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The Adventures of Modesty Girl Pt. 03

voyeur AnonymousPerv 2018-07-24

As he pulled his pants up (no cleaning was needed, thanks to the skilled mouth of the young woman), Adrian wondered how he was going to explain this to Tanya. Penny decided to address it head-on and she spoke first, "Do you think it is possible that I will get as accustomed to wearing slutty clothing, or being groped by the likes of you, that those things won't bother me in the future, either?" Instead of seeing armed robbers, Penny saw several naked women, and one guy was pulling his pants up, getting dressed. Adrian had recently blown his load into the other woman's mouth, but looking at Penny's rock hard nipples, and amazing body, made his penis react in a very positive way.


B(r)e(a)st Woman for the Job

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-07-22

James stayed silent as John continued, "So when the flasks get full, the pumping will stop automatically. The strange thing was that Mindy couldn't hear the device whatsoever, silent as a stone, yet the pumps obviously worked with some degree of force. Mindy found it difficult to focus on Jame's words as the nipple attachments continued to stimulate her tits, and her clit was craving for something, anything. Once Mindy sat back down, she snapped the tubes back in place and the pumping immediately went back to work. "Mindy, do you need the room to yourself?" asked James. Mindy's tits bounced erratically from the forceful pumping, her exposed nipple spraying milk everywhere across the table, floor and several chairs. "And maybe James is right," said Mindy.


It's Not What You Think

group AnonymousPerv 2018-07-10

Tonight, it almost felt like Michelle was playing the role of a totally different woman other than herself. And just as Michelle was about to cum on my cock, a woman barged into the room screaming. "It looks like you know him pretty well to me!" shouted Michelle, her eyes opened wide. "He said he was going to make my swallow his cum," said the woman, looking up at Michelle. Michelle dropped to her knees at the bed and began groping the woman's tits. Michelle, playing a role so out of character, turned me on to no end and I found another quick orgasm escaping my cock, being gulped down in gaggles and coughs by this poor woman.

Another Police Line-up

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-06-21

"Tony continued, "Anyway, the girl's breasts were bouncing all over the place as I watched her run across the room and fight with that guy. Tony was almost speechless, but finally said, "Ma'am, your tits move wonderfully, but I am afraid the bouncing and swinging of this girl was significantly different, as if the weight of her chest wasn't balanced, but still uniquely firm. She displayed ample amounts of cleavage and if Tony had to guess, Erin's tits were more rocket shaped than round, like the shorter of the two detectives, Barbara. It was rather humorous watching the detectives try to help the blinded girls get dressed, but since he wasn't asked to leave the room, he enjoyed the view as they did.

Rebecca's Naked Interview

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-06-07

For seven months, I had been working on scoring an interview with the infamous man known as Anon de Sade. As long as I agreed to the conditions, I was allowed to ask de Sade any questions I saw fit. "And the answer is 'Yes, fucking way.' You see, Mr. de Sade has instructed me that if you want this interview, then you will at least come to understand his philosophy, and how he helps his clients. "It's why I'm here interviewing you, Mr. de Sade," I said, feeling the vibrator beginning to warm up and increase in speed. I refused to allow a huge vibrator going off in my pussy to get in the way of getting this story!

The Event Pt. 02 (A Spin-Off)

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-06-04

Inevitably, they miss a blowjob at some point in time, and and end up stripped naked, running the halls and streets, looking for anyone willing to fuck them and make them cum... Most guys - the good ones anyway - who come across a woman like that, will deliver their load in her mouth. She was neither needing to suck cock, nor was she at the state anywhere close where she turned into one of those shameless, fuck-doll cum-sluts. did you not get a load of sperm in time?" I asked Mandy, wondering if somehow she was on the threshold of becoming one of those cum-slut zombies, the kind who demand orgasms and attention.

The Adventures of Modesty Girl Pt. 04

voyeur AnonymousPerv 2018-05-20

Penny intended to stop - or at least witness - a bank robbery that was due to take place in the morning at 9 a.m. She had foreseen the crime when peering into her future, a power Penny only gets when she is deeply humiliated, she discovered. Her plan worked, because two minutes past nine, Penny was hit with a completely foreign feeling, like something astral had pushed her from the back, entered her body, and taken over her thoughts and actions, turning her into a puppet. This time, not as Penny Worthington, but as Miss Nipples, the super-heroine who was going to end this bank robber's career.


