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Free erotic stories by ChrissieLecker on AdultRead

Staying With Erin - Chapter 2

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-12-04

One hand was moving between her legs, stroking up and down, and the other was kneading her breast, which looked soft, a little smaller than my own, but with big, dark areolas and long nipples. “I think I will,” she told me, “but we have to talk about a few things before this goes further.” Shuffling a few inches towards the foot-end of the bed, she lay her head into the crook of my arm, wrapped a leg over me and let out a soft sigh. “Now tell me again that you don’t like to be spanked.” Erin was having a hard time not laughing. Bridget sat down on her chair once more, right next to my stretched-out body, but Erin seemed to have no inclination to withdraw her finger from inside me.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 6

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-12-04

Instead, I just knelt there, under the watchful eyes of Jolene and Anne, and felt the tears trickle down my cheeks while the pain slowly ebbed away from my nipples, which still stood at attention, clearly proud about their treacherous behavior. She didn’t give me time to brace myself, and with my mind still spinning from the implications of their talk, I had to bite down hard on my lip to avoid a pained groan when her fingers started to pull and twist on the clamps. My tears didn’t take long to overflow again, but she simply continued her movement, and I was sure she was trying to pull off my pussy lips, the edges of the clamps biting into my soft flesh like blades.

Cordelia's Feet 4 - The Queen Bee's Honey

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-12-02

“This is wrong,” I mumbled, but the rest of my words went unsaid, because Monica’s fingers, short and pudgy compared to Cordelia’s sleek, elegant ones, entered my mouth and filled it completely, wiggling and touched, smearing my tangy nectar over my tongue without inhibitions. “This is very, very wrong, Miss Wilkins,” Cordelia’s whispered words from right next to my ear confirmed my earlier ones, and each touch of breath on my skin made me shiver. Cordelia’s right hand delved between her classmate’s legs with rough determination, and I watched with bated breath when she crooked two fingers and pushed them all the way into her kitten’s pussy.

Her Neighbor's Games Ch. 3

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-12-02

“I’ll allow you to rub your dirty pussy against my toes,” Lisa said softly, “but before I do that for you, you have to do something for me.” She stared intensely into the older woman’s eyes and licked her lips, almost giggling as she noticed the small tremors rippling across Helen’s neck and shoulders. At first, Lisa had to coax each answer from her older neighbor, who was all too aware of the strange situation with her breasts still bare, but after some time, Helen managed to relax, and they spent the next few hours talking animatedly. “Let me see,” Lisa tilted her head back and thought hard, biting her lower lip, the image one of absolute cuteness, “I might tell you to let Jen stick her fingers in your pussy.” Helen gasped.

Staying With Erin - Chapter 7

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-12-02

Mrs. Somerset’s fingers started pull down hard and rhythmically on my poor teats - that was how they felt under her ministrations, poor, abused teats, but she knew what she was going, applying just enough force so that every painful pull resulted in a crazy, delicious wave of heat in my breasts. “I’m going to push this shiny, red monster all the way up your naughty bum hole, and I’ll not stop before it is all the way inside you and your pucker is spread painfully around it.” She had leaned closer, and her lips brushed mine while she spoke like the softest caresses of butterfly wings.


group ChrissieLecker 2018-12-02

John sends me a somewhat incredulous stare which I answer with a shrug and a muttered, “She’s right, somehow.” My pussy has started getting wet when I thought about the whole room full of people watching me fucking, and moisture is becoming far too valuable to waste it without a reward, I rationalize. “You’re handsome like hell,” I whisper back and moan in embarrassed arousal when my panties are pushed down my legs by the soft, hot, sweaty fingers of the waitress, whose name I don’t even know. And,” I whisper into his ear with a mischievous grin while my hand kneads the part of him I have so recently come to love, “I’m pretty sure we’re facing very, very hard times.” I can already feel the confirmation of my words.

A Bunny In The Garden

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-12-01

You’re nothing, little princess.” She nestled with the plug to attach the hose, and the feeling of it wiggling inside me felt much more arousing that I wanted to admit. I could, probably, if I really tried, fold myself forward enough so I could reach my pussy and wiggle the dildo inside me, but I didn’t dare. “Yes, yes, I know,” Mrs. Greenberg told me with a slight sneer, “you’ll get yours soon enough.” She dropped the special panties in the box and headed off once more with a short, snappy, “Stay!” towards me. “Oh my god,” I gasped, but when she didn’t move the slightest bit, a strange feeling, almost like lucid dreaming, gripped me, and I felt my thighs part and lowered my pussy onto the wood.

Staying With Erin - Chapter 3

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-12-01

“That she is,” my landlady confirmed, “I knew it from the moment she stepped out of that van.” And then, with a casual movement, her hand cupped my sex, rubbed up and down a few times, and her middle finger wiggled its way inside, making me gasp. “It will help if you pull up your legs and hold them below the knees,” Erin informed in a matter-of-fact voice, “though you’ll have to spread them a bit, otherwise you’ll make the pressure on your belly worse.” “But of course, Bridget.” Erin sounded excited, and like a whirlwind, she was suddenly kneeling between my legs, one arm extended, and then I felt her fingers softly trailing the contours of my pussy lips.

A Wedding Befitting A Slut

group ChrissieLecker 2018-11-29

When Martha, his mother, used that self-same term to describe me, the hurt didn’t come from the word itself, but from the deeply offended look on her face that left no doubt that I’d probably not get to see the interior of their house very often, and I felt bad to drive a wedge between Andrew and his family. A big, good-looking older man in a black frock stood in the middle of the dais, but my eyes were glued to Andrew, who radiated happiness and watched eagerly as I approached with a spring in my steps that I’d never felt before. I looked up at his face with lidded eyes, the pumping of Andrew’s cock quickly driving me crazy with lust, and he nodded at me and told me, “Congratulations, slut!”

