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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Steamy Sex

anal SexyGamerexy 2018-03-04

Kate slowly started washing her hair and body, laying back in the bath and relaxing, letting the hot water, loving smells from the shampoo and shower gel slowly take over her senses. He layed on the bed, his head hovering above her pussy, and she watched as his tongue extended and teasingly licked her dripping pussy, her head fell back and her eyes closed as she moaned, her feet resting either side of his head, on his manly shoulders. He lewdly spread her arse cheeks and attacked at her arsehole with his tongue, flicking and prodding at it till he turned his tongue rigid and stiff and started quickly fucking her arse, her hips pushing her arse back into his face as she pulled and grabbed at the sheets, her moans rising louder and louder.

My wife loves to show off her little ass

anal marcosurbina 2018-03-04

Ruben stood off the sofa,  looked back at me like if I  was going to object,  walked straight to my wife and put  his mouth to her ass,  taking over.   The other guy moved up to Marcela's  and ate her mouth with a  kiss, which she  corresponded willingly by throwing out her tongue.  She was staring at him in such a way she looked as a demanding woman, begging for a big dick inside her mouth now.  I can't explain how she ate and swallowed such big dick desperately.  I couldn't believe my eyes sitting on a chair watchng this  scene while jerking off.

Watchin Anita fucking a BBC

anal Anitaslut44 2018-03-04

I found out that my sweet wife Anita loved to be fucked by big black cocks, but still she hesitated to confess it to me. My sweet wife had been locked with the black man inside the toilette and she had sucked his cock until he had filled her mouth with his semen. Ana smiled, telling me she was fucking horny and was wishing to have that black man’s cock deep inside her body. She must have felt against her body the large black cock she would get soon deep inside her pussy and ass. I watched this black man working over my wife; he used her body for his own pleasure, not caring about the cries or screaming coming from Anita's mouth.

Boyfriend Gets a Good Surprise

anal kiyasconett 2018-03-04

She began rubbing at her pussy gently, but Thomas pulled her hand away. Fuck my tight pussy,” she was speaking in short breaths and cupping her huge tits in her hands. “Yeah, Daddy, you like it when I talk dirty when I ride your big juicy cock?” She bit her lip sweetly and groaned at the suction cup noise they made when they separated his dick from her sweet pussy. Fuck me in the ass so hard until you cum, Daddy...” Finger my hot pussy and fuck my tight ass... Oh yes, Daddy!” She continued to moan and groan as Thomas thrust harder into her. Elissa actually screamed in pleasure when Thomas came into her ass.

A HOT Way To Pay A Debt

anal Sexxy_Delilah 2018-03-04

He told her to do the same to me, and she started licking and sucking my tits, while he played with my pussy. I got under him and started sucking his balls while he jerked his hard cock. I started eating her pussy, licking my tongue over her clit, and sliding it down to her tight hole. He told Kara to eat my pussy now, then he had me suck his cock and spit on it. He slammed his cock into my pussy…I wrapped my legs around him and Kara got behind him…she started licking his asshole and his balls as he fucked me. Then Kara fucked my ass with the vibrator and he made her lick every drop of cum out of my pussy.

Black Couple's Strapon Nights

anal Samuelx 2018-03-04

Black guys in the city of Ottawa don't notice beautiful Black women like myself. Well, I'm a coconut-coloured sister with naturally long Black hair, wide hips, a curvy body and a big, round ass. I finger my pussy as my sexy boyfriend fucks me in the ass with his gigantic Black cock. Luke fucks my ass until he cums, blasting his load deep inside of me. My sexy Black stud screams as I ram my dildo deep into his asshole. Yes, I am a Black woman who enjoys fucking her favourite Black man in the ass with her strap-on dildo. After giving Luke's ass a thorough fucking with my strap-on dildo, I kiss him passionately.


Surprise Waiting, ch. 2

anal tfrakes 2018-03-04

That kiss quickly turned passionate, and soon we were probing with tongues and groping with hands, and her pelvis was pushing against me, obviously trying to feel my cock. All too soon I started spraying inside her, and when Amie felt it, she arched her back, her head off the ground, her mouth wide open in a silent scream. “I think it feels really good!” I sawed the two fingers in and out several times, meanwhile adding some KY to the tip of my cock. I pulled back and this time pushed all the way, bottoming out with my balls slapping her cunt. The cloth sailed off the bed as Amie positioned herself between my legs and took my cock in her mouth.

The Sex Rehab Diaries: Brooklyn's Confession

anal Dancing_Doll 2018-03-04

He tongue fucked my ass with enthusiasm and skill, as I held my cheeks spread wide apart, letting his free hand work my wet pussy and clit at the same time. I tossed my mane of long dark hair and winked at him, as I slowly turned and slid the white panties down my long legs, so that he could enjoy the sight of the firm ass that he would soon be fucking again. I was furiously masturbating my clit as he lubed up his cock, before slowly sinking it deeply into my ass, as he looked down at me, half naked on the table, our eyes locked with a kind of lusty, primal passion.

