store.” Still with my eyes closed, I pictured Jimmy kneeling behind me, with his hands firmly grasping my hips and his cock slowly penetrating my ass. “Baby,” Jimmy growled, “I want to cum in your ass.” While Jimmy pulled his cock out, he went from gripping my ass to rubbing it. “After all, when it comes to fucking your ass, I think my cock gets the biggest and hardest it ever gets, so I definitely will be up for it!” As Jimmy's tongue went to work, all I could think of was the adventure that lay ahead!

Real Women Prefer Anal Sex

anal Samuelx 2018-01-14

For female student-athletes, they have Women's Intercollegiate Basketnall, Fencing, Softball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Bowling, Pistol, Cross Country, Rowing, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Track, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis, Nordic Skiing, Golf, Rifle and Water Polo. The owner of that special cock is James Wilfred, a tall, good-looking young black man who's a member of the Woburn University Football team. Behind me, with his big hands on my hips and his cock drilling into my spread butt cheeks is Jason Teney, of the Men's Basketball team. I cannot begin to describe how incredible it feels to have two sexy black studs bury their cocks in both my love holes at the same time.

Tina's Boyfriend

anal fetishdoll 2018-01-14

“I just want to know why a pretty little thing like you would walk around the house in only your panties? He takes my hand and puts it on his cock and then he says, “Here is what I got waitin’ for you whenever you decide you want it!” He laughs and walks out of the room. But somewhere inside is the girl who knows this is wrong and she makes her way up just long enough to say, "We...we should stop." But my hands never leave his cock. I just think about how wonderful it feels to have my hands on his ass and his cock down deep, and I mean deep inside me.

Fat Men Love Anal Sex Too

anal Samuelx 2018-01-14

I've seen my brother walking around with some tall, large, kind of ugly women and I know he's only with them because they like it up the ass. The fat White male, rather than stick up for his own gender like a real man should, agreed with the bitches. The fat bastard's eyes lit up when he heard that I liked big men. Punishing this fat bastard for being a weak man who kowtows to the man-hating bitches who seemed to run this country and openly bashes his fellow man just to get the approval of some very stupid and wicked women. I've fucked lots of guys in the ass and the big men usually have the tightest assholes. Taking such a large cock in my ass wasn't easy, even for a strong Black woman and Amazon like myself.

Brockton BBWs Love Anal Too

anal Samuelx 2018-01-14

Wilma lived on the east side of Brockton, not far from the community college. Wilma eagerly took my cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. Man, this plump black chick with the big booty from hell really knew how to suck dick. Wilma stopped sucking my dick for a moment and began licking my balls. Wilma seemed to take to ass licking like a cat takes to hunting mice. I laid Wilma on the carpeted floor, spread her plump thighs and went to work on her snatch. I love the sensation of a tight ass around my cock and it doesn't matter to me if it belongs to a male or a female. I pulled my cock almost all the way out of Wilma's ass.

Black BBW With Strap On

anal Samuelx 2018-01-14

Kristen lay on her back, legs spread and began to finger and lick her pussy. Kristen's hole hungrily swallowed my cock and she pushed back against me, driving me deeper inside her. My dick had just been up her ass and the big woman was sucking on it! Kristen was sucking on my dick and I was loving it. She sucked my cock while thrusting two of her thick fingers up my asshole. Having a dildo up my ass hurt a bit but she had greased me up nicely and was sucking my cock while fucking me. One time, she greased my ass and shoved a dildo up my hole.


Anal Cherry

anal SassySue1617 2018-01-14

I looked at my body in the mirror and brushed my breasts until the nipples went rigid; the shower was hot and I entered the steaming chamber. When I was ready for another insertion, Jessie touched the tip of the enema bottle and squeezed it, forcing the liquid into my anal cavity. Jessie pushed the entire length of the shaft into my rectum and I felt a rush as I came instantly; my pussy twitched for the heat and the girl cum ran down my thighs. Jessie was the woman who, just a short while ago, postponed her pleasure in order to provide me the pure carnal service and took my anal virginity away.

Ass Fucking My Wife's Best Friend: Part 3

anal ByronLord 2018-01-14

Other than restaurants, the only notable trip was to a sex shop where I bought Lena a second butt plug to match the one she gave Eve. The two women would wear them round the house together, a constant reminder of the next sex session they were preparing for. Sue and I started French kissing on the couch while Ian took my wife and Lena to the bed. With this change of position I could see Ian fucking Eve while she 69'ed Lena. Over my shoulder I could see Ian fucking Lena on her back while Eve's hand worked underneath. I had already fucked Sue in the front and back and Ian had fucked Eve and was working on Lena.

