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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass


anal 2017-10-07

'Ahh thats no fun for a lady like you Wendy' was my reply, wanting to say more but business is business so I stopped meself!! 'Well lady's like you shouldnt have to be in that position' and again smiled, got up, gave my business card, and said 'If you need anything from me, then be sure to give me a call or an email, and if your really that lonely on the weekend, give me a call and lets talk business' and laughed it off, not believing what I just said. As I knocked on the door, nervous to say the least, opened the door Wendy, with a drop dead gorgeous white lace dress, straight blonde heair, tanned super fine legs and clevage showing, and red lipstick that gave her those lips you just want!!..

Giving Him My Anus

anal naughtysexmouse 2017-10-07

These encounters culminated in a lunchtime session where Mr. Taylor held me face down over his desk and wanked himself until he squirted his warm cream over my trembling thighs and arse, keeping me pinned there while it slowly dripped down between my legs, over my little virgin anus and my smoothly waxed pussy lips. My whole pubic area was completely waxed smooth, and I moisturised my firm arse and thighs before I pulled on a tight little black thong which cut into my hips and clung tightly to every fold of my soft labia. The intense shuddering inside me must have triggered Mr. Taylor's climax too because within seconds he had stopped thrusting and forced his cock as far past my stretched sphincter as he could, holding it there with a tight grip on my soft thighs.

chhoti behan ki chudai

anal sandyhot 2017-10-07

fir maine puchha ki mai bhi nahaya nahi hun ,chalo hum dono ek sath nahate hai. fir maine mahasus kiya ke vo ab maze lene lagi hai ,vo mere lund ko hilate hilate biche me hi dabati thi. fir mai niche ghutnope baith gaya or usko meri taraf gaand karke khada hone ko kaha. usse gudgudi hone lagi lekin uski chut me meri ungli ki wajahase usse dard bhi ho raha tha. maine kaha ke muha se pine se bachha nahi hota yepani chut me jaane se hota hai.fir vo pani pi gayi. mai uski chut chatne laga, or usko maine mera lund chusne ko kaha. maine kaha ke ye cindom hai isse mere lund kaa pani tere chut mai nahi jayega, jisse tujhe bachha bhi nahi hoga.

83% lund

Final Fantasy

anal ILLKEEM1 2017-10-07

When i noticed she was asl**p i got up and started to take a good look at her body and was slowly pushing up her towel when she grabbed my hand,i was so scared and shocked,immediately she pulled me up the bed and we started kissing.i grabbed her her ass with one hand and her juicy breast with the dick was so hard it could break a diamond,i pulled the towel down and sucked on her boobz kissing and worshiping in with my tongue,'Urghh!!",she moaned as pleasure swept through her body,she quickly pulled down my boxers and began stroking my dick.

TY AND I part 2

anal 2017-10-07

I peeled off the saturated panties and turned him over onto his belly, opening my pants and extracting my own stiff cock. I had a strange dream that night where Ty and I were egaged in a very intense sexual encounter, sweating and panting, when Ty's grandmother suddenly burst into the room and began beating the both of us with an enormous bible. "Open the bible," he said,"I want to come one the pages. Wildly lost in the rush of the moment I turned the book in my hand so the it just opened to a random page and held it in close proximity to Ty's young cock.

Greenhouse Cruising

anal berokko 2017-10-07

Everything seemed more exciting than usual...the rich earthy aromas of the soil and plants; the exquisite feel of his ripe cock, hard as the bark of a tree; the sight of Jake above me, looking down with a delicious expression of tenderness and passion; colors more vibrant than ever before; the salty taste of him in my mouth and the wonderful sounds of our heavy breathing and the dripping of moisture taking us far away...we might as well have been in some real tropical jungle. I hadn't let anyone screw me in a long time, I couldn't believe I'd loosened up so fast for anyone...but then, Jake wasn't like anyone I'd ever met, much less had sex with.


anal thejanus 2017-10-07

“Open your mouth bitch boy” said Michelle and it wasn’t long before I received her and possibly Courtney’s piss right into my opening. “Now it’s time for my bitch boy to get a taste of what it feels like to get fucked” said Michelle. Michelle smacked me hard on my reddened ass cheeks and said: “Now try this again and this time say it like you mean it, say it like you need to feel that strap-on in your ass”. “Oh yes we can, didn’t you see what was written on his back; he likes to be used by Women” added Paula before continuing: “get to it bitch boy, make the bed while we clean the rest of the room and you will help us for the remainder of our shift”.

Getting Caught

anal Lost Boy 2017-10-07

A redheaded Japanese school girl, with nice tits and an ever better ass, dressed like she was ready to be bent over and fucked right in the middle of the coffeehouse. "In a heartbeat," I said looking deep into her eyes as I slipped my hand under her skirt and found her naked pussy slick with need. My cock began to swell a bit and she wrapped her lips around the head and began to lick and stroke her small hand with nice long motions and I felt my toes curl. Her panting got louder now as she reached between her legs and played with her pussy and clit and I took a firm grip on her ass cheeks and thrust faster and harder now feeling the first stirrings of my growing climax.

