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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

My Session with a Domme

anal SubjugateMe70 2018-12-04

She then placed clothes pins, in a row, along the skin underneath my cock and on to my balls. Next came a careful exam of my ass hole with her latex gloved fingers and lube. I want to mention, at times, she would stand at my head and whip my back and ass from this position. After brutalizing my ass, then providing for her slave, the beautiful Mistress moved me into a full body "glove" if you will. My chest, arms, legs, and yes, my poor little cock and balls are whipped mercilessly. It was so intense, my head felt light for several seconds, then hurt like crazy for a short time.

90% dom

Now I love it in the ass

anal jabig6 2018-05-05

He looked at me, took my drink, sat it on the coffee table, put his hand on my cheek and kissed me so gently I almost didn’t feel it. I don’t know what sent him past the point of control, but I think it might have been when I screamed out that I didn’t care anymore I had to feel his cock fucking my pussy. I was so excited thinking about all those taboo things I was doing willingly that I didn’t realize how close I was to orgasm or how hard I was riding his dick, and before I knew it we were both screaming out in orgasm.

Truck Stop

anal 2017-11-25

That was when I felt the hand gently grasp around my throbbing cock and slowly give it a couple of strokes. His hand pulled me down a bit harder and my mouth took his meat in slowly. The thick beefy veins on his cock throbbed in my mouth and I felt every twitch from him on my tongue as I let him ride my mouth. I felt him press the head of his cock against my ass ring. My cock dangled rock hard under me and i felt an amazing tingling sensation beneath my balls. I exploded hot cum all over my gym shorts and his camper as he drove his cock up my ass at an almost primitive pace, slamming me hard.


The Weekend Part 3

anal SpikeHammer 2018-09-25

Michelle moved the dildo deeper into her own cunt and started fucking Belinda harder. I will bitch." As better began to increase his pace Michelle fucked Belinda harder.Peer's balls started to tighten, he knew he could not hold back and pushed deeper into Michelle's ass shooting his load deep into her ass. Smiling she quickly pulled the strap on and buckled it up, Belinda rolled on her side and watched as Michelle grabbed a bolt of lubricate and squirted some on the dildo and Peter moved himself to the edge of the bed as Michelle spread his legs and squirted someone on his ass and then without hesitation pushed the dildo in his ass.

Crissie Fucks the Neighbor

anal chrissieCD 2018-05-23

His hands had slipped from my waist to cup and fondle my ass, cupping, squeezing, caressing each cheek in turn. ear "Such sweet little titties Chrissie." I moaned as he squeezed my breasts and lightly pinched my nipples. stroke his long hard cock with one hand while my lips circled the tip while sucking it in out of my mouth. I continued to suck his stiff cock while his hands held my head as he slowly fucked my face. Oh baby yes what a great little ass." He started his thrusting He just muttered "Yes Chrissie I'll cum in your ass" I just moaned and said "Yes baby, fill my Ladyboy pussy with your

Sex With A Policewoman

anal toyboy2 2017-10-17

I continued to fuck her hard as she continued to shout at me and urge me on.When i said i was about to come she told me to pull out again.After i had pulled out she turned around to face me and lay back on her car bonnet again.She pulled her blouse open exposing her magnificent breasts and told me to come all over them.I gave my cock a couple of quick tugs to finish me off then let fly.I watched as my cock shot jets of come out covering her tits.This was a fantastic sight especially when it started to drip down her body.She scooped some up in her hand,licked some off her fingers,then slipped her fingers into her pussy.She came out with sticky fingers and told me

((( Thug Love )))) (((( Chapter 9 )))))

anal mbdc8409 2018-05-08

After letting her out he walks towards the bedroom saying " look man i don't feel like arguing right now" i said " nigga you aint shit, i wonder how she would feel knowing she just let a fag fuck her" he turned to me and said " baby it wasn't even like that, i just wanted to be with a chick for a change you act like you got a pussy or something, i didn't think you was going to be home so early" i said "Jay you always comparing me to girls, the reason why i don't have tits, hips or a pussy is because I'm a dude, you been fucking me this long you should know that," he Say's while walking towards me " and i love you for who you are baby, i don't expect you to understand, look i love you i would die for you but from time to time i want to be with a female, i didn't fuck her raw, i know you may think its fucked up but I'm not trying to hurt you, she don't mean shit to me she just a good fuck but you got my heart baby can't nobody compete with that, you a man just like i am you know how shit can be" i looked at him and the look in his eyes was so sincere I was so confused right now.