A First Time For A Cheat

anal ChrissieLecker 2018-11-28

I know that it’s going to be hard to move away from your friends, but please, I don’t want to come home all the time fearing that I’d find a stranger’s cock stuck up your pussy.” His hands let go of my head, and suddenly there was sharp pull on my shirt, followed by a tearing sound. I couldn’t believe that his huge cock was all the way up my bum, but the full, dirty feeling that seemed to reach deep inside my womb left no doubt. My pucker tried to close, but it couldn’t, and every time it clenched around his cock, it spurred a wicked, wonderful feeling to life. “Fuck yes!” he echoed my words, and I felt his cock throb hard, then he shot load after load deep into my ass.

Cordelia's Feet 6 - The Queen Bee's Play

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-27

All these feelings of shame that had built up almost unbearably high inside me evaporated in the blink of an eye, and instead of wanting to flee and hide – as I probably should - I felt the need to jump up and scream, “Yes, it’s me! Cordelia came too, trembling and making the sweetest whimpers, and she fell back into the chair, one hand clutched over her pussy, eyes closed and her face full of bliss. Images of Cordelia appeared in front of my closed eyes, her pretty, soft pussy lips stretched around the huge rubber cock, and that look of bliss on her face I had seen earlier.

Special Delivery

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-27

Before I knew what happened, she had snatched a pair of pink, frilly panties out of the opened box and held them up with both hands, flipping over the crotch area and looking at me with a raised eyebrow. ‘All feasible checks on possibly damaged wares must be performed before liability can be transferred to the recipient.’” While she recited the rules, her hands - and the panties - came closer and closer to my face and my breath started flying. Her fingers pushed her panties to the side, and my tongue didn’t need prompting to slip between her soft, slick folds and taste her honey.

Professor Greenstein's Price

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-27

Only my knees and toes were allowed to touch the floor, my legs were spread wide apart and my upper body was tight like a bowstring, my hands reached far above my head as she had ordered. “You are doing wonderful,” she managed to praise me, even though her voice shook each time her hand impacted with my backside, “I’m going to go harder now.” Don’t get me wrong, my bum still hurt with every crack of her hand like it had never before, but the pain travelled through my body and triggered a resonance deep in my heart, a feeling of complete belonging that made my skin tingle and my pussy tremble.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 15 - Graduation

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-26

“Know what, I’ll come by next Thursday and bring Anne. “Fucking expensive, huh?” A woman of about thirty with chocolate brown skin and wearing a short, military style outfit, stood behind the counter, piercings gleaming on her ears, eyebrows and nose. “You still going through with it?” She wore skin-tight leather pants and an equally tight tank-top, both in bright yellow. “Fuck!” I complained. “Owww!” I complained. Jolene and Monique both had tears in their eyes and were holding their tummies once I had finished telling them the story of how I had come to be Bunnie. “You’ll come home with me this instant.” I flinched. I’ll be staying here with my girlfriend. I’ll spank her if she forgets to.” “Let’s freshen up and get something to eat,” I suggested.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 4

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-26

The sound of the slap echoed around the parking lot like a gunshot, the searing heat seemed to cut through the center of my right bum cheek, and all intentions of keeping quiet were driven out of my mind with that single, forceful swat. I had to breath hard, but then I walked, a little wobbly and with a strange, weightless feeling in the pit of my stomach, across the parking lot and into the range of the spots, my skirt pulled up and exposing my reddened bum, my face surely matching the color. Of course I needed to let her give me the admission stamp, but then, Anne’s words - whatever happens - raced around my head, and I just stood there, my mouth opening and closing like a fish’s, my cheeks flushed a bright red, and my chest heaving.

Mile High Sluts - Part 2 of 2

hardcore ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

‘Yes,’ I thought when I wrapped my lips around his cock head and gave it a twirl with my tongue, ‘it won’t take much, and you’re going to shoot your cum down my throat before you’re completely naked.” His eyes drifted shut, his lips trembled with arousal, and I already felt the first soft twitches of a building climax in his cock. I licked and kissed for what felt like ages, covered every little patch of skin on her foot with tongue, from heel to balls to in between her toes, and her sighs slowly turned into soft moans. I came again a minute later, my pussy walls clutching Antonio’s cock and feeling every little ridge along it’s stiffness, and he pounded deep inside one last time, then dug his fingernail into my hips and filled me with his cum, spurt after throbbing spurt.

Staying With Erin - Chapter 4

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

I tried to hide my breasts with my arm and cover my pussy with a hand, trying to find a way out of the room, but no matter where I looked, the walls had neither doors nor windows. But my breath almost stopped when I saw the huge appendix between her legs, a cock stood pointing into the air where her pussy should have been, so thick that I wasn’t sure I could wrap my fingers around it and long enough to grip it with both hands. “Please!” I tried to beg once more, but instead of an answer I felt Natalie’s fingers spread my pussy lips apart and cool air tickle the insides of my moist folds.

Positive Thinking

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

I rubbed and teased myself as close to coming as I dared, feeling the heat build up between my legs until it spread all over my body, little beads of sweat appearing on my forehead, my pussy walls clenching and my clit throbbing, and only when the tell-tale ball of fire formed in my loins did I pull my hand away and try to get my composure back. With that, she went to my left side, Eve to my right, and before I knew what was happening, Linda had pulled up my skirt to expose my naked pubes. “Who would have thought that,” Eve surmised, clearly intending me to listen, “that miss correct Katie would someday turn out such a pissy slut.” She looked at me and I could see an idea forming behind her eyes.

