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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

I've Been Bad

anal Terry Self 2017-05-23

It should have been clear to anyone that a woman who so obviously enjoyed her sexual power like Lynne did, was never, ever, going to restrict herself to one man. Poor Paul, because it didn't take long for Lynne's games to start. Eventually even Paul found his limit and a weekend where Lynne spent more time with me than with him ended in tears, accusations and slammed doors. Having finally exhausted the usual options I at last let Lynne enjoy the orgasm she had long been begging for. Lynne hadn't emerged from the shower by the time I left, indeed the door to the bathroom now appeared to be locked, so I can't tell you her re-action.

cock fight set-up

anal johnhenry109 2017-05-23

I tried to grab the phone but Mary pulled away talk to Larry telling him about my challenge to cock fight. Larry than dropped his pants exposing a 9 inch long cock thicker than mine and like Mary had said veiny and almost black in color. the loser would watch the other man fuck her in the asshole and would have to drink the winners scum from a glass after she pushed it out of her ass.WE were both raring to go and agreed. She left the room and came back with a glass for Larry's scum and vaseline to greese his cock for ass fucking.She knelt down and sucked his primative looking cock with gusto I had never seen.

A Little Lust Between Friends Ch. 01

anal Lustin Kink 2017-05-23

Alicia was on her back getting rammed in the ass by some hunk and Alicia said with her sultry British accent, "Fuck that ass deep you dirty fucker!" Jenna wished her tits were as big as Alicia's so they would bounce the way Alicia's were bouncing every time that guy rammed his cock in her ass. "Looks like David, Sheila and Jake left to get breakfast," Jenna told Mitch, "Do you want to go out to the diner and join them or... Jenna was disappointed when she felt Mitch's tongue leave her ass but when he grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and began pushing his prick into her tight asshole, she was in ecstasy.


Daniel and Me Alone...

anal d4david 2017-05-23

'I ain't gonna hurt you but if you act like a bitch I will slap you down like a bitch, you hear me!' I nodded my head in the affirmative, but that wasn't enough. And nothing else, you hear me now!!!' I looked at Daniel and answered 'yes..yes sir.' Daniel broke into a broad smile and said 'alright, let's go to my place.' Stripping out of his clothes Daniel turned to face me his cock standing out like a third arm with a tennis ball at it's end. Daniel was almost gentle letting his pre-cum lube up the out sides of my anal ring and gradually working his massive dick head up into my anal opening.

A married female friend

anal samsin36 2017-05-23

Couple of days Sam came over to our place for dinner. I, my husband Sunil and Sam had a good time together. At times being a little immoral wont hurt anyone, sam said. The expressing in his eyes and way he made me feel, made me once again melt in his arms, this time on the sofa. I hear from you, that you have a great collection of these lingerie sets, would you please bless me the opportunity to fill my eyes seeing you in them sweetheart? I opened my collection for him and asked him to choose which one would he like me wear now. Then slowly he moved his hand to my pussy, made me spread my legs.

Releasing Sexual Tension

anal AlwaysFalling21 2017-05-23

My second girlfriend wouldn't let me see her naked for about three months when we started going out, it was a year before we finally had sex and then she left me because she felt dirty. Only, she wouldn't actually let me feel the skin of her breasts or ass, but only above the clothing thats covering them. I still didn't think she was a prude at the time, I met other girls wouldn't put out after just two weeks. I than refigured my calculations for a girl like Megan to four to six weeks. I started grabbing at her blonde hair, pulling it back as I fucked her harder in the ass.

Typical Morning for a Slut

anal 2017-05-22

From this angle i cannot work my tongue on the underside as i like, but i still enjoy Your cock in my mouth and the anticipation of Your tongue on my pussy. I know you are licking the precum from my cock as I fuck your mouth, but as I start to get into the swing of things I get a better idea. ok, sit on the toilet, spread your legs wide and show me a squirt of pee, while you suck my cock When you pull out of my mouth i'm disappointed, but then when i see the pee-hole open and the piss start to stream out i'm fascinated and i wonder where you are going to direct that stream -- tits, pussy, face, mouth?

A Dirty Dog Doggin' Around Ch. 09

anal mccrayj 2017-05-22

I got home early one day from work and Mandi told me as soon as I walked in the door that there was someone looking at the other half of the duplex. "Don't know," Blaine said quickly, "but Molly liked him and we decided to give him a home." Blaine and I chatted about his move-in schedule (there wasn't one) and if he needed any help (didn't know) and what his military job was (a machinist), and did he mind if Alky went with me and my dogs for a walk at a private area we loved (he didn't). Mandi grabbed a couple of beers and some wine and told me I could work on my school stuff over at their house, while she and Blaine played with his new game console.


