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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

tess gangbang

anal 2018-05-11

John teases the wet opening of my pussy from behind, sliding the tip of his cock up and down as my tongue continues to plunge into Tess. I feel Sasha's fingers sliding over Tess' pussy just below my chin as I fuck her ass with my tongue. I dropped my dress and was once again naked, ready to get filled by John again, but, first....I crawled up onto the bed, lifting one leg over Tess' face and lowering my dripping pussy to her hungry mouth. I feel Sasha;s hand close around the hard shaft of John's cock and as I kiss my way down over Bianca's tummy, I wonder if she will guide him into me....I lift my ass higher into the air, ready to have him inside me again....

Manisha Gangbanged – Asshole Got Used

anal 2018-02-14

While I was concentrating on making Ashish cum, Saurabh went bizarre in my pussy and fucking as if I am some real life slut he got in some brothels. Both of the just jumped over the bed and in a fraction of second , Ashish was inside my mouth and Saurabh started fucking my juicy wet pussy. They quickly changed place and ashish put his dick into my pussy and started fucking and saurabh came into my mouth .. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, being known to everyone in the society, I was there in the parking zone outside the main gate, wrapped in a bed sheet and stark naked inside … There was a butt plug stuffed into my asshole and I was bidding another guy a goodbye kiss while he pressed my ass in the open.

My first anal penetration!!

anal 2017-12-31

Sometimes he increased his rhythm, fucking really fast as I groaned beneath him – you’re loving this aren’t you – well I kind of was but my hole was beginning to sting now – I had no idea of time or how long he’d been fucking me but it seemed that he must have been non-stop for ages – I’m getting sore I mumbled – ah that’s good he said, I like it when I make you sore – not too long now though, as he closed my legs together a bit more – his penis felt huge as he thrust now even harder and harder, deeper and deeper, then I felt his whole body kind of twitch, he groaned as he plunged right up inside me I could feel his shaft swell as he ejaculated a warm gush of his first load of semen, then he plunged deep and hard again with another even bigger load, like a volcano eruption it was, followed be several quick in out shafts as he squirted more and more of his sperm inside me; he carried on fucking relentlessly for several minutes before finally stopping.

A Weekend with my Sexy Colleague pt. 2

anal 2018-04-04

While we wait for it to fill with water, she drops down on her knees and puts my cum covered hard cock in her mouth. I'm gonna give you my cum again!" "Oh yes Josh fuck me good! Oh my god my ass feels full!" As she could feel my cum fill her butt, she squirted so hard that she couldn't talk for a few seconds. While this is happening, she is still grinding and shaking her fat ass on my cock, and as I reach the point of no return, I turn her around and she sits up on the counter as I shoot my load all over her tits and mouth.


anal 2017-10-14

As his tongue fucks my wet cunt and sucks and swallows my cum his finger finds my asshole. I keep a tight grip on his balls and use my other hand and shove two fingers into his asshole and fuck him as I work his balls hard then jerk his cock as he screams and shoots cum in the air. I finger his ass and he fingers my cunt for the next two hours and by now he wants to cum one more time so I jerk his cock and it does not take long till he grabs his dick and points it at my tits and covers them with his thick cream.

Girls Night

anal 2017-12-16

I now wanted her to kiss me, to feel her soft lips on mine. So soft, so tender, her tongue danced inside my mouth and her lips wandered around mine. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. I want to sit on your face beautiful girl.’ said Cat. I put my hands around her arse and held tight as I lifted my head licking and sucking her pussy sticking my tongue out as far as possible allowing her to ride my face. Then like a good girl I slid down between Cats’ legs and licked and sucked her clean.

Play doctor

anal 2018-02-26

I love a good hard suck." As Sara sucked the big thick cock it did not take him long to fill her mouth. The doc then pulled his cock out of her mouth and put her hand on it and told her "Now stroke that dick and keep it hard for your wet cunt." As she stroked his dick he sucked a tit and finger fucked her cunt. Sometimes she put him on his hands and knees and as she tongue fucked his ass she would jerk his cock till he would cum twice. Her ass was a big blessing and he loved how his cock felt in it as he fucked her deep and hard then sucked his cum out of it.


anal 2018-01-21

He wasted no time running his hand over her pussy and soon had a finger in her cunt fucking her as he sucked harder on her nipples. As he sucked each tit he kept his cock in her cunt but used his fingers to rub her clit making her cum even more. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and pushed her head to it and as soon as he was on the road he shoved three fingers in her cunt and fucked her as she sucked him. He then took his other hand and shoved three fingers deep into her asshole and was sucking her clit and finger fucking her cunt and ass.

