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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Black Love: Strapon Edition

anal Samuelx 2018-11-12

You're into the kind of porn that features women fucking men with strap-on dildos. It's mostly white guys getting fucked in the ass by women wearing strap-on dildos. There are one or two other black guys who appear as submissives in these BDSM strap-on fetish videos but they like to hide their faces. I once watched this really erotic online video featuring a black-haired white woman wearing a nurse's uniform as she fucked a black man with a strap-on dildo in a fetish dungeon. In one of them, a dark-haired white woman fucks a masked black man with a strap-on dildo after tying him up. Judith laughed and told me she always wanted to fuck a big black man like me with her strap-on dildo.


Black Female Anal Sex Addict

anal Samuelx 2018-11-17

My name is Darius Johnson, friends call me D.J. and I'm a six-foot-tall, good-looking young black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Contrarily to what most people say, many big black women out there are totally into anal sex. A five-foot-ten, busty, thick-bodied and wide-hipped woman with jet-black skin and the biggest ass I've ever seen. I like dark-skinned black females with huge tits, wide hips and big booties. Ashley sucked my big black Johnson until I came, then she gulped every drop of my cum. Even though Ashley was no stranger to anal sex, I took my sweet time with her. When it comes to anal sex, Ashley likes to be penetrated slowly and steadily at first, then a bit more roughly at the end.

87% bbw

An Unexpected Encounter

anal Katastrophia 2018-10-30

Tom opened the shower door and stepped in behind Diana. Diana leaned back and rested her head on Tom’s shoulder, When his fingers reached the warm, wet folds he couldn’t help but smile. An involuntary twitch in his hips forced his hard length between her ass cheeks where he started to rock slightly, stroking himself even stiffer. Their bodies held fast together from shoulder to waist except for a brief rolling in his hips to allow his length to move back to between her cheeks again, this time pressing gently against the hole. His hips pressed against her hard, pushing in the last of his length before he rocked back to pull almost out in one long stroke. Tom let Diana’s legs down and leaned over her, the counter the only thing holding him up.

Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

anal Poppet 2018-10-19

I can feel his tongue working the delicate softness of my pussy and clit. I feel him stiffen, and know he’s going to give me the biggest orgasm he can. I’m rocked with pleasure, I feel like liquid, and my need for him still so strong. I can’t even begin to explain it, other than I don’t want it to stop. Our kiss is full of love, and a distraction as I get use to this new foreign feeling. He takes his time, I can tell by the expression on his face, he wants to bust deep inside me already. I know I’m going to come so good for him.

Office Loving

anal wildeyes 2018-10-28

She was sweating as much as I was and my hands were sliding into the crack of her ass, pushing into her soft, downy cunt lips, feeling the rock-hard little clit under my huge finger. Mary was grinding her ass in the air for me, pushing it into my hot cock. She was moaning and pushing her ass harder and harder into me until my entire cock was inside that tight, hot little asshole. I felt Mary spasm hard around my long, searching fingers and I dug them deeper into her cunt, pressing against walls of her slippery, creaming pussy hole as I fucked her sweet asshole. I felt the climactic surge begin in my balls and I pushed all my cock inside Mary as I came like a cannon burst.


All Strong Black Women Need Anal

anal Samuelx 2018-10-21

Lots of black men like a big woman with a fat ass. Jason grinned, and began feeling my fat ass. While some women will howl loud enough to wake the dead if even a medium-sized dick goes up their backdoor, I can take gigantic cocks up my ass without screaming. Jason definitely seemed to love the fact that I'm an anally fixated kind of gal as he rammed his cock up my ass. I've had big cocks up my ass before but Jason's super-sized black dick really took the cake. I felt like it was splitting my ass apart every time Jason thrust into me.


Booty Packer

anal Samuelx 2018-10-24

Joel is a tall, good-looking guy with light brown skin and curly hair. He's the kind of brother who lives his life the way he wants it and doesn't care what people think. We're talking about a brother who is going places and ignores the pull of the streets, unlike so many young black people. Usually, I don't like cops and I think most black folks would agree with me that they hate us but Joel is a brother with soul. I didn't know he was bisexual until Joel told me how they hooked up one time. So, one day, Joel and I went to the police station and got a restraining order against Talima Brown.


Wife Anita in a video

anal Anitaslut44 2018-11-12

It was a picture of a black man shooting his semen all over the pretty face of a blonde woman who seemed to be my lovely wife. In the next scene I saw my wife eagerly sucking the cock of every black man. The pace quickened as the camera showed that two black snakes; undulating in a lurid dance of penetration and pulling out, pounding her slutty pussy and ass. The last camera shot was a split frame with my beautiful wife's face splattered with the black thugs spunk, along with a final view of her swollen pussy lips and asshole gape; both of them oozing a cream pie of the viscous black seed mixed with her vaginal juices.

