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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

If You can Dream It, It will Happen

anal SirAsher 2017-01-27

I remembered not long ago there was this friend of mine who told me that he got a fortune cookie one day and the message inside read this way, "If you can dream it, it will happen." Oh my could that be possible I thought to myself. I quickly entered the room, throw the outfits I had on the bench, and stuck my head out the door, and said as Chris was walking away, "Hey, Chris, excuse me, I left a couple of outfits on the counter. I knew he had not cum yet and so I motioned for him to come closer and I whispered in his ear, "Chris, quickly fuck me in my tight asshole and give me a creampie right on my rose bud, please." He had the biggest smile on his face and shook his head in agreement.

Spooning with Mandy

anal walterio 2017-01-27

I eased my thick cock into Mandy's tight cunt and worked it slowly until I was balls deep in her pussy. Satisfied that she was well lubed I straddled her hips and guided my slick cock into her pussy to coat it with juices and then I eased it into her ass. Mandy had her legs spread wide as I fingered her pussy and pushed her cunt juice into her ass. Mandy stroked my cock with her hand as I prepared her for another ass fuck. Mandy had her head down on the car seat turned to one side and I watched her face grimace slightly as my cock made its way into her ass.


my f***ed sissy boy sex

anal satinexinhose 2017-01-27

He whimpered in his terror now, looking down at the terrible terrifying pink plastic chastity enclosing him, the focus of that tiny spotlight, seeing the hands as they appeared almost from nowhere, threading the open lock through the link that would hold it tightly together, then slowly in that blinding silence, the tiny click of its closure like the clang of a prison door in his head at the certain realisation of the visitors threat, the possessing of him. "I'm glad you're awake at last Leanne, my gay little sissy slut, I've been waiting patiently for you, we are going to have so much fun now, aren't we?" the voice breathed, his terror returning at the words and its electronic inhumanity as he found himself quivering, trembling with a cold cold fear.

Ever put your Cock between Vibrating Cheeks?

anal 2017-01-27

Thanks to my husbands disposition, of preferring to 'Jack-off' and let other men have the 'Servicing rights', to my demanding sexual needs, I have the wonderful sense of stability in the home, and the devious cold-bl**ded desire for men, to play with, perhaps that what makes me rise in a 'Wettish Mood' in the mornings, opening my curtains as naked as the day I was born, pressing my hard nipples against the cold glass, stroking my bared pubic bone, keeping its' schoolgirlish charm, tight-ish Labia, and even tighter canal.

My Good Fortune

anal Gaucueret 2017-01-27

I want you to fuck me in the ass,' she said, almost demanding. 'You can fuck me all you want back here,' she said, placing a finger on her ass. I sucked on her neck and ears as I kept moving, my cock throbbing hard against her ass. 'Oh girl, I'll fuck your ass any time you want me to!' I leaned up and grabbed her shoulders, fucking her harder and faster until I felt like changing positions. How many guys have you let fuck your ass like this?' I didn't have to wonder as moved to awaken my cock with an amazing blowjob, after which she got me to fuck her insatiable ass two more times that night.

Big Dick Wishes!!!!

anal 2017-01-27

The man considered himself predominantly straight, but he couldn’t help but stare with his mouth agape at the small man’s cock. He took a little longer to wash his hands and when the small man finished his piss, he finally couldn’t take it anymore. In full Irish brogue the little man said, “Yes, that is one of the benefits of being a leprechaun.” “Well, to get a wang this big, you have to get fucked up the ass by a leprechaun,” said the small man. After the little man blew his load, he zipped up and started to walk out of the bathroom. The little man looked over his shoulder and said, “Aren’t you a little old to be believing in leprechauns?”

Kocam Arkadaşına Beni Siktirdi

anal 2017-01-27

Bu defa adam yine mutfağa geldi ama bu defa beni sikmeye gelmişti. Ben adama tokat attım ama kocam elinde içkisiyle bizi izlemeye devam ediyordu. Ama adam beni sikecekti bu çok açıktı. Adam kocam ve diğer arkadaşı kadar sarhoş olmadığı için karşı koymam da imkansız hale gelmişti. Bu sırada kocamda odaya geldi ve bizi izlemeye başladı ama izlemesi çok uzun sürmedi karısı orada sikilirken o geri gidip yerine oturdu. Adam beni altına alıp kocaman yarağını içime soktuğunda ilk bir kaç saniye çığlıklarım odada yankılansa da geçen saniyeler içerisinde adamın yarağına alıştım. Adam sarhoş olduğu için uzun bir süre altından kaldırmadı beni ve kocam içeride içkisini içerken beni zevkten inlete inlete sikişti. Artık çok zevk alıyordum adam beni sikerken 2 defa boşaldım.