Mannequin X

voyeur AnonymousPerv 2018-03-04

They wanted us to design a mannequin so lifelike, it could fool people into thinking they used real life-models in their retail stores. The mannequin looked exactly like the model we'd hired when we began the project, right down to the very pores in her "skin" and the moving body parts. "How can a mannequin possibly feel like the real thing?" she asked to Mr. Thompson. "Stop thinking about using me like that." Funny I said that while having my tits sucked, my pussy manhandled and a pervert looking down my throat, wondering if I had good oral skills. "Mary, when you're in a pose like that, I know you are capable of staying frozen.


Mr. Tovall Speaks His Mind

voyeur AnonymousPerv 2018-02-07

She was Patricia Marsh and she was the Personal Assistant to Henry Tovall, one of the most powerful men in the world. Patricia said, "Henry, I was thinking you could ask Miss Landers a few questions, see how you two get along, is that okay?" Patricia sighed and said, "Henry, no one who made it this far into the interview process speaks Spanish, anyway. "That's saying something," said Henry, this time actually looking at me. "I mean it," I said, looking at Henry and then back to Patricia. "I trust your judgment, Patricia." Mr. Tovall looked at me one more time, smiling.


The Erectile Cream

group AnonymousPerv 2018-01-23

Couples would be able to play together for some time and when ready, they could apply the chemical to the man to finish him off so he would experience sexual release. But now, the group wanted to test the lip balm product. I was barely in the process of saying, "Go ahead," my mouth open in mid-sentence, when Donny shoved the tip of his penis against my bottom lip. Noticing how discomforting it was for him, I immediately opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the fat head of his member. The words barely escaped my lips as another cock made its way inside my mouth and again, in a flash of a moment, the hot, throbbing member was gushing sperm.

The Primrose Case Files Ch. 02

fetish AnonymousPerv 2017-12-16

"Okay, why don't you start from the beginning," said Mark, as Amanda positioned herself across from the victim's mother. that played no role in Lance's decision to leave his entire fortune to his fiance?" Mark began stroking faster as he asked the question and shifted his direction even closer towards the grieving mother. Amanda thought Madam Weston was starting the day as best one could considering the circumstances. "Looks like we'll need to find this girlfriend of his," said Mark, as he began beating even faster. Amanda sat up in her chair, eager to watch the display and just as expected, seconds later, Mark groaned loudly as he ejected a thick wad of liquid directly into the heiress' mouth.

The Primrose Case Files Ch. 01

fetish AnonymousPerv 2017-12-03

Had he taken this train before?" Mark noticed the girl had a name tag attached to her short skirt that read 'Wendy.' In her initial interview, she'd introduced herself as Wendy Smith, a university student who'd worked at the station for almost two years now. Mark knew that Amanda did this act of tweaking her nipples while she was concentrating, similar to the way he tended to pace in circles when thinking hard. "The victim landed here," said Amanda, pointing with her right hand, while still tweaking her nipple with the left. Amanda stopped abruptly and turned, nearly knocking Mark in the head with her right breast. "Oh, you're right," said Mark, letting go, looking at the soaking wet nipple, more erect than ever.

The Adventures of Modesty Girl Pt. 02

voyeur AnonymousPerv 2017-10-31

well, feel." Penny closed her eyes as Antwon's hands brushed across them, proving her point. Antwon's hands were behind her head, feeling up and down the back of the mask, and touching the hair coming out near the bottom. Penny was describing more than she wanted, but Antwon was nodding, smiling, and creating an image in his mind. Finally, like the image that had flashed in her mind, Antwon made his way down to Penny's feet, paying attention to every detail. Penny wanted to read Antwon's thoughts, to discover what he was thinking the problem might be, but she wasn't able to break his mind. Penny first saw images of Antwon groping and curdling her tits, deeply running his hands into her flesh.


Alternate Dimensions

voyeur AnonymousPerv 2017-10-29

I swear," said Brad, struggling again to look her in the eye, but that was his natural shyness rather than any deceit, surmised Rebecca. "Exact same place as last time," said Brad, smiling confidently. Rebecca was so enraptured by the inexplicable trip and Brad's discussion that she barely noticed she was naked anymore. "I wanted to be sure to find a place where I felt the box wouldn't be found," said Brad, as he helped Rebecca navigate the area in her bare feet. He turned to Rebecca when he was finished, for the first time taking a solid look at her entirely, from head to toe. "Alright, I believe you now," said Rebecca, eyeing Brad.