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Free erotic stories by Billgh01 on AdultRead

More Than Expected (M2M)

fetish Billgh01 2018-10-02

Strong sucking pushed my strangers tongue hard onto the underside of my cock as he bobbed up an down. I was sucking for about 20 seconds and started to lick the head when I was surprised by a spurt of warm cum on the side of my mouth. I kept sucking right through his orgasm and when the flow started to subside, I grabbed his base squeezing the last drops into my mouth. I alternated between stretching my jaw to suck him in my mouth and then licking his head, shaft and balls. As his orgasm started to swell, he pulled his dick from my mouth and announced he was going to cum on my face.

Window Fuck

anal Billgh01 2018-08-01

I was pulled up in on my knees right in front of the window and Kel stood before me with his nice 7” straight as an arrow cock in his hand. Kel took my head in his hands and I started to face fuck me. It took a few minutes, but soon there was enough moisture that it moved from pain to mild discomfort, but then Kel started fucking me hard. Kel’s deep long thrusts were starting to feel really good and I needed to relieve the cum pressure that was building up from the constant prostate massage I was getting from that wonderful dick. Slamming his dick as deep into me as he could Kel’s body shook for a long time as he shot his cum in my wonderfully sore ass.

Anon at the Tanning Booth

gay-male Billgh01 2018-06-27

Basically, he was proposing for a bottom to reserve a particular booth at a tanning salon, get naked, and then assume the position for a butt fuck. I walked down the hall to the specific booth, went in and closed the door, and then got naked and got on my knees doggie style with butt facing the door, just like the instructions said. As I waited on the cold floor, I heard noises of a woman getting fucked in another room. The guy then pushed me flat to the cold floor that was covered in my cum and laid on top of me as he resumed fucking my ass. Looking at my freshly fucked ass he told me not to look back until the door closed.

Dinner at the Hole (Part 2 later that day)

fetish Billgh01 2018-05-18

I had a little slow going as the next few guys that came into the adjacent booths wanted to do the sucking or trade bjs. I could see his ample bulge developing as I quietly asked, "do you want some help with that?" He did not act startled but said "would love it." He moved closer to the wall and I reached through and massaged his cock as he undid his pants. Mike looked a little dismayed as he stood with cum dripping from his face, hands, dick, and balls. He was startled when a voice in the booth next to us said “that was fucking hot, Thanks for the show.” I laughed a bit saying “looks like we had an audience”, but I think Mike was quite embarrassed that someone else knew his secret.

Theater Showing Porn (M2M) Part 1

hardcore Billgh01 2018-04-21

He was 5 seats in from the isle and I could see he was slowly stroking his cock in his pants. We sat there for a good 10 minutes just slowly rubbing and stroking each others cocks. I bent over and took his pre-cum oozing cock into my wet mouth. Every so often, I would pull his dick out of my mouth to look at it, then swirl my tongue on the top as I descended down onto it again. Finally, his pressure on my head eased and i pulled off his cock swallowing his copious load. With that he, pulled his shorts up, stood, and left, leaving me horny as hell with my aching cock still needing relief.

Horny at the Bar (M2M)

gay-male Billgh01 2018-03-14

As I stood Jerry rubbed my rock hard cock and asked if I wanted to come back to his hotel so I could get some relief. I screamed as an intense sharp pain shot from my ass through my entire body; I struggled to pull away and Jerry removed his cock from my throbbing asshole. Jerry pulled me back away from the chair a bit and told me to jerk my cock, which I gladly did. I knew it would not be long, the intense fucking made my dick feel incredible as I slowly stroked my cock. Finally, he pulled out of my sore, burning ass I could feel his cum drip out and down my balls.

The Plumber and My First BJ (M2M)

first-time Billgh01 2018-02-14

As I started to page through the magazine and looked at the great pictures of girls getting screwed or blowing cocks, I began rubbing myself. “ I will make you cum but its only fair if you pleasure me a bit, OK?” I nervously said “OK.” He told me to turn around and face him as he stepped out of his pants exposing his 7” rock hard cock. Finally, he tensed up and said suck it hard, as I closed my lips around it to suck it, he let out a scream, I felt the first squirt, but after that a flood of cum filled my mouth.

Lunch Time at the Hole

fetish Billgh01 2018-01-10

As it came through the hole I took it into my mouth and let him feel my warm tongue and a gentle sucking. I sucked him for just a little while and just as I pulled his cock out to inspect it some more, he shot a long rope of jism that landed on my face and in my right eye. I traced my tongue down his crack to his hole as he said "oh fuck that is hot." He bent over a bit giving me better access. I grabbed the base of his dick, and kept bobbing to the rhythm as he grunted “eat that fucking cum” and started to shoot his load into my mouth.

Theater Showing Porn Part 2 (M2M)

anal Billgh01 2018-01-08

As the last drops of cum were dripping from the guys dick, I started to turn around to leave, but was stopped by two big hands on my shoulders. My orgasm lasted forever with each deep stroke of cock my ass resulting in more cum shooting from my well satisfied dick. I was wondering if he was going to pull out or not, but then all of a sudden he screamed and pushed he engorged cock all the in my tight ass. Then as my stranger pulled his massive cock from my ass two guys used the lights on their phones to look at my freshly fucked hole. My stranger said "that was fucking amazing.." He continued a few seconds later " keep looking forward" as he pulled up his pants and left.

Sydney's First Visit To A Video Arcade

fetish Billgh01 2017-12-15

Booth 5 was to my liking and I quickly pulled Sydney into it and closed the door. I quickly undid my belt and pushed down my pants with her help letting my aching 7” inch cock free. She went right away to put it into her mouth, however, I pulled back not wanting to cum too quickly. The excitement of being watched really turned both of us on as I finally let her mouth encircle my thick shaft. Sydney was definitely turned on as I let her suck for a few seconds then f***ed her head down on my cock making her gag. However, I did not let up right away, keeping my cock lodged deep in her as she did her best.

Sydney at the Arcade Part 2

hardcore Billgh01 2017-11-02

“Why don’t you show our friend next door a closer view of your tits” I said, prompting Sydney to stoop down and show our neighbor through the gloryhole on the left her wonderful tits. The stranger was a black man with a huge hand which looked even bigger against her modest sized boobs. I could hear squishing and splashing noises as our stranger piston-ing his fingers in and out of her pussy rubbed her clit Sydney’s breathing increased and I could feel the tension build in her sexy body. As the whole cock appeared, Sydney rubbed the underside with the back of her fingers soliciting a low moan from our hung black stranger. Sydney hands looked quite small stroking that wonderful cock.