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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Topped by a tranny: virgin ass

anal Fnhory04 2016-12-08

I licked and sucked her as she slowly grew hard in my mouth making me so horny and scared of how this was going to be inside me shortly. As im sucking her she gets some lube on her finger n reaches to my ass n slowly starts working a finger in me. I turned while still on the bed and gave my ass to her wanting that cock back inside me. I turned to side of the bed with my ass and she plunged back inside me. I couldnt take all the cock and each deep thrust hurt a bit but it felt so good as well i just let her have me.

Fucking a Friend

anal 2016-12-08

It was while we worked together I got obsessed with her ass, because she would always wear low cut pants, so whenever she bent even a little bit, whatever thong she was wearing would be sticking out, driving me crazy. I asked if she was serious and she said yes, so I quickly grabbed some condoms and broke all speed limits as I went to pick her up. As she lifted her leg to get to the other side she asked, "Did you bring condoms?" Her question was answered as she ran her hand against my hard cock getting ready to slide it inside. I took this time to use one hand to grab her bare ass, and the other to squeeze and pinch her nipple.

The New Doctor

anal Scarredheartangel 2016-12-09

Apparently not going fast or deep enough for Samuel, he proceeded to take hold of her head and fuck her mouth, sending his cock deep down her throat – it made Lisa gag but she found herself becoming extremely wet at the rough treatment he was using. "One day soon – and I mean really soon – this finger is going to be replaced by my cock, and I'm going to fuck you so deep and hard in your ass that all you will ever want is my cock filling all three of your holes again and again, every day for the rest of your life." He growled.

The Anal Game Ch. 01

anal underbar 2016-12-09

As I put my hands back on the wall, I felt Jane's fingers enter my pussy. I started to lick Jane's pussy, moving my whole head up with my tongue as she moaned softly. As I went back to licking I felt the hands on my hips move to my ass, and a male voice said I felt the man's hands pull my ass cheeks apart and his cock put in place on my hole. Unable to move I felt the handcuffs restrain my arms, ropes tie my legs apart to the table then when Jane was sure I was unable to move physically, she moved me onto my side, and spanked my ass and unfroze me, although I still couldn't move at all.

The Master and the Ring Ch. 09

anal jasliz 2016-12-09

"I want to meet them," Yvonne suddenly said as she turned to face Henri. The covered carriage hid Henri well as Yvonne and Serena rode with him to The Rusted Pot. There were only a few people loitering outside when they arrived and quickly went inside. "And thank you for saving the king's life," Yvonne interrupted, walking forward to grasp Heather's hand and then Arianna's. This made both Heather and Arianna quickly look at Henri, who shook his head slightly as to tell them not to mention his desires to fix the Ring. I've asked Heather and Arianna to repair the Ring with their power," he said and Yvonne immediately started to argue.


My time in a PUB part - 2

anal qwerty1265 2016-12-09

Stella was moving her hand all over me and striped my dress of me, she pulled my nipple and bite it and her hand in my pussy mmmmmmmm...........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................................. i felt a hand on my ass it was the guy( his name is jack), rubbing over my ass and he moved his hand to my tits and pulled me to him and kissed me from back, i could feel his BBC touching my ass and it felt good. and his cock was hitting my face i stated to kiss and lick, i sucked and devoured it as he did to my pussy. Stella moved to me and we started kissing and tasting the cum in our mouth and and licking and eating each other clean.

On The Set

anal bobcox69 2016-12-09

I snickered at her "banging" comment as she went on, and still a little intoxicated from my earlier escapades with Daniella, I found myself staring at Victoria's luscious lips and wondering what they tasted like...when without warning I finally leaned over and just kissed her hard on the lips, if only to shut her up for a minute. While I continued to hammer away at her tight wet cunt, I tried to quiet her down with kisses but Victoria refused and simply grinned up at me before she explained that it was well past 7am, which meant that her mom and dad had already left for work leaving us with the entire place to ourselves.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 04

anal FinalStand 2016-12-09

"Barbie Lynn, she is a girl in need of a good, hard fucking, regularly and repeatedly" She grinned like she was a female Loki, Goddess of Mischief. "He'd not let anything bad happen to me...but I'd like to...just a little." I'd never tied a girl up before now, I'd never really wanted to, but taking in all of Barbie right at the moment, I made a note of consorting with my sorority friends about what to use when the opportunity presented itself. "Zane will take the walkway on his knees, Rio can do the same on the grass, and Iona can carry the rest of our books," Chastity announced out of the blue.