Rough and Ready

anal 2018-04-29

He had his cock in her ass and three fingers in her cunt and he had been fucking for almost two hours. He had doubled his cock pills to make this young slut remember what a man was like. When her ass was whipped good and hard he spread her legs and first finger fucked her cunt then her ass. He loved her big tits and hard nipples as he slapped and tugged abusing them. He met with this young slut once a week for hot rough sex. She also loved the hard fucking form his huge dick. He was happy when he found the young slut that loved rough sex.

The Cruise

anal 2017-12-13

As his big cock invaded her ass he grabbed a tit with one hand and twisted the nipple as he shoved two fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her and he pounded her asshole. When he filled her he pulled his cock out and then sucked the cum out of her asshole as he finger fucked her cunt with three fingers. Next he turned her so her head was hanging over the side of the bed and he shoved his cock deep in her mouth and began fucking her mouth as he shoved the three fingers back in her cunt. He put her hands to her pussy and told her "Keep that cunt spread open so I can see that nasty thing as I fuck it with my fingers.


anal 2017-12-12

I am going to suck those tits hard as I fuck your cunt with my big dick. Jane pushed her tits up to make it easier for Tex to suck as he rammed his cock in and out her cunt fucking her harder and harder with that enormous cock. Towards morning as the cock pulls began to wear off he sucked her tits and finger fucked her for over an hour and her cunt was already sore from fucking the big cock so many times. As he sucked the tits his cock began to throb and he pulled her across his lap and shoved his dick into her raw cunt one last time and fucked her hard ramming his cock in and out of her hole.


anal 2018-02-05

When she had him deep in her fuck hole she began moving up and down and he grabbed her tits and squeezed and pinched the nipple till he soon filled her with warm cum. She then lifted off his big cock and moved her cunt to his face and when she placed her hole over his mouth he sucked and licked and cleaned her getting the cum out of that tight cunt. She said yes then sucked his cock till he gave her a load of cum which she swallowed and then she sucked his balls and licked his ass before she finger fucked it. Pete walked around with a hard dick most of the time and the nannies got so they liked seeing it and his huge balls.

Erica's Adventures: Anal Cocktail

anal 2018-06-20

"I knew your mam and dad were going away this weekend." She said, pulling off her t-shirt unceremoniously and letting her massive tits flop free as she walked towards the living room. Barry obliged by thrusting hard in the direction of the sofa, forcing Erica to walk forward on her hands and knees until her face was inches away from Reece's crotch, who was sat in the center. "There's nothing I love more than the stink of a young mans bollocks after he's been wanking away for hours on end." Uttered Erica, squeezing her face even harder into Reece's nuts and shaking her head to rub the salty sweat and precum all over her. Ben left the room and returned with a roll of tape just as Tom's cock was jettisoning the contents of his swollen nuts into Erica's dirty hole.


anal 2018-07-05

Keep those legs spread wide as I am going to finger fuck that cunt and ass all the way as you suck me dry." When they got in the room he shoved her against the wall and shoved two fingers in her cunt and began to fuck her hard as he tongue kissed her then began to suck on her nipples as he finger fucked her wet hole. Then he pushed her tight to the wall and shoved his cock into her cunt and began fucking her hard giving her wet snatch every inch of that huge piece of meat. He kept stroking it as he watched Nick fuck her ass and finger fuck her cunt till he shot a wad of cum in the air.

My Sex Life – Eve Of The Marriage

anal 2018-04-23

and you let me hear your piss sound and played with my cocn with your feet, that makes you are very naughty and when i touch your feet and hands i came to know that, your are so soft.” he said all these and completed applying mehanthi in my left hand. it is very huge and look like negro cock i seen in BFs. he told, “ i am going to massage you with my tool madam, as you have a nice and cute pussy you may feel pain, so just ready for it”. he came near to me and showed his cock near to my face.i took it in my hands and started shaking as i seen in BFs. he said not madam, not with your hands, please use your mouth.


anal 2018-08-02

Any thing goes there and she would strip down naked and spread her legs and show her cunt then she would grab a man and bring him on stage and push his face to her cunt and let him lick and tongue her. Then he shoved his cock in her and fucked her and when he pulled up his pants and left the stage the other two took their turn fucking her and she then spread her legs and showed her cummed filled cunt to every one. She then brought two college aged boys on to the stage and pulled their pants down and as she sucked one she stroked the other and before she let them go they had both filled her mouth with cum which she swallowed.


