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Free erotic stories by Bishop_Cain on AdultRead

My Birthday Dinner

bdsm Bishop_Cain 2018-11-29

“Thanks Declan,” Connor says taking center stage, “So for our first course, I have prepared a spicy roasted red pepper soup with a hot blooded cocktail.” Both men fight for control, but Galen swings his legs around Connor. After such a display I just want to lock Connor and Galen away in a room, and fuck them till I can no longer move. I walk over to Galen letting my words flow like honey, “I wanted to thank you for all your help today, and to give you a small conciliation prize for your match.” Connor is standing in the door way with Galen looking slightly nervous by the bed. “Time for another ride my Lioness,” Connor commands, “face me, and give Galen the chance to enjoy that tight little ass of yours.”

The Darkness

bdsm Bishop_Cain 2018-11-24

I can feel my body starting to ache, it is a welcome sensation. I can feel his desire as he takes his enjoyment from me. My nipples tighten with anticipation of the coming strike. He strikes my left breast first and my pussy clamps with the shock. With each strike my body turns to liquid fury, my need only stilled by the needs of my master. I feel the steel of his cock resting against me. Although his need is great, my master takes great care to soothe what he has abused. I feel every inch of him inside me, his need strained. For what seems like an eternity, he whispers those three little words I’ve been aching to hear.

Dinner and a Show

bdsm Bishop_Cain 2018-11-21

I scowl as I try to leave, but after she twists my arm, literally – haven’t I said she’s persistent – it looks like I’m staying. My god, if this thing is half as great as my wand at home, I’m going to be crazy at dinner tonight. I know what Candice wants to see happen tonight, but in the end, it’s all up to Jada. Giving me another quizzical look, Jada says, “How did you know I liked pinot noir wine?” It’s just that Drake and I usually don’t go to places like this. Of course once it’s all said and done, I’ll tell her that I’m ok with her seeing Drake.

The Conference Room

bdsm Bishop_Cain 2018-11-15

Our greeting seems to catch the attention of the Katie and Luke as they finally look up from the tablet. Luke walks over, shaking my hand, giving me a smart ass greeting from which I reply with my own. Luke never directly sold the equipment, he is more like the middle man matching you up with the company that has exactly what you’re looking for. I want you to focus on everything around you the feel of my breath against your neck, the strength of my hands holding you against me, the hardness of my cock at your back.” What seems like an eternity passes before I finally release her lips, feeling her still as she molds herself into me, grabbing a hold of my arm around her waist.

A Night Back Home

bdsm Bishop_Cain 2018-11-10

I release her breast with resounding pop slipping my hand down her shorts; I tease her clit making her cry out to the night. “Please Master I need you so bad, my pussy is drenched for your cock.” Not giving Tara much choice in the matter, I grab the back of her head forcing her down on my cock. I continue to tease her pussy stroking my cock while she grinds against my hand. Giving her a hard thrust, I bury myself deep in her pussy the walls of her cunt flexing around my cock. It’s a beautiful sight to watch her bounce on my cock the look of sheer ecstasy on her face. Let me cum on your fucking cock, please Master.”

My Darkest Christmas

bdsm Bishop_Cain 2018-11-07

I can hear the warm crackle of the fireplace, feeling its soft caress against my bare skin. But I can’t help the sigh that escapes me, as I feel the sweet pain of clamps on my folds. With a rough hand my master palms my breast, rubbing his thumb along my nipple. A soft kiss is placed upon my neck as he gives me a gentle embrace.  Words cannot describe the feeling of peace that washes over me. What feels like a small flame flicks across my nipple, causing me to hiss in such beautiful pain. Words cannot express how much I desire you in this moment”, my master whispers along my skin. Pushing back, I feel my master's hard cock through the leather of the harness.

The Hotel

bdsm Bishop_Cain 2018-11-03

Oh fuck, I’m going to cum if I keep thinking like that. Leaning down close to my ear Drake says, “This pussy belongs to me Jada. Returning my attention to Drake and Jada, I can start to hear her moan on his cock. Keeping her mouth open, Jada teases the head of Drake’s cock. Grabbing a hold of her hair, Drake shoves his cock inside her mouth. Drake moves Jada on top, grabbing her hips as he drives himself into her waiting cunt. Standing up, Drake holds Jada, driving his cock deep into her drenched pussy. One overzealous man gives a shout out, telling Drake to fuck me nice and hard. Feeling his cock pulse inside me, I push Drake away, dropping to my knees.