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Free erotic stories by Aerith_Lives on AdultRead

A Week In A Dungeon ~ Day 2

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-26

"Good girl." Miss Rose opens Ashley's cage and attaches a leash to her collar. As she says this, Miss Rose places two of her fingers against Ashley's pussy. "Good girl." The words from Miss Rose make Ashley feel loved. I think I could drink from it." Miss Rose licks her lips as she fucks Ashley with her hand. Miss Rose moves her thumb over the girl's clit and Ashley shivers in pleasure from head to toe. Mistress lets out a scream of her own now as she wiggles her toes in Ashley's mouth and finger fucks her pussy. As soon as the command leaves Mistress' mouth, Ashley feels the fingers exit her swollen and exhausted vagina.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 11

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-26

With Miss Cara's gorgeous flavour in her mouth and Becca's sweet, naughty aroma filling her nose, Stacy is in Heaven. Stacy is tantalized and frustrated by the noises her little Becca is making licking and slurping at Cara's loins. Stacy watches Becca flutter her fingers under her skirt as she tongue-fucks Miss Cara. The feeling of orgasming while looking down at your beautiful face between my legs, just takes my breath away, sweetheart." Cara looks into Stacy's eyes as she speaks. She runs her hand up the inside of Becca's thighs until she feels the girl's warm, moist arousal on her fingers. Miss Cara won't like it if she sees you without it," Becca cautions, bringing Stacy back to reality a little.

Mistress Roulette - Part 5

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-26

"The good news, hunny," Mistress started, "is that I'm going to take this tight, restrictive belt off of your gorgeous, deprived waist. After a few more luscious strokes on the inside of my pleasure-hole, Mistress' finger returned to my mouth. "I love watching you like this, my pet," she said, sweetly, pushing her slick finger deeper inside me. Mistress slid two fingers deep inside my vagina and rested her thumb over my clit. "Does my horny, little pet want to cum?" Mistress whispered. Even though I felt helpless, horny and worried, I was filled with pride at having pleased Mistress' guests. "Now, hunny," Mistress started, stroking my head gently, "we're going to let you cum now."

A Week In A Dungeon ~ Day 5C

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-25

In that time, she's been taken from her cage, bound and forced to watch Mistress slowly, erotically fill the slave's ass with a locking plug. The girl's mouth, forced open by the ring gag begins to slowly lick Ashley's cunt. Ashley moans loudly and drools out of her mouth as the slave plunges its tongue inside her cunt. "And if I see you touching yourself, at all, without my permission, I'm going to have you cleaning the slave's plug!" Mistress shouts, causing Tessa to shiver with anxiety. You better not fucking cum," Mistress orders, pushing the slave's face off of Ashley's desperate pussy. Ashley relaxes slightly, but feel's Mistress' finger tip stop before exiting her body.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 5A

lesbian Aerith_Lives 2018-06-25

Ashley opens her mouth widely and takes in Miss Rose's foot as deeply as she can. Just the feeling of being collared to Miss Rose's bed, makes Ashley's nipples hard. Ashley tries to focus putting her right sock on, as the feeling of Tessa's touch distracts her immensely. Mistress lets Tessa's hair go and pushes her ass into the cage so that she's facing the opposite way as Ashley. Mistress doesn't say a word as she grabs Ashley's left hand and secures it to Tessa's left foot. Ashley can barely move her arms now as the cage is very restrictive, and Tessa's little, socked feet are pressed against the sides of her head.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 3

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-24

"Miss Cara," Becca starts, meekly, "this is Stacy." Stacy means to let go of Miss Cara's hand, but the woman holds on. Smiling mischievously, Miss Cara pulls Stacy's hand to her mouth and kisses the top of it. "Becca, hun, be a good girl and bring me a green tea please," Miss Cara requests, politely. Miss Cara turns to Stacy sharply, "Want anything dear?" "Does my little Becca need to pee?" Miss Cara asks, casually. Becca reaches out to hold Stacy, but sees Miss Cara out of the corner of her eye and thinks better of it. Stacy is sure she can actually feel Becca's cute face between her slender legs. "Feel Becca's girly, little fingers pushing your lips open, filling your honeypot.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 6