Cajun Ass Queen Part 2

anal lilguy41 2018-09-04

“Well I guess you don’t want you hot cum streaming in my ass” She said biting her lip she parted her ass cheeks bending over showing her deep crack. Jane was walking around in her swimming suit she showed off the other day drinking cock tail with Tom walking behind her, with his head down and looking at his ass. “You pardon me…I think I going to get out of the pool now…starting to smell in her” Caj Said as she was walking out showing her fat ass dripping with water. While you were planning your little party, your husband was screaming my name as I fucked him for every drip of cum.” Caj Said


The Thrill

anal sexpornqueen 2018-10-05

One night he spanked her with his leather belt and as her ass showed the welts she began to multi cum. He was fucking her ass hard with the crop as his fist was ramming in her cunt. He pulled his fist from her cunt and slapped her clit several times before he grabbed her hips and pushed his cock balls deep into her tight ass. She loved to run around the house naked and knew it turned him on and he would grab her spank her and then fuck her hard either in her ass or cunt. She could get her tongue deep in his ass hole and fuck it as she jerked his cock till he would cum.

Happy Humpday!

anal Snips420 2018-04-30

Do you want some coffee" I asked as I shut the door. Plus, Ive seen the pictures of her pierced nipples on my girlfriends phone...and she did them by herself at home...Yeah. "Dont you want to fuck me?" she batted her eyes as she ran her hand over her pussy. "I love it when guys smell my asshole. Her pink asshole was staring back at me as I started licking her pussy. I stuck several fingers inside her pussy while I begin smelling the sweet aroma of her ass. I hit it like a mad man until I finally blew my load inside her ass. "I fucking love you" i said and smiled

smokey blow job

anal 2017-11-25

She had her last smoke and we both talked and fell asl**p in each others arms, Jessie is a Bartender and always worked the day shift on saturdays, whitch was good cause she was off early and off on sunday (We could play with our friends longer!) We both woke up at the same time, Jessie started to kiss and lick my nipples, running her hands down to my cock, softly stoking till I got hard, then kissing my ear and telling me to get ready for my saturday morning bj. I watch as her bright red lips suck down and pulls smoke into her mouth, she inhails deep then blows smoe over my hard cock making me dance and jump.

Uncle Timmy takes control...Part3

anal 2018-01-09

I hear him hawk and spit and feel a gobbet hit me and roll down between my cheeks.He rubs the rose of my arse and fingers my cunt...the wetness of me is running down my leg now and I think if he doesn't do something for me soon I might die of wondering.... I didn't cum but I felt great and was lying enjoying the feeling when I heard the door slam.He had got out of the house as quick as his spunk had shot out of his cock....speaking of which I was aware of it running out of my arse and down my leg so I went to the bathroom to clean up and to taste a little bit off my finger.....Mmmm.A little bit of arse but lots of Uncle Timmy....Nice taste.

I'm an with it!

anal neilmc123 2018-05-17

I knelt on the sun bed with my ass high in the air ensuring that the guys nearby got a good glimpse of my almost covered pussy. Hubby looked down and watched his hard cock slide in and out of my shaved tight pussy. Stretching out on the bed I opened my legs wide, slowly moving my hands down my breasts and stomach, stopping at my soft naked pussy. I came once more then moved my pussy away from his crotch and placed my hand on his cock, rubbing it through his trousers. I want to lap dance for them and grind my bald pussy into their laps feeling their hard cocks straining against their trousers!”

A Boss, A Mentor, A Lover

anal fotisampini 2018-06-02

"I wore the suit because ever since that day you told me how sexy I look in it, every second I'm wearing it around you I get soaking wet between my legs." She jutted her lower jaw out and flared her nostrils in defiance when she said this, expecting me to hold it against her, to f***e punishment upon my slave for not doing as I asked. "Jim," she interrupted, raising her head to look deep into my eyes to make sure she made her point, "shut the fuck up." She said it authoritatively, and then kissed my mouth deeply. "Fuck, I know," she panted, "I want you all the time too." She bucked her hips up to meet my thrusts, and our sex made loud, wet slapping noises.

The day with the Paramedic

anal loloishorny 2017-12-20

I feel like I’m ready to explode and want you to help me get there.” My eyes rolled to the back of my head and back again, as another thick finger made its way deeper in me. Kevin smiled and said “I’ve never had a woman come as much as you do.” “I come all the time; I finger my clit, or insert a toy deep inside… I come” as I kiss him. I lift from his dick and work my way around to have my ass in his face, as I suck my come from his dick and balls. I not only want to feel your fingers, but I’d really like to feel your thick cock in my ass.” Looking over my shoulder with a smile.


anal laceysgirl 2018-01-22

After I screamed out another orgasm she looked up and smiled “My turn!” she said and I got to do to her what she did to me but before I went for her pussy I had fun sucking on those huge nipples she loved it and held my head to her breast pushing it deeper into my sucking mouth I made my way down there and tasted her she tasted so clean and sweet that I wasted no time getting my tongue inside her she had a clit to match her nipples it was like sucking on a little cock and she came all over my face time and time again much later as we lay spent in each others arms we decided to be a couple you should have seen the faces of the guys when we would make out on the street more than a few fender benders occurred because of us and we enjoyed the attention but after six months of eating and fucking pussy yes we bought a huge strap on dildo to fuck each other why wouldn't we?