Professor Greenstein's Offer

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

She started to walk around, slowly, the carpet swallowing the sound of her high heels, and I felt her eyes roam all over my body. I felt the shoulder straps of my flimsy summer dress pushed aside in agonizing slowness and couldn’t wait for the moment when they would finally be free and allow the dress to slide down. She guided the fabric slowly down my body, and I could feel her breath, hot and moist, travel down my back while her fingers ran down my arms. “Good girl,” she praised, warming my heart, “but you need to know that every pleasure comes with a price when you are with me.

Never Cheat at Truth or Dare - Chapter 2

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

Liz was taking her time now, rubbing and kneading my cheeks between swats, and her hands roamed quite freely, brushing my pussy lips and making the torture all the much sweeter. With no time for the pain to spread, it remained in hot, angry spots, burning deep into my bum cheeks, the first few already driving tears into my eyes. Jen’s slaps fell close to my pussy, and the pain mixed with the heat between my legs into a heated mess of sensations while I sucked the tangy taste from the panties in my mouth, now drenched with saliva. “Oh silly,” Mandy smiled and brushed her hand over my hair, “you’ll be my best friend, my little pussy licker and the guinea pig for all the wicked ideas I have racing through my mind.”

That Hated Edge!

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-24

She pushed two fingers up my twat, knowing that the little play had been enough to get my juices running, and they slid in without effort. She dug her fingernails deep into my skin and pressed down on my thighs with all her weight, and I arched my body, threw back my head and cried out when the smooth rubber was pushed all the way inside, like a huge fist that went up into my womb. Like right now, when Caroline pulled a fifty dollar note from her purse and handed it to Em, who did a little imitation of a curtsy and told her, “It was pleasure to do business with you.”


lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-23

Somehow I had developed a fixation on what I couldn’t have, and lonely days of trying to make time go by at the mall had turned into regular excursions into clothes shops and lingerie stores where I would eye and touch the garments and dream of being just as womanly as the other customers. When the fingers were right in front of my mouth, my lips parted on their own volition and - for the first time in my life - I tasted my own juices. Her other hand extended towards my pulsing pussy, and then two fingers slowly pushed their way inside me. Her movements grew in intensity and speed, and every time her fingers buried themselves so deep inside me, ripples of pleasure traveled up my tummy.

Her Neighbor's Games Ch. 5

hardcore ChrissieLecker 2018-11-23

It took a few seconds, but then Helen slowly sank down onto her knees and got into the desired position in front of Lisa, her eyes never leaving the girl’s face, which lit up in joy. It seemed only a second later to Helen that Lisa had removed all the bindings from Jen and the girl stood next to the bed, stretching her body and shaking her arms and legs. Helen wondered about the order and watched on with curiosity when Jen picked up one of the glass beakers, but when the girl didn’t use the tap but turned around instead and neared the toilet again, she experienced a sinking feeling in her stomach.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 12

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-23

After a little thinking and posing, I realized what it was, and with a giggle, I fetched the nail scissors from the bathroom and started to cut away the buttons from the top down, until it left a good bit of cleavage exposed. A few tables down I spotted a beautiful young woman with long, white-blond hair sitting with wide open legs on the table in front of a group of slightly older women, who had pulled their chairs closely together and were seemingly discussing her attributes, pointing and giggling among themselves. “Good,” she purred, “I love it when a naughty girl sees the errors of her way.” Then she kissed me, without warning, and while her tongue was twirling around in my mouth, her fingers started to pinch my pussy lips.

A Bunnie to Play With - Chapter 2

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-23

A few minutes later it started up again, and I couldn’t help but imagine Anne in the shower, her hair slick and shiny, small speckles of foam adorning her petite breasts, drops of water traveling down between her legs and adorning her beautiful pussy like pearls. Once my hair and skin were free of soap, I turned the shower head to massage mode, one single, hard jet of water, and pointed it between my legs with one hand while opening my sex with the other. My tongue felt dry and swollen, and my pussy and nipples ached with need, so intense that I didn’t even realize that I was still wearing the clamps.

Cruel, Carnal Convent

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-22

With her almost six feet, the Mother Superior towered over my five feet four, and when she looked down at me with those sparkling eyes full of righteous fury, something deep inside me seemed to break free and a wicked, warm feeling spread through my body. I smiled sweetly at her, not the tiniest hint of subservience on my face, waited a few seconds until I could see impatience flicker over her lips and her eyes narrow, then declared with that self-same sweetness, “Yes, Mother Superior, it was me.” “No, Mother Superior,” I purred, grinning through my tears, and when she took a surprised step back and looked at me from wide, startled eyes, I ran a hand through my folds and held up my glistening fingers, moaning, “but we’re off to a good start.”

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 14

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-21

My pussy protested, the discomfort rose and rose, but just when I thought I couldn’t bear it anymore, this soft, liberating feeling of something giving way inside me returned, and the painful sparks turned into the most intense, pleasurable sensations. “Oh my,” she whispered, slowly drawing the chopsticks from my lips, “you look just as delicious as lunch.” She dipped another ball in the sauce and watched a bit of it drip back into the bowl. Anne had licked my nipples gently, fluttering caresses that felt delicious, but I could see the struggle in her eyes and the need to impose her will on me that wanted to break free.