My First Encounter With Jennifer

anal yuveroni 2017-01-28

I laid down and she got down on her knees between my legs, took ahold of my swollen cock, looked up and me and said "You make me feel like a dirty slut," as she engulfed my hard wet cock, her mouth sliding up and down as she gently twisted her hand. Looking in her eyes as I pumped her slowly, I told her "You're a very dirty girl and I'm going to fuck you all weekend." Leaning in to her, whispering near her ear "Do you want me to fuck your ass, dirty girl?" I asked. She moved her hips down a little, reorienting herself, and pooched out her ass some more, and then I started slowly feeding my hard cock into her warm asshole.

"Sick Bastard"

anal NotTooLarge 2017-01-28

For the most part, she lay patiently waiting for her orgasm, but when she got close, I stopped and kissed my way up her body and spent some time teasing her erect nipples. I move over to the bed, with my right hand I tilt her head up, with my left hand I place my index finger across the mouth of the glass to keep the ice cubes from falling out and I raise the glass to her lips. Several hours later, I wake to find that I’m wearing a blindfold, my arms and legs are tied to the bedposts, and my engorged cock is being teased by a wet and curiously cold mouth.

Anal Summer Ch. 03

anal erotica881988 2017-01-28

Gemma was making her rounds to the different tables, working her way slowly but surely to Madison and her friends. Once I sat down I asked, "Well, then, what's for dinner?" Before I could get all the words out, Madison bent herself over the table and with both of her gloved hands grabbed her buttocks and spread herself wide. She looked at me fondly, smiled and kissed me, adding, "I LOVE it when you eat me!" Madison placed a soft, slow kiss on my lips as if to say, "You did just fine, kid." She then positioned herself behind me, and before I knew what was happening she reached around and got a firm grasp of my hog.


After School Adventures Ch. 07

anal Slash_Raptor 2017-01-28

"My affair was with one of my clients." said Karen. "That sounds right." said Karen, hopping off the bed and standing up. "We have some issues that need to be worked out," said Karen, sounding irritated "If this will help, then I'm willing to give it a try." "Let me taste it!" squealed Karen, pulling my cock out of her ass and getting down on her knees. "Cum inside me," said Karen, who could apparently feel my orgasm building, "Who knows, we might get lucky this time, daddy." We lay there on the bed for what felt like endless, blissful hours, until Karen got up and tidied herself up a bit.

Fallout cyber RP

anal Jham22 2017-01-28

John: as you wish miss Vivian *i glide behind the counter and grab an old hanckerchif and some rope and bring it back around to you, tying the blindfold onto your eyes, and placind the rope around your wrist and the tying it to a hook on the cieling so your arms are dangling above you as i take the hot dildo and rub it across your clothes so that they warm up and fall off of you after being heated to the right temp so they don't burn you, then i take the cold dildo and rub it all over your body cooling you back off. John: *i press the warm cock on your pussy lips and the cold one on your asshole as i begin to push them into your holes as i slowly remove my human like dildo from your mouth.* mmmm i'm gonna have so much fun with you Vivian

Slut who loves to swing

anal neilmc123 2017-01-28

I took Brian's cock out of my mouth, holding the shaft with my left hand, my wedding ring on full display, stroking his cock, as I began to relax and enjoy my first anal fuck. We left the room and heading to a club where I bumped into Brian who looked after me by dancing with me sexily, even fingering me on the dance floor, then took me home in a taxi where I sucked his cock to oblivion in full view of the taxi driver, who I gave a little treat to by pulling my dress over my butt and showed my shaved pussy and puckered ring to him whilst I swallowed Brian's load!"

A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 4

anal EuroFighter-Typhoon- 2017-01-28

As you open up the front door you see a tall smartly dressed man he smiles and ask 'are you' but before he could finish his question you reply 'yes I am' this way madam and he leads you to the waiting 2010 Black Rolls-Royce Ghost. A big smile appears across your gorgeous face your reply 'thank you!' 'How do you like the suite?' I ask 'its wonderful!' You grab the back of my head and say that's no reason to stop and push my head back down between your legs, the smell and taste of your pussy makes my dick harder and stiffer.

Me,my husband, and our ex babysitter, part 2 of 3

anal jackelaine 2017-01-28

As I lay in bed naked, all I could think about was the fabulous lesbian sex I had last week with Abby who used to babysit for me and the hubby. When my hubby licked my pussy, I dreamed it was Abby.I would tell him to finger both my holes, and think of her long slender fingers inside me like last week. I knew I soon would be.Then she started undressing as she walked up the stairs,losing her top,then her bottoms,revealing that she had nothing else on.She was naked as she got to the top of the stairs and I dropped my robe and followed, gazing at her beautiful bum. I did hear the bedroom door burst open though.And as Abby gushed from her pussy, my favourite dildo up her sweet ass, I heard my shocked husband shout " What the F**k ?

