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Mrs Catja & Her Anal Pisslave

bdsm Anal_PissSlave 2018-12-03

Your Filthy slut thanks You for coming Mistress. This crossing through slut s head while at my left Maria spreads Her arms and right of me Mistress Catja goes through with belting of Her slut. Lift my head up and see how Mistress Catja going to the toilet to prepare slut s reward. Mistress Catja knows exactly how She should treat Her horny filthy slut. Your filthy slut thanks You for this session Mistress Would You like to keep my strap here? Mistress Catja is not allowed to experience irritation from Her filthy slut.) Your filthy slut looks every day to Mistresses in BDSM vids to learn how to act like an anal pisslet.

Up They Go and Off Again

bdsm Anal_PissSlave 2018-11-29

'Time for the other filthy slut!(Have seen many movies showing other slaves licking the boots of their Mistress.) Dont touch my stuff filthy slut!' (Mistress Catja is the best. You're not going to ruin my stuff?' 'No Mistress' Moving on my Belly I go forward (The needles cause a sensation) 'Looks like shit!' Sighing I am waiting for what is to come. This is what you have written to the Mistress.' 'Yes Mistress.' 'What did you write.' Half crying 'I have written that I like it Mistress.' 'That's the way to do it.' Every time Mistress Catja releases the nipple clamps I react more intense. At the time that I myself cannot get it deeper in I bite retching I take my hands of Mistress Catja sits next to her slut and looks with approval.

Blindfolded Submission

bdsm Anal_PissSlave 2018-11-11

Stand still for a moment." Do I get a answer?!" "Your nipples have become large."(Moaning with pleasure I feel the clamps being placed back.) Right? Right? "One thing is for sure. "You sit there at least in a right position. Otherwise you'll have to do it in the kitchen for me once again. Then I send you to the kitchen. "Hmmm, stand up for a moment." (Mistress Catja removes my blindfold but I don't see her yet.) Am just a horny slut whose life is completely governed by Goddess Catja. (Answering is difficult.) The rapid taps bringing my thing to life. The door slams. Most of the time blindfolded. The self punishment by slamming myself on the bra with needles.

Look Like a Delightful Real Whore

bdsm Anal_PissSlave 2018-11-04

Only to be touched by your slut when you allow me Mistress.' 'Come over here with your whore's throat.' Obedient I open my mouth wide and without hesitation I start to suck the dildo. 'Come here filthy slut.' She hands her pissslut the glass with the precious content. 'Next time I jizz straight to your whoring face, is that understood?' 'Yes Mistress.' (next session I'll collect my urine in advance in a bottle). It is great that Mistress Catja is fully aware of the feelings of Her slut. Go up and down while Mistress Catja's slut to a discharge is trying to convey. This filthy slut realizes how lucky he is to serve the one and only Mistress Catja