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Free erotic stories by CaitlinTheCutey on AdultRead

Hospital Fantasy

group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-10-02

The nurse was wearing a red bra and he slid his hand inside the silky cup, lifting the creamy breast from its lacy confines. The nurse pinched her nipples as she sucked her clit and in a rush of pleasure, Amy had the most amazing orgasm of her life. Amy moaned as his hard cock fucked her relentlessly and as the nurse sucked her clit, she climaxed again. Amy recovered from her own orgasm and moved behind her, caressing her bottom, enjoying the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. With Amy’s finger up her arse and a hard cock fucking her it was only a matter of seconds before the nurse climaxed again.

Up All Night!!

group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-08-30

As Andrew's hands roved up her thigh, Dave began to stroke Lorna's breasts. Lorna reached out a hand on either side and began to stroke their already hard cocks. Lorna started to suck Andrew's cock, stroking his shaft at the same time, while Dave started to tongue-fuck her. She felt her other hand being gently pulled to the side of the bed and soon, she was wanking two cocks over her face while sucking on Andrew and feeling Dave lick her clit, two fingers up her by now. As he neared orgasm, Andrew pulled out of her mouth and began wanking over her face while Dave carried on tonguing her.

What Jenny Did!!

group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-08-21

The next day I brought it up with my Ed who didn't sound too impressed but to humour me he gave me the green light to investigate.I wasn't too sure where to start, I mean, did I wander the streets of k**erton looking for pampas grass then knock on the door saying "Hi my name is Jenny, do you want to swing?" At least they were quite attractive and not that old - late twenties I'd say and probably had quite professional jobs, not that I'm a snob or anything but at least we could probably hold a conversation.Mary was tall and slim but had huge breasts, I thought they must have received a bit of surgical enhancement, while Jeff was good looking in 'The Gap' kind of way.

Lingerie Shopping...

lesbian CaitlinTheCutey 2018-05-19

The mannequin in the window wore high cut silk French knickers in soft pink and a matching push up bra with a burgundy velvet ribbon in the middle. She pushed her hand into my knickers and moaned, pressing two fingers against my clit and circling them slowly. She whispered something spanish in my ear and I felt her other hand pushing into my knickers from behind and pressing into my arse. She thrust two fingers up my cunt and one up my arse with the other hand at the same time. I coudld feel her cunt muscles clinging to my fingers and I pushed a fourth one in to open her up.

For A Friend....

mastrubation CaitlinTheCutey 2018-05-07

I kiss your neck, the hollow of your throat and each shoulder before I fasten my mouth on your left breast and begin to suckle at your nipple. I select my double penetration dildo and slowly lube it up while you begin to pleasure yourself, then slowly ease the thinner cock into your tight anus then allow myself and your husband the pleasure of seeing the thicker cock part your swollen lips and seat itself firmly in your vagina. I smile at your moans of pleasure and begin to work the toy in and out while slowly moving closer to your sex, first breathing heavily on it then reaching out my breast to stroke your clit with my hard nipple.... I bend my head to you and suck your button into my mouth, running my tongue over it and listening to your muffled moans.

The Coffee Morining

hardcore CaitlinTheCutey 2018-04-22

“Just you watch,” said Sandra as she bore down on Rob’s thick cock, her face intense with concentration, loving the delicious fullness and slipperiness, which was making her husband groan too. To her surprise it was the demure Sumita, who knelt down on the floor, scooped the creamy white froth off Rob’s cappuccino with her fingers and smeared it over Sandra’s wet cunt, flicking her clit in sideways strokes, whilst her other hand cupped Rob’s heavy balls, pushing him deeper into her oily arse. “The tenner you wanted, remember?” He kept staring at the fucking couple, his eyes transfixed on Sandra’s open shaven cunt and the shiny cock that was clearly pounding her arse.


group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-03-31

David drove to the train station to meet Kay. He knew as soon as she stepped off the train that his cock would be getting a lot of action one way or another - she looked hotter than ever. Chris and Kay sat and watched as Janie rode David hard and fast. David and Janie had fallen into their long-accustomed rhythm, and as they fucked they turned to watch their two old friends starting a new relationship. As Janie tried out all the twiddles which drove her wild, Kay started to groan around David's cock, another orgasm building within her. David lifted one of Kay's leg so he could move around behind her without having to withdraw, the couple facing Janie and Chris who were still fucking on their knees.

A Warm Summer Day

lesbian CaitlinTheCutey 2018-02-19

At the first of these flicks, she felt Suzi's hips buck beneath her, pushing her pussy into Helen's mouth, and the blonde girl's hands came down and gabbed her hair, as if to ensure she would not stop until she had delivered satisfaction. For now she contented herself with being able to watch the taller girls face as her fingers slid and twisted in and out of Helen's pussy, occasionally flicking the end of a long fingernail lightly over the tip of her prominent clitoris, causing little squeals of pleasure to escape from her mouth, amongst the husky moans that matched the rhythm of the fingers that fucked her with consummate skill.


lesbian CaitlinTheCutey 2018-02-03

She had recently accquired a boyfriend and every night Alex and Isabelle would have to lie there listening to Amanda's moans and, more than often, screams. Isabelle, on the other hand was shy and discrete, but Alex still found it easy to eavesdrop on Isabelle's soft moaning as her covers moved slowly up and down during the night. A little shocked, Amanda jumped but after seeing who it was, she quickly moved her hand out of the way to let Alex play too. Alex kissed Amanda's neck as her right hand circled Amanda's throbbing clit. She thought she had gone to heaven as Amanda sucked gently at her pussy lips and fucked her with her moist vibrating tongue.

The Initiation

first-time CaitlinTheCutey 2018-01-02

Rachel slid her hand up Siennas thighs, under the dress and eased her fingers under the waist of her knickers and began to pull them down, while kissing her calves, until the knickers came over the ankles. Rachel came behind Sienna while she was still licking Calley and started stroking her ass and thighs and massaging her cunt from behind, dipping her fingers in then swirling them around Sienna's still sensitive clit. Calley was nearing orgasm as she watched Rachel playing with Sienna's ass while the virgin lesbian kept licking and kissing her pussy and she ground down on her face. Rachel slid another finger up Sienna's ass, exciting her further and the visual along with the licking was all Calley could take as she began to cum all over Siennas mouth.

The Sauna

lesbian CaitlinTheCutey 2017-11-24

Her flesh tightened, and her bikini top felt suddenly loose around her taught breasts, her nipples hard and painfully cold. The girl breathed heavily, and ran a hand over Amy’s hard left nipple. They moved closer, and felt their wet breasts rub together, their hands massaging and tugging at each other’s nipples. Gently and slowly, Andrea ran her hand down Amy’s body, over her toned tummy, stopping at her pussy. Andrea bucked against Amy’s hand, and Amy pushed her forth finger inside her. Pushing Amy’s breasts apart, Andrea kissed her way down her hot body, until she found Amy’s hard pulsing clit with her mouth. Amy moaned loudly on the edge of orgasm, and toppled over the edge as Andrea began to suck her swollen clit hard, knocking it with her perfect teeth.

When you want to be alone...

lesbian CaitlinTheCutey 2017-11-19

Sandy was on her knees kneeling forward resting on one forearm on the bed, her backside pointing towards Lorna, the back of her right hand visible between her thighs at her crotch, her fingers pressed close together into a pointed bunch, the gentle rocking motion was causing her to penetrate herself and then draw back up all the way out until her fingers were no longer inside her body. The door opened immediately and there stood Sandy - stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway, staring across the small room at Lorna laying spread legged on the bed in front of her, hand at her crotch, a look of total surprise on her face.