My Trick or Your Treat

anal Sexcess 2016-12-09

Born with gorgeous bone structure and deep blue eyes, the red of the gloss just pulls the deep dark hues of my skin to the forefront. But I work a lot myself to put it together and pull of the perfect look. He will want to slide his hand inside my skirt and touch the silky skin on each side of my thong while I clench my tight ass and giggle at his jokes pretending he isn't crossing a line. Yes, this guy is looking for something different, I can tell. As he starts to protest, I smile and slide back down pulling his penis into my mouth again. "Oh Jared, you have to please me now." He looks at me knowing his penis is still rock hard and ready to go again.

Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 04

anal Fitofjealousy 2016-12-09

Jimmy Green didn’t want to bring his wife’s sister, Adrienne, or Addy as they called her, on this cruise. As for Addy, Ginger knew the problems, of course, but respected her sister’s differences and just hoped Adrienne would find a like-minded man soon. Looking straight ahead, Ginger saw that Addy was on her bed, her naked body laying across the pillows which where strewn about as though a fight or robbery had taken place. Jimmy gladly obliged, rhythmically fucking his wife’s pussy while his tongue lavished attention on Addy’s lovely anus. Pumping his cock with his hand, he shot thick streams of white cream first onto Addy’s upper back, then onto her lower back and ass, where it pooled and then dripped like a small stream from her lower ass, down the crack and eventually onto the lovely gray Egyptian cotton sheets.


Chrissie's New Client

anal chrissieCD 2016-12-09

His hands worked their way up my black thigh-hi stocking until his fingers slipped beneath the hem of my dress. As the palms of his hands slowly disappeared under the fabric of my dress it began to ride up on my thighs until the tops of my stockings were visible. Once his lips had returned to the top of my thighs he began to administer little butterfly kisses to the front of my panty. The brief pause allowed Sean the opportunity to get a good look at the lacy dark blue bra that matched my panty/garter. I rolled over when I felt his fingers at the elastic hem of my panty I rose up a bit in order to allow him to more easily tug the silky sheer fabric off my ass.

Easy First Date

anal ilsop 2016-12-09

I have never wanted to be a woman who just lies there, passive and moaning, spread-legged like a frog on a dinner plate. As much as possible, I wanted this dildo to look like "my" cock. So why is it incongruous for a feminine woman to want to spread her man's legs, grab his hips, thrust into him, and hear him moan in pleasure? I found myself imaging his ass cheeks spread wide open for me, and I realized I had my hand behind his head, pulling him in hard for the kiss. I was surprised when she came up to talk and flirt with me, shocked when she offered me a ride home, and floored when she said she wanted to have sex.

All She Wants For Christmas

anal NymphWriter 2016-12-09

Victoria had to argue with the woman of the family that the dark blonde twins with the big blue eyes were her girls and thus, she was standing next to them, not line jumping. Santa gave each girl a candy cane, then pulled Victoria down and whispered in her ear, "What would you like for Christmas?" Victoria and Richard broke off their kiss to see the twin girls burst into the dining room wearing their Christmas nightgowns. That night, as they ate pumpkin pie at her mother's home, the news report aired about the girls' unselfish wish, and how there really is a Santa Claus with the family reunion.

my b*****rs best friend part 2

anal papawes 2016-12-09

I pushed his cousin back on the couch while Mitch slid his cock in my pussy while I sucked him ever time I tried to stop he pushed my head back down I liked the way he was treating me A lot I wanted him in me too so I told Mitch to go in the room and get the KY in my bag while Mitch was gone I kissed him deep I asked him his name and he said call me Daddy Slut wow Mitch came back out with the KY and I got up and put my ass to Daddy and gave him the KY he pour some down the crack of my ass then slid a finger in there I sat back on him as he slid his fat black cock in my ass Dam it felt good then I lean back on him told him to lift my legs up so Mitch can get his pussy he did I had 2 fat black cocks in me and I was loving it so much.

Dedicated To Milf Jess - My Fantasy.....

anal Goosie 2016-12-09

I had had to read the message three times before it sunk in that I was going to witness, in the flesh, Jess my fantasy MILF in slutty latex and pvc exposing her beautiful cunt and asshole to my camera lens as I stood in the same room !!! It seemed to suck the shaft in and Jess moaned again 'yes yes yesssss....' When it was all the way in with the little clit stimulator in the right place I went baclk to the toy bag and taking out some leather straps crossed them over her pussy holding the vibrator tight in place.

Wife's Night Out

anal funallie24 2016-12-09

I gagged a bit as I felt him spray the back of my throat, he continued to release stream after stream of cum into my mouth, I held my lips tightly onto his cock not allowing anything to escape. I tried to push my hips up to meet his mouth but he held me down with his hands pinning me to the bed as his tongue slowly made its way through the folds and curves of my labia! Through out the night , I was awakened several times as I felt Dave's cock pumping in and out of me, only to drift off to sleep again.