Those Jeans Don't Fit

anal whostheboss 2017-05-22

And Molly's got a nice body: each of her tits a heavy handful, a little nipped in waist, and hips and a plump ass that flare out below. I don't want to miss the moment, so I clear my throat right away and say, "Pull down those pants and put yourself over my lap." I sit down on the bed and watch Molly fumble with her jeans. And then maybe you could fuck my ass?" She says it as a question, and before I can ask her to elaborate, she's sucked my dick up into her mouth and is working on getting it down her throat. I only have to wait a few moments before Molly starts thrusting herself onto me, pushing my cock into her tight, warm ass.

A Professor's Tale

anal binacontenda 2017-05-22

I had noticed the lovely curve of the underside of the girl's well-rounded bottom as she bent to climb in, with even a glimpse of her white panty covered pussy mound between creamy thighs... Feeling like I was opening a present, I raised her short skirt up to reveal a round, pert, slightly plump bottom, still wriggling in thin, tight white panties... "No kicking!" I said, and began her spanking, taking my time, alternating cheeks, while she wriggled and thrusted deliciously against me, rubbing against my prick through my thin trousers. "You're being a bad girl," I said, her hips under my hands, "fucking your new professor with your naughty bottom.

The Encounter

anal songtothesirens 2017-05-22

He began to walk towards her, and her heart began to beat a little faster. Her heart beat even faster and she began to feel little twinges down between her legs. As he walked away, she could not help but notice the way his tuxedo fit every muscle of his chiseled body. He whispered in her ear, “I want to make love to you, and I want you to make love to me.” She sighed longingly, and responded with a breathy “Yes, I would like that very much.” He slipped the thin strap of her dress off her shoulder and very lightly ran his lips over the bare skin then kissed the spot where his lips stopped…..


anal 2017-05-22

Taking him out of my mouth "that's right baby, feed Missy" I purred softly then started working on his cock again this time stroking him with my hand as I sucked his rampant cock coaxing his turgid balls to yield their cache of sperm. "Pleaseeee.......oh god, eat my asspussy Bobby........oh don't stop baby're gonna make me cum" I screamed filling my panties with cum as he tongue fucked my ass. When I stood up Bobby bent me forward against the wall, soaped my asspussy and entered me as I begged "fuck me good baby." Bobby fucked me for a long time, then just as the hot water began to run out I felt his cock swell then jerk and his hot sperm flooded my mangina


anal 2017-05-22

Then she bent over and began to suck him as she slid a hand under his ass and pushed two fingers in his asshole and finger fucked him as she took his cock down her throat and sucked and ran her tongue over his big hard cock. Your holes and tits are going to be so sore and raw when I take that well fucked body home I will probably have to carry your naked body to your door." He then pulled her to him and kissed her shoving his tongue deep in her mouth. I want to suck your cum out of that sexy cunt as I tongue or finger fuck you before I give you my cock.

A Hot New York Night

anal aussie_ella 2017-05-22

He loved how she came, the panting whimpers she made, the gush of the hot liquid into his mouth, the heavy clenching spasms of her cunt climaxing, the way she gripped something - anything - as she arched and quivered and gasped. His cock stiffened for the tenth time since they left the house as he watched her delicious arse sway in front of him, her arms raising as she danced a little while she wended her way through the crowd to a dark corner, laughing with delight. She stopped next to the wall, her face inches from the concrete blackness until she felt him behind her, his hand sliding up her dress to cup her bare arse cheek, his breath hot on her neck as he tells her he will be back with drinks in a minute.

i night spent with my mum

anal Danny_Smith 2017-05-22

As I went past mum's room the door was open slightly again and I could hear the same noises as before when she finger fucking herself, My cock got even harder at the thought of being able to watch her playing with her beautiful smooth pussy again, I could hear her starting to moan a little louder so I pushed on the door causing to to open slowly just enough for me to get a really good view of the show, I looked down o the tent in my shorts and pulled out my cock and started stroking it up and down once again, her moans got louder as she picked up speed she was saying something I couldn't make it out then she said it again louder

She Told Him No Fucking... Ch. 01

anal Scotsman69 2017-05-22

'You know Elena,' he said as they began eating, 'You are an even more attractive woman than I ever imagined when we were chatting online.' He stroked her knee briefly under the table. He grunted involuntarily when he felt her fingers on him: 'Oh fuck, please stop Elena, I don't want to cum in my kilt,' he groaned. His cock quivered as she obediently drew her knees up and let her legs fall wide, and one hand moved to her cunt. She removed her hand as his mouth moved round her outer labia, sucking, licking, kissing: 'Ohhh Elena, I can smell your sweet cunt now, my wee slut.