Wife doing me . . . .(Chapter 2)

anal Vacheron58 2018-03-04

 The dildo caused Cleopatra to have an explosive orgasm because it was hitting that "g" spot that gave Cleo BIG cums. Cleo"s sexual desires were satisfied, big time, by the dildo and Cleopatra was enjoying her sex. I told my wife to see if we could create on Cleopatra an extended type orgasm trying to produce similar sexual satisfaction as we were able to produce for my wife. Tony is able to build Cleo's orgasm bit by pleasurable bit creating a type of orgasm that lasts a bit more than regular cums. The next boyfriend is Bob. Bob is named so for no particular reason except that Bob is longer than Tony and his skin is full of bubbles making the sliding through Cleopatra's lips tremendously pleasurable.

Ana tries an insatiable man

anal Anitaslut44 2018-03-04

Ana got serious, telling Helena had told her the guy could fuck all night long. All night long I asked… Ana said that's what Helena claimed. Friday evening I was getting dressed to spend the night outside, when Ana walked in from her bathroom wearing a black garter belt and lace stockings. Ana said yes, that would be pretty enough to keep insatiable Peter hard all night long… Then he pushed her back onto the bed; he pulled her legs toward him and sank his cock back into her. But Peter was standing behind her working his still hard dick in and out of her red raw pussy. I asked if I could fuck her, but she said her pussy was so sore now.

Sandra's Dad

anal Bethan 2018-03-04

There was a long pause but before she could bring herself to enquire she felt Brian’s strong hands on her ankles rubbing the cool sun cream up her legs. Beth felt aroused, and said nothing when his fingers pushed up the back of her knickers exposing her buttocks and pulling her knickers tight against her pussy. Brian was now finger fucking her in time to her thrusting hips whilst rolling his tongue over her hard clitoris. Beth was amazed how sensitive she was to his touch and pushed her hand down between her legs and fingers her pussy. Brian held her hips and helped her gently slide back and forth on his cock until quietly Beth shuddered to her second orgasm of the day.

The Very, Very First Time

anal hellacute 2018-03-04

It was as if Nick could sense that because he began to kiss and gently bite my neck as his hand ran over my body and brushed against my now hard nipples. Responding to my body, Nick began to rub circles around it with the tip of his dick, spreading the juices that he had leaked in excitement all around it. In response to having more access to my little rose, his circles became more concentrated and he began to gently push the head of his cock against it. Acting under the influence of a reflex I didn’t know I had I leaned forward a little, bending at the waist, and then began moving my ass away from and back towards my boyfriend.

Big Young Black Thug Bitches

anal Samuelx 2018-03-04

So, I went out in Boston on a Friday night to find me some young thug bitch to fuck in the ass. I had some fun with this big and plump, thuggish, tattooed black female bodybuilder named Bianca in a park at night in Dorchester. So, I decided to introduce Bianca to the hidden pleasures and wonderful delights of anal sex. With that, I began ramming my cock down Bianca's poop chute like anal sex was going out of style. Bianca's ass soon proved too tight for even my experienced long and thick black cock. Just remember guys : Don't grab big black female thugs in the park and fuck them in the ass unless they ask you nicely.

The Commuter: Days 17-18

anal seemywowzza 2018-03-04

You stopped just inches from me, just like the first time we fucked on the train. You reached for the top of my head and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my face into your soft sweet smelling shear blouse. Your hips pushed back and forth against my hand as I finger fucked you hard. "You like having your cunt fingered hard slut?" I growled as I lowered my head near yours. Long hard powerful thrusts delivered my cock deep in your pussy, bouncing you off of the door. I felt my cock losing it's hardness as it slipped from your body. My hands retraced the curves of your body as I gave your ass one more hard swat.

two at once

anal kinkitten 2018-03-04

Matty walked into Jenna’s bedroom and walked straight up to the desk just as Jenna looked over her shoulder at the sound of her bedroom door opening wide and smiled at him. Jenna’s eyes opened wide as she felt the pain of Matty’s cock pushing into her ass, he wasn’t taking it slowly- he was using some force. Jake felt his cock squeezed by Jenna’s walls and could hold it no longer; he wrapped his arms around her and groaned in her ear as he shot rope after rope of cum deep into her spasming pussy. Jenna looked back at him for a moment and smiled but then turned back to nuzzle Jake’s neck, she didn’t even look at Matty as he walked out of her room and out the main door with a pained expression on his face.

The Good Wife Is Bad -2.0

anal Lauradj 2018-03-04

It felt like we dozed for a lifetime, but when Derek woke me up with kisses all along my face and jawline, I felt an urgency to return home to Bryan and the girls, in case they became suspicious. As I shifted my weight so I could play with my clit, it felt like I gave way back there, and the head of his cock was inside me. With Derek in my ass and me twirling my clitoris underneath my fingers, it wasn’t long before I felt the approach of an orgasm. “I told Bryan I was out shopping, I can’t go home with nothing to show for it.” Looks like I’m adding to the credit card with crap I don’t need,’ I thought.

