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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Rendevous In Her YouHoo

anal KymmieQuinnell 2018-11-18

I nod slowly not wanting to completely break the kiss and I feel your hand run down my body, your fingers sliding into my sweat pants with ease as they tickle just gently above my line of soft curls. Moving my hips again in time to the music in my head as I slowly run my hands over my naked chest, I’m getting into the way your eyes are watching me. Still moving my body in a sexy way to keep your attention, I place a hand on either side of my pants, sliding them inside the band and then slowly dance them off. Biting my lower lip and looking up at your face you smile warmly at me as your hands run over my naked body.

That’s How I Want You

anal justaddkatie 2018-11-18

Thanks to Nolan, I had only messed up that one time during the entire week that I was supposed to stay away from Lane and focus on my husband. I moaned and wiggled as Nolan slid his finger deep inside me and sucked my clit into his mouth at the same time. I pinched at Lane with my fingers, like we were holding hand when the orgasm hit me hard. Eventually, the sucking and the stroking met a passionate rhythm, and Nolan was lost, not noticing my free hand rubbing Lane in between his legs. Guilt for fucking Nolan in front of Lane tried to consume my thoughts but was quickly overshadowed by Nolan’s cock pounding my pussy hard.

Wilfully Disobedient

anal ToniC 2018-11-18

  “That feels lovely, Steve” she whispered, “but honestly, I don’t think I have the strength right now to....”   He cut her words short with a “Shushhhh.   She pressed herself back towards him, and felt the tip of his cock meet her rosebud.   As he pressed his cock home he could feel her cheeks wide open against him.   He even withdrew several times so far as to slip backwards through that innermost ring of muscle, and then to press forward so he penetrated it again with that pleasant bursting sensation that he could feel her enjoying so much.   As she felt his climax rising up his shaft she started to feel (rather than see) colours deep within her.

A Sissy's Second Sexual Encounter With An Older Man.

anal stacielana69 2018-11-18

A sexy black, tall, skinny, naked daddy came from around the couch and sat next to me. It turned me on so I moaned very loud to let him know that I wanted more in my ass than just his finger.  I lubed up his cock and my ass and then climbed up onto him as he sat on the couch. Once he slammed his BBC in my little hole, I realized that I was officially a bottom slut and loved a mans cock in me. He pulled out for a second to lube up more but before he could slide back into my ass, I told him I was done and needed to leave.

My Anal story

anal scorpiodragon 2018-11-18

, he was like yess yur ass is soo fucking tight, yess, he thrusted 3 more times and then said he was cumming, soo soon maybe less then 5mins he busted his nut in the rubber, then took the condom off, told me get on my knees... then he then spit on my ass he fingered it then spread it open, then he put his cock back into my ass, using the cum from the condom as lube, pouring it over my ass and his cock, now feel my cock in yur tight ass with my big dick, i moaned and said yes, more deeper/harder.....

Black BBW Anal Action

anal Samuelx 2018-11-18

When I first came to Suffolk, I was just an eager Black kid from the suburbs who finds himself in the big city for the first time. The curves in question came in the form of an ebony beauty named Cassandra. Cassandra was a tall, light-skinned Black girl with a lot of everything a man likes in the female form. She had a pretty face, some large and full breasts and a really nice-looking, plump butt. The girl had a few extra pounds on her but she looked good. The girl was looking at me the moment I walked in. She sucked me for a long time, working it just right, and after a while, I came.


Mr Archer Ch 2

anal Celtic_Lad 2018-11-18

Juliette pulled away but Michael still held her and then half pushed, half guided her through the doorway of his bedroom, straight onto the bed, pulling her knickers down so her buttocks and sex were fully exposed. He stepped forward to slide his cock against her inner thighs and then slowly fed his shaft inside her, roughly moving her hips until he was properly in position. Juliette was making small pleasured noises as they fucked hard on the bed with Michael standing behind her. As Juliette began to relax her muscles just slightly, Michael very slowly fed his length one inch at a time inside her arse until he was hard against her buttocks.

The Invasion Of A Stranger's Ass

anal Remington 2018-11-18

Josh was already sitting there with Emily's friend, deep in conversation. Wanna go back to our place with us?" I asked Emily while Josh asked Carly. Josh and I came to the bar together as well as Emily and Carly. Josh, Carly and Emily were sitting on the couch. When they reached Josh's room, Emily looked at me then leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips. I walked over to Emily and took one of her nipples into my mouth while kneading the other breast with my free hand. "Fuck my ass harder!" Emily demanded. Emily could feel my dick getting harder in her ass. I wanna feel your cock in my pussy now." Emily demanded.

wife tries something new

anal woreout 2018-11-18

She said well OK I was just going to let you know I'm having a friend over tonight and wanted to know if you would like to watch him fuck me. She said yes when he and I do it he beats my pussy hard and he even likes to fuck my ass. AS my wife stood up she said get ready for Jack to ware my pussy out tonight. My wife came in from the porch and said I'll get it you take the drinks out to the pool. She said Jack hubby wants to watch you use that big hard cock of yours on me tonight.