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-22

"It's Miss Cara, she wants me to go home, right away," Becca sighs, already getting up and collecting her things. Stacy thinks about pushing her hand away, but decides there's little reason to upset Cara at this point. Stacy can feel her knees getting a little weak as the woman's fingers play with her soft locks. "A little entitled, aren't we?" Miss Cara teases, trying to make Stacy feel smaller than she already does. You like the smell of your own naughty pussy?" Cara asks, putting her fingers to Stacy's nose. "What makes you think you deserve an orgasm?" Cara asks, careful not to take her finger off Stacy's throbbing clit. "You want my other hand inside you, dear?" Cara asks, clenching Stacy's earlobe gently between her teeth.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 5B

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-21

Her wide open mouth drools into Ashley's as the slave extends her tongue through the metal ring. Ashley feels the girl's saliva fall onto her lips as the slave licks the sides of her mouth. "Unfortunately, you have a long way to go, you bad, little girl," Mistress moans, enjoying herself as she fills Ashley's throat with her sticky fingers. It causes the body of the plug, sitting in Ashley's mouth, to spread open like a blooming metal flower. Ashley watches carefully, somewhat enticed as Mistress massages the girl's tightly closed ring with the tip of the plug. Ashley remembers the plug in her mouth and imagines it opening inside the slave's ass.

A Week In A Dungeon ~ Day 5 F

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-21

Luckily for me, I get off on watching little girls like you do… naughty things," Madam explains, slowly removing her creamy fingers from Ashley's pink hole. Seeing your moist, little ring struggle with this plug… is making me want to have my pussy fingered," Madam moans as she tugs on the plug teasingly. Two of Madam's fingers slip inside Ashley's dripping cunt and begin fucking her G-spot. Ashley's pussy swells and tightens around the woman's fingers as she remembers the taste and emotion as she pleased Miss Rose's pink star. "Oh my goodness you are a horny, little girl," Madam announces, placing a finger over Ashley's swollen button. Ashley can barely breathe as she feels her pussy convulsing around Madam's fingers.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 4

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-19

Miss Cara smiles and puts her hand around Stacy's waist and pulls it right next to hers. She makes me feel really special, and after our first date, well, we held hands and I've just never felt anything like that," Stacy admits, starting to really miss Becca. "Now, Stacy, what do you like about Becca's body?" Cara asks, crossing her legs again, clearly getting a little worked up. "Well, I think you're going to need to pull down your panties a little," Miss Cara purrs, looking right into Stacy's innocent eyes. Miss Cara switches the vibrator off and pulls her leg away from Stacy's desperate pussy. Stacy turns her head away, finally breaking the spell-like gaze Miss Cara held over her.

Mistress Roulette - Part 9

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-18

Despite Mistress' advice, I couldn't help thinking about everything that had happened and how close I had been to getting my orgasm. I got a magical feeling, sitting in that cage, pussy locked and ass plugged, knowing Mistress knew I was doing it all for her. As Mistress' perfect, wet fingers slowly fucked me over the edge, I had a transcendent sting of pleasure run through every inch of my naughty body. Eventually, when my throbbing, trembling cunt finally settled down, Mistress removed her fingers and gave me the pleasure of cleaning them off. I tried to imagine what two months of being Mistress' teased pet would be like, but couldn't.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 10

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-16

Her soft, little feet enjoy the feeling of the warm carpet in Miss Cara's room. Miss Cara leans forward and puts her finger through the ring in Stacy's new collar. Stacy suddenly feels a little lonely and becomes eager to have contact and intimacy with Cara, since Becca isn't here. Stacy moves her tongue slowly over Cara's nipple and enjoys feeling it become stiff. Miss Cara leans in close to Stacy, keeping her panties on the girl's nose. I'm yearning for a sexy, young woman to come into my bed and fuck me." Cara looks over Stacy's trembling body. With that, Cara turns and slowly goes out to the hallway, leaving Stacy tied to the wall, the woman's panties in her mouth.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 7

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-15

The marble and hardwood floors feel cold on Stacy's bare feet as Cara leads her down a long hallway. Stacy can feel herself almost shaking as she watches Miss Cara loosen her skirt. Among other things, Stacy feels an intense jealousy as she watches Cara's hand move slowly under her skirt. Cara spreads her legs, unknowingly giving Stacy a detailed look at the black panties she's wearing under her skirt. Stacy watches Miss Cara's lips tremble as the woman falls over the crest of her orgasm. "Will you tell me what you're thinking and feeling before you do something like this again?" Cara questions, her eyes piercing into Stacy's soul. Stacy fixes her skirt and diligently follows Miss Cara down the hall, intent on finishing the day properly.

