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Free erotic stories by Anitaslut44 on AdultRead

Coffee at the conference room

group Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

As I bent over to place the cup on the table, Samuel’s hand went straight up my skirt and found the bare thigh above my nylon stockings. As soon as I lifted the back of my skirt to show my bare thighs, Samuel spotted I was only wearing a tiny black thong, that barely covered my shaved mound and my rear entrance rosebud… Samuel and George had been holding my legs apart and commenting on my smooth thighs, flat stomach and tiny sexy thong. Hearing this Jimmy let go of my hands and slipped his other hand into my bra and started working on both nipples. Sensing the change in me; Samuel proceeded to slip off my thong whilst George unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and undid my front opening bra.

Five big black cocks for me again

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

One of them was named Jones, who had a monster black cock so huge that I could not stand him in my asshole during that gangbang. Jones had a real huge monster black cock and he told me he could not stay away from my sweet pussy. Soon I heard myself begging him to fuck me; so, he rose up and placed my ass on the edge of the bed and worked the head of his huge black dick into my now swollen cunt. I squirmed around and wildly licked that huge black cock, as I was pushing hard at the black old man fucking my cunt from behind. "Please!, split me open with that monster black cock, fuck me in the ass, I beg you…”

An old mate from office and his friends

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

Kenny told me they were his old friends Tom and Mark; they were here to play a game. Tom started asking: “Have you ever done a strip for guys?”. I started to reply but the black guy said: “Liar” and told me to remove my jeans… Tom remarked: “I think she loves being used like a whore” The words excited me more and I sucked deeper; but then Tom pulled his cock from my mouth before he could cum and Mark took its place. I started to suck Tom again and Kenny suddenly jabbed his hard cock in my wet pussy. Kenny pulled out of me Tom took his place behind my buttocks; but he had other ideas.

Ana, the black guy and his boat

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

Finally four hours later Anita returned arm in arm with Joseph; she had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face, she was smoking a cigarette, as she sat by me, she said that boat was incredible. I got back into our room; my sweet Ana was looking hot, red lipstick, short black mini dress, high heeled shoes. I soon got ready and headed down to the bar were Anita was sat with Joseph and another three huge black guys. The black man held her head and almost began face fucking her, making Ana gag. They fucked Ana with no mercy and real hard for at least three hours, all taking it turns fucking her ass and getting their cocks sucked.

Nailing Helena's daughter

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

Then my sweet wife reached down the bed grabbing my cock and started to rub it, telling me she felt horny that night… Getting off and laying on her back I got in between her legs and slipped my rock hard cock in and started to fuck her hard, making Ana moan and cry. Then I moved onto the bed between her open legs and slipped deep into her wet and swollen slit making her groan loud as a bitch: So I pulled my dick out and slammed three fingers in her swollen pussy, rubbing her G spot and making her squirt like a fountain before ramming my cock back into her wet hole.

Anita in a wild anal gangbang

voyeur Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

We went to the mall and my loving wife told me I could wait for her at the fast food place, while she would go to look for her new dress. Then she told me when she was walking by, three black guys had whistled and said her she was looking hot in her jeans. She came back on the same way and the black guys then had whistled again, telling her now she was looking hotter in that sexy summer dress. When the black guys arrived there, they found Ana lying on the bed, still wearing her summer dress. Meanwhile the other guy presented his cock to Ana’s lips, muffling her screams with that huge piece of black meat buried deep in her mouth.

Anita shows me a video

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

Just two minutes later, the giant black man pushed my wife to her back, put her ankles onto his shoulders and entered her pussy in just one swift motion, causing her to open her mouth and letting escape a little moan... The camera showed now her pleasure face as Marco`s strong hands grabbed her round hips and pushed her against his rock hard cock, making her screaming in pain, as she felt the hard piece entering again her stretched cunt. The camera was handed to Marco, who moved to a position were Ana’s rear could be seen; then Erasmus climbed on the bed behind my sweet wife’s ass. Marco taped the huge black cock of his friend screwing Ana’s asshole and then moved to the front, to film my wife’s pain and pleasure expression in her eyes…

Ana fucked once again by black men

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

I thanked that black guy for fucking my sweet wife and we made our way back to the bar area to have another glass of red wine as Ana rested her sore used sweet pussy. This time, Ana had a little trouble taking his whole cock at first, because Lee was really huge, but soon she got used to the size and was cumming all over, as she moaned in pleasure… My wife asked me to fuck her in the ass, to prevent any further hurting when later she would be sodomized by Lee. I came in her tight anus after pumping her during at least ten minutes.

A new gangbang with Jerome`s friends

group Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

The second guy said as he began his thrusts in my anus. The first guy pushed forward and I felt his hard black cock splitting me in two. The throbbing thrusts of him cumming must have been felt by the cock in my ass as he quivered and came at the same time. The third guy, the one who had been in my mouth, stroke his hard dick and announced it was his turn in my ass… He made me bend over my hands and knees on the carpet. I turned over to see the guy in my asshole; he smiled back to me and said my ass was so tight and he was cumming soon… Suddenly he came, filling my anus with warm sperm…

A black bull at the shopping mall

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

“Show me what you got, stud; I need at least nine inches of real man and I need it bad” I sat on the toilet and looked up at that grinning black guy. The young black guy laughed as he stepped up behind me and quickly put the fat head of his cock against my wet open pussy lips… At the same time, my cunt squeezed and strangled the black mamba stuffed deep up in me and through my barely open eyes, I saw the young black guy arch his back as he slammed everything into my womb… I pulled down my sunglasses and stepped around that still nearly naked black man; I unlocked the door and got my car for a fast drive home.

In a car with my boss

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

As he drove to the restaurant, my old boss reached over and put his hand under my dress and felt my wet pussy. I smiled and replied that I was going to suck my boss's cock before… "I am going to suck those round tits and lick your wet cunt before I fuck you right here in my car. Then my boss fucked me over and over until he knew I had to be sore from his fingers and cock. As he filled me, he removed his fist from my soaking cunt and then he pulled out his hard dick; telling me to lick it clean. “I want to suck your cock as my cunt craves more of your macho fucking."

I was gangbanged in front of my husband

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

Sitting next to the dance floor, I saw his friends smiled watching me moan and sigh as Douglas finger fucked me, making me cum after few minutes, with a long muffled groan. While dancing with Thomas I was smiling at my loving husband when it suddenly that black guy pulled the top of my dress down exposing my breasts and started sucking one as he slid his hand between my legs and started finger fucking me. Still smiling at Victor, I started sucking that huge black cock like a slut. As I sucked that Latino dick, I watched as Douglas was inserting his hard cock between my wet pussy lips, which Jack had licked so well…

Too many margaritas

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

To my horror, this handsome black man started talking dirty, telling me how sweet my ass was and how much he wanted to butt fuck me. He did not hear my claims; he just pushed my head against the couch from behind and told me that he was going to enjoy a nice mature ass that night and it would be better for me if I enjoyed also a good fucking time with him. I felt so dirty, so fucking behaving like a whore...and yet as that huge black cock was sliding in and out of my anus; the more I could begin to feel that awful tingling between my wet pussy lips.

Analized by a huge black dick

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

Oliver knew what he wanted and he held my head with both hands while fucking my mouth. He jerked his huge black dick two or three times with his hand and sent thick spurts of hot semen across my face and into my wide-open mouth. "Ready to get your little white ass fucked, bitch?" He asked with a smile. Oliver laughed loudly and he slowly pushed the rest of his hard cock into my tight asshole. "I am going to fuck your asshole as long, as deep and as hard as I want to”. Oliver slammed his cock all the way in and then I felt his hot, slippery semen shoot deep into my anus.

Helena taking me to a glory hole

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

I poked my finger through the hole and soon a hard black cock slowly slid through from the other side. I passed my finger through the hole and my second black cock of the afternoon poked through. I stood and slid my wet thong down my thighs and when I bent to pull them off I felt his hand on my pussy. The man complained my cunt was so tight for his huge dick; as he deeply hammered into my body pussy hard and deep. I heard a frantic knocking on both walls and a few seconds later the man in my pussy slammed in deep and shot a huge load deep inside into my cunt.

Two guys in my cunt

group Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

He would also come home early, because his friends Samuel and John would came for a poker night. Samuel replied: "Yeah, Ana, but we thought we would come early and see if we could get lucky." Then he put his pants down his thighs, showing me his huge erection John left my nipples and took my jeans skirt off my body,; then spread my legs wide open and buried his face between my thighs. John kept himself all the way in but lay still, as Samuel started slow strokes putting a little more in with each thrust. Samuel whispered in my ear: “I am going to cum, Ana; want it in your mouth or pussy?

The garbage black guy

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

He had an incredible body, muscles rippling all through it; his black boxers were now coming down and I caught my first look at his huge black cock. "You like this hard black cock in your pretty white mouth, slut?” All I could do was moan as he continued to fuck my face with his black cock. The thought of his lips and tongue on my pussy were too much and I could start to feel the tidal wave of an intense orgasm that was building inside me. “Please fuck me with your huge black cock, fuck me hard and deep…” I took his near flaccid cock in my mouth and licked it clean of the sweet mix of his cum and my juices.

Looking through the window

voyeur Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

Although my headache I was absolutely horny; so I got head down on the pillow and started to rub my pussy between my open legs, feeling the nice warm coming of a wild orgasm very quickly. "Stick that thing in my pussy, babe." I whispered, happy to realize that Victor had the same crazy idea of fucking while watching through the window. "Either you stand there and let us continue or else everyone down there finds out what's happening, bitch." He said, slowly pressing his cock between my wet pussy lips. "Hey, the bitch is really cumming on my dick." The man behind me said to his friends when he noticed I was going wetter and wetter as he continued pounding my cunt.

Another long girl's night out for Ana

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

I looked towards the black man`s arm, where he appeared to have his hand up my wife's tiny skirt and was making her gasp for air. I saw Ana place her head on the fireman's shoulder and give a very little shudder, which I knew to mean that she was cumming, with his fingers being inside her pussy . I did not get a good look at the size of his black cock, but it would be huge for sure, due to the sound of increasingly louder "oh!"s from Ana, every time he thrust in. Then the black man lay on his stomach between my wife's legs and began kissing up her thighs, occasionally giving one long lick which would cause Ana to squeal.

Girl night out goes wild

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

I was shocked when I saw an enormous muscular black man standing in front of me wearing just a minuscule white slip covering barely what seemed to be a huge and hard penis. He started dancing again and his huge black penis was swinging back and forth, back and forth, close to my face. He started to moan, grabbed the back of my head with both hands, and then I felt his huge cock wildly pulsating inside my mouth and he began to pump mouthfuls of hot salty cum deep inside my throat. I felt a final twinge of pain as he pulled the head of his penis out of my anus.

Ana in the hands of three rude black men

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

Then he moved forward and pressed the massive head of his black cock against my wife’s pussy. Ana, who had had at least two orgasms, screamed out as she felt his hot sperm shoot into her, and began to cum again, moaning and squirming, pinned underneath this huge black man. Ana continued to beg him not to do it, so Lamar calmly took one hand and placed it over her mouth, and with the other he steadied that cock and began to press forward. Lamar paused for a moment and I could see the head of his cock lodged in my wife’s asshole, the other twelve inches looking like a long black log sticking out of her.

Anita tries a new BBC

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

For the next ten minutes she continued to dance with her new friend, turning to face him and letting his hands roam all over her body. Ana moaned loudly as he pulled her ass cheeks apart with his hands and probed at her both holes with his tongue. Tony began to push his cock in and out of my wife’s mouth and she greedily took it deeper and deeper as she got used to his size and rhythm. After several minutes she began to slide her pussy off his face and move her hips down to where his huge cock stood up to the ceiling. Tony dressed up and said goodbye, giving me his phone number in case Ana wanted to fuck again a real huge black cock.

Another afternoon at Helena's home

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

I had had a very good afternoon at her home some time ago; when I fucked Helena and her friend Camila. Helena whispered in my ear: “Somebody is excited…” Then she moved behind me, touching my shoulders with the tip of her leather whip. Few minutes later, the door was opened again; my instinct made me look… "I said don't look" Helena ordered, raising her sensual voice. I let out a low moan when I felt Helena’s fingers caressing my balls. This time she hit me hard; then I felt another two smacks on my ass cheeks. Helena said smiling, as I turned my head and watched Camila adjusting the strap-on device on her waist…

A perfect stranger in my bathroom

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

I opened the shower door and there stood a perfect stranger fully naked, a giant black man with his hard black cock jutting straight out. Just at that moment, the black man pulled me by my hand over his naked muscled body. I came under the rain shower, feeling his hard black cock against my hips. I felt his huge cock moving between my legs as he slowly pushed me against the back shower wall. He was now thrusting his hips forward and back again, fucking my married pussy with his hard black cock. Then I felt him exploding literally deep inside me, filling my womb with his warm black seed.

A black neighbor in the window

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

I started to fantasize with his huge black cock between my spread thighs, playing with my wet and horny cunt. As we continued watching the action, I felt my neighbor's cock getting hard and press into my buttocks. My tongue touched the tip of his magnificent cock and then I felt my cunt starting to get wet in my black leggings… I felt his hand touch the top of my head and slowly push me down on his rock hard dick. Then I felt a little bit fuzzy and I came in my leggings, having and intense but silent orgasm… The black man did not notice it… Then he slowly pulled his cock out a little and I felt a rush of pleasure through my body.

My dildos and Jerome

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

Two hours later I was still lying in our marital bed; my legs bent at the knees and pulled up to my breasts as one twelve inch black cock slowly stroked my wet cunt. I rubbed my swollen clit as I laid there on my back, spread wide by both toys and imagined once again bent over the kitchen table and being mounted and fucked by Jerome from behind, the way he loved it. I felt myself I was spent, but I knew I was going to be meeting with my black lover; so the thought reenergized me as I sat up and smoked a cigarette, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling and recalling Jerome had a big enough cock to fill my still wide opened hole.

Ana enjoying again a vacation in Jamaica

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

I licked her pussy lips and sucked her hard clit until she came three times; then she slid down and dropped her soaked cunt on my cock and rode me for about twenty minutes before I dumped a huge load of cum deep in her. The second black guy looked at me and I nodded; so, he moved in behind Ana and slid his ten inches long thick cock up her ass. Soon both black guys were nude and Ana was being fucked doggy style in a wild way, as she sucked the other cock. After the first guy came in her cunt, another one with a ten inches long cock slid into her and continued to fuck her hard and fast.

Ana working late night

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

Ana looked as if she loved it and I could hear her telling that third man to stop fingering her and just fuck her with his huge black cock. Anita was dripping with a mixture of her own cum and as one finished filling her with his warm semen, he would walk round and get her to suck him dry, whilst another mate went straight in and filled her up her sweet pussy. It went on for ages, as they were sucked off by Ana`s sweet mouth, they got hard again so it was a constant marathon of fucking. Then all three black men just put their cocks away and picked up some real tools and wondered off back to work whilst Anita brushed herself down, put on her clothes and went back to her desk as if nothing had happened..

