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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

TV Repair

anal Madman1597 2017-05-21

About a month ago, Mrs. Walker called and said she was having some problems tuning in the VCR and would I come over and do it for her. Now I had never spoken to a woman this way ever before, but I was so mad and so scared of losing the business which had caused big problems with my girlfriend, my father who wanted me to work at his realty company and cost me a lot in equipment to start up. "That's not going to do it this time Mrs. W." as I said this, her eyes took on a slightly alarmed look for a second and then she nodded.


Using The Whore

anal xerosheartx 2017-05-21

Then she was on her back against the mound of grass legs wide as slid deep in her, I just used her pussy pounding in to her, was close when my cell went off and her boyfriend sad he could see my car and asked where was, said was taking a crap n the woods and to give me a minute then as I hung up she held tight and bit her lip as I filled her full of cum and sucked her big tits. I agreed and she told me to close my eyes as she took her pants and top off, when I opened my eyes, wow she looked great, she was wearing a matching set of red bra and thong which had diamond studs on them and her hair was done sexy as she lay back teasing her pussy begging for my dick.

More bisexual fun with Robert and Lisa, this time

anal explorebi 2017-05-21

Robert laid down on the bed and Lisa picked up where I left off sucking him, gently this time to keep him from cumming, and I climbed in bed beside her and made my way between her legs to start licking her incredibly wet by now pussy. Lisa asked me to lay down on the bed and she proceeded to suck my cock in a very relaxed gentle method without trying to push me too far to the edge of cumming...Robert was then fumbling with a shoebox I noticed and he came back over with some lube and a small little vibrator...

An Ordinary Man

anal aussie_ella 2017-05-21

"Ella, I'm going to blindfold you now, baby girl." His soft voice behind her as he reached forward and lay a padded leather blindfold over her eyes, his fingers pulling the strap tight on her head so she couldn't see a thing. His hot breath caressing her most sensitive skin, he let her anus simply open under the gentle pressure of his tongue until she was gasping and moaning, her asshole starting to clench and release rhythmically. Using her cunt juice he started working his finger in her anus slowly, letting her asshole suck him inside her as his other hand held steady under her so she could rub and grind.

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 03

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2017-05-21

Knowing she wouldn't be able to work a finger into her ass because of the water washing away her natural lube, she satisfied herself with moving her body closer to the nearest jet so she could get more of the sensation. "I thought about fucking you all day, you know." Rolling his tongue around her finger the way he would roll it around her pussy, he moved on to her palm, kissing it. Tonight was my way of assuring you that I still love you, that I still love your pussy, that I can still make you cum by fucking you, and that your hot, tight --oh, my cock is getting hard thinking about it-- asshole is not going to be the only hole I fill for the rest of our lives."

At the Villa Ch. 07 Pt. 02

anal uvlas45 2017-05-21

How many times did you fuck Hera, that day?' Lydia asked as we hugged and kissed. My climax was so intense that when I came around I felt my still hard dick still deep inside Hera's vagina. I pulled my dick out of her burning volcano, knelt on the floor behind Hera and started to suck, taste and swallow the hot love juice that was gushing out of her still hot vagina. She got on top of my body, gave me a great smile while she took my hard cock into her hand and immediately guided it to the entrance of her hot vulva. 'I know you don't need an answer Sam. You have already enjoyed some great orgasms; maybe not enough.


My Sex Life – Eve Of The Marriage

anal 2017-05-21

and you let me hear your piss sound and played with my cocn with your feet, that makes you are very naughty and when i touch your feet and hands i came to know that, your are so soft.” he said all these and completed applying mehanthi in my left hand. it is very huge and look like negro cock i seen in BFs. he told, “ i am going to massage you with my tool madam, as you have a nice and cute pussy you may feel pain, so just ready for it”. he came near to me and showed his cock near to my face.i took it in my hands and started shaking as i seen in BFs. he said not madam, not with your hands, please use your mouth.

A cock for Vikki 4

anal vtevte 2017-05-21

Right there on the lawn Yvette 69'd with her b*****r-in-law, his great cock thrusting in and out of her sucking mouth as his tongue played over her clit and dipped inside her dripping pussy. Will due to the fact that his baby's pussy was almost as tight as Yvette's ass and Vikki because her pussy felt like it was about to be split in two by the monster of a cock that belonged to her daddy. Vikki's orgasm came quickly as she still remembered the sight of her father fucking her auntie up the ass, mixed with the sensations of her daddy sucking expertly on her breasts.

