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Free erotic stories by AdamNorfolk on AdultRead

First Submission

bdsm AdamNorfolk 2018-11-20

“That’s better, well done Claire, you have done a very good job there, you deserve a reward” Sophie wondered what the reward might be and soon found out as she felt Claire position herself on the bed and from the scent that reached her nostrils she knew that Claire’s pussy wasn’t far away from her face and then she felt the girl’s bare pussy lowered onto her mouth. The feelings were overcoming Sophie and she so badly wanted to orgasm, but she had heard Claire ask for release and she knew she couldn’t speak so she tried her hardest to hold it off as Master continued to tease her clit with his tongue and his teeth.

The Visit

bdsm AdamNorfolk 2018-11-10

And he could hear from the sounds escaping her voice that she was having orgasm after orgasm and this made him smile inwardly.He knew his cock was rock hard by now the pressure pump combined with the vibrating butt plug had him with the biggest erection he had ever had, at least that was what it felt like to the happy slave trapped beneath his Mistress.After some time of his enjoyable licking and sucking Mistress Naomi got off and removed the suction from his cock, but left the butt plug in place, applying an ice cube to Adam's cock and balls, and after she had reduced the size enough she fitted some sort of cage to his cock, that stopped it growing under the continuing pressure from the vibe in his arse."That should keep you excited 'til morning" she said, "good night slave", as she fitted a ball gag into her new slaves mouth, that was still full of all her juices.