Micaela's wonderful ass

anal marcosurbina 2018-11-18

I played like a good psychoanalyst that day, and told her it would be better to take it easy, enjoy life, be happy, and to date  another man;  her only way out of it would be to have a nice time here at this party, after this breakdown: to dance and have fun.   It was reasonable to ask her for a dance, and after been rejected so many times,  she'd said: I slid my hand within her thighs to pull the panties aside, and began to eat that cunt hungrily.  Needless to say, I’ve always liked to suck little shaved pussies, but this one was specially delicious, feeling her liquids already spilling down to the carpeted car's floor,  I didn't mind and didn't wish to stop either.

Black Men are Gods Ch. 10

anal Samuelx 2018-11-18

I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Recently, a White woman who made headlines for falsely accusing Black men of kidnapping her went to prison. After Wanda got done sucking my dick and getting me nice and hard, I spread her plump thighs and went for her pussy. I pounded Wanda's pussy like there was there was no tomorrow. I smacked Wanda's big round ass while fucking her. I love watching Wanda's big round ass jiggle as I smack it. After fucking Wanda's pussy for a while, I decided to have a go with her ass. Hard and fast I pumped my dick inside the big Black woman's asshole.


Fuck my arse

anal sunshine22345 2018-11-18

I took my time with my makeup and hair, knowing that I had to look extra good. The hours went by slowly as I ironed my clothes, carefully making sure I got all the creases.   “You look lovely” he said, smiling at me.   He touched my arse as I got in the car, making me laugh.   “ Lot ’s of people have arrived” he said, looking around at all the cars.   When we got inside some people were kissing, others just talking. As soon as we got in the room he stripped my clothes off, touching me all over and putting his hands on the wetness between my legs.   “Mm” I said, “You know I never play by the rules”.


Chasing Away the Numb

anal oceanrunner 2018-11-18

My cock got hard with every text exchange, and the idea of doing the things she wanted wormed its way into my head and wouldn’t leave. I wondered if I’d have guessed librarian if I hadn’t known, but either way, I imagined pushing her to her knees, taking a rough handful of her hair, and fucking her delicate-looking mouth as hard as I wanted. I thrust my hips against her face, making her feel my cock against her cheeks and lips, enjoying the sensation. “Do you want me to fuck your ass?” I asked, touching the tip of my cock to her clenched anus.

A First Time (for everything)

anal Kellper 2018-11-18

As my fingers came into contact with your pussy, your hips pushed upwards causing my middle finger to roughly rub your already hard clit. You looked at me and said, “We've never done this before.” I could feel you squeezing my cock and it hit me. You could feel it and said, “Start moving slowly.” It felt like a vise-grip on my cock so fucking tight. You said to me, ” Start fucking my ass.” As I moved out then back in, you squealed with what sounded like delight. Sweat was building up causing both our bodies to glisten in the morning sunlight forcing my cock harder and harder in and out of your ass. My cock started to spasm shooting my hot cum deep in your ass.


Was It A Dream ch2

anal Kandikiss51 2018-11-18

With my fingers I pulled the labia apart and gasped, “Oh my, you’re so wet baby!” I slowly caressed my clit for a moment, teasing, and rubbing it, as two fingers of my other hand slid deep inside the hole. As I watched my wet throbbing pussy in the mirror I told myself, “Oh baby, it’s time to cum hard!” I want to feel your lips and tongue encircling my clit, and sucking it hard, as you slide this toy deeper into my wanting pussy.” He buried his face deeper in my pussy again, letting his tongue work its magic on my clit, as he finger-fucked my hard. When I nodded my head yes he said, “Oh my sweet Kandy, that’s it, suck me harder baby!

Menage a Trois: An Anal Plug Story

anal JASNSTIR 2018-11-18

Rightfully, you wiggled from the discomfort of having your bottom knowingly viewed by us both.  By this time, you had been prepped to receive a well-deserved paddling from this sensual stranger. So embarrassed that I was watching, you grabbed a pillow close by and buried your face while she continued to rapidly spank both of your cheeks. I didn’t know how excited it would make me just to watch your body wriggle in response to getting spanked. After several minutes of giving you the sore bottom you deserved, I realized your sounds and the view of your body’s wiggles while laying over her lap was like a living, sensual art form.

