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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Naughty Weekend - Part 2 Much naughtier

anal alexa88 2018-06-26

Taking a look around I realise I am in a big beautiful hotel room with my lover, Kev. He had brought me here yesterday for a 4 day weekend affair, leaving our partners behind and enjoying it with love and sex. Peeking under the covers I see Kev's beautiful naked body, his flaccid cock resting on his leg. I guide his semi-erect cock into my awaiting mouth tasting our mixed juices still lingering on it.Absent-mindedly I close my eyes enjoying the sweet taste and the feeling of him growing in my mouth. Kev lowers his body over me and I feel his erection pushing against my sex and with one swift motion he penetrates my awaiting pussy hole. Not letting my orgasm subside, Kev carries on abusing my aching pussy with my hands still above my head.

A Beautiful Woman

anal tadgh64 2018-06-26

On my back, I watch as she slowly climbs up my body and straddles my hips, my greased cock resting against her glistening pussy, feeling the heat of her skin. She reaches down with one hand, her fingers feeling my hard shaft as it slides in and out slowly. I watch her trace her engorged pussy lips slowly, and then pulling back the skin over her clit exposing it erotic beauty to me. I can feel her other two fingers against my shaft as it slowly slides in and out of her tight ass. What an erotic sight: the shaft of my cock emerging from the beautiful cheeks of her bum, just below her now drenched pussy, is now covered in her warm wetness as is my lower abdomen.


The Joy of Anal Sex

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-06-25

Soon I was able to work with Joy without always thinking about sinking my perpetually hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. Push it inside me, I want to feel your cock in my tight, hot ass!” Joy said, and got on all fours in front of me, pushing up her ass and spreading it with her hands. I pulled out the dildos that Joy felt were too small and I aligned one of the new larger ones at her pussy entrance, and pushed hard. Suddenly Joy reached between her legs and grabbed the dildo from me shoving it inside her pussy hard, fucking herself with it violently.

Black Super Cock

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

I was stalking my favorite hunting grounds, the urban jungle of the college campus, when I noticed some rather interesting prey. The Black female was also tall but curvy, somewhat chubby but still alright, in her mid-twenties. The blonde-haired, chubby young woman with a nasty habit of voyeurism, which I also shared. When I'm in the mood for cock, I swing by the jocks dorm to pick up a sexually ambiguous young man and help him explore his budding bisexuality. The big woman did not scream as I began to plunder her anal cavity like a Medieval Conqueror invading the Holy Land. I like to get a scream out of a woman when I fuck her in the ass.


Skinny Women Need Anal Too

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

Kendra, a female fan of my erotic adventures told me that I was a practitioner of discrimination. Truth be told, my dick has been sucked by more talented people but that's not something you tell a woman when she's got her mouth on your captain. I will stick my cock up the ass of any willing party, man or woman. I told Kendra that there was no way my cock was going into her pussy. Kendra smiled coyly and spread her pink pussy lips. Kendra bit her lip, then told me that she still had her anal virginity. I pumped my cock into the skinny chick's tight asshole like anal sex was going out of style.


Saudi Women who Love Black Men

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

"My husband likes my farts," Fatima Al-Saud said haughtily as she walked out of the ladies room, looking at the other young women who stood there, noses wrinkled in disgust as they involuntarily inhaled her toxic fumes. The first time their eyes met, Fatima looked at Malik and knew that the tall, dark-skinned young African Muslim was destined to play an important role in her life... "Nothing wrong with that, Fatima, the Prophet Mohammed intended us to be one Ummah, regardless of skin color or nationality, we are both Muslims," Malik replied confidently, and he then took Fatima's hand, and as the shocked young Saudi woman looked on, he brought it to his lips and kissed it.

Brockton BBW Gets Anal In Library

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

I'm currently working on a book about the life of a black, gay male state police officer, his family and friends, and their ups and downs in early 1990s New York City. Back when we first met at Bay State University, Wendy was a tall, skinny black chick with braces and way too much acne. I liked my women to be tall, between five-foot-ten and six feet, and to have thick bodies, wide hips and big butts. Bay State University was fielding men's and women's intercollegiate Rugby teams at the varsity level for the first time and they went scouting for athletes nationwide. With that in mind, I slammed my cock into Wendy's shit hole like butt-fucking was going out of style.

Angela Gets Settled into Her New Place– (Part 16 of the Angela series)

anal adele 2018-06-25

Angela added a set of pots and pans, a set of cooking utensils, dishes, glasses and silverware to the growing list, along with air freshener, bug traps and additional cleaning supplies. We got a call late yesterday and were told to get over here first thing this morning with the new door and to take care of that, and to check the windows and see whatever else needed to be done. One of the men pulled the old one out and replaced it with the new one, then opened both doors and transferred the contents from one to the other. While one of the men worked on that, the other one began replacing pipes and drains under both sinks, as well as the faucet on the sinks and a new faucet and shower head in the tub.