Working Over

anal Ruthie 2018-11-14

“Well, for starters, I'd like you to eat my pussy while Bernie fucks you in the ass.” I took Jenna's ass in the palms of my hands and buried my face between her legs, letting my tongue slip down her moist lips, opening her inner labia, and tasting her. I felt Bernie withdraw his finger and rub more of my pussy juices on my asshole. Putting my tongue into Jenna's pussy as far as I could reach then taking it out and licking her love button seemed to excite her a lot. I felt her reach forward, touching my pussy, finding Bernie's dick busy inside me.

A cold winter night

anal Saltine9001 2018-10-17

And just when I think you are about to grasp my hard shaft, to feel the touch of your tender hand against me, you pull away  giggling at your own unfair teasing but placing a kiss on my lips as your form of apology for poking fun, telling me the time will come soon but you want to wait until I cannot take it anymore.. Your hands now swaying in a different fashion, no signs of backing down from me or moving away, your finger teasing my pants button before finally opening it and unraveling my zipper. This was what I was waiting for, so many nights of your tongue circling my cock, all the times your lips or hands moved down to take away my sexual frustration but never came to my rescue.

The Catalina Variation

anal top_spin 2018-11-13

Jorge and I have been friends for  quite a while, a friendship which lasted over long periods of absence.  We met over 20 years ago, at a local chess club, it was a small and we  don’t remember much of what was said except that we played a few  skittles games. Not so gently I  felt her up, inserting my finger in her asshole, it was so tight;  getting on my knees I knelt behind her and began to tongue her  delectable ass, I savored her taste and the rich decadence of the act.  She in utter depravity reached back to hold my face in place; she  pushed back so I could insert my tongue for even deeper penetration. 

Anal For The First Time

anal cumslutnicole 2018-10-23

I went down on him, sucking his cock until he took over and fucked my tits and it wasn’t long before he deposited his cum all over my face and cleavage. I wanted to get to work quickly, but I thought I could make him come another way. He didn’t even get more than the tip of his cock into my ass, but it hurt like nothing I had ever experienced before. This time he pushed harder until his cock entered my tight asshole. I wanted to experience it for myself and deep inside of me I think I liked it, not the feeling, but that I was now the kind of girl that let a guy penetrate her ass.

Fast Meat

anal marietv 2018-10-22

Bobbing her head forward and back and still maintaining eye contact the whole time, she worked his cock with her hands while her mouth went to town on the tip. She opened her mouth and turned her eyes up towards his as he pulled her head towards him and pushed his hips forward at the same time, forcing his cock into her mouth. Pulling on the back of her head, he held her in place as she deep throated his cock but her eyes miraculously still turned up towards his. It took a good six or seven squirts for his balls to empty their cum, after which he slowly let his cock slide out of Mandy's ass.

Loving my Girlfriend's Mom's Ass

anal Jimbos 2018-10-15

As much as I love Kate's hard tight ass, Mrs. White's 2 thick cheeks spread apart was the hottest thing I've ever seen. "Fuck Mrs. White, I'm going to cum," I moaned as I buried my cock all the way up her ass. "Give me your cum Jim, shoot is up my ass just like you did with Kate," she said. I was still completely naked and my cock was wet with a mix of my cum and Mrs. White's ass, so I was careful to not let it touch Kate. I put hand gently on her head and lowered it back to my cock where she proceeded to clean up the combination of dried cum, and her own moms ass.

A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 3: Shelby's Surrender

anal Milik_the_Red 2018-10-30

The desire to be used like that, to be stretched open while Ben fucked me in such a taboo way, was too strong for me to ignore. I never thought I’d crave such a thing, but after his fingering and stretching of my hole, the idea of taking his cock in my ass made me weak with desire. Each time his fingers drew down, I rocked my ass up, hoping to feel him touch either of my aching holes. Moaning in a mixture of shock, pain, pleasure and pride, I dug my fingers into the seat as Ben leaned in, driving the remainder of his cock into my ass.

The Class Reunion - Part Two

anal Boss01 2018-10-24

“He slapped my naked butt a few times, then started running his finger up and down my slit. But when he started trying to slip his finger into my pussy, I realized what was about to happen and told him in no uncertain terms that absolutely nothing was going in my pussy until I was married; and that he would have my Dad to deal with if he didn’t stop right now. I started moaning again, and was starting to get lost in the feeling when I felt something greasy push up against my ass-hole. Alice started pushing back, so that every time I achieved full insertion, my abdomen would slap up against her ass, causing her cheeks to ripple in a thoroughly intoxicating manner.

