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Free erotic stories by Ariel797 on AdultRead


bdsm Ariel797 2018-09-21

But artfully, deliberately, she turned and flicked the end of the singletail so that it went up and just barely touched my clit, and I jerked and moaned, my head back and that pulled hard on my clover clamps on my breasts. I felt the labia spreader go on, a thin belt around the waist, a thin leather strip between the legs; up between the pussy, then the two slightly wider leather strips pulled tight, so tightly, hooked into the belt, then sliding until the wide leather pieces gripped the labia and stretched them far, than farther apart. I was still scratching at the chains, trying to grab them, twisting a little, when the other woman kissed me and moved her hand down my belly, stroking it, rolling my clit gently round and round, and I moaned in her mouth and turned my head to her.

Shawn Ch. 08

bdsm Ariel797 2018-09-04

Mama San slathered ginger juice into the girl's anus, pussy, on the nipples and clit, then jabbed a dollop inside Shawn. Sarge jerked off the U clamp, which made Shawn spasm a little, then he worked on the labia spreader, spreading her pussy wider, then wider still. Sarge jerked his belt out of Michael's hands and wrapped it around his fist again, then slammed the loose end again and again on the girl's nipples and open pussy. He laughed and threw the belt at Michael, grabbed another bee, and let it sting her on the inside of the other pussy lip, near the opening.

Shawn Ch. 01

bdsm Ariel797 2018-08-15

Mama San placed cuffs around the wrists and pulled them over the girl's head cruelly, back and then down, tying it to a rung under the table. Shawn shivered, jerking a little when she felt Mama San's wrinkled hand touch her clit. A leg was freed, but before she could kick, Auntie K held it firmly for one so old in appearance, while Mama San began to roll a length of hose up the girl's smooth leg. Mama San hissed angrily at her, nodding at the girl, but Shawn did not seem aware of what had been said. "Always use glove," said Mama San. She took the man's hand and began pulling a glove over it, latex, snapping the cuff around his wrist when she was done.

Shawn Ch. 05

bdsm Ariel797 2018-08-13

Mama San and Auntie K stripped Shawn of the hose and boots and pushed her into the tub, muttering angrily at her. "Now," said Mama San, as Shawn stood on a mat, shivering after Auntie K had finished drying her hair. Mama San applied the tiniest, most painfully tight nooses Auntie K had ever seen to each of Shawn's nipples, trapping very swollen nipples, forcing them to stay taut and tightly peaked. Before they released her from the bar, Mama San took Kira's pearls and waved them happily at Shawn. Mama San took a crop, and swung it on the red sore flesh of Shawn's pussy.


bdsm Ariel797 2018-08-06

You'd be surprised because he doesn't look like it, but inside the Doc has got a really thick, long cock that stretches me and feels good. I sat on him, and he surprised me because he shoved his cock right into me and grabbed my bottom with his hands and started kneading them, pulling my bottom apart and then squeezing it together until I did that high quavering little moan that means I had a fast orgasm. One guy shoves his cock into my mouth and starts pushing in and out, and another is fingering my nipple rings, hard, twisting them and tugging a little so I moan, but they hold me down with strong hands.

Shrink Ch. 02

bdsm Ariel797 2018-08-05

He finally moves his head and closes his eyes, and Dr. Joe's hands both cup my bottom, squeezing tightly, pulling them apart, crunching them back together eagerly, hot, excited. Biederman and Dr. Joe are right on his tail, and so is an orderly, a massive white guy who looks like he's never missed a night at the gym in his life. I finally flip the table over so the legs are in the air, wipe off the end with the gown, and, looking at the mirror and smiling, I use my fingers to pull my pussy open, and I slide down onto the table leg.

BobbyJo Sue, Trailer Park Queen

fetish Ariel797 2018-07-29

I knew that butler done messed up bad, but Master, he said no, he says I got to learn how to use them just right. Now after a few days of me getting my butt stung on that damn chair and getting used to walking around all naked all the time, and then getting tied up at night or having him spank me, he tells me he wants me to learn to send out invitations. And then Master would tie my wrists and ankles and tease me with his tongue, then he'd stop, then he'd pull out that crop or a flogger and tap me, strike me with it, just real soft sometimes, til I was all wild again and sobbing and begging and stuff, and after a we'd have sex, the whole time I'm tied up, and I'd just want more and more and more.