A surprise during a canoe trip

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-11

There were a couple of female Danish lovely girls, an Italian couple, Richard our guide and two American guys, one of whom was an athletic black man named Tyrone. What I saw nearly made me fall backwards into it with shock… There was my sweet wife Ana, on her knees like a total slut, sucking the biggest black cock I had ever seen… Tyrone had one of his hands on her left shoulder and the other at the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on what must have been at least an eleven inches dark pole. He shot spurt after spurt of thick sticky cum onto her back and ass cheeks for what seemed like an eternity, before Ana span around and dropped to her knees to take his still dripping cock back into her mouth.

Bend over

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-10

She was there; face down onto the coffee table, with her hands and legs handcuffed to it, her bare round ass up in the air, with a pillow tucked under her tummy. I moved around, trying to free her legs, causing me some shock to observe the whip lines all over her back and her ass cheeks. I imagined other man leaning against my sweet wife face with a hard cock, covering her mouth entirely, gagging her, filling her throat with his thick semen. "Not fucked in your asshole, not filled your mouth with someone’s cum, not punished by a whip???…And what happened? She had been whipped, chained, fucked and sodomized when I was at work during the early afternoon and probably she had loved it, or maybe she hadn’t.

Hot holiday at Barbados

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-10

James reached between my legs and he felt my wetness as he parted my pussy lips with his dark fingers. Then I felt a finger slip up into my hot wet cunt, as a thumb found and lightly fondled my clit, my knees were weakening and I started to tremble; I wrapped my arms around James's dark shoulders to steady myself and then I felt his hand increasing its speed. I began to move my hips in time with him, I could take no more like this, I pulled his hand away, and walked over and laid back on the king sized bed, spreading my legs apart, exposing my hungry wet pussy.

Some friends fucked Ana at home

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-10

I told him that I would enter by the side door and I would meet him back at the pool, I didn't want him in the house in case I got to see Ana being fucked by Jack….. I just went for a minute to the bathroom and when I came back to the yard, Ana and Jack were missing again… Willy went with me outside to the parking lot and told me Jack was on his way in and they were leaving. He went pale; but then Ana interrupted us, saying she was fine now and she wanted more of that thick cock inside her pussy. Ana looked at me in my eyes and told me to stay outside for a while, as she fucked Jack in our bed.

Anita and tha black bachelor party

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-10

Ana could not answer while she was gagged with that huge piece of black meat, but she screamed wildly when without any preparation Marcus slammed his nione inches young black cock straight into her wet cunt. She dropped the black cock from her mouth and turned her face to Marcus, whispering in a sexy voice: "You can fuck my ass if you want to....." Marcus only laid his head on her back for a few seconds and then pulled his deflated cock out of my wife's anus without any consideration, telling her: "Nice ass, bitch… love to fuck that thight asshole" and simply smacked her bottom as hard as he could on her cheek as my sweet Ana yelped in ashtonishment.

A cold walk through a dark alley

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-10

The other asked me: "Have you ever been fucked up the asshole, bitch?" I started crying through my gag, tears pouring down my cheeks, when I felt he had positioned himself behind me and was now spreading my ass cheeks, rubbing the head of his giant cock against my asshole. "I want to see you cry while I'm fucking you." Then he sank his black cock deep inside between my pussy lips in one single thrust, filling me completely and making me crying in pain, because I was too tight and dry; neither the feeling of excitation had made my cunt wet.

Watching Helena on a porn site

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-10

The camera moved to her ass as one guy pulled her cheeks apart and another produced a large butt plug; once oiled they shoved it deep into her ass. Again the camera did a close up of her open asshole before it was filled again with another huge black cock. The guy who had come in her ass moved round to her head and ordered her to lick his dick clean… Without a pause the dirty slut stuffed that wet dick into her mouth and started to lick it… In the next shot Helena was kneeling with all six guys stood around her; wanking their cocks, it wasn't long before they all started to come over her sensual face.

Bend over, the whole truth

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-10

One afternoon my husband Victor came back early from work, finding me tied up at a table, naked, gagged and with signs of having been fucked and abused in a brutal way, by several men. I struggled against the first man to get my hand free; he laughed and let me go, telling me that I could be a good white married slut for his big black cock. Then he opened my ass cheeks with his hands and shoved his cock inside my pussy. Before he came in my pussy he took off and put his black monster thing inside my anus, stretching me more than his friend.

Ana at the tattoo studio

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-09

Jack said he needed to see her skin where she wanted the tattoo and asked if she minded showing him. She only had a small strip of trimmed hair just above her pussy lips…love Ana's knees began to shake a little when he touched her to feel her skin. I saw Ana was almost speechless; then I explained Jack that she wanted a small cat's paw very close in to her vagina. I pulled Ana close to me and kissed her; as I placed my fingers inside her warm pussy lips. Ana reminded me that she was sore and pushed my face to her gooey pussy; asking me to lick Jack’s semen from her soft vagina.

The local train, in and out

voyeur Anitaslut44 2018-01-09

My arm was soon pulled out of the way as other guys wanted a turn at playing with her cunt. At first the guy behind her was going gently but as the fucking started to get harder, she was pushed forward onto the cock in her mouth and pretty soon she was having her throat fucked as well. The guy fucking her came quickly and before he could withdraw his cock, he was pulled out of the way as another guy rammed his cock up Ana and fucked her furiously for just one minute and another load of semen was shot up my lovely wife's cunt. By the time we got to our station, Ana had been fucked by five men that had filled her cunt and another six or seven that had shot semen in her throat.

Ana coming back after a girl's night out

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-09

Still in the hallway and with the beige coat now strewn on the floor, she dropped to her knees, undid my pijamas and before taking my cock in her mouth asked me if was going to record her performance…handing me my cell phone from the table. "Which hole are you fucking there?" Leroy asked me, as my sweet Ana deep throated his cock as passionately as she had sucked mine earlier. Ana took my dick in her mouth, but seconds later I felt her stop sucking momentarily as she came, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the moment. He pulled out his cock and asked me to swap positions again; so, he could have his way back to Ana’s mouth and she could suck the last of the cum from his dick…

taking my sweet dog to the Vet

voyeur Anitaslut44 2018-01-09

Dr. Sarah Atkins began Brutus`s exam, looked at his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, everything was going fine. I thought that I had heard wrong, but meanwhile Sarah got a pair of latex gloves, pulled a mask over her nose and mouth, protective goggles covering her eyes, sat down on a chair over next to Brutus, reached underneath his belly and began moving her hands in rhythmic motion. Sarah`s hand moved up and down it in long strokes, it looked like her hand couldn't wrap all the around the thickness of that huge penis. Dr. Sarah Atkins`s body was actually pretty amazing, and she looked so hot fucking the dog, sucking him off.

A quick stop in the middle of nowhere

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-08

She looked around to make sure we could not be seen and then she just dropped to her knees in front of him and started sucking on that big black monster mamba type cock. As Ana continued to suck and lick his huge black cock, she furiously worked her wet slit with her free hand. Then Barry said: “It is time for some piece of white ass for me” He put his hand right behind Ana’s skirt, slipping a long finger into her pussy as she whimpered in surprise. Fuck my black dick good, you horny little white slut!”. All she did was scream aloud when Barry started cumming inside her butt hole, so loud other at the rest stop looked toward our car...

Everything depends on the lubricant gel

voyeur Anitaslut44 2018-01-08

One hour later the black guy announced he was closing the store and then Ana insisted on him and asked to come back home with us. Ana always had loved big black dicks and she did not waste time getting this one in her sweet wet mouth. The black guy had brought along the strawberry lubricant with him and kept putting it on his cock for Anita to lick off. They started kissing again and he brought his hand up to his mouth to lick the mixed lubricant and cum off his fingers. They played with the lubricant mixed cum again, and the black guy kept digging his finger around inside Anita's stretched pussy and bringing up gobs of cum to his mouth and then having her lick it from his tongue.

Anita and a different afternoon with Jerome

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-08

Friday late evening Anita came back home after a hard sex session with Jerome, her favorite black lover and found me relaxing on our deck, enjoying the warm weather. She kissed me and said she was thinking about letting Jerome fist her the next time they were together. Ana said he had been asking her to let him put his fist in her cunt for some weeks. After each of the men had put one hand deep inside her loose cunt, they came up with the idea to try and get two cocks in her pussy at once. Ana confessed she wanted it that way and she would keep allowing Jerome to fist her from time to time and try to stretch her vagina; so, it would be a permanent gape...

Anita used and abused in a Jamaican beach

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-08

"Ana, I am going to fuck your sweet little pussy if you don't tell the truth" After his three friends were done with Ana, Jordan fucked her again and allowed her to cum loudly before he emptied another load in her sloppy cunt. I dropped to my knees between her legs and pulled Ana by her hair, as I shoved my hard cock in her asshole; I sodomized her with no mercy, very rough, as my sweet wife screamed in pain and made squeaking noises, feeling my rock hard dick buried in her sweet tiny asshole… Then Ana looked up and saw the black bunch standing down the path and watching us fucking like crazy… she smiled at them and started began to cum.

Lost in a dark suburban hood

mature Anitaslut44 2018-01-07

I heard Lamont was telling Victor what a lucky girl I was to get some huge black cocks. After I came in a gutural loud orgasm, they made me sat back between them as the second guy pulled out his huge black dick. He was a little rougher as he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth hard until he came even more than the first guy. I begged him to fuck my pussy; his black dick was too huge to fit in my ass: but he just smiled and told me he would be gente with me and my ass… Lamont gave some directions to Victor and the two black guys dissapeared in the darkness.

Spending the afternoon with Helena

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-07

By this time I was hot and getting wet, as she kissed my neck, she slipped a big rubber cock into my pussy, telling me that a friend of hers was going to fuck me hard and fill me with his cum… Suddenly she got off the bed and called Jeremy, a huge black guy that we both had met in a bar and Helena had kept him as her lover. Soon she had his huge black dick buried in her throat, making him moan like crazy, as she sucked him. My girlfriend screamed and grunted feeling the sudden intrusion, but few seconds later she was laughing and asking Jeremy to fuck her ass even harder and faster.

Anita pays a bet again

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-07

Victor had spoken of Francis on numerous occasions about how he had fucked almost every woman in the firm and was to be credited as having a magnificent huge piece of cock. The black man fucked me into a frenzy way, driving his huge cock deep inside me as his heavy balls slapped against my ass. Francis splashed a little oil on my asshole and began to slide his finger in and out of my ass. Kneeling behind me he slid his cock deep inside my pussy and began to slowly fuck me. Victor had heard the engine of Francis car and he opened the door to see me looking like I had truly been well fucked which is exactly what had happened.

In the hands of my workmates

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-07

Immediately Mick thrust his hard rock cock about nine inches deep in my cunt as Jonas slipped his eight inches into my mouth and started to fuck my throat. After that both guys came in me; Jonas filled my mouth with his warm seed, making me swallow every drop and Mick exploded deep inside my vagina, feeling his semen burning my body… “Here is the deal” Said Thomas “At 12.30 go to the store room at the back of the second floor, got it, bitch?” Then he walked off with his coffee followed by Jonas after giving on last squeeze of my now dripping cunt.

Would you make me a discount??

anal Anitaslut44 2018-01-07

I felt a little electrical charge from my foot to my cunt as he slid my right shoe off and I made sure to open my legs enough to give him a little peek at my shaved wet pussy. This carried on for a few minutes as I rammed my mouth up and down on his huge black cock before I felt him pushing my hands away and grab the back of my head. I knelt there and let him use my mouth, at the same time I had slid my hand down between my legs and started working on my needy wet warm pussy. At first the black young salesman watched and stroked his cock but eventually he moved back over behind me and I felt him pushing his dick head against my asshole…

A black Jamaican stranger for Ana

voyeur Anitaslut44 2018-01-07

As we walked up to the buffet, Anita told me in a quiet voice, that if Bradley was interested, she would like to invite him back to the room for dessert... Anita leaned over and sucked on my cock while Bradley broke away from her nipple and began stripping. Bradley grabbed my wife by her hips, pulling her back onto his cock until it was buried within her until the hilt. So, I got on the bed and Ana crawled over between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. Then Bradley got behind her and she spread her legs, as he plunged his cock back into her pussy pushing her mouth deep around my dick.

Trying a Moroccan dick

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I agreed laughing and then Helena declared I was going to be fucked by a young hung tasty Moroccan guy. The young guy smiled when he saw my friend was not wearing bra and her perfect tits were visible and her nipples were hard in full erection… The Moroccan guy demanded of us to stay on our hands and knees, ass cheeks up. Helena cried out loud "Yes" with no doubt in her voice, but I looked again at his huge dick and said that I would prefer to feel him in my cunt. “I love a tight ass like yours, bitch!” He grunted at Helena as he butt fucked her. Ahmed approached to me as I lay on my back and shoved his full monster cock deep inside my cunt.

Anita watching the game with two black guys

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I turned and started kissing her deep, and rub between her legs; as both black guys were getting an eye full of my wife's wet pussy. Thomas knelt down, pushed Ana's legs apart and began giving my sexy wife a wild tongue fucking. The black guy grabbed her head and began face fucking her and she continued to moan as she sucked his long hard cock. I was standing directly behind Thomas, where all I could see was Ana's ass in the air, with that huge black dick buried up between her thighs. Then Caleb grabbed both sides of her hips and began pushing the head of his long thick cock into my wife's tight ass hole.

Acting as a cougar on a warm Friday's night

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Then Jarrod took the initiative talking, as he realized that I was acting like I was nervous; but the more he talked, the more I started feeling at ease with him and, even though he was probably the youngest black man I had ever met, he put me at ease with his smile and jokes. We both briefly laughed, but my laughter suddenly stopped, as his hard giant black cock head became visible. I tried to take my jeans off, but his cock was so close to me that I started stuffing that magnificent black piece in my mouth again… Then he fucked me hard during at least twenty minutes and I experienced three orgasms with this young black hunk, all of a sudden.

Friday night home alone

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But before finishing it I felt horny again and I put my left hand inside the towel, fingering my sensitive pussy lips. A hard cock touched my hips briefly; I started to feel my pussy lips were going a little bit wet. He finally pushed all the way into me, starting to slowly fuck my ass with his fingers. I had not enough time to think about it; suddenly he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and his breath on my clit indicated me that he was licking again my cunt. I tried to escape, kicking his chest, but he pushed me backwards again and then I could feel his cock head penetrating between my wet pussy lips.

Black twin Clifton comes home

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I spread my thighs and placed the head of that black cock between the wet lips of my pussy, biting my lip because I wanted to fuck myself so badly but I needed to tease myself. Just when I couldn't take anymore and was about to slip the long black toy deep into my tight wet pussy, the phone rang. "I love my white slut wet and playing with her pussy, waiting for my cock." His deep voice vibrated out and I moaned louder and opened my eyes. I begged him to let me suck his huge black dick, looking up at him and still playing with my fingers deep inside my pussy.

My ass for my husband's friend

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I got bored during the match, so I made a light signal to Jeremy and he followed me upstairs, as Victor continued watching the football game in his favorite armchair. "You are ready now, little slut Ana" He said and pulled the fingers out. But I still felt something almost like it was crawling up my spine, a little further up every time he slammed against my ass and the deepest inside me. Then I felt him shoot his cum up my ass and all the feeling intensified. He backed off and slammed back in to pour another bunch of cum into me with a loud moan before he did it again and again and a final time when he dropped like a rock onto me.