Cordelia's Feet 5 - The Queen Bee's Wishes

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-20

The door opened without a knock, giving me a small start, and Cordelia entered, a different pile of clothes in her hands. You just need to resist the temptation to run your moist, greedy tongue all over them, to caress my skin with it while I slide my fingers slowly in and out of your mouth, spreading the naughty taste of your cream all over your tongue.” “I’ve made arrangements for tonight.” Her lips were just an inch from my ear, her eyes close enough to notice the small shudder that I failed to suppress, and the hot breath of her giggle told me that she had, in fact, noticed. But I couldn’t suppress the feelings which welled up each time I thought about Cordelia and which flooded me with a need so strong that it drove tears into my eyes.

Cheat On Me, Cheat On You

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-19

Nell’s eyes closed and, like staring at the movie of train wreck I knew was about to happen, I watched the woman’s mouth descend for a hungry, sloppy kiss. Yes, just like that, little slut!" The way she said it, the gloating undertone, told me that she was quite aware that the girl kneeling between her legs was my girlfriend. "Amy, I’m so sorry," I said in most regretful voice and took the hand of Nell’s ex-girlfriend, "I wasn’t watching where I was going. "Listen, Amy," I started, and my voice betrayed the panic I was feeling, "I think we should stop right now, this is all going too fast for me."

Midsummer Blues

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-15

The old wooden door gave a small creak and snap when I turned the handle, and then I was suddenly on the other side, my back pressed to it, and staring nervously at my best friend who was still wearing her orange bikini and sitting on her bed with her arms around her pulled-up knees. Which wasn’t that bad, because I had to dig inside my own heart, and when I told her that I had, in those short and precious moments with Kirsty, felt complete for the first time in my life, she smiled. She didn’t mention that we were up a little after sunrise - which we had watched right here - and sitting on the hay ball in front of the house in our pajamas, Kirsty between my legs, my arms wrapped around her and our fingers interlocked.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 11

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-15

The small shivers and the contractions in her love tunnel guided me in my endeavor, and I didn’t even let myself get distracted when hands grabbed my knees and pushed them back and to the sides until they rested against my upper body, and until my bum cheeks were pulled taut and lifted from the table. Then she started to finger-fuck me, hard, pulling out almost all the way and immediately pushing them inside in one quick motion, her palm hitting my sore pussy and making me wince. “Come for me, dirty little ass-licking slut,” Brenda suddenly commanded, underlining her words by pressing the nail of her thumb hard against my swollen clit, “I want to feel your cunt grip my fingers when you get off.”

Cordelia's Feet 8 - The Queen Bee's Pet

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-13

Melinda kneeled before me, stark naked, the huge nipples on her slightly sagging big boobies stiff like small cones, red islands in milky-white triangles of a bikini tan, her pussy, which was - to my surprise - crowned by a patch of neatly trimmed blond hair and shimmering with moisture at my eye level, and she held up a thick, short, wet carrot like a trophy. My whole face was covered in tropic heat, but I leaned forward and ran my tongue wetly all over the eastern beauty’s toes, tasting the familiar mix of gritty, sweaty sweetness and feeling my pussy juices greet the shaming act with a burst of wet joy.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 9

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

It felt just like the first time she had done it, and I had to pull myself together with considerable effort to keep from closing my eyes and just enjoying the feel of her fingers brushing over my skin. Once the door to our room was locked, we somehow ended up in a tangled mess of limbs across the carpet in the middle of our room, rolling around like kids and belying our age.I stole a few kisses from Anne, who alternated between groping and tickling me, and I finally ended up on my back, my girlfriend sitting across my stomach, bent over me and holding my hands above my head.

Cordelia's Feet 2 - The Queen Bee's Hive

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

In the blink of an eye the room became steaming hot, and I was sure that the touch of her fingers burned little holes through the fabric of my dress, because I could feel the sparks dance directly on my skin. But I’ll let you get a glimpse of what you’re missing out on." A quick flick of her fingers pushed the strap of her top over her shoulder and the fabric fell away, laying bare a soft, ripe orb of alabaster adorned with a pink, dime sized crown and a hard, darker point that screamed at me to lick it, to suckle and nibble on it. A giggle filled my ears, then I watched hands stroke Cordelia’s thighs and arms, saw them pull down the other strap and lay bare the rest of her beautiful upper body, watched Monica’s eager small mouth attack her breast with nibbles and bites.

Pisscilla's Girlfriend

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

They had that secret society thing down pat, complete with a stone walled meeting room with a vaulted ceiling in the cellar, swearing a naked oath of confidentiality (and readiness for any pussy in need of a good honey-licking) in flickering candlelight and surrounded by equally naked but hooded pretty girls. She had a few pounds too much around her hips to call her lean, and her tits were small, yes, but her nipples perked coquettishly upwards - thank god for community showers - and when she smiled with her pouty lips under a button nose that was only a little too wide to be called lovely and with one eyelid a tad drooping, I always felt a fluttery attraction pull on my heart.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 10

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

“And you’ll feel even more so when the evening’s done,” she giggled softly into my ear while her fingers gave the clips on my pussy lips small flicks that made me tremble, “when you’ve licked all three of our pussies and your bum glows red.” Anne took her time, but finally she pulled the t-shirt over Brenda’s head and exposed a bra-less upper body, curvy, milky white skin and a pair of breasts that were simply huge, far bigger than her loose top let on. While I was transfixed with Brenda’s breasts, Anne had already started to unbuckle her Jeans and was now pushing them down her legs, exposing fleshy thighs with the same creamy white, almost alabaster-like skin and a big, heart-shaped butt partly covered in fire engine red sports panties with a wide black elastic waist band.