Five big black cocks for me again

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

One of them was named Jones, who had a monster black cock so huge that I could not stand him in my asshole during that gangbang. Jones had a real huge monster black cock and he told me he could not stay away from my sweet pussy. Soon I heard myself begging him to fuck me; so, he rose up and placed my ass on the edge of the bed and worked the head of his huge black dick into my now swollen cunt. I squirmed around and wildly licked that huge black cock, as I was pushing hard at the black old man fucking my cunt from behind. "Please!, split me open with that monster black cock, fuck me in the ass, I beg you…”

I Bet Your Girlfriend Never Did That....

anal Assman 2018-01-14

I couldn’t ever understand why, but since the first time I saw a porno with a guy stroking his dick with a girl’s asshole, I’ve wanted to do it. “E, WAIT!” “What’s up Ms. Diamond?” “Listen, I kind of need a huge favor.” “Okaaaayyyy, What do you need?” “Well, this is going to sound really crazy and I swear to you it’s not a scam or anything like that, but I’m actually supposed to be filming a hardcore scene right now. The entire 5 minute drive to the motel room I was asking myself, “What the fuck am I doing?” I almost turned around 10 times but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I love breakfast in bed

anal enjoysex52 2018-01-14

As I sucked on her tits, she placed her hands on the back of my head and teasingly asked, “I thought you were too hungry to wait?” and gently pushed me towards her pussy. I reach around with my right hand and used my index and middle fingers to open her lips a bit so I could suck one side of her cunt folds into my mouth at a time and slid my tongue up her moist cunt. I would alternate this fuckin motion and taking long licks to her clit and gently suck it into my mouth as I rubbed her stomach with my hand.

Youngsville Part 2

anal drfleisch 2018-01-14

I kept watching this little girl fuck her ass with her hand and the horses seemed to enjoy the show too. “I’m Eric, I just moved into the cottage on the farm,” I said as I slowly fingered her asshole. So far it was Gina, mother of the girls on the farm and owner of the ranch,Jill, the cook who controlled the kitchen, Sandra, a horse lover who spent all her time with the animals, and Catherina, the religious girl who I had spent a lovely afternoon with in the stable. It felt like an honor dining with these beautiful girls and my thoughts easily drifted away when I looked at Catherina.

My Last Fantasy: I Wish I were Marcos Part II

anal marcosurbina 2018-01-14

He got disappointed at realizing only less than half the bulbous cock head had pierced into Raquel while she was already feeling a pain compared to that when she had lost her virginity many year ago to her husband, yet this pain had added to boost her wish and fancy to be penetrated right away; she pushed backwards to assist him and the rod to enter her more. Her favorite sex position was riding on top and, as feeling she was about to cum again, Marcos pushed her aside on the bed, got her ass in the air and started to lick the butthole and asscheeks, at the same time, stroking her clit.

First Time Anal

anal allfours 2018-01-14

Look, she seems to be enjoying it," I said, pointing to the tv screen where a lovely blonde girl was squealing and moaning with delight as she slid up and down a large, well veined cock. Slowly, I started to push my dick a little deeper each time, so it was a while before I finally managed to slide the entire seven inches of my cock into her ass, and Mel helped by reaching back to spread her ass cheeks wider. I could feel the need to explode building in my balls as Mel started to push back into me a little, so I went hell for leather, slamming my cock hard into my girlfriend's arse.

Up the Chimney

anal RejectReality 2018-01-14

Santa opened his bag and reached inside, pulling out an envelope and a gift-wrapped box. “I think Santa likes this better than milk and cookies,” he said when their lips parted, his gloved hands sliding down to her bottom. After a final, hard suck that pulled her nipple out and let it snap back, setting her breast to jiggling, he turned her back toward the bed. His fingers had moved to tickle her clit by the time she had the toy in hand, and he gave his cock a squeeze through the Santa pants. Gina squealed as the toy hummed to life in her ass and his tongue went to work on her pussy.

The Favor

anal JuicynSweet00 2018-01-14

With a choked groan, Rob pushed deep into Anna's ass and came, feeling her squeeze his cock as she cried out with her own orgasm. I want to watch your face as I fuck you." Rob smiled and knelt between Anna's legs, running a finger from her glistening slit down to her asshole. Feeling her muscles ripple around his cock as she came pushed Rob over, too; he spurted deep inside Anna's ass, rolling off to the side afterwards and pulling her close. That's okay, I'm ready to watch you take another man's cock up your ass...and I'm sure Luke is more than ready to get inside your tight little hole." Rob sat beside her.