Shawn Ch. 02

bdsm Ariel797 2018-07-07

And with having the ginger liquid spread on her each night by Mama San. If Anna was not watching, the old woman dabbed on a little too much. She squirmed when Mama San dug her nails into her clit, pulling it out to be sure that Shawn was smooth. Mama San painted it with juice liberally, re-painted the nipples, then re-painted the lips, clit, and shoved the brush inside the girl twice more. Shawn was close to coming, but Mama San pulled the brush out. Each time the clothespins jerked and tugged, Shawn's head pulled back on the chains holding the nipples, and Anna smacked her again. Anna handed Bambi the crop, stood behind Shawn, reached in front and grabbed the clover clamps.

Shawn Ch. 10

bdsm Ariel797 2018-06-21

"Let's show Bud and Sam how much fun we have, sweetheart," and his hand pressed gently on her crotch, rubbing down a little. Eric's hand moved up and down a little further on her crotch, and he felt her head press back against his shoulder more. They moved next into Eric's office, and he pulled Shawn over his lap, face down, and smoothed his hand on her bottom softly, then he smacked her sharply on the bottom with his bare hand, and she jerked. Eric rolled closer to Shawn's face as Lydia worked; small beaded nooses were placed around the base of each nipple and pulled tight. Lydia finished the second nipple and then added a clamp to the base of Shawn's clit; she jerked a little, but Eric could see that the clit, too, was already puffing nicely.

Shrink Ch. 03

bdsm Ariel797 2018-05-18

Even underwater, I can hear him grunting and I can feel him grinding, and my hips move up and down on their own with the water's movement, and water trickles in and out of my navel and feels so good, so good, sensation all over me and around me, touching me everywhere, and Biederman inside me, his cock in me, and Norris reaches over and squeezes my breast, and I turn my head and see he's got his cock out of his shorts, playing with it the way men do sometimes, just flicking it around and moving it a little.

Shawn Ch. 06

bdsm Ariel797 2018-05-13

So they knocked on the door of the Winnebago one afternoon when everyone else was gone, to find Shawn lying face down on the floor, legs crossed at the ankles behind her, chin propped on her hands, watching TV. "Huh uh, I'm going first, Roger," said the black man, and the other one nodded, his hand rubbing gently on his cock in its condom. "Yeah, and Burt and Zig. You got their cell?" said Dan. Roger nodded, flipped open his phone, and dialed. "Oh yeah slut," he crooned, ramming into her so that the D rings on her cuffs jingled, "You know you want it, beg me for it, I'm gonna punish your pussy, you love it baby." The guys were jabbing each other and grinning, yelling at him "Go Mike, go!


Shawn Ch. 09

bdsm Ariel797 2018-04-11

While Chan worked with the new items, Sarge gripped the girls' pussy with one large hand. He opened the new box, placing it on a stand near the table, and pulled out what looked to Sarge like a metal stick. Chan pushed the violet wand against the metal clit clamp again, moving it around over the clamp, but always touching. Finally, he began applying little discs to her nipples and clit, the lips, the insides of her thighs. He pulled out another metal object, a little larger, and pushed it inside her pussy, his fingers disappearing as he shoved it into place. Chan unzipped and played with her a little, rubbing his cock on her clit, teasing.

Shawn Ch. 03

bdsm Ariel797 2018-04-03

Kira flicked the crop on the insides of the girl's thighs, near the crotch, not touching - now the thighs again - now just on the inside of one lip, pulled taught by the spreader - back to a breast, smacking it with the loop of the crop - now back to the thighs, the labia, then a quick sharp smack on the clit. When the pearls were out, Kira said "Now give me pleasure, little slut" and pushed the strap-on into Shawn, shoving, rutting, panting herself. Kira snapped a leash onto the D ring of Shawn's collar, then snapped the other end onto the armrest of Eric's chair. Kira cupped the girl's breasts, watching the men, smiling, squeezed them gently, rubbed her thumbs over Shawn's nipples.