Wet Workdays

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

‘As I am barely in the office anymore, I hereby grant Marietta Miller full disciplinary and financial authority, to act in my stead in all questions regarding the handling of employees and steering of the company.’ It went on a bit further into legal mumbo-jumbo, but the bad thing was that it was dated, signed and stamped by the law department. My breath shuddered, but I stared back hard at her and reached out with one hand, ran my fingers through my folds and lifted them to my mouth, trying to keep them from shaking too much. I nodded with blushed cheeks, slipped back into my panties and moved the bowl brimming with my pee under the desk and to the side, outside of reach of my legs.

Cordelia's Feet

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-11

"Of course, Miss Wilkins." She quickly stowed her book in her bag, gave her friends a quick wave and sashayed to the front, looking like a young tennis star in her white tank top and miniskirt, where she sat down gracefully at the table right next to my teaching desk. "I’ve read those authors you mentioned, and I found them most…" She paused for a second, and I looked up into her eyes, "intriguing." She licked her lips, which glistened invitingly, like ripe, sweet fruits. "I can see it on your face, in your eyes," she purred, "you want to lick my feet, taste my yummy toes, suckle on them and worship them.

Mix Up 3 - Being Played

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-10

I cursed inside, helpless and humiliated, but my arousal surged like flame when the soiled panties were suddenly right in front of my face and his voice told me to open up. I feared that she was toying with me, that her hand would swat down on my cheeks again any minute, but when Mr. Bellfort slowly stood up and walked around the table, the feeling of relief washed through me with a liberating power that took my breath away. I pulled the soggy red panties from my mouth, holding them in the flat of my hand to avoid dripping my saliva on the floor, and worked my jaw in circles.

Diddly - Chapter 4

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-10

It felt like ages, and it was incredibly hard not to give into the wonderful feelings and just snuggle my body against hers. When my tongue approached her small ring of muscle, and when my face touched her soft, full bum cheeks, waves of depraved arousal crashed over me. I pushed hard, and just when I thought I wouldn’t manage to slip my tongue inside, her pucker relaxed and allowed me entry. Yes, as it turned out, there was a naughty, dirty side inside me that went far beyond anything I had allowed myself to think about, and Clare and Robert pushed all the right buttons to bring it out into the open.

Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 2

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-09

"Know what, I’ll just come over in the afternoon and we can talk more." Helen felt a bit knocked over by the girl’s enthusiasm, but then Lisa’s eyes took on a strange gleam. "You know," the girl said slowly, "what I like most in this shop?" And without waiting for an answer, she snatched a huge cucumber from the shelve and pressed it against Helens body, leaving her no choice but to clutch it to herself. "Nobody knows the details, but the husband of Erica’s friend knows someone from the national supervisory board, and he said that each time she was expelled, a teacher was also dismissed." Miranda paused, and her eyes narrowed, telling Helen that she had saved the punch line for last.

Diddly - Chapter 2

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-09

My pussy was once more producing juice like mad, and when the hands on my legs wandered even closer to my sex, and fingers started to trail the outline of my small, swollen plum, my whimpers became louder. “You think so?” Lydia’s face was elegant, slightly oval, with high cheekbones, pouty lips, a straight but narrow nose and big, silvery-grey eyes that seemed to be able to look all the way inside me. It was hard to just sit there and let her rinse away the shampoo, all I really wanted to do at that moment was to push one hand between my legs and rub myself to a glorious release.

Staying With Erin - Chapter 5

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-08

I picked the empty one and started to mop up the pee from the floor and wring out the rag into the bucket, trying not to think too much about dipping my hands into the pee now that I’d come down from my sexual high, while Natalie crawled after me and wiped it clean with the wet cloth. My roommate and Bridget quickly fell into a matching rhythm, their blows timed roughly ten seconds apart, so Natalie and I both formed a perverse little choir of wails. There was a short moment of stretching that felt uncomfortable, but then the obviously pre-lubricated vibrator slipped inside, the cool, slick rubber pushing aside the walls of my pussy and making me gasp.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 7

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-11-07

“You - you don’t need to,” I stammered, my voice still filled with adoration, “but - if you want - “ I bit my lip and mustered up all my courage, leaning back a bit and looking straight into her eyes, “hurt me, like they did you.” The nagging voice in the back of my mind got louder. Getting back to the car happened in somewhat of a daze for me; at some point I was handed my clothes and ordered to dress, but apart from that, the next thing I was aware was a stony-faced Anne driving us home, looking straight ahead the whole time, and me sitting on the passenger seat, fidgeting, trying and failing to find words to say.

Take My Cherry

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-06

Listening to Kirsty talk about getting her cunt filled and stretched - her words, not mine - all afternoon had started tingles that didn’t want to disappear, so my body felt hot and my mind revolved around that one thing. I tried to look away, but couldn’t stop wondering what it would feel like to kiss a girl myself, and my eyes invariably came back to the blond. I licked my lips and tried to figure it out, but when I did, my face exploded in red-hot shame and my eyes quickly turned away. But then she kissed me, hard and demanding, and when she let go of my tingling lips, she whispered, “I love you too, you silly, crazy, wonderful girl!”

