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The Pagans

first-time Arcane 2018-12-04

"This is my tent," said Ryan, letting go of Jasmine’s hand to unzip the door. "You truly are a fortunate girl to have breasts as lovely as those," marvelled Ryan, who had finally taken the dress off of Jasmine. She felt her pussy stretch open to accommodate Ryan’s thick cock, wrapping around it like a bed sheet. Just when Jasmine thought it couldn’t get any more painful, she felt Ryan’s cock slide past her hymen; broadening it and tearing it in multiple places. Jasmine felt Ryan’s hammering cock push further into her, each throb pulsing against her pussy. Jasmine tightened her grip on Ryan with her legs as she wobbled and jerked, moaning about how good it felt.

The Creek - Part One

first-time Arcane 2018-11-27

Sophie and Maggie squealed as Logan resurfaced and shook his head like a dog. Logan looked up and saw Sophie and Maggie trying not to laugh, their hands over their mouths. Logan felt his cock get stiffer as he watched Sophie’s tits press up against Maggie’s. Logan saw out of the corner of his eye Maggie unbuttoning her shirt and Sophie taking off her shoes. Sophie slid a hand down Logan’s back and ran a single finger down his spine. Logan noticed that Maggie was more petite than Sophie and had smaller tits. Sophie pulled her legs toward her body so that they resembled a frog's and Logan copied Jeremy’s style, using Sophie’s hips for support.

The Night's Not Over Yet

first-time Arcane 2018-11-25

An hour passed as I continued to chat to my friends, Sophie in my arms smiling shyly when I said something funny. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Sophie remove her flannel shirt and pull her tank-top over her head. Sophie sat next to my body and inspected my semi-erect cock that was slowly stiffening in the cool air. Sophie wrapped her hands around the base of my cock as she held the head in her mouth, circling and flicking it with her tongue. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down against the lips of Sophie's pussy. As I continued to enter her, Sophie raised her legs towards her hips so that she looked like a frog ready to spring.

The Geography Fieldtrip - Part Three

group Arcane 2018-11-20

Ian placed his hands on Chloe’s arse and positioned his cock, ready to fuck her pussy as hard as he could. Ian continued to smash his cock into Chloe’s pussy roughly and pulled harder on her hair. Ian was fucking Chloe’s pussy so hard that he felt a slight burning sensation on the head of his glistening cock. Ian closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his cock gliding through Chloe’s pussy, the weight of her head and the tugging on his scrotum. Ian watched as Chloe and Rachel held each other and passionately kissed, exchanging his cum between their mouths. Ian, Lauren, Chloe and Rachel tiptoed quietly past him and dashed to the adjacent unit which the girls were supposed to be sleeping in.

The Geography Fieldtrip - Part Two

first-time Arcane 2018-11-20

Anyway, that means you have to share with Lauren tonight; I hope you don’t mind,’ said Adam, clearly no giving a toss whether or not Ian minded. Ian used his index finger to run up and down Lauren’s soaking pussy lips, gliding with ease and lubricated from her juices. Ian licked from the bottom of her pussy lips right to the top, and back down again; passing over Lauren’s clit. Lauren’s pussy got sharper and she placed her hands behind Ian’s head, forcing him in further into her groin. He thrust his body forwards; his cock slowly gliding into Lauren’s soaking pussy. Ian fucked Lauren at a steady pace, slamming his cock into her pussy and making a satisfying slapping sound.

The Creek - Part Three

group Arcane 2018-11-05

Logan, Sophie, Maggie and Jeremy were all down by the creek cooling off. Logan and Jeremy both had semi erect cocks because the two girls had decided to wear skimpy bikinis. Logan felt his cock twitch with excitement; he knew Maggie would have something fun in store. Logan and Jeremy started to pump their cocks furiously, putting all their effort into their arms. Logan moaned and hot globs of cum erupted from his cock, spurting everywhere and splattering onto Maggie’s chest. Logan, Sophie, Jeremy and Maggie stood reunited on the bank of the creek. Logan felt Sophie having an orgasm, her juices spurting out of her pussy and saturating Logan and Jeremy’s cock. ‘You better eat my pussy good, bitch,’ Maggie yelled enthusiastically, spanking Sophie’s plump tits.

The Geography Field Trip - Part One

first-time Arcane 2018-11-02

Ian felt his cock twitch as he saw Lauren’s blouse go transparent in places. Lauren knew Ian was getting hard from looking at her, which made her feel surprisingly aroused and a little bit horny. Lauren handed the water bottle back to Ian and stroked his fingers as she did. Lauren smiled and looked to the ceiling, continuing to stimulate Ian’s cock through his jeans. Ian was sucking his fingers clean of Lauren’s pussy juices when he felt his cock being stroked. Ian felt a brush against his lips, so he parted them and put his hands behind Lauren’s head. Ian kissed Lauren harder as he felt her grasp his cock. Lauren broke their kiss and ran her fingers through the globules of cum on Ian’s cock.

The Creek - Part Two

group Arcane 2018-10-29

Jeremy and Maggie led Logan toward the creek with Sophie in tow. Maggie, Jeremy and Logan positioned themselves evenly in a circle around Sophie as she began to spin. Sophie paused her sucking for a moment and turned around, just in time to see Jeremy plunge his throbbing cock into her pussy. Sophie looked up and saw Logan standing over Maggie, his long, thick cock standing at attention. Logan propelled his cock down Maggie’s mouth and pumped in and out of it, just like he would to a pussy. Logan was pumping vigorously into Maggie’s throat and Jeremy was thrusting into her pussy. Jeremy, also finished, took his cock out of Maggie and wiped his member clean on Maggie’s lips.