Early afternoon surprise at home

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My sweet wife was on her back with her legs in the air and a black man who I had never seen before in my life was burrowing his hard cock in her. I watched as Lukas made my sweet wife his black cock slut. I saw the mess that black man had made of my wife with his sticky wad dripping out of her stretched pussy lips. Ana had collapsed on the bed, but when she saw my throbbing cock pointing to her, she came back to her knees and I plunged my hard dick deep inside her throat. When she made my cock stand real hard, I positioned myself between her buttocks and announced my sweet Ana I was going to sodomize her.

A hot quickie with Helena

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I read she was horny, because she had not been fucked during the last two weeks and she needed a dick deep inside her wet cunt; so, she suggested we could meet up before she started her work in the same office with Ana… The bitch was not wearing panties; so, I grabbed my hard cock and placed it against her pussy lips, which were already open and wet. "Oh fuck" Helena moaned as she felt my hard dick exploding inside her; firing globs of my warm spunk into her wanting and wet pussy. Your little slut wife will be in the same meeting… and I’m sure she will have the same look of fresh fucked bitch like me…”

Too many tequilas and three guys

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He lay there on top of me a bit longer, gave me a couple of extra pumps, then pulled his cock out and rolled over to lay beside me on the bed. I tried to get up to go, but he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch, trying to bury his cock in my open mouth. I was now standing bent over, with Richard still holding my head on his cock and my ass up in the air for Tommy's pleasure. Tommy went still and pulled me tightly towards him, pushing his cock deeper into my ass as he ejected his warm seed.

Back home trip on a taxi

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I was still a little bit flumsy, but I could see now there was another huge black man sitting next to the driver, who was telling him: “I told you, man, the white bitch is a real hottie!”. The second man left the car and opened my side door: “It’s time for fun, bitch!!” I heard he barked at me. As I closed my eyes and tried to struggle and free myself, the driver slowly but deliberately pulled my hair up and told me to stay quiet, or it could be even worst. Soon I felt another big black cock slapping against my buttocks, but this time I knew the driver was more interested in my asshole.

A nice pick up at the Italian restaurant

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Now that he was good and wet, I grabbed him by his ass cheeks and pulled him toward me, swallowing him inch by inch into my horny throat, not stopping until I couldn't go any farther; I gagged in his massive black dick until I came a third time. When I thought he finally had finished I withdrew him from my mouth and rubbed his throbbing black dick all over my cum-covered face. He stepped behind me, grabbed me by the hips and started to insert his black shaft coated in cum into my tight wanting ass. After my second cum drinking session of the early evening I performed what any black cock slut would do...lick him clean of every sticky drop until there was not any more.

A black gangbang in Jamaica

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Then I opened the door and saw my gorgeous wife was spread wide onto a wooden table, being fucked by Willy, while Sammy was sitting on her face and rubbing a huge black cock at least nine inches on her mouth. I later found out that Sammy had fucked her in the ass as soon as they got into the room; Ana confessed that she had cried at first but then she really had enjoyed it so much… The cab ride back to our hotel room was the longest twenty minutes of my life… But when we arrived there, Anita almost passed out; she was so tired from the fucking the black guys gave her that she did not have anything left for me...

Watching Helena fucked by Wilhelm

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Judging from the video of him humping Helena's arse, I would have guessed his cock was about nine inches in length, with a knot the size of a tennis ball. She screamed like crazy in pain, because the dog had jabbed his hard dick straight into her arse and was going to destroy it… I had a full view; the dog fucked her arse in a wild way, while she descended into moans in time with Wilhelm's thrusts. After several minutes, Wilhelm managed to extract himself with an audible pop, leaving her arse gapping open and what looked like gallons of cum rushing out of her. Wilhelm stayed inside her asshole for several minutes and then just slipped his knot out in a single motion with no problem.

Against the stucco wall

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He pushed against me harder, teasing my clit, feeling my pleasure as my muscles began to tense. I struggled a bit more, trying to pull away, but he just pushed me harder, moved his fingers faster, making me gasp for some breath. Her turned me around and held my body against the cold wall, as he once more began to bite at my nipples, while still stroking and teasing my swollen wet cunt. I moaned softly and pushed my hips against the rough stucco wall, letting myself enjoy the way my body was so sensually being treated right there, in that deserted parking lot where anyone could walk by and see us.

Ana takes care of a stranger on a plane

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I was seated arms by my sides, hands folded in my lap, the blanket over my shoulders covering me. The blanket was covering me from my shoulders to my waist; I moved my hand, making sure to keep it covered, to the top of his leg and squeezed it. I moved the blanket to cover my shoulder arm and hand that was now in the guy’s lap. My fingers half wrapped around him, the underside of his cock and head up in the palm of my hand. The ridge around the head of his cock felt huge in my fingers. Then the head of his cock swelled in my fingers to what felt like double in size.

Having a different experience with a horny client

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Then Sondra started to moan and began to pump my butt a little faster. I couldn't help but let out a moan or two… then she pushed herself partially off me, straightening her arms, and she started fucking me like crazy, pumping my asshole very hard. Sondra cried out, which made my orgasm suddenly double in intensity… It seemed to go on forever, because she came at least twice in rapid succession and it felt like my head was going to explode… We lay there like that, breathing hard, and I felt her huge dick slowly soften and shrink, but she still stayed between my buttocks.

Ana tells me about her date

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"No, I want to go to your place and fuck you over and over all night long" Ana replied as she pressed her hot body against his taught muscular form. He came deep inside my wife's pussy and Ana had more than one intense orgasm during that first session of doggie fucking… Then he wiped his cock off and fucked my wife's cunt hard and fast from behind until he blasted a second load of cum inside her well used and fucked pussy. "I want to see you again… I want you to fuck me again with your black cock" My loving wife said to him as they kissed good night in our driveway.

Casper takes me to Heaven

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One of the other black men said and laughed as he watched Casper slowly thrust that monster cock inside my body. Casper started moving my head up and down on the black cock in my mouth using my hair while he worked his cock deep into my cunt; my juices dripped down his balls as his huge cock pleased my pussy. I turned my head to look at the dark man whose cock I so enjoyed sucking on as he stroked his hard cock and moaned as I leaned over Casper... Casper worked his thick cock in my pussy faster and harder, while Tyrrell sawed in and out of my ass on alternate thrusts, making it so that I was never empty of black cock.

Vacation at Hawaii, the second day

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When his cock sprang free I moved to grab it and suck him but he only let me go a second before he started repositioning me as he wanted. With his other hand he alternated between fingering my pussy hard, and holding my nose when he wanted to fill his cock beyond where it fit down my throat. After ten minutes of intense fucking, when it was time for him to cum, he pulled out and suddenly shoved his hard cock into my mouth, pumping his warm seed deep down my throat with my head pressed against the seat back with nowhere to go.

Watching my sweet Ana on the phone

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I felt my dick was going to explode, watching that picture of Ana; her legs open on a sofa, with a total black man stranger just starting to rub her pussy lips. I could imagine her sitting there, looking down to her lap, legs spread as this black guy played his fingers up and down, deep inside her beautiful open and wet pussy. My sweet Ana was clearly in a state of high sexual arousal, her legs spread, pussy starting to run with wetness as his speed quickened over and over, building and building, moans getting louder and louder, until eventually an orgasm crashed through her like a storm wave.

A glory hole in the middle of nowhere

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Just as I leaned forward to spy through the glory hole a semi erect black cock poked its way through stopping inches from my face. I welcomed every inch and opened my mouth wider and held my head closer to the hole taking more of his ridged cock into my mouth. His pace grew faster, pushing and pulling the shaft of his cock through my wide open lips. I wrapped my lips around his dick as tight as I could and clenched my hand around the base of that giant black serpent; pulling him to me so I could suck him deeper and deeper. After the black guy left, I wondered if any of the other truckers stranded here knew about this glory hole, as I caught my breath still sitting in the closet...

A hard BBC night

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Then he grabbed my hair, turned my head making me watch to Barbara and Jamieson, while he slammed what was left of his hard tool deep inside my warm moist vagina. He yelled at me: “There we go, fucking slut; you are going to get the big black cock you asked for: Take my hard dick in your hot wet cunt”. But Jamieson attitude changed at this point; then he slammed his cock hard into Barbara and she yelled in pain, with tears in her eyes; as he covered her mouth with his hand; he smiled saying: I was scared; now Jamieson just kept fucking Barbara hard while Nathan held me back onto the bed, his two rude fingers still inserted deep in my anus.

Anita''s Backdoot

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“I had asked your wife to let him fuck her ass only, but instead they fucked like rabbits under the water, they kissed very romantically and Vic… your sweet Ana is a slut cock sucker, even much better than me”. Ana moved her soft hand and took my fingers out of her pussy, licked them with a devilish smile in her beautiful eyes and turned back, telling me not to bother her anymore. Ana smiled in a devilish way and said ironically: “Do you like me swallowing another man’s cum?” “Do you like to watch your loving wife ass fucked by a stranger?”.“This is what you deserve for being a bad boy watching me hidden behind those bushes”.

Ana enjoys the plumber's company

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But still I was horny; I needed a cock inside me… I walked into the kitchen; my heart still pumping due to the after effect of my own climax and sure enough the plumber was still there lying on the floor; her chest visible to me and his head hidden down the sink. He started teasing me again with his rock hard cock at my open pussy lips, until I yelled at him angrily: “Stop teasing me, bastard, fuck me doggie, do it now!!!”. After a few seconds I slipped my fingers onto my clit as I was fucked, rubbing away as my pussy was pounded so hard.

Helena and me in the garage

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I asked her for her husband Jorge, but she said that useless man was out of town and insisted she needed to be fucked properly… by my hard cock or she would go to find another stallion who wanted to enjoy her… “You better be here in twenty minutes, Victor… or I will fuck the first black cock I find on the streets…” She said in her deep sensual voice. Lifting up her dress I opened her thighs and I rubbed the head of my rock hard cock over her soaking pussy lips… I knew I wouldn’t last too long so I pulled out and turned her around once again, opening her thighs from behind; but then she said “No, not my ass, please”.

The mall is a nice place to meet people

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As I walked into the mall and felt the eyes of every man looking at me and a few fingers point, I almost had a light orgasm; feeling my pussy lips wet right now… The black guy laughed as he stepped up behind me and unceremoniously put the huge head of his cock against my open wet pussy lips. After checking my make up in the mirror, I pulled my sunglasses down over my eyes and much of my face; then I had a last look at that magnificent black cock, unlocked the door and walked out to my car.

Another Dwayne's hot show on the screen

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Ana told me her new lover had a huge size of penis, but she was not sure about letting Dwayne fuck her again… Dwayne sat up and undressed, exposing his huge black hard dick. He moved back onto the bed he grabbed Ana's legs and lifted up and spread them open at the same time. Leaning in he placed his hands on the bed along both sides of Ana and started pounding her hard and fast as she moaned and screamed loud. Ten minutes later the huge black man came back, still naked and he got down on the bed close to Ana. He sat down, but then Ana pushed him back.

Ana at her first swinger party

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Later we ended up on a king size bed with the man who had invited us to the party and a single redhead woman I wanted to fuck. Ana told me that she wanted to be fucked once again by that man and meanwhile I should return to the party and have fun. And that was what she was doing… A huge black man was fucking her pussy doggy style; with such power, that Ana gave out grunting sounds with each trust of his cock. I stepped into the room in time to see the man fucking Anita’s face shot his load into her mouth. I watched as the black man using her ass shot his load and two more men joined in.

Fatima tries a black gangbang

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One week after fucking my friend Fatima, mi black lover Jerome called, telling me he wanted to fuck her again, but this time it would be a gangbang with another two of his mates. She told me her husband had discovered her affair with Jerome the night after the fucking session, because he noticed her cunt was very swollen and she was still sore when he tried to have some sex in the night. Soon he entered her wet pussy with his rock hard cock, as he was telling his mates she was the best hot slut wife he had fucked ever. Jerome warned me next time both me and Fatima would be gangbanged together by a bunch of at least ten huge black cocks, including a Muslim guy…

Ana keeps cheating on me

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The next morning after I had discovered my sweet wife was cheating on me with our neighbor Fred; I did my daily routine in the bathroom and said Ana I was leaving for my office. She licked the head of his black huge cock, and whimpered that she loved it, before she took it inside her wide open mouth. Samuel stood between her creamy white thighs and he slapped her protruding clit with his hard black cock. He rubbed her wet pussy with his swollen cock, making my wife cry and beg him to fuck her. Fred's cock slipped inside her wide stretched pussy with no problem; but he said he was not comfortable… Ana started to moan in pleasure, as she moved up and down Michael`s hard dick.

Vacation at Hawaii

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I could not even answer; just tried to stroke him without being noticed and I guess it worked, because in less than a minute, just as the stewardess was demonstrating how to fasten seatbelts in, Byron leaned closer and said urgently: “You are such a black cock slut, Anita, I love the way you suck my dick, bitch” After a warm shower I got into the bed, spread my legs wide and touched myself, recalling the good fucking session on the bathroom’s plane with that huge black cock. Finally Byron tensed up, let escape a loud guttural sound from his throat and came inside me, filling every inch of my now sore ass with his warm semen.

Meeting Helena's gynecologist

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Then the young Doctor put gel on his fingers and said he was going to inspect her ovaries. I saw the Doctor smiling as he pushed the instrument more and more inside Helena’s cunt. The young Doctor acknowledged the situation, but I saw him smiling and leaving her fingers deep inside Helena´s holes… She was helped to put my legs into the stirrups by a handsome young male student, who immediately shoved his fingers deep inside her both holes… Finally the Doctor inserted the speculum into Helena’s vagina and opened her to the world. The young lady sat down between my girlfriend open legs and she proceeded to insert her fingers in her.

Bitch at the beach

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I stuck my tongue out and licked the head again, then opened my mouth and let his cock slowly make its way deep inside my throat. Sucking his cock in slowly, I felt his hand move out of my hair and trace its way down to my ass. Feeling his cock tensing in my mouth, his fingers began moving quicker in and out of my pussy. As his cock moved further into my mouth, he put his hands in my hair and began to fuck my mouth like he owned me. Eventually he got his finger in my tight ass and fucking both my holes with the movement of his hand while he squeezed and sucked my breast with his lips.

The seventh floor

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Ana tried to raise her waist up, but suddenly the black man grabbed her blonde curly hair and made her turn around, facing him very close. He shoved his sticky fingers in Ana’s mouth, laughing and telling her very softly: “Taste your nice pussy, madam, you are so fucking wet” His body was sweating now, as he fucked my wife’s pussy with his giant black snake. "Thank you Mrs. Ana; I really needed to have your nice hot pussy" He said very softly in his deep voice. Then he just opened a side door at the end of the office and left the room, leaving Ana there, half naked with her swollen pussy dripping a mix of his cum and her juices.

Back home from office so early

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The second guy, called Ramon, had his hand trying to enter between my wife’s closed legs, directly to her sweet pussy lips. Ana was now squirming in a desperate need I had never observed before as she reached over with her other hand and took Ramon huge cock into it and began to slowly stroke it. Ana started to buck lustfully, throwing herself up against Wilfred with each powerful inward thrust of his huge black cock into her pussy. Wilfred slowly withdrew his huge black shiny cum coated cock from out of my wife´s well fucked stretched cunt. Smiling lustfully down at her, Ramon got between her spread sexy thighs legs and let Ana guide his hard cock to the entrance of her hot wet pussy.