Stacy's Submission - Chapter 1

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-14

After college I moved to the city and have just been saving some money while I figure out what I really want to do, you know?" Becca explains casually, keeping her eyes locked on Stacy. Stacy can barely focus, the feeling of Becca's leg resting against her's is sending lightning bolts of excitement into her belly. Stacy slowly, feeling like a dork, moves over and sits next to Becca on the bed. I want to make you feel good," Becca whispers, teasing the bottom of Stacy's ear with her tongue. Stacy feels Becca's warm, damp panties rub against the toes of her left foot. Stacy can feel Becca's warm breath against the sensitive skin of her foot.

Mistress Roulette - Part 4

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-13

Forced to breathe in the last woman's beautiful scent, I kept thinking about how I had made her orgasm against my lips. I've never done anything like this before and it's really exciting me," the woman whispered, breath and body trembling. "Yes, Miss!" I yelped, eager to suck and worship whatever she put near my lips. "God, just thinking about my toes being sucked on by a gorgeous, little thing like you, it has my heart racing. "Touch your gorgeous cunt as I lick and suck on your toes, Miss." I felt the tiny muscles in the woman's foot twitch rapidly as pure bliss pumped its way through every inch of her body.

Chastity College ~ Prologue

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-10

"Well, it looks like this cage is probably the perfect size for you based on how much the penis is able to begin swelling. Once I got inside the exam room, the nurse told me to remove my pants and lie down on the exam table. "The school does like to reward good behavior though, so work hard and be good and I'm sure you'll be unlocked soon enough for a little break, okay? I couldn’t get the nurse out of my head and the idea of getting hard and being able to satisfy myself, even in the most pathetic, humiliating ways constantly dominated my thoughts. “I think it looks like you’re ready to start your schooling,” she said, inspecting her chart.

A Week In A Dungeon ~ Day 5 E

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-10

Still standing in front of Ashley, Miss Rose reaches between the girl's legs and pulls the leash towards her. As Miss Rose tugs with more force on the handle of the leash, Ashley feels the pull at the back of her neck. Ashley feels incredibly shy and self conscious as she's forced to listen to Miss Rose describe her to the mystery guests in the room. "We would like to know everything you are feeling, little Ashley," Miss Rose declares. "That's a good girl, but you are not to use that language with me dear," Miss Rose mentions, sternly as she places her hand on Ashley's belly. Be a good girl," Miss Rose encourages, tugging Ashley's leash against her wet, puffy lips.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 3

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-09

Even Mistress' fingers are now turning Ashley on, their soft firmness, gagging her, wishing they were fucking her, like Tessa did yesterday. Ashley can feel Tessa's breath against her pussy as the girl tries to calm herself. "Hmm, that's better," Mistress replies, pulling Tessa's hand from her cunt and kneeling overtop of Ashley's little mouth. Ashley can't see what is happening, but she can feel Mistress' juices, or Tessa's spit, spilling onto her cunt. Mistress' eyes widen as she watches Ashley begin to tongue-fuck Tessa. Ashley sweeps the tip of her pink tongue from deep inside the bottom of the girl's pussy and pushes it all the way up and out onto the tip of the clit.

Mistress Roulette - Part 2

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-09

And, you don't know me, but I tend to get a little mischievous when I'm drinking like this." "Oh, just call me, Missy," she instructed, moving her lust-covered fingers over my lips and onto my tongue. Her long, soft fingers left my lips and I heard her panties slip down her long legs. I tried my best to take deep breaths and focus on the feeling of suffering in servitude, just like Mistress had taught me. Missy continued to keep me in suspense as I helplessly listened to her thin fingers slip in and out of her dripping slit. "Oh fuck, oh, god, yes," the sexy woman cried, pushing over the edge. The smell and taste of Missy's excitement still teased my senses.