Staying With Erin - Chapter 8

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I swallowed hard, my eyes alternating between the wicked looking riding crop in Mrs. Somerset’s hand that would swing forward and hit my unprotected body any minute now, and my friend Erin in her gleaming red rubber suit, kneeling between our future teacher’s splayed legs and waiting for the signal to attack her pussy. Erin’s head dipped, then slowly tilted back up, giving a long, wet lick to the pussy in front of her, and the crop snapped upwards again, hitting my thigh just an inch higher with a sharp, slapping sound. So this was how I watched them disassemble the frame and carry the parts into the barn: naked, pee-soaked, with my bum hole open like a silver dollar, two clamps on my nipples, red striped breasts and thighs and swollen pussy lips.

Never Cheat at Truth or Dare

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Thus I was stuck with spending the evening with her, that stuck-up bitch Jen, a strange goth called Liz whom I didn’t know at all and had only gotten some glimpses of at school, and to round up things in the worst possible way, Naomi. Jen and Naomi giggled, and Liz whispered something under her voice that sounded suspiciously like “horny slut”, but I couldn’t be sure. She seemed unwilling to follow the order, and I didn’t think she would really do it, but then Liz growled her name, and what I thought was a flicker of fear danced across Jen’s face. But I didn’t want to pick a dare either, I’d probably end up naked like Jen. Or worse.

Rooming With Jodie

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I tried to protest, but all that came over my lips was a feeble, “Oh!” when her hand lifted up my skirt, ever so slowly, and then her other hand went to my exposed thigh, touched it and sneaked upwards in slow motion, until it was finally pressing down rhythmically on my pussy. “You can tell them the room’s already taken,” she told me, and when I didn’t respond immediately, she pushed down hard on my crotch and drew a whimper from me that carried all the embarrassment, shock and - my heart started to beat like mad when I realized what these emotions were - arousal that I suddenly felt.

Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 4

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A muffled cry filled the room when two hands pushed down hard on her shoulders and the cucumber was shoved roughly even deeper into Helen’s pussy, the tip touching something deep inside her. She couldn’t understand what the girl was doing to her, how she was doing it, but looking up at Lisa’s angelic face, seeing the hopeful smile playing over her sweet lips and the flush of arousal on her cheeks, any leftover resistance crumbled to dust. "Miranda," Jen cut her off and put emphasis of her mother’s name, "thinks that I’m with another girl from my class from outside of town." She gripped Helens chin and made her look directly into her narrowed eyes.

Tracy's Legs

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“Tracy… oh, you mean the intern?” Of course I remembered petite, pretty Tracy, her slender and incredibly long legs and the daily changing overknee stockings that left a teasing handful of soft, creamy flesh visible and made hearts beat faster wherever she went and wiggled her tight, shapely bum. You’ve been dreaming of touching her legs for months.” I was staring at her like a deer in the headlights, and when she put her index finger under my skin and pointed my head towards sweet Tracy, I could offer no resistance. Going through the day like this was hard, but by then, I had already made it halfway to another night with Tracy, and I could already see her in my minds eye, long legs clad in teasing stockings and her bum wiggling prettily at me.

Cruel Wednesdays

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Tiny wrinkles spread from the corners of her eyes and mouth, and for a long, intense moment that caught me completely unawares, I felt compelled to just walk over and ask if I could run the tip of my tongue over them. But again, I couldn’t extricate myself from the lust that saturated the air, and I watched on, nipples hard like steel and my pussy leaking on the glass table, while she brought the blonde to the edge and held her there with small, teasing nibbles on her pussy lips until she begged for relief with the most vulgar expressions.

A Bunnie to Play With - Chapter 1

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I don’t know if it was the pressure of the upcoming exams or her constant talk about kinky sex that had kindled my fantasies, but I couldn’t get them out of my head, and so one night, after a whispered discussion about new kinky implements of torture she had discovered on the internet and a bit tipsy from three glasses of sparkling wine, I had laid my dark secret bare to her. Her left hand snaked down to her sex and started to pull her pussy lips apart, while she relaxed her upper body into the high back of the chair. Again and again, as every time I thought the feeling was finally ebbing away, Anne would suck hard on my clit, wiggle her finger and send new waves of pleasure through me.

Mile High Sluts - Part 1 of 2

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I tried to form a protest, but Joffrey’s fingers pinched my tits a little harder and his mouth planted a kiss right on that sweet spot at the side of my neck, so all I could do was let out a soft, long moan. My breath hitched and my eyes widened when she leaned forward without hesitation and wrapped her lips around my nipple, and when she gave it some artful flicks with her tongue, my head lolled back and I moaned, the pulling, sucking, pinching sensation shooting straight to my lust center and making me light-headed. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but the moment her hand touched me and left the patch of skin stinging like mad and my precious, swollen nub tingling with painful need, another intense climax started deep in my throbbing pussy.

Cordelia's Feet 9 - The Queen Bee's Deceit

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And so I crawled through a swamp of embarrassment, my eyes transfixed by her pretty toes which were like shiny crowns on the most beautiful of legs, giggles and open laughter accompanying my way, until my lips could wrap around these objects of worship. Soft, wet lips and tongue soon made me squirm in pleasure, and I moaned my thanks while my gaze roamed over the objects of my desire which had started all this and which were now bare and leisurely propped up on the top of the desk, pink-painted toes shimmering invitingly in the light, holding me transfixed with their softness, beauty and elegance: Cordelia’s Feet.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 8

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It was gentle at first, full of love and wonder, lips caressing and softly nibbling, but then the need bled into it and became a river, and her tongue and mouth conquered me, satiny touches and sweet tastes stirred with greedy laps and bites. I decided to indulge myself and put our dishes into the small dishwasher instead of washing them by hand, and then normality finally had us back in her clutches, each of us spread out among a sea of books in her own bed and trying to cram everything into our heads we should have learnt weeks or months ago.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 5

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My heart beat like mad, and then soft, cool fingers lifted my chin and the woman’s face was just an inch away from mine, her eyes filled with lust, her lips pursed and slightly parted. She held out her hand to Anne, who took it and pulled her close, looked deeply into her eyes and, after a few seconds, gave her a kiss of her own. After a bit of time, Anne’s hands started to roam over my frontside, and at first I didn’t really think about it, just rocking and twisting with her and enjoying the sensation of fingers brushing over my breasts and stomach and stroking my thighs.