Anal Beauty

anal Poppet 2018-11-18

Starting with his tie, I step close and let my fingers work over the knot, It's so sensual watching his eyes follow the movement of my fingers as they brush against the sensitive skin around his collar. Leaning my back against his chest, just in time to feel him brush my hair out of the way and bathe my neck in soft kisses. The sensual feel of his lips on my skin cause a tingle in my core that grows deeper with each passing kiss. Our bodies working together, feeling the fullness turn to emptiness, I let out soft whimpers. Travis continues to pump inside me until I feel him still, his fingernails sinking into my hips, just as he releases his hot load into my awaiting ass.

My Last Fantasy: I Wish I were Marcos Part II

anal marcosurbina 2018-11-18

He got disappointed at realizing only less than half the bulbous cock head had pierced into Raquel while she was already feeling a pain compared to that when she had lost her virginity many year ago to her husband, yet this pain had added to boost her wish and fancy to be penetrated right away; she pushed backwards to assist him and the rod to enter her more. Her favorite sex position was riding on top and, as feeling she was about to cum again, Marcos pushed her aside on the bed, got her ass in the air and started to lick the butthole and asscheeks, at the same time, stroking her clit.


anal iauraha 2018-11-18

Teasing all but my breasts and aching pussy with the feather, taking your time and delaying each new touch longer than the last. Finally you leave my pussy, glistening still and work your way to my head, I feel the head of your cock against my lips and eagerly open my mouth for you to invade. Your balls slap my ass with every hard push and I cry out as another orgasm blasts through my body with a shudder, my pussy clamps down around your hard cock and you stiffen, trying not to cum with me. The feeling of fullness makes me groan and as you finish with your balls laying against my ass I massage your cock with my inner muscles, a trick I'd learned to please you.

Stockholm Story, part 3

anal Natalia 2018-11-18

Azem bounced scared on the chair he was sitting, like a school boy caught by a teacher during the break. "Here are my balls baby, you can push them a little, but please, do not use a racket," Azem said as he approached me. I went down on his balls to lick and suck them, and he stroked his penis at the same time. "Anyway, I was only to ask you how you would feel about anal sex, and then all this conversation happened; maybe it's good that I didn't ask..." Azem finished the topic, but in fact, he hoped I would continue. It was the second part of feeling good, but Azem realized the danger.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 08

anal Samuelx 2018-11-17

I shoved the dildo into Jamal's ass and stroked his big black cock while fucking him. I like fucking black men in the ass. When I got done fucking Jamal, I pulled the dildo out of his butt before kissing the sexy black stud. Pounding a sexy black man in the ass with my strap on dildo got my Irish pussy horny and wet. The sexy black stud came up behind me and slid his dick into my ass. I've had anal sex with other men before but never a man Jamal's size. I love men, especially sexy black American studs. When my vacation ended, Jamal and I parted ways, with both of us feeling like this was the best time of our lives.

The Favor

anal JuicynSweet00 2018-11-17

With a choked groan, Rob pushed deep into Anna's ass and came, feeling her squeeze his cock as she cried out with her own orgasm. I want to watch your face as I fuck you." Rob smiled and knelt between Anna's legs, running a finger from her glistening slit down to her asshole. Feeling her muscles ripple around his cock as she came pushed Rob over, too; he spurted deep inside Anna's ass, rolling off to the side afterwards and pulling her close. That's okay, I'm ready to watch you take another man's cock up your ass...and I'm sure Luke is more than ready to get inside your tight little hole." Rob sat beside her.

Butch Black Girls

anal Samuelx 2018-11-17

I've got a ten-inch Black dick buried so deep in my asshole, you can't tell where it ends and I begin. Chaz smacks my big Black butt as he fucks me in the ass and I absolutely love it. Chaz is fucking me in the locker room of the Women's Rugby team of our University. Chaz leaned against a nearby locker and let me know exactly how he liked his dick sucked. And that's how I ended up face down and ass up on the bench, deep inside the women's locker room, with Chaz dick in my ass. After fucking, Chaz and I showered together and then he hastily exited the women's locker room, but not before I promised to drop by his dorm later.


my anal slut

anal professorhooters 2018-11-17

“How does that feel slut, you like Master’s cock buried in your sexy tight ass?” She saw my smile and asked, “Am I good slut Master, am I pleasing you?” “Yes Master, a slut deserves to be fucked roughly and I love it. She squealed in delight as I started fucking her ass and pulling her hair. I started spanking her ass as I marveled at this gorgeous girl that was now my girlfriend and personal slut. She saw that my cock was covered with a mixture of my cum and her ass juices, and she started to clean me off. Thank you so much Master, I love you,” Ella said when she finished cleaning my cock.

82% anal