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Twentieth Anniversary Dinner

group CaptNick 2018-12-04

They smile at each other then Nick turns me around so I'm facing him and kisses me down to my nipples as Olivia unhooks my bra and pulls it off then I can feel her kneeling down behind me and she pulls my skirt down so I'm standing in my blue panties and black heels. Nick lets go of my hair as she straddles his mouth I can see his tongue stroking her beautiful pussy and his hands hold onto her hips then, I hear him slap her ass. I can barely hold myself up anymore as I ride out another orgasm and when Olivia takes the strap-on out of my ass, I slide down Nick's body and suck his cock deep into my mouth.

The Drive With Kay and Monica

bdsm CaptNick 2018-11-28

You pull out the anal plug and start to lick and suck it as you look at Monica. Monica is still bent over with the plug in her ass, as you grab the monster out and beginning to lick it, keeping your eyes on the guy in the truck. I look at the guy and read his lips "OMG, WOW." I look back seeing you with the strap on pushing it into Monica's ass, all while slamming the monster in and out deep into her pussy. You take the butt plug out of Monica's mouth and toss it to the guy in the truck, smiling as you blow him a kiss.

The hotel 3

bdsm CaptNick 2018-11-20

Nodding once more before Danny takes his 8-inch cock and pushing it into your pussy whilst Tina is still licks it. You let out a strangled moan lifting your head from Tina’s pussy as you look deep into my eyes and smile. I move to the other end and start fucking Tina hard and deep as you lick her pussy. I reach over to your ass, rubbing and slapping it as I pound deep into Tina’s pussy, Danny matching my pace in your pussy. Shoving my waiting cock into Tina’s ass, the fit is tight with Danny’s cock in her pussy and Tina screams out. Danny is enjoying your pussy too, from the sounds he’s making into it as he licks it deep, as he fucks Tina's pussy hard.