Pushing Boundaries

anal DirtyOldBukowski 2018-06-25

The sight of this young man with his face buried in the folds of her arse and loving every moment of it made her feel sexier than she had in years. His rigid penis was pressing painfully against his denim jeans as he lay there in waiting, but all he could think about was getting his face back into the crease of Julia's arse. Daniel caught his breath as she stepped either side of his head and began to lower herself down, her glistening pussy parting itself on his nose and the beautiful rosebud of her anus hovering just above his tongue. Daniel tried to strain his neck up to continue lapping at the goddess above him, but Julia climbed to her feet and looked down at him with a renewed twinkle in her eyes.

Black Love : Anal Edition

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

My girlfriend Rita Jackson is a tall, busty and big-bottomed, heavyset yet still sexy young black woman of African-American and Hispanic descent. Rita is kneeling before me right now, and she's sucking my long and thick black cock like it's going out of style. While Rita sucks my cock and strokes my balls, I run my hands through her long black hair. After ten minutes of getting my ass pounded by my favorite big and tall black woman, I'm just about ready to blow. The moment I cum, Rita pulls her dildo out of me and then starts sucking my cock. She licks my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock right after fucking my ass with her big strap-on dildo.


Give and Take

anal AbigailThornton 2018-06-25

I loved the way it took a moment to react to my changes of direction, just like a real cock. I wanted him to feel what I felt when I took him deeply but knew that the plastic wouldn’t compare to the pulsing heat of a real cock. It looked so dirty; my knuckle, small, smooth and white pressed against the darker hairy buttocks of my boyfriend, knowing that my entire finger was inside his bum. “You’re hitting-off something inside me.” I took hold of his cock with my right hand and wanked him with the same long strokes with which I was penetrating his arse.

Night Swim

anal Kim 2018-06-25

Pulling her finger out of her pussy, she let the water stimulate her, while she rubbed on her puckered asshole. Her upper body rested on the pavement, with her bare ass and pussy out of the water. Rubbing his iron hard cock against the smooth wall of the pool, he was able to get some pleasure, but not enough to satisfy him. Pushing two fingers inside her pussy, she could feel him in her ass, as she finger fucked herself, wildly. He felt the pulsing ripples from her pussy through the wall of her ass. She rested on the warm concrete, as his cum and pool water ran out of her gaping asshole and down her thighs.

Jane Cums To Stay

anal likekissingthighs 2018-06-25

I poured some onto my hands and began rubbing it between her buttocks, when there was a little knock on the door and a moment later, Jane walked into our room. I considered my options and thought to myself, ‘what the hell’ and pulled the duvet back and stepped out of bed, my erect penis on show for Beth and Jane to see. As I walked around the bed I laughed and gave Jane a friendly kiss on the top of her head. I then removed my fingers, Beth’s anus stayed open for a few moments, giving me enough time to position the tip of my hard cock against her opening and gently pushed forward, watching my cock disappear into Beth’s rectum.

Coed Wrestling Championship

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

If you are one of those people who like watching men and women competing against each other in the ancient sport of wrestling, then you have come to the right place. Not long after, Mike puts on a condom and slams his cock deep inside Amanda's pussy. Amanda was a strong woman and the idea of letting a man fuck her in the ass screamed domination to her. Oh, yeah, he was fucking Amanda the big female wrestler in her tight butt hole and loving every minute of it. Amanda screamed as she felt Mike's hot cum flood her ass. A little while later, Mike Brown and Amanda Yamamoto were laughing as they soaped each other up and left the locker room.


She loves my cum in her ass

anal schwedyballs 2018-06-25

Every now and then she would come up to me and whisper dirty little things in my ear such as, “I want your dick” or“You are making my pussy dripping wet.” Hearing these sayings from her was making my dick hard and the alcohol was helping to make me hornier and hornier. I started to push my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could to taste all of her sweet juices, and then I felt her hand massaging my balls and playing with them between her fingers. I knew she wanted something hard inside her so I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her rather fast. She moved one hand down to her pussy and rubbed her clit a little and then slipped one and then two fingers inside.