Anita gangbanged in a storage room

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I watched the first stranger spread my wife's cheeks and plunge into her pussy which just engulfed the huge cock on the first thrust. With little more warning, and with her ass now right there for the taking, the tall man pressed his cock up against her dark hole and pushed the head in easily. The other guy then inserted his hard cock in Ana’s asshole and finished off inside her, with my wife sitting at the edge of the table, and the guy standing there humping her, making her bounce her bottom on the table top each time he thrust into her. As she left the table one of my colleagues said: "Your wife is one sexy lady."

Black man at the gym

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I scanned the weight room and saw that my favorite machine, located on a sunny corner, had been vacated by a black man, a giant muscled guy.I adjusted the machine and sat down; the seat was still warm and moist from its previous occupant. I gasped feeling how thick it was; I moved my hands away, but the black giant grabbed me by the waist, whispering into my ear: Very slowly and looking him in the eyes, I slowed again my hands to feel the thick head between my fingers. He pulled his lubricated finger out and pushed it against my asshole, at the same time he was rubbing his dick against my now open and swollen pussy. He popped his finger out of my ass and took his huge dick out from my dripping wet pussy.

Waiting at the airport (Victor's point of vie

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I decided to take a taxi and come back home; it would be a nice surprise for my loving wife; although I knew she was spending the afternoon at Helena´s Now I was sure my loving Ana was there impaled on a huge black cock as I was jerking my dick off inside the near booth. Then I felt my own orgasm as I heard my lovely wife and seconds later the black guy grunted and finally emptied his balls deep inside Ana’s body. Well, I thought to myself; I was wrong; because my sweet wife was with her friend at the time I was hearing that woman being fucked in the men’s room.

Night surprise

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I tried to resist them but as this huge and hard cock pumped deep into my pussy I found these feelings harder to fight. I greedily took it and could not believe how horny was beginning to feel as I had my husband cock deep inside my throat, while my ass was being drilled by a complete stranger. I could feel his warm seed pumping deep inside my body as I sucked Victor's cock. Without any warning this guy kneeled on the bed, thrusting his large cock deep inside my tight asshole in one movement. I pushed myself deeper onto Victor`s cock as I felt him begin to come.

A ride back home in a crowded bus

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Within a couple of minutes I again felt the hands on my cheeks, and within seconds they were under my skirt on my bare thighs. I was now feeling quite turned on and when the hands reached up to squeeze my ass cheeks, I just spread my legs as far as my skirt allowed. The following day, before leaving my office, I went to the ladies at work and removed my panties; just driven by the desire to be touched again. Some seconds later, I felt his hand slipping between my spread thighs, straight onto my now engorged clitoris. He fingered my pussy during fifteen minutes, making me cry and scream in pleasure; as I felt my legs were shaking.

Watching Anita with two men

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Jamal reached out behind my wife and put his hands on her thighs as they looked at each other in the mirror; he started kissing her neck and moved his hands up to her breast, as she rubbed her ass against the huge bulge that could be seen inside his jeans. A few minutes later, he switched her on all fours and aimed his huge black cock into her wet pussy, as he played with her nice round tits, she slowly moved onto his cock and they started to get into a rhythm; she was already moaning quite loudly as the other man approached her with his thick cock in his hands. I guess she had at least one wild orgasm as she was ass fucked by Tom. The black man suddenly tensed and came silently inside Ana`s anus.

Ana having some fun during a business trip

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Now Jimmy and Renato, the other Latino guy were taking turns sucking on my nipples which were rock hard, I started moaning as I felt Jimmy huge hand sliding under my bikini bottom and inserting two fingers inside my dripping wet shaved pussy. I slid down onto my knees and the guys took their cocks out, I started sucking Rufus huge black boner first while stroking off a cock in each hand, then pulled two cocks into my mouth at the same time, I stayed on my knees like that for a bit, sucking on all their cocks and feeling like the biggest slut and loving it.

Picking up a black man at the bar

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The music was still going on and the black man walked to our table and asked my husband if I would like to dance with him. I brought him back to our table and told everything to my loving husband; who naturally, said it was fine to him. He slid the head in and I moaned instantly, forgetting that my loving hubby was there watching and as I got impaled by this black monster cock. Jonas asked me to stay and so we fucked all night long. When he got tired of watching me cumming with a black cock impaled in my cunt, he just went out for another drink and came back in the early morning to pick me up…

A night through an IR party

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Then Ana asked me to fuck her in the ass, just to make her more confortable to receive some huge black cock in her rear. Ana was a little bit scared when she saw that dark tool and asked the man to ride him, just she could be able to manage a deep penetration with no harm in her pussy. She finally managed to take at least eight or nine inches and the black man soon filled her pussy with gallons of warm seed. Soon another black guy who we met earlier that evening came into the room and asked to take a turn with Ana’s ass.

A nice pick up at the pub

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After so many drinks I could not remember most of the night there; the day after, while nursing a massive hangover, Anita commented that a black man had come up to her while I was talking to someone else and said to her she was the sluttiest looking girl in the pub and he would not mind taking her out and fuck her. Then again changed position and he started pumping her from behind; he was fucking my sweet Ana in a wild way and she was screaming with pleasure, as I could see from her face that she was enjoying the hard fuck and loving every thrust of his black cock.

More poker debts to pay

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“Do you want use me for paying your fucking poker debts??? I wanted he could be present there to witness how her loving wife was used as a fuck doll and ravaged by a perfect stranger; but it was no possible, according the instructions the man sent back. He fucked me up against the wall, in the darkness, hard and fast, making me cry in pleasure. "Well, bitch, how does it feel to be fucked by a huge black cock? He fucked my aching mouth during a long time; then he pulled out and quickly stroked his cock in my face. I opened my eyes and saw another black man standing there, naked, a full hard cock erected, pointing to the ceiling.

Ana lets me hear her on the phone

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-01-02

I could not believe that I just was hearing my sweet wife fuck another man in our marital bed and she was making me hear all her moaning and sounds... "Well, you better come home so I can show you what it is like to fuck a real loose cunt…” He positioned between Ana’s open thighs and all of the sudden he moved forward, pushing his huge hard dick deep inside my wife’s cunt. After the second orgasm, Ana picked up the phone and called me, thinking the black man was done. Then I switched off the camera and understood why my sweet wife’s cunt was so stretched when I came back home.

Watching another people in a sandy beach

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Then whilst she was looking at her cell phone, the black man started to rub her hard nipples between his dark fingers. I felt him grabbing my hips and then turned my face to him, begging not to fuck me with that monster piece… But he just laughed and rubbed the tip against my wet pussy lips. I felt a sharp pain in my asshole, when he invaded me with that huge black cock. Just seconds later I had and intense orgasm, as I felt the black man pumping my ass furiously. I managed to come back to my loving husband, few yards away from that dune where the black man had sodomized me.

Ana and a pain in her belly

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She went to the nearer hospital and a Doctor made her all tests, but nothing helped and her pain increased more after two days. When our turn came I asked the Doctor if I could come in, to be close to my wife. After taking all the details, the Doctor started asking normal questions about the pain Ana was suffering. Soon the Doctor started the exam and asked Ana to strop her clothes off. He then said to make sure he needed to do a fluid test and asked my wife to get a sample in the bathroom. When I suddenly entered the room the Doctor said he was just checking my wife’s rectal temperature and nothing else.

Ana tries an insatiable man

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Ana got serious, telling Helena had told her the guy could fuck all night long. All night long I asked… Ana said that's what Helena claimed. Friday evening I was getting dressed to spend the night outside, when Ana walked in from her bathroom wearing a black garter belt and lace stockings. Ana said yes, that would be pretty enough to keep insatiable Peter hard all night long… Then he pushed her back onto the bed; he pulled her legs toward him and sank his cock back into her. But Peter was standing behind her working his still hard dick in and out of her red raw pussy. I asked if I could fuck her, but she said her pussy was so sore now.

Anita enjoys three huge black men

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One of her old black lovers, a young guy called Thomas, had called her telling that he wanted to come home and give her a good fucking because he was feeling horny. Then Alphonse and the third guy, whose name was Henry, stood either side of Anita and she took one cock then the other in her mouth. Then Thomas pulled out, got her to turn over and filled her puffed up red pussy again with his black cock. But she got serious and told me her cunt and her asshole were so sore now; because she had been fucking not those three guys, but other two ones that had left before my arrival…

Watching Anita and Jeremy for the first time

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When living in New York, one day I discovered that my sweet wife Ana had been giving her pussy to a close friend of mine. I told her I wanted to watch them fucking, but she was afraid that if she told Jeremy, he would stop coming over. As soon as Jeremy closed the door, Ana rolled over to me and she whispered that I had better not try anything with her tonight. I could hear them whispering; so I ran my hand up my wife's leg all the way to her pussy. I sat down and watched him easing my wife's legs apart and begin eating her pussy.

Double or Nothing

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Both guys, Marco and Jeremiah did not need any encouragement as they were staring at me lustfully and stroking their thick black cocks. At the same time one of my bulls put his hand on my cunt and began fingering my clit while planting a deep throat kiss on my lips and not letting me go from this erogenous embrace. I looked down between us and saw the color contrast of his black cock head invading my pale pussy. I could feel the huge black cocks rubbing together inside me. Through my orgasm I could feel Jeremiah and Marco slow down and their bodies tense and practically in unison release a burning torrent of cum deep inside my ass and pussy.

Anita picked up at the adult theater

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Few minutes later he had a handful of my hair and with surprising strength, pushed me down and positioned me with his cock stabbing my cheek. Ten minutes later my jaw was aching, I had been licking, sucking, kissing and eating that black monster cock in delight. He stayed the rest of Saturday at my home, fucking me in the ass several more times that night and spent the night again. He noted my poor asshole was stretched until the limits and the little curly black hairs all over the bed were bad enough for him to discover; but worse of all, was the round hickey on the back of my ass...

Black lover Dwayne on my laptop

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Ana told me they would have some fast food at the dining room and later she would drag her black friend upstairs and she would let him fuck her, as I watched them through her laptop camera... My wife began to gently moan as I watched the black man shoving his fingers deeper. Seconds later my wife's legs began to shake, her chest and face became flushed as she let out a very loud moan. My sweet Ana screamed in pain, but just few seconds later, with that thick black head inside her anus, she started to moan softly. Four hours later Dwayne announced he was done; after fucking my sweet Ana in all positions, using and abusing her mouth, pussy and asshole.

Victor and I in a booth at the adult theater

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As my husband stood up to drop his pants I glanced into the hole to see that my new friend was still in the booth to watch me and I was going to give him a hell of a show… I opened my mouth as wide as I could and got my husband’s cock inside my throat. Here I was in an adult video booth naked on my knees sucking my husband's cock through a glory hole while a stranger with a huge cock was behind me fucking me and another guy sitting on a bench with his huge black dick out jacking off.

The experts hands of a gay

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We went out to the dance floor; I excused myself and started to walk around the place, moving to the music and playfully glancing at the dancers. Suddenly one of the dancers motioned me over and started to flirt with me, he kissed me gently on my lips and my neck and told me he would not lose sight of me and he would find me when his shift was through. I was glancing to make sure Victor and our friends were still watching us and I started to fondle his crotch, feeling his hardness pressed up against me. He continued to run his fingers in and out of my wet cunt and whispered to me how attracted he was to me and how he loved watching me walk around the dancing room that night.

A rainy night late shopping

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As the object that felt somewhat like a ball entered me, I started to feel a little bit aroused; my own body was betraying me. I wanted to scream in pain as I felt the cock continue inside, opening me up. When I knew there was no way I could take any more inside of my anus, he reached forward and grabbed my shoulders, pulling himself just a little bit further, proving that I still could take more cock up my body. My body and mind went through a strange version of ambivalence, because my ass was hurting more than anything and I wanted to escape from the pain, but the rest of my body felt more pleasure at this moment than I had ever felt in my entire life.


Alone at the Metro station

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With my dress rucked up around my waist and nothing on below I looked down to my crotch and saw his incredible huge sized of black cock, standing tall and proud. He lowered me until I could feel the head of his erection pressing against my pussy lips, trying to push its way past them. "You can start bouncing anytime you like; I know you want it so badly" The black bastard said as he smiled. I looked back at the train and then the black huge man disappeared. Oh no, my pussy was dripping warm semen right now; I was sure I had been fucked properly by a huge black cock.

Ana alone in a dark alleyway

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His friend, who later told me he was named Markus, positioned himself behind me and stuck his long tongue in my ear which actually started to make me breathe faster. Seeing how wet my slit was, Markus pushed his friend out of the way and immediately stuck three full fingers in my long slit, making me cry in pain. When they finally stopped, Markus immediately pulled his pants down to expose a long hard black cock. Next they made me to go down on all fours while Markus stuck his rock hard cock in my wet cunt from behind while his friend stood in front of me sticking his cock between my lips.

Ana playing all night long

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One of them, named Will, moved around to the side of the couch where my wife was leaning over and pulled out his giant black tool for her to suck on, while James continued to bang her. Then Will pulled out of her mouth and moved around to her now wide open pussy as James walked around and offered her his black snake for some more mouth action. James told her to open wide and with that dumped a load of cum in her mouth; at same time Will said he was about to fill her anus and let out a yell of pure pleasure as he filled Ana with his cum.

Watching Anita taking care of herself

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One week later my sweet Ana confessed me she was getting horny and we should do something, because she needed an urgent cock to satisfy her and calm down her. Her hands roamed her body, slowly moving down to her wet pussy. She was moaning, and it was driving me crazy, as I started to stroke my cock while watching her pleasuring herself. When it finally slipped in, her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the big cock stretch her wet pussy open. Worst of all, Ana said that now her cunt was wet, ready and stretched and she could go to pick up a black man, with a real huge piece of black cock… to satisfy her crazy wild instincts…

My blacl lover owns my ass

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I knew the routine, no preamble, and no warm up; Jeremy just wanted me on my back with my head off the edge of the bed so he could have the angle to fuck my throat. He pulled his spit slick cock out of my mouth and slapped it against my face while he reminded me that I was his white bitch, his cock slut toy to fuck when he wanted. He placed a hand on either side of my hips and grabbed the mattress as I pressed my body back against him, to make his cock go deeper inside me. He gripped my hips hard and arched his back pushing me up and driving his cock deep inside me as his balls emptied into my well fucked hole.

You should not come back home so early

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There was my lovely wife Anita, completely naked on her hands and knees in the middle of our marital bed with a giant black man behind her, pounding her pussy with no mercy at all… She also was yelling that she loved that huge black cock, that she wanted his cum in her and that she would be his slut and whore whenever he wanted… I unzipped my pants and started to stroke my hard cock, as I watched her being fucked wildly by that huge black dick. It went from the "Fuck me, give me your big black dick" to a long "Ohhhhh" that she makes when she is having a wild orgasm. Cum from his huge black cock was filling up my loving wife’s sweet pussy as I shot my load all over.

