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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Man is Superior to Woman

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

Nothing I love more than to get a big man or a big woman on their hands and knees and stuff my cock into their naturally tight assholes. A six-foot-two, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, bow-legged and big-bottomed white woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Lots of men and women come to the House of Throes to fulfill their sexual fantasies and have some adventure. I spread the big white woman's ass cheeks wide open, and push my twelve-inch-long, uncircumcised cock against her tight backdoor. Opening my eyes, I clamp my right hand over her mouth and ram my cock so far up her asshole, I'm surprised that it didn't come out of her mouth.


Wedding Gift

anal ClarkRoberts 2018-03-03

While Ken waited for his friends Derek and Tito to join us, I took my bride’s maid and my best friend Bonnie to look for a wedding dress in the chapel’s bridal shop. Looking in the mirror, I spun around and said, "I don't know Bonnie, this dress is more slutty than sexy.”  Her blue eyes flared with licentiousness as she reached beneath the short hem of my wedding dress and slipped her hand inside my soaked thong. Turning to Derek, I explained, "A bit risqué I know, but I wanted to be a sexy and somewhat slutty bride for Ken. He wants guys to envy him because he gets to nail me and they don’t.” Smiling, I took the wedding band that Bonnie handed me and slipped the ring on my groom’s finger, saying, "I do."

Anal Ecstasy

anal DamonX 2018-03-03

  Ashley looked back at me over her shoulder with a giggle and a cute little smile as my girlfriend continued to paw at her tiny round ass through the thin blue dress. “Ready for something a little bigger?” she asked, inspecting the object closely as Ashley answered with a soft “uh huh.” Jessica placed the tip if the toy between her cheeks, letting it glides gently over her lubricated asshole before pressing it into the tiny pink knot. “I want to taste her ass on your cock.” Pulling my glistening shaft from Ashley’s hot little ass, I offered it to Jess, who opened her mouth with acceptance and eagerly wrapped her lips around my pulsing pole.

Next Door Neighbor lll

anal bunluver 2018-03-03

We were stretched out on the bed and Carrie started playing with my cock and after awhile taking me deep into her throat as I laid there in total bliss with no desire to cum anytime soon. She started slipping a couple of fingers up my butt hole and the cool sensation felt good. Broke the kiss and turned her over, spread her ass cheeks with my hands and started to lick her lil brown hole, Carries moaning started to get louder and saying "fuck me, fuck my ass...." Continued to tongue her ass with a lot of saliva, all I could hear was her moaning even louder...."fuck me, fuck me now, I want to feel your cock up my ass, do it nowwww......"


One Night In Paris

anal Marina 2018-03-03

I see you crossing the street looking so fucking handsome in dress pants, a white collared shirt and a black wool jacket. In my mind, I wish you would just grab me and kiss me and lean me against the wall, but I know you have plans for the evening. You come and sit close to me and I hold your face in my hands and you slowly lean your head close and kiss me. I want your hand under my dress so bad but you are holding back. He unknots my coat belt and wraps his arms around my ass, pulls me close and I can feel your breath through my dress.

Caught Her at the Right Time

anal gonzogreat 2018-03-03

Reaching round her body, he took hold of her tits and then pushed his hard dick inside her desperate cunt, making her gasp out loud as his shaft filled her cock-hole. Kevin began to very slowly and gently fuck his cock in and out of her no longer virgin arsehole, gradually building up speed until Amanda was thrusting her backside back to meet his thrusts. As Kevin fucked her arse, he groped her large breasts, and pinched and pulled on her nipples with one hand, while fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit with the other. Amanda soaped and rubbed his cock clean, and as she did so, felt it twitch and harden once again in her hand.

Cold winter night

anal kent1734 2018-03-03

I then see you climb on the desk and pull a very large black vibrator from the drawer and slowly start to rub it along the inside of your thighs and then around your glistening shaved pussy. I stand up and lightly start to pull on the nipple clamps making you jump in surprise as you are still trying to come down from your last orgasm. seeing that you teased me for so long tonight I feel it is my turn and pull my cock from your wet pussy. I am fucking you hard pulling your hips toward me and feeling my balls slap against fingers that are rubbing your clit.

Sluts should know their place

anal submissive 2018-03-03

When Joey got home from work he walked into the front room, his eyes darting around the room for Charlie but she wasn’t there, he poked his head around the stair case and yelled, “Charlie?” No answer. Joey went up from behind her and started to grind his hard cock through his jeans against her ass. Charlie started sucking gently then stopped and went to lick Joey's balls. After a couple of seconds he started working his monstrous cock in and out of her pussy so hard and fast so his balls here slapping against her ass. Charlie twitched with the pain but after a few minutes of him slowly pushing his cock in an out she relaxed and it started to feel good.

