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Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 4

bdsm BigD 2018-11-30

She smiled at Angela as she slid the vibrating plastic between the girl's legs and pushed it back and forth between her pussy lips. The boys were walking over as snake girl grabbed the shoulder straps of Vicky's dress and pulled it down and off. Snake girl pulled the stick up between Vicky's pussy lips and made it vibrate with her hand. Snake girl was now pushing and pulling the entire length of the stick through Vicky's pussy lips. One moved between Vicky's legs the other stood over her face and began slapping her pussy and mouth with their pricks. Snake girl came over and pried Vicky's pussy lips apart with one hand. Snake girl grabbed Vicky's face with one hand and pinched her mouth open.

Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 3

bdsm BigD 2018-11-28

I was getting really close. Saturday morning in San Francisco, Halloween day. “Do they have badges?” “You know, I really was close.” At 5'5", 120lbs her measurements were 34D-20-33. As for me, I'm a 6'3", 250lbs. She'd also figured out that she could talk me into fucking her anywhere, any time she wanted. Alice meeting the Mad Hatter. Only in San Francisco. I figured I'd just put a scare in them. The older man in the chair was watching the action and occasionally throwing out a comment or a command to one of the studs or his wife. “Do... She wasn't scared, she wasn't mad. I did as requested.

Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 5

bdsm BigD 2018-11-18

The night ended with us being pulled up on stage to be part of the entertainment in a wild bondage performance show with an outrageously handsome black couple and Christina, a beautiful, red head Vicky had meet here her first day in SFO. Vicky moved to the table with the nasty looking items and picked out a pair of wrist and ankle restraints, a black blindfold and a three foot long bar with clips on each end. Without a word, Vicky moved to Christina and shoved several fingers up her cunt with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other. Vicky grabbed my dick and pulled it back so that the tip pumped shot after shot onto Christina's pussy lips and bound clit.

Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 1

bdsm BigD 2018-11-15

Before I could react Vicky had grabbed my hand, pulled me up and was guiding me to a deserted corner of the bar right in front of the two story high windows. Reaching down and grabbing the edges of her short dress, she pulled the garment up displaying her nude body . Holding the silk between her fingers she turned and slapped her hands as high as she could on the panoramic glass. When I felt he head of my dick sliding through her pussy lips I shoved my hips up and forward in a big jerk. The waitress behind me let out a little scream and whispered "O, my god!"

Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 2

bdsm BigD 2018-11-07

The woman lifted her hand to cover her mouth but I still heard her gasp, “My goodness.” Her husband had tilted his head and was grinning as he watched Vicky continue to jerk through her orgasm. Her eyes and hands roamed up Vicky's body starting at her inner thighs, across the dips where the thighs met her hips, around the muscles in her upper thighs where they would contract and dimple, up over her rippled stomach and finally cupping and squeezing her firm, round breasts and erect nipples. Vicky, straddle his hips with your back to him." Turning to look at Malcolm she commanded, "Darling, turn that up as high as it will go." As he did, Ashley's body jerked slightly forward several times then she knelt in front of us.

Vicky Makes A Discovery

bdsm BigD 2018-11-01

As I started moving my face and tongue around her pussy I suddenly realized there wasn't a hair on her body below her neck line. With one hand she grabbed my balls and reached around behind her head with the other to pull that main of beautiful hair over her shoulder and around to the side of her body. I know you're going to come."She leaned back, supporting herself with her hands on my knees, and let me continue fuck her with hard strokes. Taking the piece of string from the bowl I took it in both hands and pulled it up across her pussy lips so that it caught beneath her clitoris. When she stopped moving I began a repeated motion of pushing and pulling the head of my dick between her lips.

Vicky Bound for Vacation - Last Chapter

bdsm BigD 2018-10-29

I grabbed the hem of Vicky's dress and pulled it up, over her head and let it hang on her cuffed hands. As soon as my cock head had passed Vicky's lips, Christina shoved her hand between my legs and cupped my balls. Vicky reached out, took the straps of Christina's dress and pulled it down leaving her naked except for her high heels. Vicky reached back in the hand bag and pulled out what looked like a miniature stun gun. Christina's body arched, her arms pulling at the restraints above her head, and she was screaming into Vicky's pussy. Vicky's eyes were glazed over watching how cock pushed and pulled on Christina's cunt lips.