set up

anal pcarter 2017-05-22

fucking moron." She laughed at that and said "I know, I mean look at me" as I thought, I looked back at her face and said "Yeah a real fucking moron and don't look down, so as I continued to suck on his cock head and jack his cock as Ann continued taking pictures of me sucking Bob's cock looking swallow that cock." And then Bob put his hands on my head and I heard him Then Bob said "kneel like a good cocksucker," and from behind Ann pushed seconds Bob said "I didn't tell you to remove my cock from your mouth," and to pick them up, when Bob said "No, you don't need them." I looked at him

Sunny Day with Neighbor II

anal robin48 2017-05-22

His cute cream colored ass was a little pink with some liquids{ sperm and lube} appearing around his lovely rose bud. I looked at this tight body and that lovely now soft cock .I was living the dream of many older guys which is to have a nice young cock to suck and young butt to fuck. I have panties and a negligee for you.” I told him he wood look hot as a bitch and he loved it. He blushed brightly and moved in for a kiss as he grabbed my hard cock with his soft hands just like a girl. Most older guys wood love to have a perfect pink prize like this in their marriage bed.

14 Memorable Anal Encounters 04

anal walterio 2017-05-22

Also Beverly's ass looked good in her tight shorts and I wondered if she liked anal sex. Then the fucking genius doctor says it looks like something bit you on your bum," Beverly manages to get out laughing hysterically. I felt my cum shoot out of my cock deep into her womb and Beverly held me tighter as I came in her. We stayed together for several minutes with my cock buried deep in her pussy and her arms and legs still holding me tight. Beverly added some body lotion as she kept stroking my cock and soon had me hard again. Watching Beverly's ass impaled on my cock as I fucked her sent a chill through my body.


Sexy Secretary Takes Advantage Ch. 01

anal lithguy 2017-05-22

Jason was also looking at the binder, trying to keep his mind and more importantly his eyes away from the glass desk. Jason closed his eyes as his hand squeezed his cock causing pleasure to course through his body. The woman swayed a little and looked as if she was going to fall back so Jason stepped forward to catch her if she fell. The woman let go of Jason's hands and turned around to face him. She let out a loud moan and Jason took advantage of the situation to grab his cock with one hand and direct it towards her open mouth. Jason leaned forward and grabbed her ass cheeks, hard.

Today Was Different

anal conroy39 2017-05-22

"Open wide, 'mom'," he smirked, slowly taking her ass cheeks in his hands. She whimpered deep in her throat in shame at being displayed like this -- bent over her own kitchen counter, her negligee gathered around her waist, her ass spread open for this boy. And then his tongue was against her -- his face buried between her wide cheeks, his hands gripping tightly to splay her ass open. The moment she touched it, a shameful sensation began deep inside her, echoing back and forth in shuddering waves between her plump clit and her cock-stretched ass. "Don't say that..." Her body was quivering now like a plucked harp string, and she flicked again and again at her juice-slickened clit, wriggling her hips to glut her greedy ass on his cock.

My Prostate & Me Ch. 04

anal lord_jefe 2017-05-22

I stopped in my tracks and just said "Trixie?" She spun around, yelled "Jeffy!?!" and jumped up into my arms. I couldn't believe I just bumped into her. I walked out floating on air, and still amazed to have found Trixie, after all this time. What I lacked in length I made up in width, or at least that's what I chose to believe. I couldn't stop grinning though. My girl answered on the second ring --"Baby, is that you?" I replied that it indeed was. If it took an hour or a week, I couldn't tell you. "That was fantastic" she groaned, and rolled off the bed. A piercing? I also played and marveled over her clitoral piercing.

Unexpected Encounter

anal karelan 2017-05-22

All I could do was kneel there, my head buried in the pillow, and take the rough thrusts of his huge cock, and it felt so wonderful that I found myself begging him not to stop and to fuck me even harder. He withdrew from my wet pussy and I felt the massive, blunt head of his cock nudge between the cheeks of my ass, and then press against my anal pucker. My head and upper body had dropped to the bed, and I gripped the sheets desperately and cried and whimpered each time Stephen rammed into me, it felt as though the head of his cock was hitting a barrier deep in my bowels, bruising my insides.


anal adel5000 2017-05-22

Courtney began rubbing her soaking pussy against the tip of Matt’s cock. Courtney was on top and she began rocking faster, harder, trying to get Matt as deep Matt slid his hand from her pussy up to his mouth and sucked her juices from his Courtney loved feeling the length of Matt’s cock start at the opening to her pussy and Matt slid his right hand from her hips to her ass cheek and stretched out his thumb Matt continued fucking her pussy and removed the thumb from Courtney’s ass. Matt pushed forward again and began moving in and out of her ass. Matt pulled his dick from her mouth and looked down to see cum all over Courtney’s

The Tower Chapter 2

anal slave_ariana 2017-05-22

We split up because he couldn’t cope with the fact that I spent more time on my A-levels and swimming than him, plus he didn’t turn me on, I slept with him but it was nothing special, doggy style, him on top, me on top, spoons, a little oral, but he never wanted to talk fantasies or anal, so we decided to go our separate ways, we were still good friends though, and he always looked out for me when my parents were away. I asked him why Josh wasn’t looking for me, Sir Imer had e-mailed all the important people in my life telling them I was on an educational trip with college, sorry for the short notice, but they did not know until the last minute if they could get the funding.

