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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Welcome to Amsterdam

anal MajPaddy 2017-12-27

A German film, it showed a succession of scenes: a young stud takes on two women at the same time - one riding on his cock while the other covers his face with her cunt, a dominant long-haired brunette seduces and vigorously dildoes a young woman who resists at first and then complies as she feels the pleasure from the glistening black rubber cock, wet with her juices, as it pounds inside her only to repay the pleasure later by fastening on a large rubber cock and fucking the arsehole of the latex-clad woman.

The Arrangement

anal vangelsdorp 2017-12-29

Maybe the odd one every couple of years or so wouldn't be too bad but, if both wanted regular extra-marital sex, then I think they should be up front about it and maybe do that sort of thing together. We've talked about fantasies and possible situations that we've thought about from time to time – you know, like threesomes, swapping and, of course, swinging. But it made me feel guilty – which is why, when Helen mentioned she was thinking of having an affair, I pointed her in your direction. Now, whenever I'm away, if I feel like screwing Jerry, I can do so with a clear conscience knowing you're doing the same to Helen.' 'I was thinking,' she said, 'how much I'd like to see you fuck Helen.

Mr Marco Johnson

anal SeanR83 2018-01-10

You like knowing that Marco’s big, juicy cock will pound your pussy and ass all night. I felt his huge cock slip into my tight hole, his hand sliding down to my ass to make it easier to get all the way inside me. He held my hips as he slowly pushed his hard cock all the way deep into my ass. Slowly, with long, deep thrusts he started to fuck my ass. He started pounding me hard, his cock sliding easily in and out of my ass. He held me close for nearly five minutes before slowly pulling his cock from my ass. I could feel his cum slowly oozing out of my ass and knew that it was going to be a great day.

A Growing Desire Ch. 2

anal Vinteuil 2017-12-18

"Oh, fuck, Jake, yes, babe, yes, god, I love when you -- " A moan muffled the rest of her sentence, as I snaked my wetted fingertip down toward her ass, and rubbed her asshole, gently. I want you to take anal virginity Jake," she was whispering in my ear now, her body perched sexily on top of me, her breasts hanging tantalizingly close to my mouth, "Ever since you licked my ass, mmm, I can't stop thinking about having something bigger, something harder deep inside of me. Her body started to shake and I could feel her hand rubbing herself vigorously, her moans filling the room as I filled her ass with my tongue.

Mexican Adventure

anal OldGeezer 2018-01-01

She then swiveled round into a classic 69 position, and working first on the head of my cock, slowly took me deeper and deeper, until I could feel her throat open and grip me under my helmet. As we subsided in a rather damp mess, Inez, the middle sister towelled us down, and then promptly took hold of my cock and proceeded to suck me hard again. That night, it was not just my cock that went in there, but anything we could find, aided and abetted by her two sisters, and the bigger and deeper that we could insert whatever it was, the better, as she seemed to be able to have a continual orgasm.

Taking her anal virginity.

anal cbonez92 2017-12-31

"He came in my ass and it leaked onto my pussy, I didnt want to get pregnant!" she told me. Hey chris, after class want to go back to my room for a little? read the text message from Vic.Of course I was down. I started slide one finger in and out of her dripping pussy while feeling her up and kissing her. I then got a second finger in her ass and started to stretch it out. I slowly continued sliding my fingers in and out of her tight ass and pussy simultaneously. I continued to finger her ass in the mean time, stretching her tight hole for my cocks anxious entry. I started to finger her pussy while I was sliding in and out of her ass.

Mixed-Up Revenge Ch. 01

anal Goldeniangel 2018-01-09

Grinning, his hand wrapped around his dick, he quietly stepped to the edge of the bed, his eyes locked on that delicious ass and her sweet looking pussy. Crawling onto the bed he carefully positioned his dick at the entrance of her ass and started to push in; as she began to shriek and thrash on the bed, awakening to the cramping pain in her ass, he pressed her shoulders down, holding her in place. Fucking her harder, he realized he was going to cum soon and redoubled his efforts on her pussy, pressing against the small rough spot in her hole with his fingers. Ray literally fell over, his dick falling from her ass, as he recognized Karen's younger - but (fortunately) 18 year old - sister Charlotte.

Service With a Smile

anal Taggerdoo 2018-01-12

I went to market, getting crab and salmon as the basis of my meal, along with some fine tender young asparagus, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, yeast rolls, and dark chocolate, as well as a number of minor ingredients. She leaned close and took the head of my cock between her lips, teased the opening with the tip of her tongue, very slowly and voluptuously. I took my right hand and slapped her ass hard, and she squealed like a frightened kitten. I grasped her hips again and started fucking her ass, long slow strokes, almost coming out then going back in until my balls bumped her sexy thighs.

