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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Tracy Looses Her Anal Cherry

anal Xchef 2017-10-06

Her head rocked back when the hard creamy cheeks of her ass were suddenly pulled apart by two strong large hands. Thrusting deep into her sopping wet pussy he cupped her ass and slid his thick finger back into her asshole while slowly fucking her pussy. When he felt her ass relax he pulled his throbbing cock out of her pussy. He had prepared her so well, licked, sucked, fingered and lubed her so expertly that while she felt every inch of his cock go into her it never once hurt. He pussy throbbed as hard as the cock embedded in her asshole and it convulsed, contracted and she came. Tracy smiled and when his tongue touched her sore open asshole her pussy quivered.

Bi the way

anal rogue-1966 2017-10-06

Wrapping my lips tightly around his cock I would slide back slowly till just the head was in my mouth. I grab my legs, holding my legs to my chest as Robert rolls my hips up and quickly finds my ass as starts flicking around the opening.  He starts moaning and pulls off my cock swallowing my cum before taking my cock again sliding his lips up and down my cock finishing off my orgasm.  Pumping my cock a couple times, then pushing down again forcing more in his ass. Sitting back on my cock, Robert slides his feet forward, taking a hold of the headboard he pulls up and starts bouncing his ass, fucking my cock hard and deep.

Andrew’s Angel

anal 2017-10-06

After a minute the foam began to burn his body and the girls left home there for what felt like ages. I’ll be sure to video everything for later but in the mean time, I need to get our little sissy ready for coach.” All girls left leaving just Katie and Angel. Despite Angel’s greatest attempt to hate to moment she eventually came all over ground and the coach finished not long after leaving Angel lying in the locker room floor in a puddle of her own sissy cummies unable to move from pain and half undressed with cum dried on her face and her pussy filled with fresh warm cum leaking out in a small, steady stream.

Cooking With Nigella Lawson - Part II

anal somedude2 2017-10-06

"Good morning" she said with her divinely heavenly voice, and she looked so sultry as she stood at the stove with the frying pan cooking away. As she moved the bacon from the pan to the bread she was unaware that I had been greasing up my hard cock with butter as she was facing away from me, I just couldn't help myself and did it without thinking. Nigella was fixing the sandwhiches as I walked up from behind her with my cock in hand, always keeping my eyes on her fine ass. My thrusts got more stronger as I fucked Nigella in the ass and she groaned with pleasure as my cock was thrusted deeper and harder.

Christmas & New Year's Japanese Anal Sex

anal crusaderofsex 2017-10-06

All I could think about at dinner was how I was going to get my 9 1/2 inch thick cock inside her Japanese virgin asshole. After about 30 mins of getting her ready, I started to work my 9 1/2 inch thick cock into her virgin ass. About 10 mins later, my cock was inside her and let me tell you, the six month wait to get this girl in bed was worth it! I couldn't believe I was taking yet another Japanese girl's virgin asshole but as I was pounding my dick in her it was becoming more and more believable. Once I said that, I started to thrust my cock as deep into her as I could before letting go an explosion of cum inside her asshole.

A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 05

anal mccrayj 2017-10-06

I had a couple of beers under my belt, and remembering what Mandi had said, I casually walked up behind her, gently grabbed her hips and slowly humped my crotch up and down her butt. As I moved around the room collecting bets from the guys who had brought cash with them, I noticed Carol had cornered Randy well away from everyone else, and was in his face. Carol told Mandi how much money Randy had actually bet, not only with me, but with a couple of other people. "The first thing I have wondered about is something Jill told me one time after several of us girls got a little drunk and were talking about sex.

Changing The Ref's Call

anal Sport7777 2017-10-06

“What are you doing?” Mark asked as the blond girl left the room. The girls paired up, as Candice sat with Mark on the couch, Debbie pulled up a chair beside Andy, and Kelly boldly went over to Bill and sat on his lap since there were no chairs left. Mark and Andy took Debbie and Candice back to there respective rooms leaving Kelly and Bill alone. Seconds before she was about to come, Bill stuck his cock into her pussy and began to pump, getting her even more hotter and wetter. “Just take it slowly and enjoy.” Kelly panted as the excite of his dick inside her, and her fingers massaging her pussy was more excitement than she could handle.

What A Wonderful Way To Start The Day

anal Strapping Young Lad 2017-10-06

I continue licking your ass and the skin between until your orgasm subsides and I pull my fingers soaking wet from you. I see how wet your ass is with my spit, and I ask you to slow down as I push a finger into your bowels, your taboo. You gasp as I invade you there, but then you start to pump your hips again, this time not only does my long and hard cock slip inside you with ease, but my spit soaked finger begins to as well, slowly at first, but then with as much quickness as the other hole is penetrated. Then balancing with one hand while the other busies itself finger deep in your pussy, you begin pumping up and down on my cock.

Sexy Cop Traffic Stop

anal DirtyDeni 2017-10-06

Cocking one eyebrow and looking around her car as he took the papers from her, Jake frowned when he spotted the can of Red Bull in one cupholder beside a clear insulated mug in the other cupholder, and a paper bag suspiciously wrapped around something bottle-shaped on the passenger seat floor. Jake couldn't resist looking her over carefully from head to toe, admiring the way her dress hugged her curves and emphasized her tits and legs. "I love the bare lips," he admired, "but it's really your ass that's driving me wild." He thrusted his fingers in and out of her as she still lay on the hood with her hands behind her head, legs spread atop killer heels.