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 01

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2017-05-22

Since the first time, she would occasionally let him touch her there, lick her there, never fuck her there, just because she couldn't bring herself to ask for it or admit that she loved to have his hardness pounding away at her tight hole. He slowed only long enough to grab the lube and shoot some over his hot dick, never stopping, wanting to be sure he could fuck that ass and have some leftover for next time. She wanted him to fuck her ass and spank her at the same time, making her cheeks as swollen and red as her rosy puckered hole surely was.

Carol Introduced Me To Her Asshole and Anal Sex

anal nvision 2017-05-22

Carol said she bought a tube of Vaseline and was ready for some ass fucking that evening. We went to our favorite place where she proceeded to suck my cock with a great deal of excitement while I fingered her pussy and asshole, getting her asshole wet with juices from her soaking wet pussy. One night we were alone in her basement playing pool when suddenly, she thought we had some time, so she turned me around and dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock with intense deep thrusts. Since then, while I enjoy eating and fucking pussy and love blowjobs, anal is a special treat when a woman is into it too like Carol was.

Becoming a Sissy Part 4

anal snoozer2000 2017-05-22

My cock exploded with rope after rope of cum landing on her face, lips, in her eyes and hair, but like a good sissy her mouth stayed wide open to collect as much cum as she could. With that sissy, still in six-inch heels, went to her handbag and took out some lube and what looked like a bigger butt plug than the one already embedded in her ass. She turned her head to me and said "sissies ass is ready for daddy, can I have your cock in my ass now please" there was a whimper in her voice, I understood again the joy I was going to be giving her when I reamed her ass. I felt like I was finally getting the respect and worship that I deserved, that thought drove me wild and I started to plough into Sissy's ass.

11th Anniversary

anal Ms_Flibble 2017-05-22

Whilst I pant open mouthed, the butt plug juts out from my red ass and I am all the more aware of it now your cock is no longer in my pussy. You pull your cock out my mouth and grab a handful of my hair, forcing my head back. Once the butt plug is fully out, you remove your cock from my pussy and watch with delight as it disappears up my ass hole. I come straight for you and straddle you, thrusting my tits in your face as I grip the back of the sofa, I come down hard on your cock with my pussy. As I raise up your cock falls from my pussy and I use my hand to guide it into my waiting ass.

A Permanent Visitor Ch. 01

anal horde 2017-05-22

Taking a good long look up and down the street, she let out a sigh and slumped down into a sitting position, her back against the end table under the window. Her lips began to open, but gentle upward pressure from my finger convinced her to stop. I took my time, exploring her body with my hands as my dick explored her insides. I pulled my fingers all the way out and then pushed them back in together, testing the path that my penis would soon take for the first time. I thrust steadily into her, feeling the tightness of her ring grip my shaft just like my fingers do when I'm whacking off.


You Mustn't Do That!

anal Svenskaflicka 2017-05-22

“Dean, there is one way you could come inside me,” she whispered. I want to have you inside me, to feel that I’m giving you pleasure – but without losing my virginity.” He knew a lot of guys who would die to get to come inside a girl’s ass. Dean pulled his fingers out, and put the head of his dick to her gaping asshole. “It hurts a little,” said Fatima. “You’re incredibly tight,” said Dean, and dropped some more lotion on his dick, until it slid easily in and out of Fatima’s ass with a slopping sound. He pulled out abruptly and jerked off, his breath a mere wheezing, and then he shot his load over her ass, smeared it out with his dick.

Fantasies Allowed

anal SweetsPickle 2017-05-22

Her tongue traced his lips and pushed its way into the dark recess of his mouth. His eyes followed the path of her fingers, watching intently as she wrapped them around his shaft and began to stroke him, very slowly and very deliberately. He watched her head dip down and felt the hot touch of her tongue as she lapped at the salty pre-cum off of him, felt her warm breath as she sighed deeply in satisfaction at the taste of him in her mouth. He pushed his finger slowly into her ass, letting the resistance of her body call the shots. The sound of her name on his lips and the feel of his heat spilling inside her pushed her over the edge.