Late night in a lonely garage

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I moaned as I knew another late night at the office was behind me. But my hair was yanked hard, and the man showed me the big knife he held. He slapped my ass hard, making me moan through my taped mouth. My pussy was running a stream of my cum down my thighs, while that rude stranger laughed at her, with his hard dick still buried in my anus… I sensed he was getting close and the thought that he would soon be flooding my ass with his cum caused me to moan again, and then I started to cum harder than the first one. Then he gave my ass a hard slap and muttered: “I know where you live, bitch…”

Swinging with Cecilia

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One night Cecilia and I were lying naked in her bed, no loving husbands at sight, when she confessed me that she had always had fantasies of being fucked by my hubby Victor. The next Saturday night I was watching TV with Victor at home, when Cecilia called. Cecilia would take my loving hubby to her home, would convince him to share a margarita and then would drag him to the silky sheets of her marital king size bed. I run to hide myself inside the wardrobe, just in time to watch my faithful husband coming right behind my girlfriend; touching her ass cheeks with both hands. Cecilia came to me, kissed me and told he would send my hubby back home in ten minutes.

Ana and a well hung black lover

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Few minutes later he rolled Ana over and stood at the foot of the bed pulling her down to the edge and began rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy as she almost begged "Fuck me, please… show no mercy". Her pussy began creaming all over his cock as he slowly slid it in and out as she laid on the bed with her face clinched moaning loudly. Ana got onto her hands and knees on the bed as Tony slowly slid his cock back into her from behind making her whimper loudly. He slowly pulled out and stood up, Ana fell to the bed reaching back trying to feel her asshole which was gaping as the cum began to run out.

Sorry, we are closing now...

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Then I felt a warm hand rubbing my ass cheeks and a hard dick penetrating my pussy wet lips… As he fucked me wildly, his middle finger went down between my open thighs and rubbed my wet clit; then he was able to gather up some cum and in doing so, gave him the lubricant he needed for probing my tight anus. The black guard prodded and poked my rear entrance, until his finger slide into my anus, well lubed now by my own juices running down Then he started to slide again his huge black dick deep inside my wet cunt. They both laughed as I screamed and cried in pain, feeling that powerful massive black serpent opening my rear entrance and sliding deep inside my anus.

Your dick is sooooo big

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He placed both of his hands on my thighs and pulled me into him, squeezing his dick deeper inside of me. My pussy was squeezing him as my hands went down to push him back again and this time he began to slow down his pace. I thought he couldn’t take any more of my wet pussy, he was about to blow his load… Suddenly I could feel his hot load erupting inside of me, his dick was harder now than it had been throughout the whole session and he was grunting loudly. He placed both hands on the table as he leaned over me, trying to catch his breath with his dick still deep within me.

A dark shadow outside the window

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I came back to the sofa… Pressing the head of the vibrator against my wet pussy lips felt good as I spread my long legs wide. When I inserted my toy deep in my cunt I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of something moving outside the window. Working the head of the vibrator in circles at my tight hole, my asshole opened easily for that hard latex black dick. Laying there over the edge of the sofa arm, I gently rubbed my spent pussy with my ass still up in the air facing the open curtains. I limped to the sofa again and sat down there, spreading my legs wide open and taking out my toy from my wet cunt.

Anita at the nudist beach

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This produced a slight gasp of shock from her, but she did nothing to stop him and so the black man slipped a couple of fingers down into her labia and then judging by the sigh from Ana, right into her now wet cunt. The black man moved his massaging down to Anita's legs but soon he started sucking her toes and soles of her feet and then was licking and kissing her beautiful legs. I found myself nodding to that huge black man and he smiled at me as he started to push his huge cock into my loving wife´s cunt. Jonathan rested for some seconds, allowing Ana to adjust to the huge cock that was invading her tight cunt.

Watching Anita with another man

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I looked up and saw that this cock belonged to Jerome, a black giant guy we used to hire as gardener. Ana told Jerome to sit on the couch and she continued to suck his cock. Without taking her eyes from mine, she bent over and guided the huge black cock into her tight wet pussy lips. Ana stood up once again, turned and mounted facing him, as he sucked on her hard erect nipples. "Come on, babe, let me have it" she said, her mouth full of his cock "Show my husband how you fill me with your sticky black cum." Ana looked at me in my eyes as she licked the thick cum from the huge black dick head.

Twin Marcus strikes back for more

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He squeezed my hip hard and thrust his hips into my body so I could feel his long, hard cock against my wet pussy lips. He stepped into the bathroom, shut the door and then Marcus shoved his big cock into my gripping cunt in one hard thrust. “She is too tight for my black dick” Marcus grunted out as he slammed his cock in and out of my wet hot cunt. Marcus gripped my hips tighter and started slamming his black cock harder and harder into my wet cunt. Casper grabbed a chair and sat down, turning my back to him and placing my wet cunt over his long and thick black cock.

A Jamaican waiter uses my wife

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Edmond moved over Ana and one of his huge hands was soon under my wife's dress and his finger was sure inside her wet cunt, digging and then rubbing her hard clit. I entered the room and saw my wife resting on the sink marble, her blonde head against the wall mirror and her nice shaped long legs resting on Edmond`s strong shoulders, who was naked now and had his huge hard cock inserted deep inside my wife`s cunt. Finally my sweet Ana dressed again and we moved out of the restaurant; after Edmond warned her for a last time to train her asshole and come back for more...

Ana rides a huge black piece

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I am going to cum!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I felt his massive hard dick plunging in and out of my pussy fucking me deeper and deeper with each stroke. I started to cum as I felt his cock filling parts of my pussy that have never been touched by a dick before. He buried every inch of his massive black dick inside my pussy rolling me into a second orgasm more intense than the first one. His big black dick erupted deep inside me flooding my pussy with cum. I heard him moaning as he kept every inch of his huge black cock buried inside my pussy.

begging for a huge hard black cock

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Jimmy laughed at me as he brought his thick black fingers back to my pussy and started slowly pushing two inside my tight, wet hole. He leaned down onto me and kissed me deep and hard, fucking my mouth with his tongue as his fingers went straight to my wet pussy. I opened my mouth and began tonguing the tip of his cock, finally sucking the head into my mouth hard and moaning on it as his older mate made me cum with his mouth. “You want me to fuck that tight little white pussy with this big black cock?” He fucked me hard while twin Marcus stripped and revealed another beautiful big, black cock, ready for me to play with.

Spying on Anita and my special guest

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Anita moaned softly as Lukas placed his other hand on one of her tits and began squeezing it until she reached down pulling off her shirt, exposing her nice round boobs. Anita moaned softly while she sucked his cock until she lifted it up and began sucking and licking his large balls making the black guy groan loudly. My black friend started fucking her faster while grunting "Yeah, bitch, you like this nigger dick… tell me, white married bitch" as she screamed "YES!" over and over until her back arched and eyes rolled back as she began squirting all over the muscular black body and onto our bed.

Watchin Anita fucking a BBC

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I found out that my sweet wife Anita loved to be fucked by big black cocks, but still she hesitated to confess it to me. My sweet wife had been locked with the black man inside the toilette and she had sucked his cock until he had filled her mouth with his semen. Ana smiled, telling me she was fucking horny and was wishing to have that black man’s cock deep inside her body. She must have felt against her body the large black cock she would get soon deep inside her pussy and ass. I watched this black man working over my wife; he used her body for his own pleasure, not caring about the cries or screaming coming from Anita's mouth.

Watching Ana with a black man

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My wife was moaning as he rubbed her wet pussy while he licked her neck, making her hotter and hotter. My wife sat down at the edge of the bed and pulled the black man to her, she was really eager to take his cock in her mouth again and suck his big cock like before. I was stroking my own cock now watching this black man fuck my wife deeper and deeper, making her moan louder than I ever had. The huge man was picking up the pace moving faster and began to pound her pussy deeper and harder as she screamed she was cumming all over his thick cock.

Anita at Jerome´s basement

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Anita was delighted with the master bedroom; it was really a very nice place, but then Jerome said he had in mind some different for my wife in this occasion… The Master looked at me with a light smile in his lips; then approached to my wife and put one of his huge hands down Anita`s skirt; she squirmed when he fondled her pussy lips between his large fingers. Suddenly he took his dick from her mouth, giving way to Jerome, who approached to put his giant cock in my sweet wife`s throat. Jerome entered her pussy and the Master shoved his huge dick in her arse, very deep, just one single motion.

A wild sea voyage

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I came back to watch Ana, but then found the Bull was behind her; had her bent over by the waist and I could see his hands under her light dress; he was rubbing her pussy and telling her that he wanted to fuck her in the ass right there, in front of her husband. As they laughed I thought that Ana loved in the ass, but these two giant black men would be sure well hung and they would rip my sweet Ana pussy and ass, if they fucked her in a wild hard way. He then opened the door and there was my sweet Ana riding the huge black cock of the Bull; her round firm ass bobbing up and down.

The huge black neighbor

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The black man looked at me and asked if it was right for me if Ana played with his huge cock. My wife got off his cock and suddenly a huge load of cum started to leak out from her pussy lips. She looked at me and said it was so sexy to have a huge cock in her pussy while I watched her being fucked by that perfect stranger. The huge black cock started to get hard again and soon stood proud next to Ana. He pulled down her legs apart and climbed in between her legs, putting his cock on her pussy again. Thomas did not say a single word; instead he started to push his huge black cock back into her now stretched and wet pussy.

Watching Anita giving up her ass to Jerome

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Soon I heard the bed start to move and I knew he had his black cock inside Anita`s pussy. Her moans got louder and I knew she would soon be squirting on his black cock. He soon had two fingers in her tight asshole and was working them in and out getting her ready to take his huge black cock deep inside in her anus. It got quiet for a few seconds but soon I heard the bed again and I knew he was fucking my wife's asshole. Then I heard him pulling his hard black cock out of her ass and slammed all ten inches into her shaved sweet pussy again.

Watching Ana in the locker room

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As I stood there in the crack of a door watching the full scene, my sweet wife started to struggle as she tried to gobble as much of that huge black cock as she could. As I stood there watching my sweet Ana sucking that magnificent black cock, I felt a soft breath of a whisper in my ear: “Do you like watching my husband fuck your slut wife?” The ebony woman walked past me and kissed the man that was now pushing his huge cock down my wife’s throat. The black giant man looked at me and said he was shooting his cum deep inside her.

Paying my husband debts

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I felt his crotch pressing against my almost bare ass, while his hands came around the front and began to stroke my vaginal lips through the silky fabric of the thong. “You are so fucking good, babe; I love your killer body.” He kept thrusting deep inside me until finally I felt him withdraw; making me to turn around very quickly. The man put his still hard cock away and walked back to the door, as I remained on my knees, wiping his semen from my mouth with the back of my hand. I took another sip of wine and went close to the window, staring out in the darkness and wondering when the door would be open again…

Pool game

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I gasped, and struggled to pull away, but his hand that had previously been on my thigh was now holding tight to my hip, keeping me in place. He pounded my desperate cunt for a long time, and when I looked around, I noticed that everyone in the bar was watching us and gathering closer. Once again, he pushed me forward onto the bar, but this time he told me to reach back and pull my ass cheeks apart. "The fucking bitch is all yours now, guys!" I gasped as I was grabbed by several hands as they lifted me and carried me to the pool table, ripping my clothes off of my already abused and still horny body.

Victor and my new sex toy

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Then I pulled out the drawer on the stand by my side and found my new toy: a sexy nice huge strap-on, black color, eight inches with red straps. I reached around and easily tied his hands to the bed posts with a piece of my nylon hose. He was awake now, finding his hands tied upon his head to the bed posts. Then I pulled my fingers out and pressed my new strap-on against his now gaping hole. Victor turned his head around towards mine and kissed me hard, sucking my tongue with his. I pulled out of the kiss, telling him: "I love you, babe.

Otra cena en el bar de la esquina

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Nos sentamos en unos taburetes altos y Ana apenas apoyó los pies en el suelo; dejando con su breve falda, lucir sus espectaculares piernas… Hacía mucho calor; así que esta vez el dueño sirvió unas cervezas bien heladas frente a nosotros. El dueño sirvió otra ronda y de repente uno de esos hombres ya conocidos se acercó a mi esposa y, sin importarle mi presencia, pasó una mano por las redondas nalgas de Ana, que se estremeció al contacto. Él le mantenía las nalgas bien abiertas, así que todos podíamos ver cómo su verga entraba y salía del culo de mi mujer, se la sacaba hasta que solo la punta quedaba apuntando a la entrada anal y después se la metía de un solo golpe hasta que sus bolas chocaban contra mi mujer; haciéndola gemir cada vez más intensamente.


My wife and my boss in the elevator

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I felt very uncomfortable for my sweet Ana, who was looking at me… Then I saw my boss now was standing right behind my wife; a big smug grin across his face. I was really ashamed seeing all my colleagues looking at the spectacle of my wife taking our boss’s huge cock right there in front of everybody… “Oh fuck… he’s really good… I love it…., sorry honey” My sweet Ana looked at me with tears in her eyes, as my boss fucked her… Then my boss looked at me as he came deep inside my wife’s womb… Suddenly the elevator began it journey again as my sweet Ana regained composure and my boss folded his huge dick back into his trousers.

Enjoying some lingerie purchase

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She was a sexy and beautiful mid-forties woman; long black hair, green eyes, long legs to die for and a sensual smile when she spoke… She had a French accent and her voice was also very seductive, as all her look was. Then she brought a sexy red crotch less cat suit and led me to a changing booth in the back of the store, leaving a younger sales clerk at the counter. I took off the red catsuit and Odette helped me roll down the brand new panties; adjusting the crotch shield. After purchasing the red cat suit and a pair of sexy black thongs, Odette followed me to the exit and wished me a pleasant day, and invited me back whenever I needed anything like sexy panties or girdles.

Another night in Jerome´s hands

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"You look wonderful" I said, adding I did not know she was dating Jerome that night. The thought of my sweet Ana in Jerome’s bed, fucking in all positions made me feel even sicker than I was… "Look what that huge black bastard has done to your little white slut wife!" The black bastard replied mockingly: "It is going to be sliding into your wife's cunt right up to the balls, while you stand by watching at her side…" Anita cried out "That feels so fucking good, you donkey cocked black bastard!!”. Ana was crying and screaming in pain and pleasure during hours; until Jerome finally announced he was done at same time first rays of sun were growing in the bedroom.

Ana blacked in the guest bedroom

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One night, when we came back home after a night out; I got into the bathroom to enjoy a warm shower and my sweet Ana started chatting on the net to a black guy, whose name was Matt. At the first opportunity, when Ana was sucking Matt's huge dick to get it hard again, I got my chance and started to fuck my sweet wife harder that I have ever done, in a doggie style position and before long was shooting my cum up her wet stretched pussy. Finally he was all the way in; my cock got hard again as I watched this huge black cock pump harder and harder up my wife's tight ass, as she screamed so loud.

A nice night after a nice dinner

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Then I felt his hand reach the top of my thigh and slip his hand inside my small black thong; his finger was soon gently stroking my clitoris. Then he pushed gently my body against the warm bonnet as he took hold of my legs kissing his way up my thigh until I felt his tongue probing my wet pussy. I turned to Victor watching as he started stroking his cock and begging the black stranger to fuck me. The black man gripped my ass lifting my body from the bonnet as I felt him push his cock deeply inside my wet pussy. The stranger gripped my legs stretching them very wide apart as Victor looked down watching the strangers cock pounding my pussy.