Madges Visit

anal daveaverage 2017-10-07

Madge offered me the joint and the wife suggested I joined her, passing the joint over I blew smoke into Madge’s cunt which smelt like wet dog, Madge lifted her legs and exposed her cunt and arse so we could both get in close to bury our faces into her smelly boy fucked cunt which was leaking juice down her brown arse crack. I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and I could disengage from the wife and Madge I was pinned down on all fours by the alpha boy, his cock warm and hard wedged in my arse crack, the wife pinned in the same manner grunted as her assailants weight f***ed her to re-position and in doing so expose her arse to the boy cock which pierced her anal entrance, the boy pushed his cock deep into her arse and her face relaxed as she felt him start the fuck her.

Joel and Carrie Ch. 02

anal JoeDreamer 2017-10-07

"They aren't thrilled," Robbie sighed, and then looked at Tina and quickly added, "It's not that they don't like you. "Sounds good to me," Tina said, taking Robbie by the hand. "But they're your friends, so it's your decision." I looked one more time at Tina's ass and then turned back to Carrie. "Let's play cards," Carrie said once Robbie and Tina finished their game. "Thanks," Tina smiled, and then turned to me and asked without preamble, "What were you thinking back in the car when I caught you staring at me in the rearview mirror?" "Robbie, you better not let Tina see you drooling like that," I said with a shake of my head. "Come on Robbie," Carrie said, letting her body float up slightly.

happy day

anal stif266 2017-10-07

Salvatore continued massaging me, while Joseph and Vincent were licking and adoring my wet cunt. Then Salvatore stopped rubbing me and he joined the other two men and they took turns licking at my juicy pussy. Pia pushed through my pussy lips and tongue fucked my wet and very creamy cunt. Pia and the women licked and enjoyed the sweet and tangy juices coming out of my pussy. "Lay down Emma we'll all lick your gorgeous cunt and then bring you to orgasm one more time and then your day of pleasure will be over." I then got dressed and put five hundred dollar tips in Salvatore, Vincent, Joseph's, Pia, Elsie and Dawn's tip envelopes.

Cross-dress dreams come true.

anal dlcalguy 2017-10-07

As my big cock began to swell again, I could clearly see Martine's penis was growing under her skirt. I wanted to take Martine's cock in my mouth. I moved my hands down, away from that sensational ass and began to lift up the hem of Martine's dress. Pulled his cock into my mouth with my hands on his ass. Without taking Martine's cock from my mouth, I looked up at him and nodded. I stood at the end of the bed and watched as Martine reached between his raised thighs and started slowly tugging on the end of the plug. I meant it, but I wanted more than anything to shove my cock all the way into this sexy cross-dresser's ass.

I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass...

anal Julian Kay 2017-10-07

Whether I fuck her doggy style or she is in top of me grinding my cock, I would always grab her ass and spread it wide apart until it would spread no further and finger it real deep. Using a water based lubricant, I was massaging and rubbing her anus and around it vigourously and pushing a finger or thumb deep up her ass. I removed my fully hard up and erect penis from her pussy and start to penetrate slowly her widely parted gapping anus. After our wedding night, me and my ex-wife enjoyed very sensual sustained love making and immensely intense sex for hours on end almost every day for 3 years ...

The first day of your slut life...

anal HugeStraponLover 2017-10-07

Once,he entered the Dungeon,he asked to the reception for the full program(that included sissy training,strapon fucking,anal fisting,watersports and a good hard whipping among others),although the girl at the reception told him that this program,is not adviced to begginers...Petros insisted and there he was,10 minutes later,naked on the floor waiting for his Mistress to enter the torture room. Petros,left the Dungeon thinking how wonderfull was his time in there,that now liked to be a slut,than fucking hot girls as he used to till then and thinking of Eva,his superhot Mistress...

Foursome FMMM

anal bisubtaylor92 2017-10-07

After playing games, then some poker and finally about four hands of strip poker, Mary started pushing a little more she maybe because was already topless . We kept eye-contact the whole time: when he came, when I swallowed and when I licked my lips and the last little bit of cum off of his cock. I could only see Daniel from behind; his hard body flexing as he pleasured that cock, strong shoulders, and his balls peeking just below his tight round ass. Upon stepping out he ran his fingers through long hair a few time while looking in my eyes and said, ‘I love you very much.’ He dried my body off and watched as I put on my panties and skimpy shorts.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 09

anal mountaincat4 2017-10-07

Mitra giggled again and said, "I think it's about time I go get one." She got out of the bed and walked out the door closing it quietly behind her. Her hand slid back up his shaft and her skillful fingers wrapped around it and squeezed it gently as she guided the head to her opening while pushing her hips forward to slide her warm pink vagina over it until his entire cock was fully ensconced in her loving embrace. He thought of nothing but the throbbing of his cock inside her as he closed his eyes and surrendered to the love that washed over him like gentle waves.