Mistress Roulette - Part 6

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-08

"Now, it is just a small plug," Mistress explained, "but it will fill her up nicely and probably make her a little wild." Mistress placed the cold, wet, metal plug against my tight star. Just give that wet, little cunt of hers a good teasing," Mistress explained. "I can feel her squeezing that little pussy around my fingers," the woman inside me, blurted. Finally, I felt the wet, rigid plug slip past my ring and inside my asshole. It seemed like the plug, pushing on some tight, throbbing glands deep inside me, caused my pussy to gush. I tried to stop thinking so negatively and just embrace what my mistress wanted for me, but it was so hard.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 5

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-08

Stacy slowly lets go of Becca's hand and places her fingers on the little, blue socks. Stacy watches Becca slowly take pleasure from taking in the girly scent of her sock-covered toes. Stacy feels her tight pussy throbbing as she thinks about Becca's perfect little toes wiggling in her mouth. Becca slowly lowers her head under the material and rests her warm lips on Stacy's soft underwear. Every time the tip of Becca's tongue reaches her clit, Stacy yelps as a surge of cunt-shaking pleasure seizes control of her body. "I'm going to cum!" Stacy exclaims, pulling her wet, swollen sex from Becca's hungry mouth. Stacy lowers herself down Becca's tight, little body, leaving her fingers in the girl's mouth.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 4B

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-07

Ashley can feel a tingle in her ass as Miss Rose walks the little, leashed slave over to her table. A few inches from Ashley's face, she watches Miss Rose slowly rub the plug around the ring of the slave's asshole. The girl begins to whine as Miss Rose just continues to tease her little pink hole with the metal plug. Miss Rose, no longer feeling the urge to be gentle, shoves the remainder of the plug inside the girl's ass. This causes the pussy to grip Ashley's tongue tightly and Miss Rose whines with pleasure. Miss Rose begins to shake as she rubs Ashley's mouth over her pussy. Isn't she slave?" Miss Rose inquires, her throbbing wet pussy still inches from Ashley's lips.

Mistress Roulette - Part 3

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-05

I couldn't tell if it was Mistress or not, my nose was still enthralled by the scent of Missy's pussy. I couldn't be sure, but it felt like she knelt above my head. My tiny, red lips parted quickly as I felt her lower the jewelry into my mouth. I helplessly let out a pained whimper as the woman stood up, pulling the necklace from my mouth. Then, when the conversation turned naughty and I was greeted with a little, wet excitement building between my thighs, I could just drift into the other room and have my nagging pussy licked to ecstasy. Restrained and horny, I waited, forced to take in the tantalizing scent of a gorgeous woman's excitement.

Stacy's Submission - Chapter 2

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-03

Her heart is beating like crazy as Becca works her little, gentle kisses up the insides of her legs. Both girls breathe heavily as Becca brings her head under Stacy's skirt as well. Stacy can feel Becca's warm breath against her moist panties. Becca slowly begins to kiss Stacy's damp lips through her panties. Becca's head pops out from under the skirt, but her fingers stay poised on the edge of Stacy's panties, threatening to lower them. Becca bites her lower lip, making her face look incredibly innocent as she slowly pulls Stacy's panties down. Becca turns away, afraid to look into Stacy's disappointed eyes. "That sounds like you're a prisoner," Stacy balks, trying to ignore Becca's soft, warm foot teasing the inside of her leg.

A Week In A Dungeon ~ Day 5D

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-03

Mistress pushes the tip of the plug inwards, causing Ashley's pink star to spread open, just slightly. As Mistress holds the device firmly in position, Ashley can feel her struggling ring, slick with her sex juices, pulsing around the plug. Ashley uses the last of her energy to try and ignore the blaring roars of pleasure and frustration pulsing through her pussy and pushes her asshole open. It swells and heaves with the urge to orgasm as the thin, black-haired slave girl fucks Ashley's pussy with her tongue. "That's enough slave," Mistress' voice commands, causing the girl's tongue to reluctantly leave Ashley's sopping slit. Ashley can feel a blissful, teasing wetness trickle from deep inside her pussy and spill out from between her rosy lips.

