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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Anal Pleasures

anal justaflirt2u 2017-01-29

Your hand on the back of my head forces your cock all the way inside my mouth as I gasp for breath. My nipples become hard as you smack your dripping wet cock against my lips again. Unable to access my tight ass, you slide your thick cock into my pussy only to realize I am already wet. Grinding deep inside the head of your cock presses against my g-spot sending electric shocks down my spine. Not wanting to miss my dripping wet pussy, you tell me to start playing with my clit and you want me to tell you when I cum. Now I am dripping wet down my legs and just wanting to be completely fucked.

Fucking Jen's Asshole

anal 2017-01-29

I imagined Jen walking in on us and finding Megan riding my cock, her hands on my shoulders and her big tits bouncing all over her chest in the dim streetlight and it didn’t seem too frightening to me. Despite the fact that Megan had made such a big deal about having sex in the main room of the apartment for fear of someone walking in on us, I found her sprawled out on her side of the bed, nightgown pulled up to her waist and her legs spread wide open. Or maybe Jen or her asshole boyfriend had walked by in the night and lifted the covers off her to get a look at her pussy, thinking she might be a heavy sl**per and not notice.

Anal Training

anal 2017-01-29

I lie on my side on the bed and lube up my ass hole, and the butt plug You have commanded me to have inside me when I arrive. When I finally reach the hotel my mind and body are reeling from all the stimulation I’ve received just riding in the car with the plug in my ass. I moan against the gag as You take both hands and slowly deliberately push more and more of that big dick into my gaping hole. You pull the dildo slowly from my ass and say now you will feel the real power and you lube up your fingers and push three first into my gaping ass hole.

Pt. 3 Blacked out

anal 2017-01-29

she went on and on about that but she relaxed and then she was the one that started to move and it wasn't long after that that those guys took over and she lost it completely their were noises coming out of her I never heard before and she was making noises from her mouth Id never heard before, this was fucking crazy, then I had to goin them so I pulled my pants off and got up on the bed and she went for my cock and sucked me off in minutes, I covered her face with my cum and as soon as I did she got more from the guy she was riding then she got the last load from the guy fucking her ass.

Summer Dress

anal petebest77 2017-01-29

I loved how she smelled when she was wet; it made my dick hard and made me want to fuck her right then. My kisses were at first light but they increased in intensity until her thighs were filled with little hickeys and bites as I got closer and closer to her pussy. I start stroking her nice and slow as I am move from left to right, trying to hit every spot in her pussy especially her sweet spots that my dick seems to find so well. “Are you my fucking little nasty freak?” I say to her as I rub my dick over her asshole. “Oh baby, your little nasty freak wants you to fuck her up the ass.” She said as she waited in anticipation.

From Cuckold to Dom Part 1

anal brnboy 2017-01-29

At that point he reached over and grabbed be by the neck and told me that if i didn't believe him,I could see for myself and handed me a room key to the hotel that was attached to the restaurant. I was a weak man and if I wanted to stay married to her that I would now be the property of Ben and I would be at his calling.I stood to protest and to leave....She Just pushed me back on the bed and said "shut the fuck up and do as your told" and I just sat down on the bed resigned to my fate. As he face fucked me I was strangely turned on by all of this and started to get hard myself.His cock was about 7" long like mine but a little thicker.

Busted !

anal gpo746 2017-01-29

Helen at the time was 19yrs old 5ft 7 , Size 6 with 32b breasts , Lovely soft and long Blonde hair and a gorgeous face .Steve would come round to Alan and Helen's house to collect Lulu on weekends for Daddy Daughter time . I knew I was onto a good thing here, "Ok Helen, I wont tell Alan you have been a bad little slut " She smiled in a devilish way , like she had gotten away with it . "Fuck, she feels like a virgin" I thought ...eventually there was a gentle but resistant unfolding of her pussy walls and I eventually got all the way in .

Weekend Getaway Pt. 04

anal TX_Fun_Dr 2017-01-28

With her fingers toying his ass, Christina stood so she could once again nibble and bite Doc's neck and shoulders while her other hand continued to toy with his slick cock and balls. When their lips parted, Doc raised a hand to first caress her neck and face, then used a single finger to scoop the cum on her cheeks and nose only to then slide it into her mouth. Doc again slid his tongue to Christina's clit and began another series of broad licks while at the same time increasing the tempo of the anal beads sliding in and out of her ass. Taking her hips in each hand, Doc began to rock the swing so that with each rocking motion, Christina was taking more and more of his cock deeper and deeper into her ass.