Loosening Lucy Ch. 04

anal SkippyRoo 2017-10-07

"I think it's time to make you clean," said Candy, it was the some of first words she'd said to Lucy since leaving their house, other than, "come in," and "follow me". Wasting no time, Candy began to pump the plug with the little hand pump, watching the base of the plug pull firmly up against Lucy's sphincter. As she pumped, the clear base of the plug allowed Candy to monitor the size of Lucy's opening, and as her rectum filled with the inflatable ball, her ring was stretched wider by the neck of the plug. Candy opened the valve allowing air to stream out, Lucy's sphincter retracted as the plug returned to it's original size.


The Passion to Teach

anal vonderraj 2017-10-06

She instructed me on a concept white I stood on my knees all the time staring at her lovely cleavage and nodding my head. As my cheek burned she took the pencil from my hand and asked me the first step for the second problem. As I held my burning cheek in my hand and closed my eyes to clear the tears I suddenly felt my dick feel comfortable. I lifted her top over her head and moved my hands inside her armpits onto her breasts and her lovely hips. She then held my dick in her hand and started to stroke it fast as her tongue began to explore the depths of my anus.

Made to Submit...3

anal d4david 2017-10-06

Finally Daniel stopped and pulled his cock from my lips, looking at Bruce and Charlie, Daniel said 'we gonna fuck this bitch good'. Daniel stood at the window gazing out into the night, finally Bruce turned me to my stomach and Charlie sat on my back, his naked butt on my shoulders, Bruce took hold of my right ankle and bending my leg at the knee pulled my feet back till Charlie took hold of it. Bruce reached around my legs, that Charlie was still holding, and took hold of my shoulders and began to lunge hard into my rectum sinking more and more of his cock into my butt.

Beaux Arts Ball

anal vic10 2017-10-06

I quickly moved around and slid between her splayed legs and let the pre-cum that was leaking from my cock drip onto the brown rosebud I wanted to enter. I looked at the wonderful sight of my white long cock buried in her lovely black ass and felt my orgasm coming like an express train. We turned a now exhausted Melinda on her back, propped her up and first John and then I, placed our now limp cocks in her beautiful mouth and let her lick us clean. John was hard again by this time and rolled Melinda onto her back, spread her long beautiful legs and proceeded to eat her out.

Some Good Sex...

anal d4david 2017-10-06

Dale smiled and said 'what would you like to do, close your mouth or suck this dick?' I was stupefied as Dale raised his hands and placed them on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. Dale cupped my face in his hands and guide me to his crotch, as his cock slipped across my lips I parted them and captured his splendid penile glans and suck it slowly into my oral cavity. Dale crawled on top of me and lifted my legs to his waist, he whispered 'I want to see your face of as I slide my dick in your fuck hole.' Dale poised his cock head against my puckering bung hole and eagerly pushed his curve cock up into my anal canal.

Click, click, click....

anal MichelleFaye 2017-10-06

Then head reeling, I stopped impulsively, turned, smiled sweetly, pointed a red tipped finger and said “office?” He looked up, then looked me up and down slowly, licked his lips, grabbed his crotch and said “yeah baby, buh wot a fine lookin’ woman like you want wit dem when Izz riht here?” I snatch one gulp of air and drive back down on Peekin, he’s unloading a quart of hot cum, down my throat, across my lips and face, in my hair, I’m surprised it isn’t running out my nose. Walt starts moaning “yeah baby squeeze that sissy ass on my cock, make daddy blow this load into you so hard and deep so it cums out your nose, yeah baby that’s it squeeze me tight”.

Cara's Irresistible Bottom

anal walterio 2017-10-06

I eased my thick cock into Cara's tight cunt and worked it slowly until I was balls deep in her pussy. Then I pushed my cock in her pussy and got it good and wet before I eased it into her ass. Cara had her legs spread wide as I fingered her pussy and pushed her cunt juice into her ass. Cara stroked my cock with her hand as I prepared her for another ass fuck. Cara had her head down on the car seat turned to one side and I watched her face grimace slightly as my cock made its way into her ass. Cara moaned and groaned as I slowly fucked her going a little deeper in her ass with each thrust.

Three Bikers and a Needy Mommy

anal Frenchman 2017-10-06

This was our biggest charity event of the year and besides the great feeling of the gift of giving we made sure one of our guys in each group of three had a camcorder to corroborate and prove the event from the moment of the first knocking on the door, too presentation of the gifts, recording the smiles of a grateful mom and the laughter of the kids in receiving gifts that otherwise would have made for a very bleak Christmas. I was told by Lt. Larry she was a real 'looker' with a 4-year old daughter but when she opened the door and we saw her beautiful face and great looking kid...well man, it was like we hit the jackpot for our video.