All Strong Black Women Need Anal

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

Lots of black men like a big woman with a fat ass. Jason grinned, and began feeling my fat ass. While some women will howl loud enough to wake the dead if even a medium-sized dick goes up their backdoor, I can take gigantic cocks up my ass without screaming. Jason definitely seemed to love the fact that I'm an anally fixated kind of gal as he rammed his cock up my ass. I've had big cocks up my ass before but Jason's super-sized black dick really took the cake. I felt like it was splitting my ass apart every time Jason thrust into me.


All Women are Bitches Ch. 13

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

The waitress was a short, somewhat pretty and thick, big-bottomed Cape Verdean chick named Jessica. By Island Woman, I meet the dark-skinned, lovely female archetype personified by Haitian, Jamaican, Cuban, Trinidad and Cape Verdean Women. Jessica was sad, and mad at Island guys for leaving their dark-skinned voluptuous beauties for skinny women. I told her that I was a black man in a school full of white women. Half an hour later, Jessica left her job and changed from her Dunkin Donuts uniform to a black shirt and matching red skirt. Man, Jessica was a really good cock sucker. Jessica laughed and told me that she liked getting fucked in the ass even more than she liked vaginal sex but only did it rarely.

The Catalina Variation

anal top_spin 2018-03-03

Jorge and I have been friends for  quite a while, a friendship which lasted over long periods of absence.  We met over 20 years ago, at a local chess club, it was a small and we  don’t remember much of what was said except that we played a few  skittles games. Not so gently I  felt her up, inserting my finger in her asshole, it was so tight;  getting on my knees I knelt behind her and began to tongue her  delectable ass, I savored her taste and the rich decadence of the act.  She in utter depravity reached back to hold my face in place; she  pushed back so I could insert my tongue for even deeper penetration. 

My Haitian Boyfriend Is Bisexual

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

Mitchell told me about his sexual past, which involved both men and women. I was a bit jealous of the men he slept with because they gave him something I couldn't give him, no matter how much I loved him. Still, I was determined to keep my man so I did some reading about bisexual men. I fucked his ass with my fingers and sucked on his cock and balls. I don't usually let men come all over my face but since I loved him, I made an exception. A lot of women I know say that they will never let a man fuck them in the ass. I was happy to know that I still knew how to work it in bed with my man.


Farting During Anal Sex

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

I like fucking big women in the ass. Amy was a thick woman with a big butt yet her asshole was wonderfully warm and tight. I placed my hands on Amy's wide hips and pushed my cock deeper into her asshole. Amy is fond of saying that she can handle any cock size in that wonderfully tight yet marvelously expandable asshole of hers. I'm going to ram my twelve inches of hard black cock into her tight asshole. So, it's always more satisfying for a man to stick his cock up a woman's asshole than into her pussy. Laughing, I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back while drilling my cock into the most forbidden depths of her tight asshole.

Making Him My Bitch

anal Bunny12 2018-03-03

After our photo shoot I'm gonna fuck your tight sexy little ass and suck you naughty cock all the way down my throat. Lucky for me he didn't cum to very fast so I got to suck that tasty dick and fuck that hot little ass for more than good twenty minutes. My good little bitch for the day did as he was told and fucked and sucked my hot pink pussy making me cum and cum again. As I stood up and bent over the edge of the bed the naughty little bastard grabbed his video camera, shoved his big hard cock into my drenched pussy and started filming.

Her Perfect Match

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

This big girl likes to fuck both men and women in the ass with her strap on dildo. Marla began sucking on John's thick cock like her life depended on it. Slowly, Marla worked a very flexible and long dildo into John's ass. Every time John backed up, the dildo's other end went deeper into Marla's asshole. John worked his cock into Marla's asshole, and began to fuck her once more. He was skilled enough and tough enough to screw her in the ass with all of his might and make her scream like a woman possessed, and yet he was also man enough and sexually adventurous enough to let her a dildo on his ass afterwards.

Anal Sex Enhances Your Life

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

The Dixon University Department of Athletics offers Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Rifle, Track, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics, Sailing, Water Polo, Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball, Squash, Rowing, Rugby, Cross Country, Wrestling, Golf and Tennis. All of our sports teams, known as the Red Bears and the Lady Red Bears, compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division One. Man, the first time I went to the mat as a Dixon University varsity wrestler, I felt proud. I placed my hands on Samantha's hips and pushed my cock deeper inside her. A lot of women I've had anal sex with tend to beg for mercy and start whining the moment I start filling their asses with my cock.