Early morning at the office

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“I don’t want to hear a sound, bitch,” he said, as be brought the head of his cock to the tight entrance of my pussy. “Yeah, bitch…can you feel that big black fucking dick inside your cunt?” My juices flowed against my will, supplying the lubricant liquid that I needed as I felt the giant black cock hitting areas deep inside, where no other dick had ever reached. He continued slicing his huge hard cock in and out of my sore pussy, making me scream in pain and moan in pleasure at same time. I felt so silly and stupid, rushing to the office so early for nothing… My cunt was so sore now, but my mind was still enjoying the brutal fucking session given by that unknown black bastard….

Some guy's home

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"That's nice, Ana" he said as he pulled out his cock and pushed it in front of my face. It wasn't long before he tensed and held himself still with his cock deep inside and I felt the warm impact of his semen on the inner walls of my vagina. Johnny went still too and pulled me tightly towards him, pushing his cock deeper into my ass as he ejected his warm seed inside my anus. My legs curled up, clenching around him, pulling him deeper into me as his cock unleashed another wave of warm semen to splash heavily inside my abused womb. The happy guy positioned himself and started pumping with enthusiasm, but soon tensed his back and I felt the warmth of yet more fresh semen shooting off deep inside me.

A nice football night gangbang

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I grabbed Tyson's huge snake with one hand and then started sucking it; then I heard Jerome unzip his pants and soon I felt the fat head of his hard cock entering my wet cunt. They kept me on my knees for a long while and took turns fucking my pussy and mouth while I jerked off as many hard cocks in my hands that I could. Then Tyson took his turn in my pussy, but without any warning he pushed his cock into my tight little asshole. One guy was really huge, like at least eleven inches long; I thought he was going to split me in half as he pushed his cock into my asshole while I had another giant snake filling my pussy.

Nightmare at dawn

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Just as I got inside and turned off the alarm, I felt a knife at my neck and a hand over my mouth. In less than three minutes I was about to cum but he then took his hand away and I felt his hard cock between my inner tights. "I don’t want to see you cry and I want you to enjoy every bit of the fucking you will be getting, understand, bitch?". I took my hand and started to unzip his jeans and pull out his cock. It slid right in to my already lubed pussy and I started to ride his cock like I wanted it. He then pushed me on all fours to the floor and I felt his hard cock pointing to my asshole.

Patrick strikes again

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Then I placed my lips onto his semi-erect cock giving it a kiss by pushing my tongue under the folds of his foreskin and tasting his pre-cum. At same time, Patrick fingered deep my tight anus and then I felt him shove his cock into my wet cunt. I wanted him to cum and with my ass moving to the rhythm my cunt was squeezing and milking his dick. My pussy was gripping his cock and being pulled inside out, as I did not want to take a chance on him slipping out. The first black stud started rubbing his hot and hard cock up and down my wet pussy lips. I looked into his eyes, grabbed his hard dick between my hands and said:

The gardener at the back yard

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A nice good looking man, handsome, muscled… a real huge big black guy… As I watched his naked buttocks, the black guy turned and I saw his limp cock. My pussy wanted to feel that huge cock inside it. This kind of play went on for another week as I tried to figure out what I wanted from that huge black guy. Knowing about that huge black cock he had; I decided I had to have it. We got out and Jeremiah lay his back on the pool deck and put both hands around that huge cock. I placed my body right above Jeremiah’s cock and started to fit that monster inside my hungry cunt.

Jamal takes Ana again and again

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He then reached behind her head and grabbed her hair pulling it back; making her to look up, he slapped her face a few more times and said: “You will be a little white slut to my nigger cock?” Jamal laughed and pushed the head of his nigger cock inside her pussy and my wife let out a loud moan. Jamal reached forward and grabbed the hair on the back of her head pulling it and getting her chin up as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy. The black bastard looked at me while I was videoing with his cell phone, “You, little cuckold, watch as your slutty white wife loves my nigger cock.”

Watching Jerome enjoying an Arab wife

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After my third wild orgasm, I was head down, hiding my face in a pillow and Jerome’s rock hard black cock still buried deep inside my swollen and sore wet cunt. Then his face slid between her open legs and soon Fatima started to cry in pleasure and scream, as the black man’s expert tongue passed between her pussy lips, exploring and taking care of her delicate clitoris. She screamed in pain as she felt that monster dick invading her body; I even saw tears in her eyes, but after a few seconds she started to breath heavily and screamed in pleasure, as the black piston was going in and out of her nice cunt.

Jeremu comes to Florida with us

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That black bastard told me he had really enjoyed my hot wife the night before and he would fuck her any time he wanted… I looked at Jeremy; he sat looking out at the blue water in the pool and without turning his head he said that his friends would just watch as he fucked my wife… So; those black bastards had used my wife instead of just watching Jeremy fucking her… After she sat down I leaned over and asked her in a whisper when was my turn; but Ana laughed and said her pussy was very sore now. Even those two black bastards came again and fucked her pussy and ass at the same time.

Ana riding a night train

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After a few more drinks Julia said she was tired and went to our car to bed…I kissed her goodbye, telling I was in the mood for a last glass… He told me that his mouth made my pussy really wet and he would be able to start with half of his huge cock and work up to what I could handle. Julia shoved her fingers in my bare pussy and then licked them, as I kissed her body. We spent the rest of the night kissing each other, sucking, licking and touching our pussy lips. My wet pussy would need another round of that magnificent cock and I was sure I could meet again Joao during our quick stay at Madrid…

A new meeting with my old friend Jerome

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I could feel his big black hard cock through his boxers pressing against my mound. I was trying not to cum right there on the spot just from the sensation and the sheer thought that big black cock soon being crammed into my tight, wet pussy. My pussy was trying to contract around his cock as I came and he began to slowly move back and forth. Then he smiled and began to slam his huge dick in and out of my pussy like a real fucking machine. Telling him I want that big black cock to fuck me hard and how much I needed to finally be fucked like I deserve.

A girl's night out for my Birthday

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I felt another pair of hands on my shoulders, and as I turned to look up at the black guy standing behind me his huge dick appeared directly beside my head. He finally he shifted position and I felt the head of his large dick push directly against my pussy, parting my lips slightly. The black stripper came again close to me: He slipped one finger inside my pussy and felt my wetness, and when he slipped a finger inside my asshole he whispered: “Did you enjoy getting your ass fucked?". When finally I felt his black cock buried deep inside my cunt, I leaned over him and whispered in his ear: “I want to try another guy at the same time”.

Ana enjoying a Caribbean cruise

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Suddenly she tangled her fingers in my ears and held me tight against her cunt, rubbing her clit, pussy lips and ass all over my face, smearing me with the black man’s cum. Then the first guy moved behind Ana and started swaying against her round bottom with his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks, as his hands squeezed and fondled her tits, playing with her nipples. After she had taken all of his cock deep in her ass, Ana laid her back against his chest and the second man moved between her legs and started rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy lips. Ana cried in pain, telling me she was really sore after having that huge black dick buried so deep inside her pussy.

A perfect stranger in the back seat

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Thomas slid me up and off his cock intimating that he wanted oral as I, kissing his leg on the way down, got on my knees on the floor of the backseat and began to slide my mouth up and down his well moistened shaft, sending shivers of ecstasy up his spine. He pumped me hard, still holding my breasts and kissing my lips lovingly as I pushed my hips up slightly to meet his thrusts as he moved inside of me. Thomas attacked my neck with his thick lips and I had a fear he would leave a visible mark, but I nervously let this slide and it wasn't long before he moved onto more tasty delights such as my breasts and nipples.

Jamal keeps pimping out Ana

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Anita was lying in her back with one black guy beneath her with his cock deeply buried in her ass and the other one was on top of her between her legs fucking her wet stretched cunt… He gave a hard thrust of his black cock deep into her ass and she let out a loud yelp as her legs rose up into the air. His eyes and mine were locked on each other as he pushed with one hand on her lower back and thrust his black cock deeply into her ass and pulled harder on her hair and froze them in that position. He kept looking at me intently while he pumped his nigger cum in her ass as she screamed, squirted and had several intense orgasms all over his black cock.

Meet my personal gangbang gang

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I started glancing around for my sweet wife Ana. The first guy said she was inside the kitchen getting some beer… As the guys went after a cold beer I took Anita`s arm and turned her so I could whisper: “What the hell are you doing?” She smiled and took my hand out from her arm; then she said: I asked Anita again if she was going to fuck all three guys in front of me, but she said she had been fucked yet by the gang. I turned it on and it showed the three black guys naked in our bed. Only I could stand two minutes watching the video, as the three guys fucked Ana’s cunt, asshole and mouth at the same time.

Ana and my old friend at home

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James remained firmly in control with his hands on her hips under her legs, shoving his tongue into wanting pussy. Ana looked at me: "Please, honey, I want him to fuck me" She begged me with her hand again stroking my friend’s hard cock. My wife made him lay on the couch and she straddled him, rubbing her pussy lips with his hard dick, which was pointing up to the ceiling… My friend's hands grabbed tight her ass as he controlled her, slowly sliding her up and down on his dick. He positioned between her spread highs and then proceeded to slide his hard dick between her wet pussy lips.

Meeting an old friend

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I moaned and started to suck hard on his cock, moving my mouth quickly on his hard shaft. I was getting hot again as he fucked my mouth, and I couldn’t wait until we left the party and I could finally feel that massive cock deep inside my tight wet cunt. I cried out as I was fucking his cock on an angle so he wasn’t all the way inside me, but his cock kept hitting my g-spot on every thrust, making me cum hard and screaming on that huge hard dick inside my cunt. He kept on playing with my tits rough, working my soft flesh hard in his rough hands, as Johnny kept on fucking my cunt with long, deep, strong thrusts that made my body shake.

My mother in law's girlfriend needs my help

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One summer day, before Ana and I got married; my future mother in law told me that her friend Alicia needed some help at home and so she had volunteered me to assist her. Some pictures showed Alicia using that toy, shoving it deep inside her wet pussy… Some other ones showed that beautiful old lady been fucked by huge dicks… I moaned and when I was getting very close to cum, I heard the door swing open and I saw Alicia standing in the doorway looking at me with her beautiful eyes wide open in surprise… Then I let nature take its course and started to cum in her gorgeous pussy… Alicia grunted and moaned as my cock expanded again and erupted in her.

Anta and her old classmate

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They embraced in a long passionate kiss and Ana rubbed his cock through his pants and Trevor slid his huge hands over my wife’s ass cheeks. "Please, fuck my little white pussy with your big black dick" she almost begged. He noticed that and let my wife recover her breath, as he rested over her back for awhile, with his hard giant cock still deep buried in her wet cunt. I pulled out my hard cock from her pussy as Trevor lay down on the bed and made Ana lower herself onto his throbbing cock. Ana smiled to me when we got alone, asking me if I had enjoyed the wild sex and fuck session Trevor had performed with her pussy.

A quick fuck upstairs

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Cornell lifted my dress and soon I could feel his long fingers touching my pussy lips. This black man was going to fuck me in a silent isolated restroom, while my loving husband was there downstairs, getting bored at the party. Thinking about my loving hubby while I had that huge black snake buried to the hilt made me even hornier, feeling my first orgasm was starting to come. I cleaned it up and got dressed, leaving the restroom quite easy; I could barely walk, my dripping pussy was so sore after such fucking session!. He knew I had been fucked by someone while he waited outside the restroom; he had heard me crying and screaming in pleasure.

You have to sign for the package

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"Well, Madam" Said the older guy "There is a lot of things you can do for us, with your nice tits and your shaved pussy showing thru that little cloth you got covering them. In the meantime, behind me, I could feel Erasmus pushing his big black cock up against my ass. As Willy lowered my mouth over his black cock, Erasmus rammed his hard black dick up into my ass. I thought that black man would rip my ass open he slammed his cock in me so hard. Finally, Willy pulled my head up and shoved my mouth back down on his black cock. Willy pulled his cock out of my mouth and gripped it in his hands. Holding my legs, Erasmus started fucking my pussy hard with his black meat deep inside me.

Playing with Camilla

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“Hands and knees please” Camilla said smiling and shaking the big rubber shaft in her hand. She kept slowly stroking my cock, now fully hard and pointing forward as she started to swirl the lube around my opening in little circles. With one smooth gliding motion she slid the entire length into my ass until I could feel the big rubber balls pressed flat against my backside. With one finger, Camilla began running it up and down the length of my shaft, then to the dripping head and rubbed the tip. I felt my anal muscles starting to relax and the rubber dildo began to slide out slowly; until my sphincter caught the big round head, keeping it inside me.

Watching Ana fucked by a perfect stranger

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Two minutes later my sweet wife came back and told me she was going to have a shower. Then the door opened again and Ana came inside followed by a guy I had never met. Ana stood up and then she straddled him and sat right down on his huge hard on all the way to his balls in one single motion. When Ana came back to the dining room, she told me her friend would be staying the night. I followed them, but when I got to the door, Ana pulled it closed and told me from the other side that she wanted Douglas to fuck her ass and I could not watch that.

Ana and my boss' agreement

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As he withdrew his cock from Ana's pussy, his secretary took it straight into her mouth and sucked him clean. "Now clean her" and with that she turned to Ana's filled up cunt and buried her face deep into it and sucked and slurped for ages. Eventually the secretary left and I took Ana back home to change, ready to meet Mr. Lassitter and friends on the afternoon. They both soon settled down to a rhythmic fuck; until he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and shot his spunk all over her face. The others closed in and Ana soon had black hands all over her body. Soon she was spread open on the bed; one black guy going in and out of her wet filled cunt.

Ana gangbanged on her Birthday celebration

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Finally Reuben eased into her ass as she just moaned and began to cum, her body shuddering and shaking with no control…This made the black guy push out of her ass as he had only shoved two inches in… Trevor finally came in her mouth in a very hard face fuck, as she kept moaning and swallowed yet another load of cum. Meanwhile Reuben held my wife by the hips and came balls deep in Anita's turned up ass with one last hard pounding. While riding those huge black cocks, Ana turned to me and whispered softly: “I love you…” Then she hid her face on Jonathan’s shoulder, as Edmond pumped her ass harder and faster.

Ana claiming for some holidays

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The other man was Davis, the Deputy Manager, a huge black man who was always flirting with my sweet wife, trying to convince about a good fucking session, but Ana had sworn me that she never had the intention to do it…, but, I was not so sure of that… James pulled down his pants, opened her legs and pushed his cock into her warm wet pussy from behind, grabbing her round firm hips and making her move on his hard dick. A few more minutes of intense shagging and James was close to orgasm, he moved faster and finally shot his warm semen deep inside my sweet Ana’s cunt.

Ana going again to an adult theatre

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At that moment I thought that it was not a good idea to take my sexy wife in an adult theatre full of sex hungry men. One of the men stood up and headed close to my wife's seat. I was shocked to see my lovely Ana stroking the stranger's cock furiously with her hand, while the bastard was finger fucking her. "Come on, bitch, bend over and suck my cock.” He ordered Anita, while his right hand was pushing her head into his lap. Seconds later I saw him pushing her head all the way down his cock. Everything was lasted less than ten minutes; both men had had their glorious fucking moment with my sweet wife in just ten minutes…

Ana used by two Jamaican black guys

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I said to the nearer armed guard, but he just smiled, showing his perfect pearl teeth against his very black skin. “No, Madam, these men there will gang fuck you” He said politely, pointing at several black men standing near and looking at me with hungry eyes… Suddenly a couple of young black girls walked out from the same door my husband Victor had entered. The van shook violently as he fuck me, I even cried out in pain as he buried his monster black dick into me showing no mercy at all. I said smiling, as the guard spread my ass cheeks and he shoved his hard black dick deep inside my asshole in just one single violent stroke to the hilt.