My Bus Journey Part 2/6

anal nsentra 2017-12-15

But I didn’t care much as I was enjoying the feel of his hand on my hard teenage cock very much. Again, just when my orgasm had started to build, he stopped playing with my cock and went back to caressing my thighs. I got a horny feeling as the cloth of the seat touched my naked ass.He then asked me to sit at an angle towards him with my back to the window, so that my left leg was bent and rested in his lap and my right leg was spread and on the ground. He started to jack me slowly and expertly while he played with my balls with the other hand and within seconds I spurted my cum with an amazing f***e and intensity.

My Transformed Wife Part 2

anal drew1207 2018-09-08

She looked into my eyes and said, "You know, you still haven't gotten to cum yet." She leaned forward and wrapped her hand around my cock, which hadn't gone down at all since we started. I was a bit loosened up from earlier, and it didn't take much f***e to get it in, but my wife still groaned and arched her back and said, "You're still so tight, even after earlier." I just grinned in response and bottomed out on her dick, letting my butt rest on the insides of her thighs, as my cock and balls pressed against her abs.

a good fuck of ass

anal 2018-02-13

I was alone at home, my wife was working all day I greeted wearing a dressing gown beneath a pink nightie that I stole my wife, I'm back in the living room which I prepared the coffee, we chatted drinking our coffee, then said to me "you're naked under your robe?" I replied "almost" when he said "let me see" so I lifted and removed my robe and when he saw my nightie he made "hummm very exciting I feel that you should be a good slut" rubbing between her legs .then he said "I want something for down here in my pants "and I approach him kneeling between her legs I unbuckled his belt, opened his pants cast him down to his knees, he wore a boxer, so I did not asked me to find her tail his boxers then I saw a big piece of flesh barely bandaged and a pair of big balls I took his cock in hand I jerked off and then I started to suck very slowly at first, I felt his cock swelling in my mouth to become hard, I savored his big penis of his cock in my mouth, he began to sigh saying "ooooh you fucking sucks very well, yes continuous like that" and he stroked my sucking Breasts kneading saying them "you know you're turning me like that bitch" and then added "you like me to treat you bitch ...

crossdressing at techno party been fucked by 3 men

anal sissyslave78 2018-10-05

The second guy enter the toilet i ordered me to go on my knee and suck him too so i started to suck is dick was a monster well i was sucking i get slap on my face and called all kind of dirty names i fucked my mouths for a long long time i had is precum allover me ! I try to ask them to free me but them where laughing at me and finally them droped me at train station in zurich on sunday night , i whent out of the car walking strange my ass burning and of course the chastety cage on my cock !

Life Changing Getaway

anal multiplierx 2018-09-04

I let my guard down & got carried away as I felt his hands on my head as he thrust in motion with me to shove my nose all the way into his hairy crotch. Back to the note, I didn't notice at the time till reading it but my package Package had been super glued to look like a pussy & I had an plug in my bum. The group found a better super glue that kept me in perfect shape for a month at a time, though do note I did everything without f***e by this Point as I felt a need to please the boss.

What I want

anal Wantingone2 2018-06-21

I reach up and pull your jeans over you hips to the floor and as you step out of them your cock pops out of my mouth and your huge cum filled balls bounce in front of my face. One hand is on the back of my head as the other pushes my hand away from your shaft so you can shove your cock deeper into my gaging mouth. You motion me on top of you and I straddle you and try to slowly ease your huge cock into my tight ass. I hear you moan as your thrust go deep and hard and with one hard push you go balls deep and pause as I feel your cock pump the first shot of hot cum into my ass.

Chris 5

anal cumslutt77 2018-05-22

Tom looked up at me as I leaned over him, his legs spreading, mouth open so I french-kissed him passionately, our tongues dueling, feeling his limp cock starting to stiffen! 'Ohhh darling, suck my fucking hard, dripping cock, baby!' Tom groaned, guiding my head down to it. Tiffany laid back and spread her legs like the hot bitch that she is and humped and moaned and groaned as Joy brought her to multiple orgasms with her tongue, fingers and lips, fingerfucking her pussy and ass, even pinching and twisting her taut nipples! Then he slid down to the floor and mouthed my balls, making mad, passionate love to them and groaning, 'Yes, actually, I did - Mr. Barnes was one of the several teachers I'd suck and get fucked by in school....'

What I Need in My Life

anal straponsissy 2018-04-15

What I need is a nice hard cock sliding up inside me and fucking my ass until it explodes inside me and fills me with cum.  He says all the right things and I answer by pushing my ass against the tip of his cock.  I think for second that I can get away from this, but he’s pushing deep and I’m feeling his thick shaft so deep in my belly and I want it.  I can feel him emptying out inside my hot, wet chute and pushing his cum into my bowels. I return his kisses and then answer "I know baby, but I want you to keep fucking me until I convert.