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Free erotic stories by BedroomAngel on AdultRead

First Time Anal

anal BedroomAngel 2018-11-25

Laying down on the bed she spread her legs and said “I want you to eat my pussy and massage my tits first. I wanted to take my time but Robin had other ideas, suddenly she grabbed me, wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked the shit out of me. Flipping Robin over I told her to get on her knees I was going to fuck her in the ass; I did not want her to be an anal virgin anymore. Pumping all that cum deep into her I could feel her orgasm as she fell onto the bed my cock slipped out of her ass.

Fred and Martha's Cruise Adventure

group BedroomAngel 2018-11-24

For Martha the only time she is able to accept this reality is when Fred is fast asleep a she gets out her dildo and allows herself a few minutes to indulge herself by considering such a scenario in a sexual fantasy that she regularly uses to arouse herself while she uses her dildo. Martha decided that she was not going to ‘jump right-in’ to use the vibrator but instead she was going to enjoy the fantasy of having sex with one of the men that she saw on deck earlier in the cruise. Now Martha goes through a rush of feelings from Fred will understand, to imaging what his cock will feel like once he enters her, and finally she experiences fears since she has never done this before.

Cheerleader Sandwich

group BedroomAngel 2018-11-11

Swallowing Darren’s cock down my throat I could feel Justin between my legs his tongue had began to work on my clit then suddenly his fingers started to enter my pussy first one then two then all five of them. Dropping down next to me Darren looked me deep in the eyes and said “baby what do you think about letting me fuck you in the pussy then letting both of us fuck you at one time?” I did not really need to think about this at this point I was game for about anything including getting banged by two guys at once. Moaning loudly Darren said “its okay baby, cum we are both with you.” At that moment Darren and Justin blew their loads into me I could feel Darren’s cum deep inside my ass and I could feel Justin’s cum leak outside of my hot pussy.

Greedy Girl Gang Bang

group BedroomAngel 2018-11-02

I felt my knees go weak as the guy holding me from behind pressed his very hard cock against the crack of my ass. I looked at all the cocks and deep inside me I felt a strange feeling, liking the look on the guys' faces as I knew all those cocks are going to fuck me now. He suddenly took out his cock until just the head of his cock was resting on the rim of my pussy lips and looked me directly in my eyes. I turned my head and took hold of the cock of the guy to my left and brought that cock to my mouth and started sucking on that.