Fantasies Allowed

anal SweetsPickle 2017-05-22

Her tongue traced his lips and pushed its way into the dark recess of his mouth. His eyes followed the path of her fingers, watching intently as she wrapped them around his shaft and began to stroke him, very slowly and very deliberately. He watched her head dip down and felt the hot touch of her tongue as she lapped at the salty pre-cum off of him, felt her warm breath as she sighed deeply in satisfaction at the taste of him in her mouth. He pushed his finger slowly into her ass, letting the resistance of her body call the shots. The sound of her name on his lips and the feel of his heat spilling inside her pushed her over the edge.

You Mustn't Do That!

anal Svenskaflicka 2017-05-22

“Dean, there is one way you could come inside me,” she whispered. I want to have you inside me, to feel that I’m giving you pleasure – but without losing my virginity.” He knew a lot of guys who would die to get to come inside a girl’s ass. Dean pulled his fingers out, and put the head of his dick to her gaping asshole. “It hurts a little,” said Fatima. “You’re incredibly tight,” said Dean, and dropped some more lotion on his dick, until it slid easily in and out of Fatima’s ass with a slopping sound. He pulled out abruptly and jerked off, his breath a mere wheezing, and then he shot his load over her ass, smeared it out with his dick.

A Permanent Visitor Ch. 01

anal horde 2017-05-22

Taking a good long look up and down the street, she let out a sigh and slumped down into a sitting position, her back against the end table under the window. Her lips began to open, but gentle upward pressure from my finger convinced her to stop. I took my time, exploring her body with my hands as my dick explored her insides. I pulled my fingers all the way out and then pushed them back in together, testing the path that my penis would soon take for the first time. I thrust steadily into her, feeling the tightness of her ring grip my shaft just like my fingers do when I'm whacking off.


11th Anniversary

anal Ms_Flibble 2017-05-22

Whilst I pant open mouthed, the butt plug juts out from my red ass and I am all the more aware of it now your cock is no longer in my pussy. You pull your cock out my mouth and grab a handful of my hair, forcing my head back. Once the butt plug is fully out, you remove your cock from my pussy and watch with delight as it disappears up my ass hole. I come straight for you and straddle you, thrusting my tits in your face as I grip the back of the sofa, I come down hard on your cock with my pussy. As I raise up your cock falls from my pussy and I use my hand to guide it into my waiting ass.

Becoming a Sissy Part 4

anal snoozer2000 2017-05-22

My cock exploded with rope after rope of cum landing on her face, lips, in her eyes and hair, but like a good sissy her mouth stayed wide open to collect as much cum as she could. With that sissy, still in six-inch heels, went to her handbag and took out some lube and what looked like a bigger butt plug than the one already embedded in her ass. She turned her head to me and said "sissies ass is ready for daddy, can I have your cock in my ass now please" there was a whimper in her voice, I understood again the joy I was going to be giving her when I reamed her ass. I felt like I was finally getting the respect and worship that I deserved, that thought drove me wild and I started to plough into Sissy's ass.

Carol Introduced Me To Her Asshole and Anal Sex

anal nvision 2017-05-22

Carol said she bought a tube of Vaseline and was ready for some ass fucking that evening. We went to our favorite place where she proceeded to suck my cock with a great deal of excitement while I fingered her pussy and asshole, getting her asshole wet with juices from her soaking wet pussy. One night we were alone in her basement playing pool when suddenly, she thought we had some time, so she turned me around and dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock with intense deep thrusts. Since then, while I enjoy eating and fucking pussy and love blowjobs, anal is a special treat when a woman is into it too like Carol was.

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 01

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2017-05-22

Since the first time, she would occasionally let him touch her there, lick her there, never fuck her there, just because she couldn't bring herself to ask for it or admit that she loved to have his hardness pounding away at her tight hole. He slowed only long enough to grab the lube and shoot some over his hot dick, never stopping, wanting to be sure he could fuck that ass and have some leftover for next time. She wanted him to fuck her ass and spank her at the same time, making her cheeks as swollen and red as her rosy puckered hole surely was.

The Tower Chapter 2

anal slave_ariana 2017-05-22

We split up because he couldn’t cope with the fact that I spent more time on my A-levels and swimming than him, plus he didn’t turn me on, I slept with him but it was nothing special, doggy style, him on top, me on top, spoons, a little oral, but he never wanted to talk fantasies or anal, so we decided to go our separate ways, we were still good friends though, and he always looked out for me when my parents were away. I asked him why Josh wasn’t looking for me, Sir Imer had e-mailed all the important people in my life telling them I was on an educational trip with college, sorry for the short notice, but they did not know until the last minute if they could get the funding.