Part 1: Hungry MILF who just loves to suck, gag an

anal Smiler2000 2017-01-28

I took a good look at her and noted that she was as gorgeous as ever in her tight fitting jeans that showed off her lovely sexy arse and she was wearing a tight tank top showing the shape of her wonderful handful of breasts. Maie was lying there legs wide open and spread, waiting, willing, gasping, with a deep itch in her loins, just needing to be fucked, needing a nice younger, eager meaty hard cock so very deep inside of her warm, wet, hairy and cock loving accommodating pussy. Maie paused and looked at me in the bathroom whilst crossing her legs trying not to urinate and she said to me “what are you doing?!” I replied, “baby you are so fucking sexy, I just want to watch you take a pee”.


anal emersons62 2017-01-28

She moved her hand to cup his and pushed her bra aside so he could feel just how turned on she was. She felt him moan around her nipple as her cold hand touched his hard, hot cock. She moved a hand to her clit and fingered it in hard circles as she felt her pussy begin to contract around his cock. He slowly slipped his wet hard cock from her pussy and pushed it gently against her other hole, leaning over her back and whispering, "Are you ready now?" He pushed into her harder and harder, and felt himself slide all the way inside, the hair around his sac tickling her bare pussy with each thrust.

Abby's Surprise

anal Hamster 2017-01-28

Then she wiggled her butt into my hard cock, looked right into my eyes and said, " I can tell that you really like this one a lot, Mr. Clark." Then she kissed me on the cheek and said, "Are you ready to see the bathing suits I brought home?" I looked carefully at her and said, "Abby, if you are going to wear bathing suits like these, you know what has to be done. When I walked into Abby's room, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes closed, completely naked with two fingers of one hand in her pussy, and pulling and twisting a nipple with the other.

Playtime Stories Ch 3

anal 6988slutty_rbckyy 2017-01-28

As I pushed my panties to mid thigh (which I think looks sexy) I thought that I was ready to skip sucking or fucking anything the rest of the night and cum right then. After a moment she un-mounted and leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Too fucking bad for him.” Then she turned her head and said just loud enough to be heard through the door, “You know I’m fine. I am just finishing up in here.” She turned her head and smiled at me as she exhaled hot breath on my face and lowered her pussy down my cock until she rested her clit against my pubic hairs.

Ultimate Intimacy

anal moonmullins 2017-01-28

I was in the bathroom, naked and taking a pee when my red-haired darling barged in--bottomless and wearing only her bra (a huge turn-on as I love the ways she looks that way with her wide hips and full round ass) and her black stockings. "Want me to pee on you?" she asked, kissing me as her hand gently clasped my cock, which immediately began to harden. Tai watched me intently as I got harder, spreading her legs and lightly fingering the swollen lips of her gorgeous glistening pussy. I had no idea where this was going or why, but I was now intensely turned on looking at her sitting there naked on that toilet, her thick shoulder-length hair disheveled, her eyes almost droopy with drink and obvious lust, her legs wide, that sweet red patch and those stockings.

Belle, Out of Control Ch. 05

anal SBurnett 2017-01-28

If you've had anything in your ass before, then I wouldn't feel bad about bending you over right now and fucking you. What I didn't expect was that as the pain lessened, it was actually starting to feel good having something stuck up there. This was important, as having my ass flat against the bed would push the plug further inside me, and I didn't want that quite yet. I kept getting deliciously close, and each time I did, I could feel my ass muscles grip that plug, stimulating all those little nerves. Lubing up his cock, he said, "All day I've been looking forward to fucking this tight little asshole.

Young innocent blonde resists her first anal.

anal fotisampini 2017-01-28

So sweet, young and innocent." She reached to Heather and pinched her nipple while saying, "first I have to get you ready for daddy's big cock." Heather stared at Christine looking a little scared with her frightened green eyes. Just like you want to be, right?" Then with my hands entangled in my hot little secretary's hair and Heather still watching, I pulled Christine to me forcing my cock, coated with the taste of Heather's ass, all the way down her throat. Make her a slut like me." I'm not sure if Heather heard Christine say that or was just too overwhelmed to care because she was totally enjoying my cock in her ass. A few times I slowly extracted my hard slimy cock from the depths of Heather's ass and Christine hungrily sucked it clean.

A Dirty Dog Doggin' Around Ch. 08

anal mccrayj 2017-01-28

Mandi and I went back in the house, and I told her, "She would really have liked for you to go with her to an aerobics class. She turned and headed toward her house, and I got a killer view of her luscious ass in the skin tight pants, and watched her cheeks jiggle and shake all the way to the door. Chen and I laughed and I told Mandi to get her some wine, and bring a couple of beers for us and she rambled off to cool her tongue. Mandi came back with the beers and some wine, handed Chen a beer over the fence, and we continued to work on the kimchi.