The Game

anal fromulus 2017-01-28

Juices were dripping from her cunt as she looked down at my rock hard cock, she smiled and looked at the vibrator and I grabbed her hand and we moved to the lounge. As cum started to spurt from my bursting cock, she moved from under me and grabbed my cock in her hands, she fulfilled all my sexual desires, swallowing my hot, tangy spoof as it spurted over her face. She moved up and down, ramming my cock into her arse as deep as it could possibly go while holding my balls in her hand. We moved in unison and as I felt myself blow again she removed my cock from her arse and watched as it sprayed all over her tits.


Kinkiest thing I've EVER done!

anal mox_anal 2017-01-28

On "Play Day", a day that i dedicate to experiencing something really kinky, I'd give myself a water enema and then stick a butt plug in my ass for about an hour or two, which just gets me super horny and I ache and moan to cum! So after I'm just oozing of precum all over, I take the ginger out of my ass and stick a vibrating prostate massager/butt plug in my ass and set it on something desirable. So this is where it REALLY gets fun: So, I am plugged with vibrations and a wedgie holding it in tight, I put on some clothes and Head out the door with my jar of frozen cum! I continuously touch my butt cheeks and nipples and play with the cum that I poured on me.

25th Birthday Part 2

anal 2017-01-28

Whom ever was fucking my pussy pulled out and was replaced by larger one that started f***efully pumping me.The same went for my mouth as the hard cock was replaced by another cock and I continued to suck trying to keep up with the powerful thrusts. The cocks were rotating around me ...I started tasting myself on them..the ones that were using my pussy.The cock that was fucking me pulled out and then I felt a huge cock head against my pussy lips and it took some doing as he steadily f***ed his way in , spreading me wide as I had ever been.

Sex with the Ex for the last time

anal 2017-01-28

I thought it was time when I saw a vid of my wife fucking two black guys on her Samsung phone. As I started to fuck, I remembered why I stayed married to this bitch for so long even though we fought all the time. Lisa looked back at me and said “Is this what you wanted to see you pathetic asshole, fine we will fuck in front of you”. I could feel the guy behind us starting to work his dick into Lisa’s ass as his balls brushed against mine making me feel uncomfortable. Not much time went by and Lisa came violently making her entire body shiver.

What She Wants

anal AriaSilverfyre 2017-01-28

You begin to massage my back, first spreading out the gel, making sure that my back is covered before you begin concentrating on certain areas, starting with the upper portion. I purr softly as you continue working on my back, moving down to the lower portion. Your hands and fingers work magic on my muscles, releasing the tension and relaxing me still more. How I love to feel your warm fingers moving over my skin. I purr again as you slip a finger inside me for a second, only to remove it and tease my other side. Your free hand moves again to my behind and a finger slips inside. Your fingers continue their work inside me, tickling sensitive areas and bringing me closer to release.

The Cucumber Whore

anal Mikey2100 2017-01-28

She was getting finger fucked hard, her friend was screaming and started to cum in her mouth because of the way she was eating her wet juicy cunt. Four slutty wet used holes were being fucked, the two friends were kissing each other and sucking each others tits and my house mate was all alone getting fucked, I wanted to just run in and stick my hard cock into her mouth but I knew I shouldn’t, they were at it for an hour and then finally she squirted all over the place and her two friends started sucking and licking her wet cunt and finally started kissing each other as they had just finished and I started cummin hard and bigger than the previous night.

A Dirty Dog Doggin' Around Ch. 08

anal mccrayj 2017-01-28

Mandi and I went back in the house, and I told her, "She would really have liked for you to go with her to an aerobics class. She turned and headed toward her house, and I got a killer view of her luscious ass in the skin tight pants, and watched her cheeks jiggle and shake all the way to the door. Chen and I laughed and I told Mandi to get her some wine, and bring a couple of beers for us and she rambled off to cool her tongue. Mandi came back with the beers and some wine, handed Chen a beer over the fence, and we continued to work on the kimchi.


Young innocent blonde resists her first anal.

anal fotisampini 2017-01-28

So sweet, young and innocent." She reached to Heather and pinched her nipple while saying, "first I have to get you ready for daddy's big cock." Heather stared at Christine looking a little scared with her frightened green eyes. Just like you want to be, right?" Then with my hands entangled in my hot little secretary's hair and Heather still watching, I pulled Christine to me forcing my cock, coated with the taste of Heather's ass, all the way down her throat. Make her a slut like me." I'm not sure if Heather heard Christine say that or was just too overwhelmed to care because she was totally enjoying my cock in her ass. A few times I slowly extracted my hard slimy cock from the depths of Heather's ass and Christine hungrily sucked it clean.

Belle, Out of Control Ch. 05

anal SBurnett 2017-01-28

If you've had anything in your ass before, then I wouldn't feel bad about bending you over right now and fucking you. What I didn't expect was that as the pain lessened, it was actually starting to feel good having something stuck up there. This was important, as having my ass flat against the bed would push the plug further inside me, and I didn't want that quite yet. I kept getting deliciously close, and each time I did, I could feel my ass muscles grip that plug, stimulating all those little nerves. Lubing up his cock, he said, "All day I've been looking forward to fucking this tight little asshole.