His Black Ass is Hers!

anal Samuelx 2018-06-25

Later, that same brunette came back with a large white dildo and inserted it into the man's ass, fucking him with it. Besides, have you noticed that in strap on videos, it's always white guys getting fucked in the ass by women using dildos? After I got done fucking Nancy, she took a few moments to recover, then she poured sugary oil all over me and licked me. Nancy licked my asshole like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted and stroked my cock. Nancy continued what she was doing, licking and probing my ass with her tongue and fingers. Man, it's like I couldn't hold it, not with her fingers in my ass and her mouth around my cock.


anal iauraha 2018-06-25

Teasing all but my breasts and aching pussy with the feather, taking your time and delaying each new touch longer than the last. Finally you leave my pussy, glistening still and work your way to my head, I feel the head of your cock against my lips and eagerly open my mouth for you to invade. Your balls slap my ass with every hard push and I cry out as another orgasm blasts through my body with a shudder, my pussy clamps down around your hard cock and you stiffen, trying not to cum with me. The feeling of fullness makes me groan and as you finish with your balls laying against my ass I massage your cock with my inner muscles, a trick I'd learned to please you.

Playing with Camilla

anal Anitaslut44 2018-06-25

“Hands and knees please” Camilla said smiling and shaking the big rubber shaft in her hand. She kept slowly stroking my cock, now fully hard and pointing forward as she started to swirl the lube around my opening in little circles. With one smooth gliding motion she slid the entire length into my ass until I could feel the big rubber balls pressed flat against my backside. With one finger, Camilla began running it up and down the length of my shaft, then to the dripping head and rubbed the tip. I felt my anal muscles starting to relax and the rubber dildo began to slide out slowly; until my sphincter caught the big round head, keeping it inside me.


anal Delphi 2018-06-25

“My mother. “Your mother is an amazing artist.” His body weakened. “Yes, of course.” “You appreciate quality, and you are classy in every way I’ve come to expect in a man and in ways I’d never dreamed. His wife had never taken anything for granted, was as resolute about him getting a seat in politics as he was. Get on your knees.” It’s about you. “That was expensive couture!” It’s wrong.” His knees weakened. As if she could button up the memory of their time together, the sins they’d committed. Her lusty, sexual appeal was gone in favor of the cold and collected version of Tamara Coben, winner of the Congressional seat. “That seat is yours.”

Journey of a Submissive

anal silkstockingslover 2018-06-25

"Come back to us with our usual drinks my dear, and a real answer to my question," she ordered, before turning away from me and towards her husband. Imagining her making me be her pet got me off in a couple of minutes as I put her panties on my head, her wet crotch on my face as I sucked her faint juices from the fabric while inhaling her exotic scent. I quickly looked around, made sure no one was watching, thankful it was near the end of my shift and the restaurant was relatively empty, wordlessly dropped to my knees, crawled under the table and although the lighting was dim, her legs were spread open and her completely shaved pussy was staring at me.


Used by a perfect stranger

anal Anitaslut44 2018-06-25

Was all that stranger man said, as I turned he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a darker alley. The sharp pain I felt on my clitoris as he tore my thong off, the rhythmic slapping noises against my naked buttocks told me clearly he was fucking me. I did not bother to look in the direction he left; that stranger had successfully done his dirty deed and I could feel his warm semen running down my long legs… Then he slapped my clitoris again with his cock; this time it felt a little warmer and nice. “Pull your ass cheeks open for me, bitch” He hissed, as he pushed his finger into my mouth and then draw my saliva down to my tiny asshole…

Amy's Aruban Encore

anal EricandAmy 2018-06-25

Her white string bikini highlighted her firm body beautifully as she eased her way back up the pool steps and she gave Eric a long devilish look as she toweled herself off. Amy tipped the masseuse well and strolled back to the room, totally relaxed from her massage. Eric stroked up and down on Amy's throat while clutching her from behind, as his other hand rode up and down her groin with his middle finger riding back and forth in her little slit. Eric paired two soapy fingers and slid them down Amy's ass crack until he found his target. Eric placed the head of his cock at Amy's back door and slowly pressed into her. A tiny little bad girl like you needs a thick cock buried in her ass."

Drunk Samantha

anal Goldeniangel 2018-06-25

Sober Samantha would never be able to admit that she'd goaded her girlfriends into shots tonight specifically because she hadn't been able to stop thinking about what it would be like for her husband to finally take her anal virginity, to finally push his cock into the tiny hole he'd explored with fingers and tongue the last couple of times she'd been drunk and willing to be talked into perversion. "Oh fuck yeah, baby, that's so hot," Nicholas said in a husky voice, and Samantha squirmed as he pulled his finger almost all the way out so that he could add a second digit to the invasion.


friend's mom made me finger her ass hole

anal bava12 2018-06-25

Having decided to take the initiative, I slowly placed my right hand on her left thigh without moving my elbow from the current position and there was hardly any reaction or change in posture from Meeta aunt. Meeta aunt helped me by opening her legs little wider so that I can place my hand on her inner thighs. As my left palm was trying to locate her left boob, Meeta aunt helped me placing my hand right on the tip of her asset. For the first time, after I started the activities, Meeta aunt whispered me to move little bit more close to her by pulling my hip.