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Andrew Ryan

Free erotic stories by Andrew Ryan on AdultRead

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 1

group Andrew Ryan 2018-07-15

The nurse's office was at the end of the high school building, put there because it is adjacent to the physical therapy room. When Rachel arrived at the nurse's office, she saw Juan O'Brian sitting there. Since they were both 18-year old seniors at Maple High, Rachel had hoped that he would ask her out. Miss Presley, who was wearing a tight, white nurse's outfit, then turned to the two athletes, "Doctor Wesley called and said that he had an emergency at the hospital. "Take off all of your clothes and put this on," the nurse told Rachel, handing her the gown and pointing to the first room. The thought of seeing Rachel in a skimpy gown had Juan hardening down below, his penis starting to press tightly against his jeans.

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 2

group Andrew Ryan 2018-06-20

"Come with me," Nurse Presley said curtly to Rachel, who followed her into the room. When Rachel entered the nurse's office, she saw Juan -- completely nude -- facing the wall in the corner. "Go over to the scale, take off your gown, and step up on it," Nurse Presley said, walking over to her desk and picking up a clipboard. So, someone other than Juan was enjoying this scenario, Rachel thought, noting that the nurse's hand lingered longer than it should have over her abs. But when the nurse pulled the tape together, placing it right above the slit to Rachel's pussy, she realized that her hands were becoming wet. While the nurse was showing a protesting Priscilla to the other side of the room, Rachel looked at Juan and smiled.

The Victory Party Ch. 01-02

group Andrew Ryan 2017-10-27

The other girls who were watching Linda -- Maria, Debbie, and Jeanie -- realized that she was a master in the art of fellatio. Jeanie immediately moved over to Michael, going over and grabbing his cock and whispering, "Come on, guy. Jeanie had the clothes she had won in her one hand, with Michael's cock in tow with the other, pulling him by his erection to the first-available bedroom. Once inside, Michael started slowly, pulling out to the point of almost leaving, and then bringing himself back, teasing Jeanie, whose pussy lips contracted with each movement, with this action. Finally, Michael could last no longer, depositing his masculine fluids well into Jeanie's pussy as each collapsed onto one another, leaving Maria dripping with anticipation as she witnessed the action.