Waiting Out the Storm - Final Chapters

anal johnnstace 2017-12-23

She did as she was told, the anticipation almost too much for her to bear.  She was wondering what he was going to do with the ice, but she could imagine the possibilities.  She could use a little “cooling off.”  As she lay on the bed, knees spread, ass in the air, she took the time to gently massage her clit, being careful not to cum again – she wanted to cum for him – with him.

My ex, the Utah story

anal bananacock 2017-12-24

For as long as we'd know each other she always loved sucking my cock and she always did a great job no matter where we were, if it was a quickie or a long event or 'road head' on the way to dinner - she'd often suck me as we drove to a restaurant and take my cum in her mouth, her 'little appetizer' she called it. "I'm going to get on my knees and I want to feel your big cock right up my ass." She said. I jerked my cock to keep it hard and sat down right behind her, my fingers traced around her her ass hole and then, with one hand on each cheek I spread them and buried my face, licking her pussy and pulling that sweet pussy juice up to her ass and pushing the tip of my tongue progressively deeper into her.

My First Threesome - Pt 2

anal Cassiter 2017-12-09

Then he starts to fuck my ass with his tongue and slides two fingers between my wet pussy lips. I whine as he pulls out his tongue only to revel in the feeling as it’s replaced with his finger, nicely lubed from being in my pussy. He removes his fingers and replaces them with his thumb and the next thing I feel is his hard cock entering my pussy. After one or two more strokes to empty him, I feel him pull out and I hear him say sternly, “suck my cock clean baby!” I quickly turn around and take him into my mouth without even thinking about it.

Buttocks Are the Bomb

anal Green_Man 2017-12-13

Then, nuzzling her neck and telling her how much I loved her, I eased my rock hard cock into that little, virgin ass-hole. As Susan fucked Vanessa, Leonard, with his huge cock started helping Zander. And I had already shot my wad on little wife's ass as she had fucked Susan with the dildo. At this point Karl and Leonard were both trying to get a double dong going in Zander's well-used ass-hole. So she found a strap-on with a dildo exactly the same size as my cock, put it on, and, as our new little group watched, she fucked me hard and long, and I never thought I was the dominant again.

Blackmailed: Cheerleader's Cherry

anal silkstockingslover 2017-12-25

"Well your cunt has been used way too many times for me to use and feel safe in, so I am going to get your ass ready for my cock," I replied rather casually. Slowly, but surely, over fifteen minutes, the young girl took all my cock and once completely buried in her ass, I asked, "How does my cock feel in your ass, Ms. Allen?" Slowly her whimpers faded and were replaced my moans and like the other first time anal sluts, she started to like the sensation of the cock up her ass. "Your cock in my ass," she admitted frustrated, wanting desperately to be fucked hard, fucked like a slut. Can I come like a slut?" she moaned, as my cock continued hammering away in her ass.


Open For Me Now

anal Hotfunpen 2018-01-08

While I'm pulling and twisting on your nipple, my other hand slides down, and I run my fingers into your lips and feel the wetness that is already flowing. Feeling it soften, I circle in your wet juices and push the finger inside the tight ring. Pushing your knees up harder onto your body, I slide the head of my cock down through your lips and continue downward. When its all the way in, I grind there for an instant and my hand is pushed against your pussy, my fingers pushed inside your hot wet folds. I push my fingers deep inside and feel your pussy convulsing and squeezing as you cum.

A Lesson for Erik

anal TheTravellingMan 2017-12-23

Tamara shifted a little and her smile widened, “Oh, he’s good, I mean it’s what he wanted after all.” Tamara looked to her manicured fingers and wondered how they might feel ensconced inside Elise. Expecting the conformity of social niceties, Elise thought that Tamara would kiss Erik on the cheek as a greeting. Completely engrossed as Tamara’s hands roamed over Erik’s body, Elise bit her top lip. Elise could feel his eyes staring at her sex, they bored into her as her insides churned with want. Elise looked at Tamara as she let his legs fall to the bed. Astride Erik’s mouth, Elise watched Tamara’s flushed body fall on her side to the bed.

A First Time For A Cheat

anal ChrissieLecker 2017-12-10

I know that it’s going to be hard to move away from your friends, but please, I don’t want to come home all the time fearing that I’d find a stranger’s cock stuck up your pussy.” His hands let go of my head, and suddenly there was sharp pull on my shirt, followed by a tearing sound. I couldn’t believe that his huge cock was all the way up my bum, but the full, dirty feeling that seemed to reach deep inside my womb left no doubt. My pucker tried to close, but it couldn’t, and every time it clenched around his cock, it spurred a wicked, wonderful feeling to life. “Fuck yes!” he echoed my words, and I felt his cock throb hard, then he shot load after load deep into my ass.

