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Free erotic stories by AngelE on AdultRead

Billion Dollar Bitch

celebrities AngelE 2018-12-01

Finally the ticket window opened and I ran up to it and said immediately, "One ticket front row for WWE Monday Night Raw please." I did consider asking somebody to go with me but in the end I decided not to and did not want to let any of my fellow actors and actresses know I was a wrestling fan. Then came out Paul Heyman with CM Punk with a rant then I heard it, my wish came true Stephanie McMahon's music began and she walked out with her usual mean look on her face I couldn't stop cheering I even opened up my poster for her to see.

Prisoner of a Pirate

bdsm AngelE 2018-11-26

Mackenzie drew her musket and started firing at the hunters she saw on the ship of course never missing one all falling in the ocean. "Attack, attack them," Mackenzie commanded as her crew started to board the hunter ship drawing their cutlass' and fighting the pirate hunters. She walked backwards all the time holding her dagger to the pretty girls throat till she got back on her ship as the hunter's ship slowly began to sink to the bottom of the sea. Mackenzie then slid up Emily's body giving each breast and lick before planting her pussy on Emily's mouth. On command Emily's tongue left her mouth and began to lap at Mackenzie's pussy like a thirsty dog.

Student vs. Teacher

lesbian AngelE 2018-11-21

I slid off her sun dress and threw her over her desk as I unsnapped her bra and lowered her panties and knelt behind her and began to lick her her pussy and asshole from behind. "Now," I screamed at her as I grabbed her head causing her mouth to open from fear and pain of my fingers gripping her hair hard and I jammed the entire strap on in her mouth and down her throat causing her to choke. Then in one swift motion I slammed the entire strap on up her pussy fucking her fast, hard and deep. Ms Lockheart realizing I am gone raises her mouth of the strap on and wipes her mouth clean.P...please S...S...Sadie you c...c...can't serious.

Taylor and Carrie - Cuntry Sluts

celebrities AngelE 2018-11-18

A light smile crossed Carries lips as she licked them and began to unbutton her shirt revealing a black bra. "Ahhhhhh," Taylor moaned as Carrie's tongue and mouth come in contact with Taylor's clit and cunt lips. Taylor's hands then went to Carrie long blond hair feeling the softness of it as she ran her fingers through it all the while holding Carrie's head over her cunt. "We're not finished yet," Carrie said as she got up and leaned forward resting her knees on the bail of hay behind Taylor and planted her cunt on Taylors mouth. Carrie threw her head back as she felt Taylor working magic in her cunt she knew there was no way this was Taylor's first time.

Taking Her

bdsm AngelE 2018-11-17

I stand up in front of her still kneeling at my feet picking up my 10 inch strap-on from the coffee table I roughly grab her hair and hold her head back and start jamming the strap-on in her mouth and down her throat. Suck my sheer bra, soak it skank and stroke my face cock while you do it." She leans in her lips instantly on my full breasts. Then I pick her up from the chair and throw her over the kitchen table still blindfolded, gagged and handcuffed I line up the 10 inch strap-on and in one thrust I slam the entire 10 inches up her cunt raping her fast, hard and deep.

Alexis Bledel - Horny Slut

celebrities AngelE 2018-11-11

The reason was Alexis Bledel, I fell in love with her the first time I saw her on the television show Gilmore Girls where she played the part of Rory. I slid down her body and gave her pussy a few long licks before I began sliding the dildo in and out of her. Her hands reached up and grabbed her breasts and pinched nipples as I jammed the dildo in and out of her pussy going faster and faster, deeper and deeper each time. I slowly took it out of her pussy and slid back up her body sucking her breasts a bit before placing the dildo at her lips.


A Fuck Times Four

celebrities AngelE 2018-11-11

I pulled over the the side of the road and got out of my car and walked around and saw my right front tire was the one that was flat. All four of them just looked at each other then another girl (Megan) smiled and said "get in we'll give you a ride to our house and you can call a tow-truck or whatever you want from there." Within the next few seconds all other sisters let go of their love juice except for Sarah who was laying next to me covered in sweat from the rough pounding she gave my pussy. "Remember Emily Four Of A Kind we are on the Lifetime channel." I gave Kendra a quick look and smile back before I left with my uncle to get my car.