Staying With Erin - Chapter 6

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It was perhaps both the speed with which things progressed as much as the multiple people drawing my attention that I didn’t protest more, not even when Mrs. Somerset had me lie down on the table, which she had pulled close to the couch, my bum right at the edge, and pulled my shorts completely off me. My eyes travelled downward, and my gasp was in tune with Erin’s when they encountered the monster that protruded between Joanne’s legs, candy apple red and shiny, at least ten inches long and so thick that I wasn’t sure if Erin could reach around it with both of her hands.

A Kitty Comes to Visit

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I couldn’t, in my wildest dreams, have imagined how exciting watching her like this could be, how sexy and delicious her body looked when her muscles worked to her into the right position, when her lips formed into a determined pout and - once she had finally managed to turn herself onto her back with her bum slightly in the air - how it would arouse me to watch her half-naked body wiggle on the floor. There are, I surmised when she awkwardly got on all fours and picked up her jeans with her mouth, not many things more adorable and cute to watch than a naked, pretty girl that is crawling towards you, her perfect bum wiggling eagerly with each shuffling step, her eyes, full of sweetest adoration, riveted on you and her lovely breasts swaying and bouncing under her.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 3

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It felt like my pussy lips where mashed, almost torn off, and for a moment I considered begging her to stop, but then she started to whisper to me, telling me how beautiful I looked like this, how brave I was, how happy I made her. It took hardly a minute to get me there with my hyper-sensitive pussy lips, and as time went on, my arousal seemed to get stuck higher and higher, so it took only a few touches of her fingers to have me meowing and humping her hand like a cat in heat.

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 13

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-10-31

I didn’t know if it was a wise idea to go home with a stranger, but Anne had hurt me, and I had ruined Helen’s dress, and if I was honest with myself, all I wanted was something intense to take my thoughts away from reality for a while. “Keep going." Helens hand pushed me forward again, right at who had to be her sister-in-law and who didn’t move from her position in the door frame, so I ended up bouncing against her bony body. “I know this looks frightening, and the vulnerable look in your eyes makes you all the prettier,” she whispered, “but if you are a nice little girl and follow Auntie’s orders without hesitation, I’ll go easy on you when its time for the punishment.”

Cordelia's Feet 3 - The Queen Bee's Commands

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My eyes were glued to my beautiful Cordelia, they drank in the incredible pleasure painted on her angelic face, and when her sweet voice announced with beautiful, small shouts of joy that she had reached the summit of her arousal, that joy started to resonate inside me. I looked slutty and needy, and hopefully exactly like Cordelia had wanted me to when she had ordered me to "Dress to seduce." God, how I wanted to press my hand between my thighs and stoke that fire that was again roaring up at the thought of her! "You’re observant." Cordelia’s head tilted slightly, and I didn’t know why, but the way she puckered her lips and touched it with her finger in a small, fleeting gesture kindled a possessive flame in me.

Debbie's Accidential Debauchery

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Holding up a hand to block the stinging rays, which had, in my opinion, no fucking right to torture me at this time of day, I took a look around and felt my stomach twist. I think I was trembling, but filled with that self-same dread that keeps you watching the horror movie when the monster sneaks up to the heroine, I turned my head to the right and met a pair of equally squinting eyes, set in a cute, oval face and surrounded by a mop of tousled, curly blond hair. He grinned at me, in that cute, guy-ish way, and when he told me, “I could imagine a lot better things to do with a pretty girl like you than getting you sloshed,” I felt a strange fluttering in my tummy.

It's Not a Fetish

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I simply adore pretty panties and I love the soft, velvety feeling when the fabric slides over my bum and my shaved pussy lips. Panties thus were the reason why you could find my sixteen year old self standing down on Salisbury Road in front of lingerie stores every other day, be it sunny or raining or having snowstorms, with a blissful, yearning expression on my face and my body tense from the force it took to withstand the magic pull. But instead of relenting, she had to tease me some more, and when her fingers stroked over her crotch and her pink nails contrasted so nicely with the green and orange, I felt a small shudder race through my body and my breath hitched.

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 05

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Finally, after a minute, they have found what they are looking for - though I am sure that the tiny backpack couldn't hold enough to warrant that much searching - and as my thighs already start to tremble, I try to get up. And while my boobs bounce a little without a bra, the tight straps of the backpack keep my t-shirt from moving with them, making my nipples rub against the fabric with each step. The minx giggles, and I can tell from the way the corners of her mouth twitch upwards that my Mistress is having a hard time not to. My Mistress hand on my chin turns my head to look to her, and she studies me silently for a minute.

Becoming Lisa's Pet Ch. 03

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I tried to gently extricate myself from Lisa's – no, from my Mistress', just thinking that brought a blush to my face – embrace, but the moment I moved, her fingers wrapped around my boob and softly squeezed it. I jumped up from the bed, quickly fetched something to wear from the wardrobe and went into the bathroom, but just when I was about to close the door, Lisa commanded with a sweet voice: "Leave it open, pet!" "I'll stop once I've rinsed away all the soap, silly," she answered me in a patronizing voice while the shower head delivered thousands of painful needle pricks to my breasts, "now hold still, and it will be over in the blink of an eye." She pointed the spray to my pubes, and it felt even worse.