Loving my Girlfriend's Mom's Ass

anal Jimbos 2017-12-30

As much as I love Kate's hard tight ass, Mrs. White's 2 thick cheeks spread apart was the hottest thing I've ever seen. "Fuck Mrs. White, I'm going to cum," I moaned as I buried my cock all the way up her ass. "Give me your cum Jim, shoot is up my ass just like you did with Kate," she said. I was still completely naked and my cock was wet with a mix of my cum and Mrs. White's ass, so I was careful to not let it touch Kate. I put hand gently on her head and lowered it back to my cock where she proceeded to clean up the combination of dried cum, and her own moms ass.

Tina's Boyfriend

anal fetishdoll 2018-01-14

“I just want to know why a pretty little thing like you would walk around the house in only your panties? He takes my hand and puts it on his cock and then he says, “Here is what I got waitin’ for you whenever you decide you want it!” He laughs and walks out of the room. But somewhere inside is the girl who knows this is wrong and she makes her way up just long enough to say, "We...we should stop." But my hands never leave his cock. I just think about how wonderful it feels to have my hands on his ass and his cock down deep, and I mean deep inside me.

The Joy of Anal Sex

anal Master_Jonathan 2017-12-19

Soon I was able to work with Joy without always thinking about sinking my perpetually hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. Push it inside me, I want to feel your cock in my tight, hot ass!” Joy said, and got on all fours in front of me, pushing up her ass and spreading it with her hands. I pulled out the dildos that Joy felt were too small and I aligned one of the new larger ones at her pussy entrance, and pushed hard. Suddenly Joy reached between her legs and grabbed the dildo from me shoving it inside her pussy hard, fucking herself with it violently.

Anita and her ruined pussy

anal Anitaslut44 2017-12-14

On Friday afternoon my loving Anita called me at work, saying she was going for some late Christmas shopping with her new friend Tom. I had met that guy a few times when he brought my wife home from a date but I had never watched him have sex with her. My sexy Ana was wearing a short black skirt, red Christmas sweater and her legs where covered in black nylons. She leaned down placing her hands on the arms of the recliner and she kissed me with her open lips. Ana smiled and said Tom wanted to give me a Christmas present by letting me watch him fuck my wife’s cheating little cunt.

A rainy night late shopping

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-01

As the object that felt somewhat like a ball entered me, I started to feel a little bit aroused; my own body was betraying me. I wanted to scream in pain as I felt the cock continue inside, opening me up. When I knew there was no way I could take any more inside of my anus, he reached forward and grabbed my shoulders, pulling himself just a little bit further, proving that I still could take more cock up my body. My body and mind went through a strange version of ambivalence, because my ass was hurting more than anything and I wanted to escape from the pain, but the rest of my body felt more pleasure at this moment than I had ever felt in my entire life.


The Joys of Penetration Part 2

anal Boss01 2018-01-01

Suddenly, and with amazing coordination and dexterity, Marty did two things at once: he twisted his finger so that it was suddenly massaging my prostate, while at the same time taking the entire length of my erection in one fell swoop so that the head actually became lodged in his throat. When I came out of the bathroom, I heard Marty ordering an ante-pasta salad with vinegar and olive oil on the side from room service. I did so, and soon felt Marty shove a finger back into my anus, this time lubricated with the olive oil. Lubing my now rock hard prick with what was left of the olive oil, he quickly and forcefully jacked me to another amazing cum; white ropes shooting up and out onto the bed sheets as his recently deposited load seeped out from between my cheeks.

Extra Credit

anal maddieslapiswaiting 2018-01-04

I looked up at the headmaster, Professor Dawes, unsure of what to say.  Maybe I could get off easy.  I really didn't want to leave the university; I'd worked hard to get in for a long time. I looked back up at Professor Dawes, wondering in the back of my mind exactly what he was thinking.  Everyone said he was a weird headmaster, known for his strange ways.  Sure, he seemed a little kooky, but so far nothing too far out of the ordinary had happened to me at his school. "Yes, Mr. Killigan," said Professor Dawes.  "You are nineteen, barely on your way into the world, and you are failing out of college.  Now why is that?"

Brockton BBW Gets Anal In Library

anal Samuelx 2017-12-22

I'm currently working on a book about the life of a black, gay male state police officer, his family and friends, and their ups and downs in early 1990s New York City. Back when we first met at Bay State University, Wendy was a tall, skinny black chick with braces and way too much acne. I liked my women to be tall, between five-foot-ten and six feet, and to have thick bodies, wide hips and big butts. Bay State University was fielding men's and women's intercollegiate Rugby teams at the varsity level for the first time and they went scouting for athletes nationwide. With that in mind, I slammed my cock into Wendy's shit hole like butt-fucking was going out of style.