Miranda Joins In - Cuntry Sluts

celebrities AngelE 2018-11-10

Within 30 seconds Miranda felt her pussy being penetrated as she quickly looked behind her to see Carrie sliding in a strap-on deep inside her. "Let's change positions, I want you to do the work," Carrie said as she pulled out of Miranda's pussy and laid on her back on the bed. Taylor sat on Carries face and had Carrie ate her out while she leaned forwards and started to french kiss Miranda on the mouth while caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Taylor grabbed her hard on her sides and shoved her tongue in Miranda's mouth as deep as she could licking all around meanwhile Carrie's hands went to Miranda's waist roughly pulling her up and down hard on her strap-on also thrusting her hips upwards.

Camelot...More Like Cumalot

celebrities AngelE 2018-11-09

Having a sex scene with Eva Green I wouldn't care who saw me topless, look who I was in bed with. She moved he head down and began to lightly bite my shoulder as I continued to suck on her neck Before I knew it she flipped me over so I was on my back on the table as she straddled my waist. Eva looked behind her and slowly began kissing her way down my stomach before lashing my hot wet pussy with her tongue. Her lips were covered with my body fluids and she slid her cum covered fingers and my mouth as I sucked and licked them clean then she kissed me deeply, I tasted my sweetness on her lips and tongue.

Supermarket Sex

lesbian AngelE 2018-11-06

"Stay right there you cunt." I slowly undo my pants lowering them down revealing sheer white panties. Realizing you have no escape you submit to my desire and begin to soak my panties with your mouth. You lean in and begin to lick and suck my bra you can see my nipples getting hard poking out beneath the sheer material. I line up the fake cock and begin to slide it in your cunt fucking you slowly. You scream and begin to cry through the panties as you ass is assaulted by the fake cock. Turning you around to face me I take your panties out of your mouth and rub my cum covered hand all over you face.

Making Miley Mine

celebrities AngelE 2018-11-05

The first few days of shooting went pretty smoothly the whole cast got along well and the script was good I thought it would be a good movie with a lot of big names. I walked right in and up the stairs to where you room was the door was closed gave a few quick knocks then walked right in, I should have waited for an answer I saw Miley quickly turn off the computer screen. Let me look at you." I sat up again and Miley sat up as well and began to softly and tenderly kiss my breasts as I cradled her head, my nipples were as hard as diamonds I thought they were gonna pop.


Hot Wax

bdsm AngelE 2018-11-04

Slowly I tilt the candle, the hot wax meeting Jenny's soft skin as her body rises up from the burning loud moans escaping from the panties in her mouth. "Oh yes feels good doesn't it slut?" I see the red wax trails hardening on her body as I return the candle to the headboard. Shocks of pleasure are racing through my body I start to grind my pussy on her mouth and over her face. Jenny begins to scream in fear, "No please Mistress no..." the candles topple and fall spilling hot wax all over her tied body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Jenny screams in pain the hot wax from all the candles coating her body.


In An Elevator With Avril Lavigne

celebrities AngelE 2018-10-30

Her hand reached to my breasts and roughly pulled down my bra and her mouth immediately covered my left nipple. Her pussy was bare, obvious she shaved or even possibly waxed, I couldn't believe it my wildest Avril Lavigne fantasies I've played in my mind over and over so many times was now happening for real. "Ooooooo," she cooed as she looked down on me my gaze upwards towards her smiling with my eyes, she knew I was liking this. "Keep that up young girl and I'm gonna cum in no time," she said smiling down at me. "Now it's my turn," I said as I lowered my pussy over her mouth, "make me cum Ms.

I Get Foxy Jorja Fox

celebrities AngelE 2018-10-29

I got home an and made a tuna sandwich sat on my bed and began looking through the newspapers to see of they were any auditions for anything. After I took a shower changed in my pajamas and plopped on my bed to watch a little television and e-mail my mom back home with my laptop which I had also brought with me to let her know that I had arrived safely and told her about my audition. The day of my audition had finally arrived I got a good nights sleep and woke up excited and totally ecstatic. I got home and plopped on my bed still totally psyched that I did such a good job on my audition and I knew it.

Olsen Twin Magic

celebrities AngelE 2018-10-29

Mary-Kate was laying on the couch almost naked with nothing on but her red panties pulled aside as Ashley's tongue lapped away at her tight pussy. Ashley had nothing on but a small baby blue and navy blue t-shirt pulled up over her small pert breasts Mary-Kate's hands squeezed and groped her tiny B cup breasts and pinched her nipples as her sister's tongue continued to work it's way deeper inside her. Mary-Kate grabbed Ashley's hair and pulled her head back and gave her sister a big lick up the side of her neck before throwing her back on the table again and continued to pound away at Ashley's pussy.