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Free erotic stories by Ariel21 on AdultRead

A second and third time

lesbian Ariel21 2018-11-24

She let Gaby’s leg down off her shoulder and pulled the strap-on slowly out of her dripping pussy, causing Gaby to moan softly. Gaby stood in front of her, gazing at Lacy’s sumptuous body. Lacy took her by the hips and yanked her closer, kissing all over her waist and hips. Leaning down, she kissed her way down to Gaby’s mound, looking up as she ran her tongue slowly over the other woman's pussy lips. Lacy’s fingers ran up Gaby’s inner thighs and slowly she pushed a finger deep inside, curling it to reach her g-spot. Gaby started rocking her hips, her moaning turning Lacy on even more. Moving even lower, she kissed the big, luscious tits before her, running her tongue in slow circles, sucking tenderly on Lacy's brown nipples.

My Morning Fantasy

mastrubation Ariel21 2018-11-18

I imagined that we were both naked from the fun night before and I could feel you getting hard as you started to kiss down my cheek, then down my neck sucking and leaving a mark so every one would know I am yours. As I laid in my bed imagining all this, my fingers had found their way to my wet pussy and as I moaned your name, I could feel my body tingle and my imagination took me further towards orgasmic bliss. My body felt so amazing and as I got up, stretched, and began to pull the wet sheets from the bed, I smiled and imagined that one day, hopefully sooner then later my fantasy would be a reality..

Morning Dream

mastrubation Ariel21 2018-11-05

I can both see and feel your hand slide under my skirt and your fingertips trace over my black lace panties. Your lips have traveled down over my cheek and have started to kiss ever so slowly over my neck. I can feel you smile as you hear my moan and your teeth gently nip at my neck. Your other hand has moved its way from under my shirt and is sliding over my stomach and up to my black lace bra. I can feel your fingers sliding back and forth over the fabric and it kind of tickles. Your tongue is diving in and out of my mouth, your teeth graze my lip and then you start to kiss down neck and you bite hard.

A First Time

lesbian Ariel21 2018-11-05

As Lacy's gaze moved slowly down Gaby's body, she could see that Gaby had one hand bracing herself on the side of the tub as the other rubbed her pussy in slow circles. Lacy started to eat Gaby's pussy furiously, pushing her tongue deeper and moving it faster over her hard clit. Lacy never stopped lapping up her cum; she just slowed her tongue and began kissing Gaby's pussy lips softly. Gaby could taste her own pussy on Lacy's lips and pushed her tongue into the other girl's eager mouth, starting to remove her shirt. Gaby ran her flattened tongue over Lacy's pussy and then began to lap at her clit. Lacy began to rock against Gaby's mouth faster, grinding her pussy hard on Gaby's increasingly wet face.


bdsm Ariel21 2018-11-01

He shut my mouth by kissing it hard, sliding his tongue past my lips and deep into my mouth. I spread my legs and he slid his body between them to start a tongue assault on my pussy. Jason wasted no time, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep in my mouth, making me gag hard. He yanked on my hair hard and thrust forward ramming his cock deep inside me, making me cry out in pure pleasure. Jason kept on fucking me and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me. I felt his body tense up and his cock throbbed once, twice and then exploded his hot sticky cum deep in my pussy.