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Free erotic stories by CallMeMissD on AdultRead

Mistress' playtime, Pt. 2

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-25

I leave your nipples and cock alone for now and get to work on your ass. I scrape my finger nails up your inner thighs and grab your cock and balls tightly. I work my finger tip slowly across your ass hole. You love when I fuck with your ass like this. Yes, Miss fuck my ass please.' I keep one hand wrapped around the base of your cock and use my teeth to pull your nipple. I continue stroking your cock as you begin licking my wet pussy good. Your tongue flicking my clit then sucking, wanting my juices. I rub our juices on your face and carefully pull the vibe out of your ass and before I untie you I ask you, 'Did you like that?

Mistress gets topped

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-24

Then my tongue will lick up the underside of his shaft, back up to his plump cock head, which my mouth will greedily suck wanting more his salty pre-cum. I grab his legs to push him back, but then he slides his hard flesh out and rubs it on my face. He wipes my face and licks his palm. He loves tasting me as he.slowly slides his cock in and out of my wet mouth. The more he talks dirty the more I want him forcing his cock into my throat, slapping me. My ass has been licked, finger fucked, and a few toys inserted, but never a real cock. I moan wanting to feel that long, hot tongue in my pussy.

Christie and Michael(Confessions from the House of Pleasure) Pt., 1 *Finale*

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-23

“Oh, god.” Christie moaned then she felt Michael grasp her hand. K stepped back and Michael took K’s instruction, but knew he wouldn’t be able to immediately undress Christie. He was so wrapped up in K, that he didn’t know that Christie had made a move to touch him until he felt her hand squeeze his cock. She could feel the spark as ran her hand down Christie’s arm, to her wrist, over her fingers, to grasp Michael’s cock. Michael was fully focused on wanting to feel Christie come apart on his fingers and in his mouth. Michael wanted to make this last but the beauty of her pussy stretched around his cock was too much.

Mistress' playtime, Pt. 1

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-15

I like to use my hands a lot in my work and don't believe in those fake long red claws. I grab rope from the bed and measure out two long lengths and several shorter ones. Once I have you tied to the chair I continue the instruction.Next I begin wrapping a smaller string around your balls. Quite unexpectedly the tassel wraps around the clamp and tugs them off your nipples as I pull back on the last swing. The slight brush of the flogger against your cock and balls as I bring my hand back down causes your long delayed orgasm to rush up. I let you rest a minute then grab your cock.

My Pretty slut

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-10

Today I made him wear silky red panties which his semi hard cock rubs against as he shrugs his pants down. I grab his face, smashing his pretty lipstick mouth against my lips, kissing him hard. ‘Your going to see how good it is to suck cock, my pretty slut. The strap-on sensitively rubbing my clit and pussy, making me feel every movement as if, yesss, this slut is sucking my cock. His eyes closing again but instead of slapping him I shove my cock hard into his mouth, then slap him. Once I fuck his throat a few times, I slide my cock out and let him suck me. ‘Yes slut choke on my cock.

My favorite sex toy (Pt. 2)

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-09

Locking his cock up in a cage so he could not get hard, let alone fuck anyone. He was frustrated because he no longer wanted causal pussy-and sometimes cock-as much as he needed to be fucked. My brown pussy lips spread open around his white cock, all reddened and hard. 'Yes. Let my pussy tease that big cock of yours baby. The heat of your cock sliding between my pussy lips. I arch my back spreading my pussy wider, opening my ass hole. He licks my clit and pussy, then moving his hot tongue to my tight rose bud. 'God, baby, your pussy is always so tight, so fucking wet. My pussy gripping his cock triggered a gushing orgasm, my knees almost giving out.

My Pretty slut: Part 2

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-08

I utterly adore seeing his ass, cock and balls pressed tightly in a pair of women’s silk panties. I adore his cock sucking but, right now, I am anxious to fuck his ass. I slide deeper, forcing him to take more of my cock up his tight ass. I push his ass down as I ram my cock in hard. Fucking my cock deeper into his ass tunnel. I push my cock all the way into his ass hard and deep. My cock slowly pulling out of his hard fucked ass. I thought doing this scene would be unselfish, but I am too fucking jealous.’ I slide my cock all the way out and move away from my slave.

Christie and Michael(Confessions from the House of Pleasure) Pt., 1 *Intro*

bdsm CallMeMissD 2018-11-02

“I mean we all know fundamentally what drinking and pulsing music can lead too.” Christie watched as he turned to his drink and tilted the drink to his lips. “Flash.” She tilted her fruity drink before taking another sip, “and boom.” Nodding her head to the dozens of couples crowded in the muted light of the dance floor and dark corners. So I see your flash, what about your boom?” Christie noticed his eyes touched on her breasts, but he didn‘t leer. His his fingers tingled to touch her, his cock throb to penetrate her....Sharing Christie now that he's met her...anything as long as she would be his for the taking.

Special Delivery (Kim and Mary, Pt. 2)

first-time CallMeMissD 2018-11-01

Mary locked her door and turned to Kim and Brindle. Spreading his legs, he felt Mary palm his cock and lick the head, slowly. Brindle had Mary spread her legs over his mouth as he lay there getting head. Brindle groaned as his cock was wrapped in the silky heat of her tight pussy. He leaned in and started thrusting into Kim. Her pussy stretched around his cock and slippery sex noises filled the room. Kim stuck her tongue deep into Mary’s slit and Mary rocked down and watched as Brindle’s cock pumped into her friend. Brindle leaned down over Kim, grinding his cock deep into her pussy. Brindle let his cock slip from Kim’s tight pussy, watching them kiss.