IM Fun

anal WW19543 2018-03-03

Loosing track of the time, I kept thrusting until her moans filled the guest room and she came again. "Wow, that was great," she said, "I haven't been fucked like that for some time." Smiling back at her I asked, "So, do you really want it up the ass?" "Oh, yes!" she replied, "I need it badly, and my husband says its dirty and refuses to do it." Soon I was all the way inside, enjoying the hot, tight place where my cock was buried . The next five minutes was filled with grunting, moaning and whimpering for Dana and I, as I enjoyed the best anal sex of my life, up to that point.


Michelle's First Anal Adventure

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-03-03

I have had anal sex with other past girlfriends and I love the feeling of a tight tunnel hugging my cock like that. Then they started talking about what they liked in bed and that's when Michelle learned that Jessica loved anal sex.  She looked up at me as she hovered over my hard, erect cock pointing at her soft red lips Smiling a little "I know what you want" look she took the head of my cock between her lips and slowly slid down the length of my cock, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. She said she never knew how much fun anal sex could be and she loved that I took it easy and was so gentle and caring about it. 

Black Couple's Strapon Adventure

anal Samuelx 2018-03-03

One of the things I shall miss the most about the United States of America is my good friend and sometimes sexual sidekick Wanda Paul. The Haitian community both in Haiti and worldwide needs to realize that men and women who are gay and bisexual are no more unnatural than their heterosexual counterparts. Most men and women get really vocal during sex and what comes out of their mouths is usually shocking. Wanda held her plump ass cheeks wide open with both hands. Wanda smiled and told me she always wanted to fuck me. Wanda wielded her strap-on dildo with authority as she fucked me. Reaching underneath me, Wanda stroked my dick while fucking my ass.


Using Judie

anal Bassicallybill 2018-03-03

I reach over to open the rear passenger door of the car with one hand while the tips of the fingers of my other hand explore between your ass cheeks, teasing your tight, puckered asshole. You smell so fucking good - finding your clit, I suck it between my lips, teasing with my tongue, moaning against you. I waddle in behind you and caress your gorgeous ass, ending up with a finger sliding gently into your tight little hole. Hands on your hips, watching your ass quiver with every stroke, loving the moans I hear from you and ignoring the camera nearby. As you squeeze gently, I lose it completely, the cum rocketing up the length of my rigid cock and jetting deep in your ass.

Drunk Samantha

anal Goldeniangel 2018-03-03

Sober Samantha would never be able to admit that she'd goaded her girlfriends into shots tonight specifically because she hadn't been able to stop thinking about what it would be like for her husband to finally take her anal virginity, to finally push his cock into the tiny hole he'd explored with fingers and tongue the last couple of times she'd been drunk and willing to be talked into perversion. "Oh fuck yeah, baby, that's so hot," Nicholas said in a husky voice, and Samantha squirmed as he pulled his finger almost all the way out so that he could add a second digit to the invasion.


Cheaters never win?

anal JuniperBreeze381 2018-03-03

His hand snaked up to my hair, grasping it, he pulled my head backwards so he could lick from my breasts up to my chin. Without missing a beat, I felt his hand come down hard on my left ass cheek. Next think I know, I was being pulled by my hair off of Master's lap and being thrust across the room to the wall. I felt my husband grasp my knees and pull my legs off the bed. I felt my extremely sore ass cheeks being spread and my husband's cock being rubbed against my pussy. Master thrust pretty hard in and out of my ass, but seeing me getting fucked must have turned him on a lot.

Working Over

anal Ruthie 2018-03-03

“Well, for starters, I'd like you to eat my pussy while Bernie fucks you in the ass.” I took Jenna's ass in the palms of my hands and buried my face between her legs, letting my tongue slip down her moist lips, opening her inner labia, and tasting her. I felt Bernie withdraw his finger and rub more of my pussy juices on my asshole. Putting my tongue into Jenna's pussy as far as I could reach then taking it out and licking her love button seemed to excite her a lot. I felt her reach forward, touching my pussy, finding Bernie's dick busy inside me.


anal Lady_M89 2018-03-03

Her heart rose in her mouth but she said nothing as he shut the backseat passenger door lacing his hands around her waist pulling her in for the kiss that she had waited all week for. All she wanted was the damn kiss; as if he read her mind he caressed her toned bottom and pulled her forward as she wrapped her hands around his neck. Suddenly he shudders as she parted her lips and took the first two or three inches of his cock into her mouth, sucking gently and continued circling the head with her tongue. Pulling her back so she was sitting upright on his cock he found her panting mouth and kissed her deeply at the same time hot streams of cum painted her shuddering walls.