A Week In A Dungeon ~ Day 5 G

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-02

Ashley gets her knees placed as far apart as she can, and then feels Miss Rose's stocking foot pressing down on her lower back. "Stand up, dear," Miss Rose instructs, giving Ashley a gentle slap on the ass. Be gentle, I only want to feel your lips and your little tongue," Miss Rose explains. Ashley helplessly sits on her knees, dripping from her steamy hole into a puddle between her legs as she breathes in Miss Rose's intense arousal. Use that beautiful fucking tongue my dear!" Miss Rose yelps, more inebriated with pleasure than Ashley's ever seen her. Ashley delves her fingers back inside and they wiggle their way to Miss Rose's puffy G-spot. Ashley feels Miss Rose's hand grab at her hair frantically.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 8

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-31

"How do you feel about Becca living here with me?" Cara asks, bypassing Stacy's statement a little. Stacy tries to focus and answer Cara's question, despite the throbbing need to pull her panties to the side and fuck the woman's hand. "Have you tasted Becca?" Cara inquires, putting her fingers back between Stacy's trembling legs. "Miss Cara, ohh, I'd do anything to taste her," Stacy whines, yearning for the woman's fingers to bring her to orgasm. "I know you're excited, Becca," Stacy says, firmly pinning the girl's arms back above her head. Every little lick and movement Stacy's tongue makes inside Becca's swollen, trembling folds, causes a tiny squirt of honey to drip into her mouth. Stacy keeps her fingers moving inside Becca's tight, little pussy.

Mistress Roulette - Part 7

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-29

"Hello, Miss Vee." All I wanted was to have Mistress spread my legs open and fuck me. Miss Vee was clearly aroused, as my mouth and nose quickly became damp, pressed against her barely-covered slit. "The smell of your wet vagina makes me want to lick it and please you and make you even more wet and aroused, Miss Vee." I knew I was closer than ever to my release and didn't want to hesitate even for a second, in case Miss Vee, or Mistress were feeling a little extra cruel. "Oh fuck, that felt good," Miss Vee exclaimed, removing her foot. "My pussy tasted so good on your gorgeous foot, Miss Vee, but not as good as your delicious fingers."

Mistress Roulette - Part 8

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-28

I felt Mistress regain control of my leash and guide me across the room. Standing, hunched over, locked in the rigid stocks, unable to touch myself and satisfy my desperate urges, I felt like her little, sex prisoner. My mouth was full of the taste of this satisfied woman's pussy and I had to endure its flavor for who knew how long. After what felt like two hours, the women finally finished their long dinner and returned to the living room. I adjusted the dildo in my mouth, trying to just suck on it with my lips and let the muscles of my jaw relax a little. "Very well," Mistress agreed, slowly pulling the long, heavy "toy" from my mouth.

Mistress Roulette - Part 1

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-28

My mistress had kept this chastity belt around my waist for two weeks. I knew Mistress was out there, having fun, probably thinking about me tied, waiting for her in silent, horny frustration. I didn't dare ask her about it and behaved like the good pet I want to be for her. "Be quiet like a good girl," she had instructed, before adding that she was "having some friends over for a little get together." My pussy throbbed under its metal encasing, almost like it knew it was supposed to be getting relieved today. I knew Mistress didn't want to hear from me unless she asked me a question. My arms feel tired and sore and my little pussy aches," I explained, trying not to sound whiney.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 4C

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-28

Miss Rose continued to let Ashley think, as she played with her own sopping cunt. Miss Rose places two of her pussy-covered fingers against Ashley's lips, letting her pet take in the intense, beautiful aroma. I think it's not a limit, we can't break," Miss Rose says, sliding her fingers into Ashley's mouth. Just hearing Miss Rose say the word 'cum', makes Ashley's whole body tighten with horny need. Miss Rose slowly pushes her pussy-soaked panties into Ashley's mouth. "Hmm, I'm not even going to need to wet this," Miss Rose says, genuinely surprised by the amount of lubrication, streaming out of Ashley's suffering pussy. "I'm going to please Miss Rose," Ashley says, half to the slave, half to herself.