Saudi Women Need Anal Too!

anal Samuelx 2018-01-14

The tall, dark and handsome young Ethiopian-Canadian became Hanifa Suleiman's friend and guide in the complex and at times treacherous world of Ottawa, Ontario. The Arab students at Carleton University were surprised to see a Black man walking around with an Arab woman, and they were even more shocked when they found out Hanifa Suleiman came from Saudi Arabia. Like a true gentleman, Meles was mindful of the lady's wishes and fucked her as hard as he could, ramming his dick up Hanifa's ass until the vise-like pressure on his cock caused him to cum for the second time that night. This time, Hanifa's screams mingled with Meles's, as the two lovers parted, he pulled his dick from her ass, and they collapsed, exhausted, on a bed soaked with their juices.


Into Temptation

anal tadgh64 2018-01-14

You stroke it slowly, running your fingers over the head, spreading the precum along the skin of the shaft, making an erotic squishing sound as you move your hand. You close your eyes enjoying the sensation, while you hold my cock and balls with your hand as I slowly thrust against you. I rub slowly along your pussy, feeling its wetness, parting your lips with the head of my cock. Pushing gently, I feel your anus part slowly as the head of my cock pushes into your extra tight ass. My cock in your ass, I can feel the pleasure build in you even more acutely than when in your pussy.

Drunk Samantha

anal Goldeniangel 2018-01-14

Sober Samantha would never be able to admit that she'd goaded her girlfriends into shots tonight specifically because she hadn't been able to stop thinking about what it would be like for her husband to finally take her anal virginity, to finally push his cock into the tiny hole he'd explored with fingers and tongue the last couple of times she'd been drunk and willing to be talked into perversion. "Oh fuck yeah, baby, that's so hot," Nicholas said in a husky voice, and Samantha squirmed as he pulled his finger almost all the way out so that he could add a second digit to the invasion.


Freshman Girl

anal DamonX 2018-01-14

Hearing such a nasty word coming from Nicole's innocent little mouth turned me on even more and I continued eating her tight young pussy with renewed passion, sliding a couple fingers inside her. Nicole squealed at the feeling of my tongue in her ass, but was soon moaning as I began tongue fucking her tight little butt hole. I then applied the slippery substance to my throbbing cock as I leaned over and gave Nicole's ass some more lube of my own by giving her a long wet lick over her tight little hole. I'm fucking your tight little asshole!" Profanity began to spew forth from my mouth as I watched Nicole's eighteen year old butt hole swallow up more and more of my dick with each thrust.

Pick Up Lines I

anal Jeenawill 2018-01-14

Having partially opened the drapes, I took my drink and jacket out on the balcony and turned a chair next to the small round table so that it faced into the room. Jeena took his dick out, kissed the head, and slid it into her mouth as she started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants. After several minutes of this she looked back over her right shoulder (thus allowing me to hear) and using her patent pending evil grim said “you can stick it up my ass if you want to”. She slid down his body, took his half erect cock in her right hand, and stuck it in her mouth.

A Black Superman in America

anal Samuelx 2018-01-14

I'm a freelance writer for the infamous newspaper called the Boston Universal, and I'm also a student at the Boston Metropolitan Institute, or BMI, a four-year, all-male private school. The Boston Metropolitan Institute routinely beats the living daylights out of schools like Bridgewater State College, Curry College and Lasell College in all sports. The woman in question was Carol Smith, a bitch I met at Club Axel in downtown Boston. I had her face down and ass up, my hand clamped over her mouth while my dick was buried so far up her asshole that you couldn't tell where she ended and I began. Carol shook her fat ass, telling me that she couldn't wait to get fucked.


Anal Sex Made Her Lose Weight

anal Samuelx 2018-01-14

Hector the sexy black stud had been checking out my fat ass for a long time. Black men like females with fat asses. Damn, the sexy black stud had a big dick. Hey, I am an experienced cock sucker but it's not every day that I get to suck on a dick that big. I like sucking big black cocks and drinking their cum. I give black men all the pussy and ass they want plus no drama, and they give a taste of their black cocks. I gasped as Hector's big black cock slid into my asshole. I've been fucked in the ass before but never by such a big cock. It's moments like these which made me love the black cock.


Amy's Aruban Encore

anal EricandAmy 2018-01-14

Her white string bikini highlighted her firm body beautifully as she eased her way back up the pool steps and she gave Eric a long devilish look as she toweled herself off. Amy tipped the masseuse well and strolled back to the room, totally relaxed from her massage. Eric stroked up and down on Amy's throat while clutching her from behind, as his other hand rode up and down her groin with his middle finger riding back and forth in her little slit. Eric paired two soapy fingers and slid them down Amy's ass crack until he found his target. Eric placed the head of his cock at Amy's back door and slowly pressed into her. A tiny little bad girl like you needs a thick cock buried in her ass."