3 am mature anal

anal crazyfool8839 2017-10-06

She say's "I've been thinking about your fat cock all day." She gets on her knees, pull down my shorts and begins to deep throat me. She begins to lick my ass hole, tongue wet and long. Her ass hole is nice and pink, smells like strawberries as she took a long shower before I got to her house. Licking up and down and trying to stick my tongue deep in her ass. She says "you better fill my ass up." I feel this huge wave come over me and unload a massive load deep in her, her ass sucks up every drop. In between visits, she comes to the bed room to suck my dick and eat my ass out some more.

Just a Walk in the Park

anal rockbohunk 2017-10-06

"Now hold still," Rick said as he eased the vibrating egg between her lips and pushed it in with his middle finger. Kathy tried to watch the TV, but her attention was interrupted as Rick began to lick and tease her clit and pull slightly on the wire to the vibrating egg. Feeling guilty for her outbursts, Kathy knelt in front of Rick and took his cock in her mouth and sucked hard while stroking her hands around his hard shaft. At the overlook near the cascades, Rick grabbed Kathy by the hand and led her up a small hill to a little plateau. "Smile," Rick said as he took a couple pictures of Kathy helplessly attached to the tree.

A First Time for Anal Play Ch. 4

anal BigMan 2017-10-06

After I agreed to fuck her, she was so hot she couldn't wait to see my dick, so she pulled me down the open air corridor to the bathroom. I finally got hard, and Mark laid down on his back, and told Ethyl to get on his face. I hit bottom, and pushed hard against her reveling in the feel of my length buried deep inside her when I felt my own asshole being parted. Next thing, he pushed me further down, and began to royally fuck my butthole, hard solid strokes that made me fuck into his wife's ass. I tried to keep my body still as mark fucked my ass and Ethyl sucked my dick.

Midsummer Night (Cuckold 4)

anal pablotlse 2017-10-06

She leaves her place, climbs on her chair and when she passes her hands under her shirt, probably to remove her panties that she’s lost in this game, Robert asks her to hold on. While Andrew behind Murielle gets rid of his clothes, Peter slips a hand on Murielle’s sex and starts masturbating her, his other hand fondling her chest, her back, her buttocks. Andrew steps back a bit, takes his cock in one hand and with the other pushes lightly on Murielle’s shoulders forcing her to lean forward. When I see that Peter is about to penetrate Murielle from the front while Andrew is pushing his cock between Murielle’s buttocks, I explode in a growl that I could not control.

Cousin Freda

anal fotisampini 2017-10-06

Ted drove to his cousin's apartment and she let him in. "Thanks Ted, I appreciate it" said Freda. To Ted's surprise Freda drank beer after beer. "I have to go home now, Mary is waiting" said Ted. "Let's go to your bedroom" whispered Ted. Freda rushed to the bedroom dragging her uncle behind her. When Ted drove home it started raining. With every thrust of his prick in Mary's cunt he dreamed about Freda. "Doesn't Mary give you enough pussy?" ask Freda. "Yours is better" said Ted. Freda smiled at him grateful for the compliment. "When I was thirteen I let my boyfriend do it, I didn't want to get pregnant" said Freda. Ted drove home and found Mary waiting.

A Sons Guide to Seduction (HOT/Blackmail/Mother-so

anal Erocus 2017-10-05

I bent down low so as to make her legs look even longer and in so doing I got a great shot that included Mum's thong covered ass. Over the next few weeks, every time Mum asked me to do something like tidy my room or run an errand, I'd tell her that she knew what my price would be. I tried to keep the sense of triumph out of my voice as I told Mum I wanted to take another 36 shots of her wearing just some sexy bra and panties, hold ups and high heels. I felt something touch my dick, and when I looked down I saw that Mum was brushing the high heel of her other shoe along my shaft.

A Boss in Need

anal CertifiedHeat 2017-10-05

If his wife never let him go down on her, I wondered how he was so fucking good at this He focused on my clit just as I liked it, sucking and licking. Mr. Dean pulled apart my ass cheeks and started licking my asshole. This little asshole needs a good fucking, and I'm going to deliver." I couldn't believe he wasn't stopping and I could tell the fact that I was protesting was getting him more excited because he thrust the rest of his huge cock inside me ass. I had gotten used to his thick cock and I started enjoying getting my ass fucked.

Strapon b*****r 3

anal JOHNFINASMITH 2017-10-05

"Look, Nat's got a nice but normal cock, and I have a bit of thing for big ones. Nat looked surprised, and said, "Well I don't know if that's what Jools had in mind, but I'm vetoing you as well, Mark. I looked at Mark, and he nodded approval - he wasn't going to miss a chance of Annie returning the favour on his back-side. Annie, still being fucked by Mark, looked over and said, "Nat, you came on Jools's tits. As I said, I didn't really know Chelsea, but I wanted to see how Nat reacted to her giant tits. Chelsea smirked slightly, then said, "Oh come on, all those disapproving looks you used to give whenever Marcy stayed over."

Sex with Boss Lady Becky Ch. 02

anal gomets13 2017-10-05

I pulled it out and Morgan got on her knees in front of me and licked the mixture of my cum and her pussy off my cock. As I was licking and sucking her cunt, Becky had straddled her head and I could see her ass as Morgan was eating her. I watched as Morgan licked Becky's cunt, occasionally flicking her asshole with her tongue. Morgan was moaning as Becky continued to lick and probe her asshole with her tongue. Becky had started to finger Morgan's pussy while she was licking her asshole. I started fucking Becky first, fingering Morgan's pussy and asshole. I put some lube on Morgan's asshole and had Becky work her fingers into her ass.