Let’s have a rest?

anal Jeroen 2018-10-15

Shifting a little lower in your chair, you moved your hands over your stomach and started to undo the button of your ski-trousers. As soon as you felt my index and ring finger at the back of your lips, you instinctively grabbed Marc’s swollen cock, as in a reflex that you didn’t fully control yourself. Slowly you started lowering yourself onto me, and with Marc’s helping hand keeping my dick stiff, I felt the tip of my cock get tightly wrapped by your lovely ass. With the state of horniness you were in and your ass already being fucked you weren’t going to need much in order to come, and you didn’t want to have that happen before you’d at least get two cocks inside your body.

Sistah, Sistah

anal Cinner 2018-11-03

Judith and Delta, "Fuck Cunt" and "Cow" to the two men in the room, were naked on their hands and knees on a bed. Judith dropped her head occasionally, looking down, obstructing the view of the man who was fucking Delta. The man ploughing into Delta just looked toward the mirror on the vanity next to the bed so that he could watch his own cock ramming her cunt. "Yeah, but," said the front guy who had fucked Judith before raping Delta's mouth, "she sure has some awesome tits. The man pissed in Delta's hair and on the side of her head away from her so Judith watched the other woman's reaction to being pissed on.


Lady sex with big cock

anal bava12 2018-10-21

Uncle pulled out his donkey dick from her cunt and slept beside her hugging her tightly and after fifteen minutes he asked, “How was the fucking.” she thanked him and said, “I wanted to do this with you earlier only but scared to tell you and now that my dream have come true I will never let you go.” I got away from the door after duly cleaning it. aaaaaa…..I mean I have decided to divorce him and marry your Srinivasan Uncle.” I pressed hard her erected nipple between my thumb and finger and said, “Since you have decided let me also fuck you.There is a great pleasure in this sin, mom, let me fuck you, let me” I kissed on her lips madly and squeezed her boobs tightly.

Welcome Home

anal greeneyedkitty 2018-10-27

That fueled my own lust and I stopped licking and sucking long enough to draw one of my fingers into my mouth and wet it. "Oh baby, oh yes, oh fuck," he moaned as I pleasured him with my mouth and finger. I pulled my finger free and after one final swirl of my tongue let his cock pop free from my mouth. "Fuck yes baby, ride that cock," he demanded. "Tell me what you want," he demanded, pulling his finger free and slapping my ass cheek. "Mmm, that's it baby," I whimpered as he grabbed my hips and slammed his cock back into my ass. While he lavished attention on my needy nipples, I withdrew my cum coated fingers and brought them to my mouth.

The Story About George - Chapter Three - Snorkel and Grass

anal Mysteria27 2018-11-05

George knew she probably wanted to have a little fun with him again, by the look in her eyes. George didn’t want to disappoint Pamela. George got excited and watched his cock grow in Pamela’s hands. George wasn’t sure he wanted to lick her pussy again. Pamela got on top of George and pushed her tongue through his mouth. Pamela straddled George on her bed and eased down on the G's cock. George sat on the bed while Pamela opened up the drawer and pulled out a latex cock. Pamela took the lube and wiped it all over George's asshole. Pamela went very slowly into George's asshole. George had no idea what Pamela was planning, but he did hope it involved cock-sucking.

A Millionaire's Gardener

anal el_henke 2018-11-09

Her teeth bit her lower lip as her depraved mind pictured him lifting the skirt of her gown, pulling the bottom of her thong aside, plunging his massive cock all the way inside her pussy without a warning, and ravishing her body, making her scream until his steaming cum dripped from between her legs. It had been barely three years ago, when Jack had just finished his gardening school with the best possible grades at the age of nineteen, as Jonas and Faye discovered the potential of this young man. She bit her lower lip, and licked it afterwards, letting her train of thought race at full speed through her mind, now willing to try every possible way to attract young Jack's full attention.


anal Lupus 2018-10-22

“Fucking wake up and fuck my face, Josh!” Zoey spits on the tip of my length and massages it into my skin as she glares up at me. Both hands pin Zoey’s face a few inches higher, my hips lurch and she’s made to take the fucking entirety of my cock until she’s drooling uncontrollably down my crotch. Zoey gasps, looking back, her marble eyes wide as I grab two firm handfuls of her ass. She’s pinned by one hand, made to take the solid cock inside her, while the other mercilessly smacks her blood-red arse cheeks. “You really are a fucking filthy little bitch, Zoey!” I laugh, watching her convulse on me. Zoey desperately tries to fuck me back, wanting every bit of it, before her eyes snap open at the last second.

Fantasy becomes reality

anal SirM 2018-10-21

He looked up at Julie lying on the bed in front of him, her chest heaving as she breathed heavily in anticipation of what was to come, her nipples standing upright from the squeezing and pulling they had already had, her legs spread wide open, exposing her wet pussy and clit for Matt to do with as he pleased. He took the probe and put it once again against her ass and once again Julie jumped and let out a moan of pleasure, the difference this time is he didn’t stop. She jumped and looked at Matt, her eyes open wide as she felt his hard cock pressed against her ass.