Waiting for my husband

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The two black men got closer at my table and Burke started rubbing my leg with his big strong hand. Jonas grabbed me and put me back in position, while Burke just started fucking my pussy harder and harder I lost all control and started cumming in few minutes; my whole body shaking and I could hear myself moaning and screaming like a real slut in heat. Jonas was holding my head up and feeding me his cock when all of a sudden he started cumming in my mouth. With that done Burke started to pick up the pace and I could notice he was about to cum and of course he wasn't going to pull out.

Helena and her dark stallion

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Her head was almost between his front legs as she reached around and grabbed his huge swollen cock and started rubbing his giant cockhead up and down her already dripping pussy. Helena rubbed it up and down her swollen slit a few more times and then pushed back and I watched in amazement as the huge cockhead and about twelve or more inches of that magnificent piece disappeared into her cunt. Even though she was keeping him from burying his whole giant cock in her pussy, the horse was still giving her a good fifteen inches with every faster stroke. Helena was enjoying getting horse fucked by the way her legs were shaking and I was surprised that she was still able to stand on her feet.

Anita and some workers across the street

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I turned around and saw I was standing directly in front of an open window and the workers across the street had suspended the hammering and it was pretty obvious that they were looking at me; fully naked, showing them my round ass without noticing it… I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter by just seconds, when suddenly I felt the remainder of his hard cock was deeply sunk inside of me. I heard myself cry out and my body convulsing so hard that my pelvis rose off the bed pushing the man's cock deeper into my dripping cunt. I had just begun to feel another orgasm building inside me when both men pulled out of my ass and mouth with a wet popping noise.


A door shared between rooms

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Later that black man Parker saw us playing blackjack and joined us sitting next to my sweet wife. Then he took his massive black cock and lifted the head to Ana’s sweet lips and pushed it into her mouth. Then Parker grabbed the back of her head and pumped his black cock into her mouth. My wife moaned constantly as he slowly worked his cock back and forth with slow deliberate stokes until he was all the way inside her. I saw Ana thrusting her hips to meet his cock every time and moan deeply throwing her head back with each upward thrust. Every time Ana screamed with each orgasm and she begged him to fuck her harder with his monster black cock.

An unexpected night visitor

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The stranger smiled breathed hard and slipped two and then three fingers into my wet cunt. His other hand was working its way down my ass cheeks; his fingers pushing and pressing against my tight little asshole. Victor had not fucked my asshole in the last weeks… and now my mind was screaming inside me, begging for this stranger to take me, to fuck me brutally and leave me full of his semen… Suddenly I noticed that his fingers were leaving my wet cunt; they now were working their way up to my asshole. Then I felt his gigantic fingers slipping deep inside my tight rectum. Then his hands spread my soft ass cheeks with his fingers on the rim of my asshole.

Testing Helena's last purchase

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Then I sat on the machine with the already installed dildo fitting nicely inside my soaked wet cunt. I do not know how much time went by or how many orgasms I had but I was beginning to have a hard time catching my breath; so, I managed to whisper “Slut”, the code safety word and Helena turned it off. Helena said: “You will love this, Ana…” And then I felt a rock hard head cock well lubed, entering my asshole. The man grabbed my hips and sodomized me very hard as I was sitting on the sybian; my cunt buried on that quiet dildo, as he pumped my anus with deep strokes.

Ana and the movers gang

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Then my sweet wife sat down on the couch between Jamal and Benson, the black guys; as Willy, the Latin guy, was sitting in the recliner. Both black guys were sitting next to each other on the couch with their pants around their ankles and my wife was fully naked, on all fours, sucking Jamal's huge black dick. Ana smiled to Willy, reaching over to stroke his cock as she sucked Jamal. Willy looked down at her, asking if she liked his cock in her mouth; my wife smirked and giggled with that huge cock still buried inside her mouth. The black guy behind her pulled his cock out as Jamal also stood up.

Jamal's friend also enjoy Ana's body

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Jamal had fucked my wife with his huge black dick like no one had ever before. Jamal would come up to our house on the weekends and fuck my wife two days and she sometimes Ana would drive to his house during the week. The video clearly showed Anita on her hands and knees being fucked hard by Jamal while he grabbed her hair pulling her head up with her looking straight up into his laptop, which was on the shelf above his bed. Anita was screaming and moaning with his expert fucking, begging for his nigger cock and she looked so sexy doing it. When Jamal teased her and made her beg for his big black cock, I noticed she cum repeatedly when he finally fucked her.

Ana and her stained panties

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One night when we had all retired to our hotel rooms, Ana was getting ready for bed and she told me that Ronnie made her pussy wet. Standing there in only a white cotton tank top and bikini panties she said she might go to his room that same night and have him fuck her real hard. The next morning as I was getting dressed I asked Ana if she had visited Ronnie last night… She said no, because after we had fucked she ended very tired and sore. The last night we were there, Ana tried to sneak off with Ronnie but he had rode with a few guys to watch some street racing.

Well used at a dark bar

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As Victor sat down enjoying his drink; Mark came closer to me and started staring at my boobs. Jeremy pulled up my hips so that my asshole was accessible to him and started to push the head of his cock up my ass. Mark then got between my legs and pushed his cock into my hot wet pussy. He got off and soon Jeremy pushed his cock into me and fucked me hard. As soon as he got out Albert took over and fucked me deep and hard, until he too came like a gusher. Mark moved again and he sat down on the couch, making me mount over his hard cock. Jeremy moved and Albert came and shoved his cock up my ass.

A perfect stranger in a party

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That night I was in the mood for a nice fucking session and I decided that I wanted my husband's dick inside me and that young guy was not going to stop me. With that said I felt a hand on my left hip and then a rock hard cock sliding into my very hungry and wet cunt. The hands tightened their hold on my hips and the cock went deep and then I felt that throbbing and pulsing that happens when Victor fills my pussy… The guy smiled and said when Victor had left, I had asked him to fuck me, which he did not waiting for a second advise.

Used by a perfect stranger

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Was all that stranger man said, as I turned he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a darker alley. The sharp pain I felt on my clitoris as he tore my thong off, the rhythmic slapping noises against my naked buttocks told me clearly he was fucking me. I did not bother to look in the direction he left; that stranger had successfully done his dirty deed and I could feel his warm semen running down my long legs… Then he slapped my clitoris again with his cock; this time it felt a little warmer and nice. “Pull your ass cheeks open for me, bitch” He hissed, as he pushed his finger into my mouth and then draw my saliva down to my tiny asshole…

A different week end in the woods

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Anita´s eyes flew open wide and she screamed as he began to pound his hard cock into her. But every time that old bastard grabbed her by the hair and pull it so her face looked directly into mine. Sweat began to form on her face while the old man fucked her mercilessly. My lovely Ana screamed in delight and she began to throw her head from side to side and scream as her body shook and shuddered, she seemed to be having an orgasm every few seconds. I watched my wife having wild orgasm after orgasm as this old man fucked her. He grabbed my wife's head and began to fuck her mouth.

Curiosity killed the Cat

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I could still taste the young black guy’s semen in my mouth and I really wanted to have my pussy filled with a cock. Of course I had fucked several black dicks; then I walked over and stroked that black thick long shaft and felt the cock pulse in my hand. The black guy also groaned, as I started to fuck his huge hard cock against the wall. I looked across the booth to see the other white dick I had fucked earlier was hard again and sticking through the wall. “What the hell…?” “Why that man knows my name?” I wondered as my body was constantly jerking with the erotic pleasure of being fucked and looking at that lovely cock in front of me.

A bad wild revenge on me

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Carl kept fucking me slowly, pushing more and more of his huge hard cock into my soaked cunt… Suddenly I felt my orgasm growing deep inside my body and I began to moan and thrust back against his dick with and increasing urgency. I felt my eyes rolling back into my head and I moaned deeply as the guy pumped his cum deep into my asshole. That new guy moved between my spread legs and then pushed gently and began to enter my well-fucked and abused pussy. I found myself lifting my ass to allow him hit even deeper inside my wet sore cunt… Matt felt my move and then started to pump a bit faster and harder.

Ana at the stripper pub

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The room erupted into applause as I stared in disbelief as my beautiful sexy wife Ana strutted out onto the stage swinging to the smooth sounds of an erotic kind music. One of the men who had been stroking his cock approached Ana and moaned as he unloaded a huge torrent of cum onto my wife’s face. Looks like I made a mess!” Ana said; when she stood up and watched the seated man erect cock dripping cum. Then I watched my loving wife lick and suck his balls and dick, cleaning up the gooey mixture of cum and pussy juices. It was quite enough for me… I knew that night Ana would fuck the four guys in a wild way and my cock was as hard as theirs.


My lover surprises me

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After a while he opened his bath robe and began to stroke his cock as I watched him in fascination. He pushed back and forth and started pumping me with long hard strokes; making me cum on my first orgasm in less than one minute. Eric licked my asshole making sure it was lubed enough to shove his dick. Then he began to slide his cock in me and he stopped when he got all the way in. A nice shiny black rubber cock… I was really surprised, telling his hard cock was much better than this thing… But then Eric handed me the star on and he got on to his hands and knees asking me to fuck him with that black rubber cock…

A final show from Dwayne

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I could hear just Ana’s moaning and her black lover’s grunts, as they fucked wildly. After I came inside her, Ana started to cry; telling me she loved me, but Dwayne’s black dick was the best thing she had ever fucked in her life. That same morning I had got some fresh news going around through the office: that black bastard Dwayne would be soon transferred to the East Coast and then we would never see his stupid face again… and my loving Ana would be free at last… I fucked her doggiestyle, while we both watched in the laptop as Dwayne rammed his huge hard black dick from behind deep in her cunt; there in that same bed, just few hours before...

My old neighbor, the plumber

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Even though she turned away and headed back to our bedroom, I knew my neighbor had got a good look of her pretty naked body under the gown. "I will call Jack O’ to come over and take a look", I said to her, thinking that it was a good chance my old neighbor could fuck my sweet wife. The next morning after breakfast, I wanted to fuck her so bad but I didn't, thinking that she would be horny when Jack O’ would come. When she woke up after fucking and went to the bathroom, I thought how did she know Jack O’ had a “giant black cock”?. I knew my old neighbor would try again because I had told him how much Anita loved big black dicks.

A party at my boss' house

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Late afternoon, after sharing a warm shower; Ana threw herself on the bed, spread her lovely legs wide open and begged to me to fuck her… Ana then told me that someone had tried to insert a finger into her pussy but couldn't quite manage it as we danced away. As he reached across her with his right arm, his left hand would slide between Ana’s legs and feel her shaved pussy. The guy touching her pussy got his hand down between her legs and inserted a finger into her cunt. I felt a brutal hard on as I watched my sweet Ana getting fucked by these guys.

A very wet pool party for Ana

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Every once in a while I could also hear a moan coming from my sweet Ana. They were fucking for about two hours, before they came back to the kitchen. I asked if he had fucked her in the ass; but then Ana had a funny expression on her face; telling me that Jerome had used his huge black dick just to stretch her wet cunt… Ana was sloppy wet; I sucked her clit between my lips and her beautiful legs squeezed my head as she came, screaming as a crazy bitch… Ana was the perfect hostess and she said she would fuck him in our guest bedroom. Later when Ana came to our room I could smell lube on her body.

Action glory hole was not enough for me

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After sucking a magnificent black dick at the glory hole in that truck stop in the middle of nowhere; I stayed locked in the Janitor’s closet; trying to catch my breath. Then I came back to the coffee shop; having a surprise: the black man whose huge dick I had sucked was there, sitting at my table and watching on my laptop. As I began sucking Aaron’s huge dick, two black guys got inside the truck. I smiled and asked why he needed lube; then he replied I would need it to stand his huge black dick inserted deep inside my anus. I went again in all fours as I watched Mark sucking Jimmy’s hard black dick.

Enjoying some lingerie puchase

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She was a sexy and beautiful mid-forties woman; long black hair, green eyes, long legs to die for and a sensual smile when she spoke… She had a French accent and her voice was also very seductive, as all her look was. Then she brought a sexy red crotch less cat suit and led me to a changing booth in the back of the store, leaving a younger sales clerk at the counter. I took off the red catsuit and Odette helped me roll down the brand new panties; adjusting the crotch shield. After purchasing the red cat suit and a pair of sexy black thongs, Odette followed me to the exit and wished me a pleasant day, and invited me back whenever I needed anything like sexy panties or girdles.

Christmas shopping at the mall

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I changed to another sexy outfit and opened the curtain from the changing room, but then I found the black guy full naked, standing in front of me, holding in his hand his massive black cock, a huge black cock, at least ten inches long. He then bent me over and slowly pulled down the sexy black thong I was wearing; he spread my ass cheeks and started wriggling his tongue into my ass and then pussy. He brought me out and made me bend over the main desk; then he pulled my ass cheeks apart and began trying to fuck my tight little asshole with his massive dick.

Shopping with Anita

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The other guy who was just standing in front of my wife suddenly took out his cock and made Ana stroke it. He started to rub her pussy lips, while they just talk and Ana stroke the other guy. She asked saw what and I told her that guy grabbing her ass and pussy as she was stroking the other guy’s dick. The guy soon came deep inside Ana’s cunt as well; he dressed up and left. I went to the stall after that employee left and found Ana dressing again. Then a female employee of that store heard Ana’s moaning and came to warn us that we could not fuck there in public…

Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

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Straddling my backside, he sat on his knees above my buttocks and the weight of his body on my shoulders; his cock, now bulging under his G-string, hung inches above the thong covering my ass cheeks… He started to slide his hands up and down my shoulders to massage my back; simultaneously his cock rubbed back and forth in between my ass cleft. The black man had pulled my pussy lips wide and was furiously thrusting his tongue back and forth into my wet cunt. Spitting on his hand, he lubed up his dick and then slowly pushed his large black head into my asshole, making me scream and cry in pain….

You better ride a real stallion

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My girlfriend Helena called that Friday, telling me she was real horny and needed to get away from the city during the week end. Finally these men told us they had never been with white women before; we had the advantage of having been fucked by huge black cocks, but both Helena and I lied telling them that we never, but never had imagined to be with a black man… I was so buzzed, somehow horny and ready to be fucked by a huge black dick… Then I opened my legs very wide for them. I looked over at Helena, who had been moaning and screaming like crazy as the other black guys fucked her wildly. We ended up fucking those black men all night long and most of next day.