bdsm Ariel797 2018-02-26

The Mistress tells me that I am a slut and should be punished for being such a little whore, so she rubs the handle of her flogger between my legs, over clamps, between the lips, reaches around to my front and grabs the front of the flogger handle with one hand, keeping her other on the back end of the handle behind me, and she pulls up at an angle, back and forth, so I close my eyes and nearly cry from the pleasure and the wetness and cuming in front of everyone so they can all see and watch and hear me and know, she's a slut, she's such a little whore. Too soon, too soon I am pulled off, and the last part is that I am laid on a small bench before the Mistress, and guests get to hold my arms over my head and pull my legs wide open, and she puts her high-heeled foot against my pussy and rolls it back and forth, gently, harder, gently, harder, until I cum again.

The Teacher: Lesson II

mastrubation Ariel797 2018-02-18

"Close your eyes," he whispered, and I felt his mouth on my neck, moving along my shoulder, and his other hand...ohh, running lightly up my ribs, up, between my breasts until I pushed back against his chest, my head going back over his shoulder, completely open and waiting for his touch. I leaned forward and he began to stroke my hair, pushing on my head, and I pulled him into my mouth, my hands going back to touch his butt, squeezing his cheeks gently, pulling him towards me, my tongue licking his cock as my mouth tightened on him, moving, sucking. I felt my clit burning from the clamp, could faintly hear the little bells moving and bouncing as he fucked my mouth, pushing himself into me more and more, until he froze, groaning, his hands twisting in my hair, and he came...

Shawn Ch. 07

bdsm Ariel797 2018-02-11

Mama San, Auntie K, and Anna drove with Shawn to the Sarge's house a few days later. He insisted that Mama San fit a clit clamp to the end of the chain and hook it to the base of Shawn's clit, so it tugged and pulled when she straightened up. "Not yet, slut!" snapped Mama San. She pulled up the clit and had Auntie K wrap a thread around the base, tightened the clamp, then released it. Mama San fitted a thin leather belt around the girl's waist and jerked it tight, threaded a slender leather thong between her legs, then up between the pussy. Sarge had Mama San and Auntie K wipe off the ginger juice, but they kept the clamps on and the pearls in at his request.

A Dirty Old Man

bdsm Ariel797 2018-02-03

Heidi disappeared into the bedroom, ignoring the one she and Jack shared, and the men sat in the living room. Heidi got up, kissing Delancey before moving to Russ. Jack next pulled out a small silk pink ribbon, threaded it through her nipple rings. Jack moved the camera around, focusing it on Russ' cock, Heidi's breasts. Russ rubbed his cock between her breasts, sliding it between the hot flesh where her breasts had been cruelly pulled together by the nipple rings and the pink silk ribbon. Heidi moaned against Russ' cock, making a pleasant vibrating feel on his skin. Heidi had a blissful look on her face, with Russ' cock in her mouth and Delancey's in her pussy.

Shawn Ch. 04

bdsm Ariel797 2017-12-22

Much later that evening, when Shawn had been unhooked from the spreader bars and been sent with Mama San and Auntie K to be scrubbed and shaved and primped and for a rest, Eric sought out Michael and Kira, sharing sodas in the kitchen. Kira - " Eric turned his chair towards her, clasping his hands - "see to it that Shawn gets plenty to drink. He pulled on the condom, and she straddled him, facing him, and he put his hands on her waist and let her ride him while the men watched, watched the little slut, watched her sit on Bud's cock, slide down on it, cling to him.

Again, Voyeurs

bdsm Ariel797 2017-11-10

The other men kept my legs open wide, and if I lifted my head a little, I could just make out the old man, grinning and smiling – and then I felt a finger slide into me and I squirmed and pushed against it, half-closing my eyes. and then she had two of the men pull up my legs and then open them in a wide V, and she faced me and smacked my pussy with her crop again, and again, until I jerked and nearly sobbed, but I ached and wanted and wanted more. The woman came up behind him and smacked his bare bottom, and he groaned, then he shoved into my pussy hard and fast and oh I loved that, I loved that, yes, I want that, I need that, please, please more.