The Cucumber Whore

anal Mikey2100 2017-01-28

She was getting finger fucked hard, her friend was screaming and started to cum in her mouth because of the way she was eating her wet juicy cunt. Four slutty wet used holes were being fucked, the two friends were kissing each other and sucking each others tits and my house mate was all alone getting fucked, I wanted to just run in and stick my hard cock into her mouth but I knew I shouldn’t, they were at it for an hour and then finally she squirted all over the place and her two friends started sucking and licking her wet cunt and finally started kissing each other as they had just finished and I started cummin hard and bigger than the previous night.

What She Wants

anal AriaSilverfyre 2017-01-28

You begin to massage my back, first spreading out the gel, making sure that my back is covered before you begin concentrating on certain areas, starting with the upper portion. I purr softly as you continue working on my back, moving down to the lower portion. Your hands and fingers work magic on my muscles, releasing the tension and relaxing me still more. How I love to feel your warm fingers moving over my skin. I purr again as you slip a finger inside me for a second, only to remove it and tease my other side. Your free hand moves again to my behind and a finger slips inside. Your fingers continue their work inside me, tickling sensitive areas and bringing me closer to release.

Sex with the Ex for the last time

anal 2017-01-28

I thought it was time when I saw a vid of my wife fucking two black guys on her Samsung phone. As I started to fuck, I remembered why I stayed married to this bitch for so long even though we fought all the time. Lisa looked back at me and said “Is this what you wanted to see you pathetic asshole, fine we will fuck in front of you”. I could feel the guy behind us starting to work his dick into Lisa’s ass as his balls brushed against mine making me feel uncomfortable. Not much time went by and Lisa came violently making her entire body shiver.

25th Birthday Part 2

anal 2017-01-28

Whom ever was fucking my pussy pulled out and was replaced by larger one that started f***efully pumping me.The same went for my mouth as the hard cock was replaced by another cock and I continued to suck trying to keep up with the powerful thrusts. The cocks were rotating around me ...I started tasting myself on them..the ones that were using my pussy.The cock that was fucking me pulled out and then I felt a huge cock head against my pussy lips and it took some doing as he steadily f***ed his way in , spreading me wide as I had ever been.

Kinkiest thing I've EVER done!

anal mox_anal 2017-01-28

On "Play Day", a day that i dedicate to experiencing something really kinky, I'd give myself a water enema and then stick a butt plug in my ass for about an hour or two, which just gets me super horny and I ache and moan to cum! So after I'm just oozing of precum all over, I take the ginger out of my ass and stick a vibrating prostate massager/butt plug in my ass and set it on something desirable. So this is where it REALLY gets fun: So, I am plugged with vibrations and a wedgie holding it in tight, I put on some clothes and Head out the door with my jar of frozen cum! I continuously touch my butt cheeks and nipples and play with the cum that I poured on me.

The Game

anal fromulus 2017-01-28

Juices were dripping from her cunt as she looked down at my rock hard cock, she smiled and looked at the vibrator and I grabbed her hand and we moved to the lounge. As cum started to spurt from my bursting cock, she moved from under me and grabbed my cock in her hands, she fulfilled all my sexual desires, swallowing my hot, tangy spoof as it spurted over her face. She moved up and down, ramming my cock into her arse as deep as it could possibly go while holding my balls in her hand. We moved in unison and as I felt myself blow again she removed my cock from her arse and watched as it sprayed all over her tits.


Me,my husband, and our ex babysitter, part 2 of 3

anal jackelaine 2017-01-28

As I lay in bed naked, all I could think about was the fabulous lesbian sex I had last week with Abby who used to babysit for me and the hubby. When my hubby licked my pussy, I dreamed it was Abby.I would tell him to finger both my holes, and think of her long slender fingers inside me like last week. I knew I soon would be.Then she started undressing as she walked up the stairs,losing her top,then her bottoms,revealing that she had nothing else on.She was naked as she got to the top of the stairs and I dropped my robe and followed, gazing at her beautiful bum. I did hear the bedroom door burst open though.And as Abby gushed from her pussy, my favourite dildo up her sweet ass, I heard my shocked husband shout " What the F**k ?

A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 4

anal EuroFighter-Typhoon- 2017-01-28

As you open up the front door you see a tall smartly dressed man he smiles and ask 'are you' but before he could finish his question you reply 'yes I am' this way madam and he leads you to the waiting 2010 Black Rolls-Royce Ghost. A big smile appears across your gorgeous face your reply 'thank you!' 'How do you like the suite?' I ask 'its wonderful!' You grab the back of my head and say that's no reason to stop and push my head back down between your legs, the smell and taste of your pussy makes my dick harder and stiffer.