Waiting at the airport (Anita's point of view

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I looked down again at his semi hard black dick and I had to admit I was real horny as fuck. Standing up I turned to face the wall and the black guy pulled my skirt up. I knew he was coming soon and before he did it, I cum in a very loud orgasm, as I felt his huge dick buried deep inside my anus. The black guy knew I had had an intense orgasm and then suddenly he stopped and grunted, pulling out his huge dick from my stretched asshole. Helena’s flight was still one more hour delayed; so, I smiled to myself as I opened again the men’s room door…

Ana and her short red dress

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As they danced like this a small crowd of black men gathered round them, still dancing, watching another hot white wife looking for some black cock. I did not want my sweet Ana to be fucked by a bunch of black men there in the middle of the dance floor; so, I stood up and moved forward; but as soon as I reached them I was stopped by two huge black guys in suits. I turned back to the dance floor just in time to see my wife being led away by several huge black men; her red dress loosely hanging off her sweating body. "Take the white cuckold home; then come back and ride his wife to him" The second man told the black taxi driver, as all them laughed.

Too many black dicks for mr

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All of a sudden I felt his huge black cock entering my pussy lips, invading my cunt, filling me up until I could not get anymore… He tried to slip out of my pussy, but then I told him to continue, because Victor loved to watch me being fucked by a black dick… All three black guys stayed all night and each of them fucked me at least three times, taking turns in my mouth and my cunt, but not in my asshole... He took me in doggie style and fucked my wet cunt wildly, making me scream and moan, as I felt an intense orgasm growing deep in my body…

Anita Slut at the party

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I had a shower and rested again on the sofa just naked, touching my swollen wet pussy lips very softly, as I watched now a romantic movie. I really was not in the mood, but hearing Cecilia`s voice, I started again to feel a little bit horny, rubbing my pussy lips. I heard my own pleasure moans as he licked my pussy lips, his rude hands taking care of my ass cheeks very softly. I closed my eyes still moaning; then I heard a zipper getting undone and before I knew it his huge monster cock was pushing its way between my open swollen pussy lips. I was getting sore now and asked him to pull it out, but he said: "No way, bitch, I will fuck you until you are filled up".

Ana bent over again

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She squealed behind the tape, as she was viciously ass fucked by this black bastard, as her loving husband looked in her eyes unable to help. Ana started to sob behind her gag, but soon the sobbing was replaced by some muffled squeals, pain sounds as I could know, when the black bastard shoved his monster cock between her buttocks. I thought she had her anus well lubricated after having been butt fucked by the first bastard and she could bare the brutal intrusion of this second man, but his dick was really massive, more than eleven inches long and thicker than his friend´s as he had said.

Dwayne again in my laptop

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Then Dwayne let out a long, deep moan as he shoved hard into Ana one last time, holding it there. The fucking black bastard seemed to have gallons of semen in him as it took some time before he finally pulled himself off of my sweet Ana. Climbing from the bed, Dwayne's black dick was hanging soft between his legs, but yet still looked as a Black Mamba serpent… He walked off leaving my view and I could hear he went into the bathroom. I saw the black bastard smiling, as he grabbed Ana`s waist in his powerful arm and dragged her from the chair to the bed again... Then Dwayne let out another deep moan, pulling my wife all the way down onto his dick until he was fully into her.

Anita and some gay men

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Ana was right; that fucking gay bastard had a very huge sized dick; it was almost ten inches long… “Use your mouth, bitch, not your hands” Charles ordered me, as Ana started to feel his long fingers deep in her wet cunt. As I sucked this gay, I noticed my own dick was rising up in the air and growing until I started to feel pain. Charles cried in pain as I invaded his tight anus, but then he started to moan like a girl as I pumped him and slapped his ass cheeks in a wild way. Ana told me she had been fucked not only by Charles in the men’s room, but other four guys had taken her, mostly of them in her tight asshole.

Helena's husband trying a hard BBC

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When we got there, Jorge was surprised to see me hand in hand with a huge black man; after a quick chat with him, I finally convinced my girlfriend’s husband to put on a pair of heels and to get fucked by a huge black dick while it was my turn to watch him being ravaged… After about ten minutes of Jorge bent over with that huge black serpent buried in his anus, Jerome took him to the bed and made him lay on his stomach. Again deeper and deeper, as deep as he could, my black Master shoved his hard huge black dick in Jorge’s ass, making him moan louder and beg for more hard shagging… Jorge stayed there, his asshole dripping cum, as Jerome slapped his hard black dick against his round buttocks.

Ana and the black janitor

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I moaned with deep breaths when the black janitor started massaging my clit, fingering my pussy. After taking a long breath, which announced clearly my orgasm, Manfred felt my wetness inside my cunt and started removing my shoes. After I parked, Manfred started with a gentle rub but then gradually varied his pace and motion over my pussy lips; he entered me with his fingers. I moaned and cried in an initial pain as his cock started going inside slowly, while rubbing against the sensitive skin of my wet tight vagina. Suddenly he laughed and told me: “Well, white bitch, your married cunt is so tight for my big cock… now you will see how is to be fucked by a real man…a black one, with a huge hard black cock”.

Anita's night in Las Vegas

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When we were having dinner, Ana told me she was in the mood for a nice black cock; we were far from home and nobody would know us here... Ana dismissed three white men approaching her in turns, until a handsome black guy came to her table. Some minutes later she stood up; I expected her to head for the bathroom, but the black man stood up at the same time and they moved to a private booth along the wall. Then I saw his dark hand disappear under the table and I knew that his fingers had found her bare pussy, because Ana let out a soft sigh... When I came back to my table, Ana and the black man were gone.

My black lover Wilson in NYC

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As he continued to fuck me, his strong hands grabbed my hips and I could hear the sounds of his cock slamming into my wet, juicy pussy. He released the restraint of my right hand, so that I could pleasure myself and although my left hand was still tied to the bed post I began to rub my wet and swollen clit as he fucked my ass with no mercy at all. I felt him pumping harder and harder in my ass which was becoming sore from the attention of that wild anal he spanked my ass and called me his dirty white whore I could no longer hold it in and my pussy and ass contracted on the combination of the vibrator and his big black dick.

Sharing Anita with a black guy

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That Saturday morning, my loving Anita told me one of her regular lovers; a giant black guy named Marco; would come to pick up her; just to take her to his house and enjoy a good fuck session… When Marco showed up, Ana told him about her promise and then the guy came to me: "We will only be gone long enough to fuck". I saw her nice nipples were hard; then I asked if she was cold, but my loving wife replied it was just Marco’s fingers rubbing her pussy had her so horny. Suddenly Marco turned his head and called my name; inviting me to fuck my wife’s asshole, while he was stretching her wet sloppy cunt.

Anita and the black male porn star

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My sweet wife barely asked me if I agreed to watch her being fucked by a black male porn star,; but before I could answer, she rushed upstairs to change her clothes. After a brief chat, he told Ana his cock was over sized and not too many women dared to be fucked by him; but my lovely wife smiled at him and said she dared to everything in the world, including huge cocks… Shane told me not to worry, because he was there just “to fuck the pussy” and Ana could stop him anytime she wanted. Through all these years no other black man had fucked my sweet wife like that man Shane did that night.

Friday night black gangbang

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We entered a dark bedroom and Big Johnnie yelled: “Let`s the cuckold hubby see his slut enjoying some real black cock!" Anita started to pump her head on Big Johnnie´s cock, obviously trying to make him cum but he just laughed telling her to keep going on; he would cum inside her cunt… Big Johnnie ordered Ana to pump herself onto his huge black cock. Eventually Big Johnnie teased her about how he was going to fuck her ass and she kept begging him not to because she thought he was too huge for her asshole. He groaned that this was more like it as he slid slowly in and out making Ana shriek each time she felt his huge cock probing her belly.

Rush hour with a black man

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Looking into the window reflection, I could not guess what was going on but I could feel his hand moving up and towards my pussy. I felt his long fingers moving inches closer to my soaking wet pussy. He slightly moved his finger and touched my pussy lips through my drenched thong. His fingers were now moving up and down and feeling my pussy lips through the thin material of my wet thong. As the train swayed and moved, I started to move my ass to feel his cock. My hips kept moving too as I could feel that his cock was now pressing hard on my ass.

Watching Anita and Helena fucking strangers

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In all our fun we failed to notice two guys who had walked down the beach and were standing on the shore right near us, soaking in the view of Ana and Helena’s boobs and whatever ass and pussy was out of the water. Anita let her guard down, she came even closer and now she was stroking faster, as the blond guy closed his eyes and squeezed harder Ana’s round boobs. Jimmy grabbed Ana’s hand and they both moved close to the beach; when the water was on their knees, he made Ana bend over to suck his hard cock. Few minutes later, Ramón was behind Helena again, shoving his huge thick dark cock into her cunt from behind and squeezing her boobs making her tits stick out between his fingers.

Out of the highway

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“You have a problem with niggers, baby… cause I’m one of them”, he yelled angrily."You missed the chance of showing me your nice boobs if you wanted to stay here, bitch; now the price is different… I will fuck your round tight asshole instead” Just lined himself behind me, making my legs apart and with his long arm wrapped around my waist, he used the other hand to position his dick close to my asshole. Then I could feel his mushroom head touching my very tight back opening and tried to avoid its probing but the lotion made it easy for him and with a grunt he shoved this hard piece of meat deep inside my poor anus in just one thrust.

A wild week end with Helena

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Her wet mouth had a big smile as she bobbed her head and mouth taking turns with each black dick making sure she was increasing their pleasure and make them more erect. When he moved away, I saw Helena was lying on her back, still sucking a black dick, as the other guy was beginning to guide his hard erection right between her pussy lips… I did as I was ordered and touched my pussy lips with my fingers, as the black guy smiled to me, while he was getting his dick harder in his hands. Suddenly my instinct had me trying to crawl away but Master X’s strong hands grabbed my hips and pulled me back to him, impaling me onto his huge black cock.

A strange voice in our bedroom

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Kneeling behind her was some strange black guy trying to work his huge thick dick into my wife’s asshole. Ana was fighting through the pain of having a huge cock planted deep in her ass, and she loved every minute of it. The guy had a satisfied grin on his face, as his cock slipped past Ana’s muscular ring and slid deep into her ass. With that, the guy grabbed again a handful of Ana’s hair and yanked her head back as he shoved his dick into her with authority. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more surprised, I watched as this strange man withdrew his still rigid black cock from my wife’s anus. Ana stretched out on the bed, looking slutty, with her black boots and cum smeared face.

Blue screen fuck session

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One weekend I had to fly to Baltimore and after a hard day visiting customers, I had a light dinner and came back to my hotel room, ready to enjoy a routine night chat with my sweet Ana. I entered my password and had a superb hard on when the screen went into a clear vision: My wife was lying at our bedroom’s bed, wearing only a silk black nightgown and a pair of “fuck me” high heels. He held her hands pinned at her side and began to pump his huge black cock in and out of her, slowly, enjoying every thrust. My sweet Ana was having a wild orgasm while fucked by this stranger black man.

Jamal makes my wife a black cock whore

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Two months passed since that night we met Jamal and my sweet wife received the best fuck of her life from his huge black dick. Since that time Jamal took control of Ana’s sweet pussy and she was doing anything he wanted as long as he fucked her. She continued to take multiple trips a week to meet Jamal and let him fuck her brains out with his nigger cock. He dragged Ana to our bedroom, warning me to be quiet… After a few minutes I looked in on them and saw my sweet wife on her back with Jamal licking her pussy. Jamal pumped slowly and my wife started letting out loud long guttural moans.

Anita and the biker

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Looking down, standing proud in front of his well-toned body, I saw the reason my wife`s snatch had been stretched so wide: a broad, ten inch pole which was fucking Anita bare back… I approached the bed where my sweet wife was lying head down, with her thighs spread open, her pussy leaking sticky semen from the escaping black guy. Then I got naked and with my hard cock in my hand I climbed onto the bed, positioning myself behind Ana’s firm body, between her open legs. Anita woke up telling me she was in a good mood for getting a big black cock again and she suggested me she could find the biker guy, so I could watch them fuck again.

Wrong stop in the Highway

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Jerome took off his pants again and walked over standing above me, his limp cock in his hand, "I'm going to piss in your mouth, little slut, if you don't drink it all I will kill you". After flooding my mouth with his semen, Jerome stood up and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me over the picnic table and making me lay face down; he called his friend and told him to hold me down; Paddy grabbed my shoulders and pressed me down on the table. I was bent over onto the table and Paddy held me by my hands; meanwhile I felt Jerome’s huge cock pushing and trying to make his way inside my asshole.

Ana ejoys anal with her black lover

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Then he put her green lime thong aside and showed me her nice fresh shaven pussy lips, begging me to fuck her hard and fast. We rested together for a while onto the chair and then I woke up and went to the kitchen for a couple drinks and when I came back out, I found Marco sitting on my chair as he talked with my wife. I went to the bathroom to get it and when I got back to them, Marco had his black dick resting on top of my wife's up turned ass. As soon as Ana rose her head up, Marco started slowly fucking her ass.

Ana in a rock concert

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Ana was smiling but her face began to tense as Robert rubbed her pussy until he pulled his hand out and I watched him grab onto the sides of her pants and slid them down just enough to expose her firm round ass. I watched Robert quickly pull out his cock and started to rub and slap it against Ana's ass. She turned to look back but Robert quickly turned her head back forward and started to fuck her fast until suddenly he stopped and Ana grinned as he shot his load into her. Ana's mouth and eyes opened wide as the huge guy grabbed her hips with his large hands and started to fuck her.

Opening the wrong mail

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I went back and turned it on again and there was my loving Ana trying her best to take all of the huge cock down her throat. The black man grabbed a handful of her hair and began to go himself further down her throat, he kept slamming his cock into her mouth, and then he stopped and pulled out. The kiss took her breath away and before Ana knew it, she was naked with that black guy between her spread legs… in our marital bed… Then my loving wife showed me several videos that lucky black guy had recorded as he fucked her, always in a wild way.

Ana spends the weekend outside

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Ana came back from inside with fresh drinks and then I reached out and pinched her pussy lips through the shiny black Spandex. Then my sweet my wife surprised me by telling she was really horny and wanted a thick long black cock to stretch her pussy lips out… I suggested her to leave for a near bar where we could find huge black men to stretch her cunt as she wanted; but Ana replied we both had many drinks inside and could not drive… So I called that lucky bastard Nelson and told him that my wife's pussy was in need of his huge black dick, He laughed on the phone and said he was on his way…

Ana picked up in the street

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He got behind me and began to run his cock up and down my crack teasing my now wet pussy lips and my asshole tight entrance. The tip of his cock penetrated me just less than an inch and the feeling made me let out a very light moan. I was moaning and screaming with pleasure when suddenly my asshole started convulsing and my body began to shake with no control. In the intense pleasure of my orgasm I could feel his cock start pulsating and his thick warm seed filled my anus. When he removed the tip I moaned and panted as his seed began to leak out of my asshole into a puddle on the bed.

A new black experience in Jamaica

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I came back to the beach and I could feel this young black guy’s smile on me while he passed close to me, carrying a big coconut drink. Then he managed to make me take half his length….I felt like such a slut looking behind me, thinking my husband was there as that black monster cock was fucking me… Then I sat down on his gigantic black dick; my face towards the balcony thinking again my loving husband could be there in the darkness, watching me acting like a cheap slut, riding that hard black monster cock. William rammed his huge, young hard black cock deep inside my now well lubed and stretched cunt; grabbing my hair and hips and pounding me hard, making me cum again and again like crazy.