Becoming Lisa's Pet Ch. 02

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I was close to panicking, the thought felt so wrong, so dirty, but I could feel the crotch of my panties get soaked from my juices and my nipples getting stiff and sensitive, so that the soft brush of my t-shirt sent little shock waves through them. "Then you won't be afraid of me doing that." She stated and rested her hand over my pussy, which instantly felt like myriads of electric shocks were traveling through it. My eyes caressed her soft lips, longing to feel them on my skin, but then her fingers let go of my pussy and left me with a feeling of emptiness between my legs, making me sigh in frustration.

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 04

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My body swings back and forth, and I let loose a startled shriek, which the redhead comments on with a dry "no self control, the slut!" The swinging slows down, and a glance behind my shoulder shows me that my legs are held a foot above the floor by a chain attached to the spreader bar. I sway from side to side, and after a few minutes my arms start to feel like lead, so I finally decide to rest my upper body on the small table - after all, the minx never forbade me to do so. The girl frees my hands and takes off the gag, and my Mistress pulls me back to her body and wraps her arms around me.

Becoming Lisa's Pet Ch. 01

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-06-10

With breezy steps I pulled my luggage along toward the office of the dorm mother to get my new room number and keys, greeting friends that were also moving back in and waving to those who were already settled and seizing the opportunity to enjoy one of the last real summer days outside on the well-kept campus lawns. My thoughts raced, she was definitely blushing, and suddenly an image of her appeared in my mind, her kimono open and a hand buried between her legs, her eyes half closed and a moan forming on her lips. One of the stories was so naughty, but I couldn't stop reading it, and it made me so hot I had to pleasure myself..." Lisa's eyes were glued to my lips, and I started breathing faster.

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 01

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-05-14

I gather all my courage together, becoming worried that my Mistress might enter any moment and notice that I haven't fulfilled my appointed task yet, and I say slowly and with downcast eyes: "I am looking for lesbian bondage magazines." But I like the little slut, even if I tend to prefer them a bit younger." I can hear the grin on the girl's face and I'm certain that I must be blushing all over my body. She is standing before me with a smug grin, her eyes roam over my pussy lips, red and puffy from excitement, and take in my nipples which are stiffly pointing away from my body.

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 02

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-03-08

Time and time again the both of them brought me close to a climax, time and time again my Mistress fucked me with her finger and Madame caressed my nipples and pussy lips, only to stop and leave me wiggling and begging, until I was nothing more than a trembling wreck with no other thought left than the desperate wish to cum. I pull myself together, feel a few loose tears trickle down my face and onto my tits and look at the girl submissively. One of the girl's fingers begins to stroke me between the legs while she steps to my side and looks deeply into my eyes. Lust waves wash everywhere through my body and I mumble meaningless things while she pulls and pushes the dildo like mad and covers my swollen breasts with welts.

A Bunny to Play With Ch. 03

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-01-19

It felt like my pussy lips where mashed, almost torn off, and for a moment I considered begging her to stop, but then she started to whisper to me, telling me how beautiful I looked like this, how brave I was, how happy I made her. We were both shaking, and every time we calmed and looked at each other, one of us would start fresh bursts of laughter which were only interspersed with my small cries of pain when a particularly loud chuckle disturbed the clamps on my pussy. It took hardly a minute to get me there with my hyper-sensitive pussy lips, and as time went on, my arousal seemed to get stuck higher and higher, so it took only a few touches of her fingers to have me meowing and humping her hand like a cat in heat.

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 03

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-01-10

"You got lucky," she whispers into my ear, while her other hand roams between my legs and adept fingers caress my nether lips through the fabric, "I should punish you, but instead I have decided to give your fitness a leg up." Her fingers rub and pinch my labia even harder, and I can't stop my excited moans. Quickly, and with dark red cheeks, I push down the shorts and seat myself in the car, pull in my legs, close the door and gasp. "I - I'm your little cunt-craving slut, Mistress, who gets incredibly aroused by showing off and humiliating herself in front of women she doesn't even know!" I manage to respond between little moans, and I squirm on the seat like a bitch in heat, pressing my pussy hard onto the vibrating rubber.

Cruel, Carnal Convent

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Stella pouted and turned away, whispering something about eternal damnation, and all the other novice sisters nodded eagerly and tried to avoid looking at me. I smiled sweetly at her, not the tiniest hint of subservience on my face, waited a few seconds until I could see impatience flicker over her lips and her eyes narrow, then declared with that self-same sweetness, "Yes, Mother Superior, it was me." "No, Mother Superior," I purred, grinning through my tears, and when she took a surprised step back and looked at me from wide, startled eyes, I ran a hand through my folds and held up my glistening fingers accompanied by a hungry moan, "but we're off to a good start."

Seducing Collette

group ChrissieLecker 2017-10-23

She was the first thing I saw when I looked outside the kitchen window of our newly acquired house in the small Yorkshire village, and I was smitten the moment I glimpsed the saucy twintails in her red hair, the big eyes that appeared to look at the world with utter astonishment and the lithe form of her cute body, pale skin painted with delicious freckles and barely covered by the lime-green bikini. Collette hadn't lost her bashfulness when she showed up on our doorstep right on time the following Saturday, a nicely wrapped bottle of Shiraz and a wonderful flower bouquet in her hands.