anal 2018-03-23

She could take the step dad's big cock all the way in her mouth and suck him hard as he finger fucked her cunt or ass. Because he had already cum twice he fucked her for over an hour ramming his dick deep and hard in her warm wet cunt. At breakfast he loved to suck on a nipple and shove two fingers in her ass and three in her cunt and fuck her as she cooked pancakes for him. He was feeling very frisky today and after she would get the second blast of cum he was going to put her over his lap and spank her then he was going to finger fuck her cunt then her ass.


anal 2017-12-01

Matt's cock was rock hard and he went into his s****r's room and pulled the covers back and pulled her gown up and her panties off and he began to lick her pussy and push his tongue in her cunt. One day when the mom and dad were in the kitchen playing cards with friends matt and his s****r were in the f****y room and he put his hand down her pants and began to finger fuck her with two fingers making her cum. One night as she had a c***d one each nipple Matt began licking her cunt and tongue fucking her then he cock fucked her hard.


anal 2018-03-10

She had great firm tits with nice big hard nipples and he sucked each one as he cock fucked her tight wet cunt. He carried her to the bed and laid her down with her legs spread wide and he started at her mouth and went down he body till he got to her cum filled cunt and he tongue fucked her more. He spent the next two hours tongue kissing her and sucking her nipples and finger and tongue fucking her cunt and her ass. To convince her he laid her naked on the bed and spread her legs and finger fucked her as he tongue kissed her mouth then sucked her tits and then tongue fucked her cunt as he moved his fingers to her asshole.

The Week Manager

anal 2018-10-04

A few minutes later Claire contacted Brooke via the speaker phone so the entire office could hear and said "Brooke when I snap my fingers you are to drop everything and come to me. Now go wait outside and prepare to greet him when he comes." Claire looked up and said "But it is 59 degree Fahrenheit I will get cold in this slutty outfit." Brooke said in a stern voice "Now march, and since you talked back, I want you on your knees waiting for him. Brooke said "Sit there in silence, keep your hands on your fat thighs, and stare at the floor." Claire shivered and did what she was told. Brooke jumped off the bed grabbed her by both wrists and told Claire to face the wall in silence with both hands on your head.


anal 2018-01-16

He loved pussy and would eat her for the longest time then fuck her cunt or ass hard. He loves sucking her nipples as he finger fucks her cunt and ass at the same time till she has cum running down her legs. In the taxi on the way back to the hotel he pulled her over his lap and rammed his cock deep into her cunt and as he fucked her he pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and sucked and ravaged her tits. They are a great couple with his big dick and her huge tits and thick sexy ass and his love of fucking while any one watches.


anal 2017-11-25

Jack then went to his wife and stood her up then he sat down and pulled her on his lap and shoved his cock deep into her ass and fucked her as the girls watched while he squeezed and kneaded her tits and fingered her cunt. Jack went back to his bed with a hard dick sticking straight out and grabbed his wife and pulled her mouth to his throbbing cock and she began to suck it as he mouth fucked her and shoved his meat down her throat and filled her with a big load of cum. She then put him on his hands and knees and she began to lick and tongue his asshole as she jerked his cock and just before he shot his wad she shoved two fingers in his ass and fucked him hard till he screamed.

A Crossdressing Story

anal 2018-01-22

She explained that we would start dressing Raising her skirt, I began to slowly lick my way up to Debbi said they were all out of beer and asked me to going out for refreshments and told Debbi that she protest, but he just said, "With the look you have got, I protested, but the next thing I knew he had his hand more ways than one when Debbi gets back." Debbi came back and got the surprise of her life. Paul said that the way he saw it, lesbian sex was just Paul got Debbi over there too and order her to show me I let loose a load of cum as my ass throbbed with the

His control

anal 2018-08-01

His body jerked and he filled her with his cream then he went down to her pussy and pushed his tongue into her cunt and tongue fucked her as he shoved two fingers in her ass and gave both holes a hard workout. His cock was getting hard again and he put her on her hands and knees and shoved his big meat into her asshole and began fucking her then he pulled out and rammed her cunt and then back to her asshole again. He and his wife each sucked on her huge tits as they each shoved two fingers in her cunt and fucked her hard.