Carlie Came Through

lesbian Aerith_Lives 2018-05-26

They're not really used to someone, dressed like, well..." I trailed off, at a loss for words as I analyzed Carlie's extremely feminine body. Right, hon?" Carlie asked, peeking her head around the doorframe. "Let's get to know each other a little better," Carlie suggested, leaning over the bed and pulling a small bottle of whiskey from her suitcase. I tried to ignore it, but the way Carlie's fingers rested an inch from my breasts, kept my body excited. Carlie hopped out of bed, still wearing my nightie and cracked the door open an inch. Umm, you know, about an hour ago, I think I heard her head outside," Carlie said, convincingly. I wanted to look Carlie in the face and tell her how I felt, fearless of the repercussions.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 4D

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-25

Ashley tastes Miss Rose on the panties and remembers the smell of her beautiful pussy. Like hours earlier, Miss Rose gently finger-fucks her cunt, inches from Ashley's face. She wets her tongue inside her mouth and then licks Miss Rose's pink star from bottom to top. Her body aching, exhausted, her mind on the edge of madness, she shoves her mouth back onto Miss Rose's asshole and licks every inch of it. Ashley feels Miss Rose's asshole tighten and contract around her tongue. Ashley pushes her tongue deeper inside Miss Rose's asshole, wanting more of her Mistress. Miss Rose moves forward, freeing Ashley's tongue from her ass. Miss Rose begins to walk away, leaving Ashley with a cold feeling in her heart.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 4A

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-25

Miss Rose's fingers gently slide their way into Ashley's gaping mouth. Before Ashley can realize what Miss Rose is saying, she feels her Mistress' fingers slide firmly to the back of her throat. You've been good today," Miss Rose says, still running her fingers through the girl's soft black hair. She can smell the slave's cunt on Miss Rose's fingers, causing her mouth to water. She licks her lips as she watches Miss Rose slowly fill Ashley's desperate pussy. It drives Ashley crazy as thoughts uncontrollably intrude her mind: The girl fucking her or licking her pussy, as Ashley sucked on Miss Rose's toes. Every time Miss Rose pulls her fingers back, a mouthful of Ashley's juices ooze from her pussy.

Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 9

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-25

Stacy feels a little excited as Miss Cara's fingers touch hers. Miss Cara smiles and feels compelled to run her fingers through Stacy's dark hair. Stacy feels like Miss Cara is patronizing her a little, but the words actually fill her with a pleasurable gratification. Miss Cara presses the remote and Stacy feels the vibrator come to life inside her. Miss Cara moves a little closer to Stacy now, unable to take her eyes off the horny girl in front of her. It should be sitting there right against your G-spot," Miss Cara says, placing her excited fingers against Stacy's moist cunt. "Take as long as you'd like, dear," Miss Cara offers, placing her warm fingers under Stacy's nose.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 1

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-05-25

Miss Rose seemed sympathetic towards Ashley, and right now, sitting in a cage in a dreary 'dungeon', sympathy was a warm hug. "He will watch anything he wants to," Mistress pauses, seeing the complete despair on Ashley's face. Mistress re-attaches the leash, then softly strokes some of Ashley's hair. Mistress pushes Ashley the rest of the way in and locks the cage. Mistress pulls out a large armed chair and positions it a few feet in front of Ashley's cage. Mistress locks Ashley's arms to the back of the cage behind her head. Then, Mistress locks up Ashley's ankles to the top right and top left corners of the cage. Mistress stands up and walks over to Ashley's cage.

Chastity College - Week Two - Day 1

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2017-09-29

I sat and watched from my uncomfortable desk as Vanessa got the submissive girl to stand up. Vanessa put pressure on the plug and I watched the girl squirm slightly as the rigid metal slowly pushed inside her tight ring. Over and over I read about wet pussies and how to get them to feel orgasmic pleasure, how to behave when women make certain moans or noises, how to read their body language to know when to keep going or when to change something. "You look like you're a good student," Chloe said, peering over at my open notebook. "Is that the weird video that feels like it's 10 hours long?" Chloe asked, breaking the silence.