My Standard of Beauty: Black Chick

anal Samuelx 2018-03-04

I love fucking mature Black women in the ass. I love Black women, folks. Face down and ass up, that's the way I like to fuck my lovely Black chicks. That's what I thought as I pulled Lila's hair and spanked her big butt while thrusting my dick deep into her pussy. Lila has a sweet ass seemingly made for butt fucking. The sexy mature Somalian lady was definitely no stranger to butt fucking. A lot of brothers in the capital region of Canada prefer fat white chicks to beautiful Black women. I don't know any other type of Black man who would turn down anal sex with a gorgeous Black woman with a big, sexy ass.

A First Time (for everything)

anal Kellper 2018-03-04

As my fingers came into contact with your pussy, your hips pushed upwards causing my middle finger to roughly rub your already hard clit. You looked at me and said, “We've never done this before.” I could feel you squeezing my cock and it hit me. You could feel it and said, “Start moving slowly.” It felt like a vise-grip on my cock so fucking tight. You said to me, ” Start fucking my ass.” As I moved out then back in, you squealed with what sounded like delight. Sweat was building up causing both our bodies to glisten in the morning sunlight forcing my cock harder and harder in and out of your ass. My cock started to spasm shooting my hot cum deep in your ass.


Butch Black Women Ch. 03

anal Samuelx 2018-03-04

I'm a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Toronto, Ontario. White Canadians are set to become minorities in cities like Vancouver and Toronto soon. Black guys in Canada have a thing for fat White chicks. Recently I met this tall, sexy Haitian gal named Veronique Saint Martin and she is totally awesome, folks. Well, Veronique and I sat in the living room, watching an old episode of the TV series All Of Us. They get BET here but it's quite different from the African-American entertainment network we know and love in America. I began licking Veronique's pussy, and gently probed her with my fingers. Gently, Veronique pulled back my foreskin and began sucking my cock head.


Hot blood (for our Queen)

anal ClubSeventeen 2018-03-04

After the fourth course Daniela sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg and suggested we would take a breath of fresh air on the rooftop of the hotel where the party was being held. Back in the elevator she kissed me in the most sensual way, softly squeezing my balls at the same time. She takes my dick deep into her mouth and when she notices that it is getting even harder she cries with excitement. She tickles and sucks my balls, takes my dick in her mouth again and makes her tongue dance the tango on my gland. Daniela lies down next to me, her left leg across my body, my softening dick right in front of her pussy.


anal asslicker 2018-03-04

Without taking her eyes off mine, she reached inside my boxers, pulled out my manhood, bent forward, and wrapped her small lips over the bulging head of my penis. "That's right," I said, watching this petite blonde sucking her ass and cunt off my dick. I rubbed the pink handprint on her ass, then came around and stuck my dick into her pussy, spreading open the mouth of her with my dick and stopping there. I pulled out of my little blonde and turned toward Gina, my dick hard and glistening with Jennifer's wetness and pointed straight at her. Before I quite knew what was going on, little Jennifer had gotten down on the floor and was positioning her golden cunt over Gina's mouth.


Venus School of Sex Ch. 12

anal Goldeniangel 2018-03-04

When he pointed the brush over her clit and then pressed down on it, the same way he had with her nipples, Jessica shuddered and writhed, and as he rubbed the bristles hard against her she bucked and cried out as she came, the paintbrush sweeping over her clit again and again as she humped and clutched at the strut, pulling on his shirt, for support. Jessica's pussy was so tight with her release, the brush handle stayed firmly lodged in her hole as it clutched and shuddered, the interior of her hot ass spasming around the bouncing cock inside of it.


A Pillar of Manliness

anal Samuelx 2018-03-04

I am a tall, good-looking young Black man from Mervin, Virginia. He was a tall, good-looking young man with blond hair and pale blue eyes. The professor in question was Myra O'Shea, a forty-something, tall and square Irish dame with blonde hair, blue eyes and porcelain skin. They never stop to think that the young, well-dressed Black man they see walking down the street might be a college student. The husband, Jared Jenkins, is a tall, good-looking older man with white hair and sparkling green eyes. In this streaming online video, two sexy black men were fucking the hell out of some blonde-haired, big-booty white chick. Professor Myra O'Shea followed me to the men's room, twenty feet away from the campus library.

A Lesson for Erik

anal TheTravellingMan 2018-03-04

Tamara shifted a little and her smile widened, “Oh, he’s good, I mean it’s what he wanted after all.” Tamara looked to her manicured fingers and wondered how they might feel ensconced inside Elise. Expecting the conformity of social niceties, Elise thought that Tamara would kiss Erik on the cheek as a greeting. Completely engrossed as Tamara’s hands roamed over Erik’s body, Elise bit her top lip. Elise could feel his eyes staring at her sex, they bored into her as her insides churned with want. Elise looked at Tamara as she let his legs fall to the bed. Astride Erik’s mouth, Elise watched Tamara’s flushed body fall on her side to the bed.