Shopping with Kellykins2u.

anal assman56 2016-12-09

I can feel the muscles in your pussy getting tighter as Penny asks “Witch one would you like to see.” I can't help but smile as I start to work my cock in and out of you as you try to come up with an answer. “Oohh fuck Kelly it feels so good I want to cum.” I say as Penny grabs my balls and starts to play with them. I look your straight in the eyes as I say "She's soaking wet baby." As I sink one of my fingers into her wet pussy I ask her "Did you like seeing Kelly with my hard cock?" She lets out a moan as she says yes.

Maple Syrup

anal happywarrior 2016-12-09

As you play with your cunt with one hand and stroke your nipples with the other, I trace your jaw line with my fingers, then move them lightly up and down your spine, pausing to press at the spot where my penis has entered your ass and then moving in an s-like motion up your spine to your shoulder blades, barely touching your skin, suggesting and teasing. Realizing that you will lie like that for several hours and that the sun will start to set, I gently pull the top sheet over you to cover you to warm your nakedness and tiptoe from the porch, swinging the screen door closed behind me.

Serves her right... True story

anal abitofeverything 2016-12-09

So she thought she'd outsmart me and she maneuvered my cock back quickly behind her, and pulled her thong string to the side so my hard dick rubbed between her sweet large cheeks. She kept at this watching me squirm as her great ass rubbed the head of my cock from all sides. But she kept at it, rubbing her nice round ass against my swollen cock. Rather than pull up she pushed back slowly trying to let my cock in. "fuck I love your cock in my ass she said" She kept rocking, but I'm not sure I actually moved deeper or if her squeezed asshole just held me still and it was her ass cheeks moving and her pussy walls move against my head.

Fucking a Tight Virgin Ass in My Car

anal 2016-12-09

She went from Ouch this hurts, to Fuck my little pussy. That did not stop me from pulling her hair and finally putting my finger in her ass which she yelled and asked what I was doing. she kept saying it hurt and I could feel her ass muscles close in because she was tense. I slowly started pumping her ass slowly to finally where it slid very easy but she kept almost crying. It got to the point where I was fucking her ass hard with all my f***e and deep. I slowly fingered her pussy until she sat down next to me and got my backseat dirty with cum.

The Murphy Sisters - Jamie

anal PrincessErin 2016-12-09

Brett had pinned Jamie against the wall and was holding her up with one strong hand. Brett gritted his teeth as he watched his fiancé grab her firm breasts and squeeze them hard. His cock was being squeezed so tight and if he hadn't already cum three times that night he wouldn't be lasting as long as he was. Jamie did as she was told, laying flat on the cold granite counter she felt Brett's cock slide back inside her pussy. He knew she had cum again as there was a puddle of her juices forming on the counter and she was hyperventilating, something Jamie did when she orgasmed so hard she couldn't control her breathing.


Pool Party Ch. 02

anal ferrisbueller01 2016-12-09

I replaced my fingers with the head of my cock and slowly slid my dick all the way into her pussy. Tina let out a loud moan and reached her hand around and grabbed my ass. I started to use my fingers to slowly probe her ass as my tongue continued to assault her pussy. Tina's hips began to buck harder as I slid a second finger up her ass and put the fingers from my other hand into her pussy. The baby oil made a slurping sound as I slid my cock in and out of her ass and my balls slapped her thighs with every in and out. My fingers in her pussy could feel my cock sliding in and out of her ass.

Megan's Secrets

anal Belegon 2016-12-09

Megan knew that despite her overall fitness and how much time she spent on her hair and clothes, the thing that every man that met her remembered was her ass. By the time I got to know Megan, in her sophomore year of college, it had become such an issue with her that to pay undue attention to it made you the object of her unrelenting scorn. I saw Megan around campus and even had a class with her freshman year, but I got to know her because she pledged Zeta Phi as a freshman, a year before I pledged Phi Omicron. "Excuse me there, Brother Kyle, but I believe you're dancing with my girl," said Marty as he tapped me on the shoulder less than halfway through the song, "Mind if I cut in?"


The Forbidden Road

anal PrincessDeeDee 2016-12-09

He would then roll me onto my back and, with my temples between his hands and my shoulders under his elbows, bring me back to earth with kisses across my eyelids and cheeks and nose and chin and, lastly, lips. I feel the cool air at my opening for a moment before its lips close again. He feels it to and shifts one of his hands from my shoulder. His thumb finds its way along the crack of my ass to my opening. His other hand presses against my other buttock and its thumb, too, finds its way into me. I push my hand between my legs and cover myself.